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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: The @uscensusbureau is giving #2020Census updates on data confidentiality & outreach to hard-to-count groups. Here are the agenda & slide deck links for May 2-3 public meeting of National Advisory Committee starting at 8:30 a.m. ET👇

2. Live stream of Day 1 of National Advisory Committee’s meeting at @uscensusbureau HQ👇

@uscensusbureau 3. White people were most likely of all racial groups to respond themselves to last year's test run of #2020Census in Rhode Island's Providence County. These preliminary results are not surprising, says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot.

Full slide deck👇
@uscensusbureau 4. Asian people were most likely of all racial groups to self-respond online to last year's test run of #2020Census (see green bars), followed closely by people who identified with two or more races and some other race, according to preliminary results from @uscensusbureau👇
@uscensusbureau 5. Latinx people were more likely to respond by paper (purple bars) & less likely to respond online (green bars) to #2020Census test run than non-Latinx people, according to preliminary results from @uscensusbureau👇
@uscensusbureau 6. More than 300,000 job applicants have completed a #2020Census job application & assessment, up from 220,000+ applicants as of late March👇
@uscensusbureau 7. #2020Census state complete count commissions: 47, up from 46 in March

Complete count committees: 1,900+, up from 1,500+ in March

Partnership specialists hired: 912, up from 652 as of March 19
@uscensusbureau 8. Photos from where the #2020Census officially starts on Jan. 21, 2020 -- Toksook Bay, Alaska (National Advisory Committee member James Tucker of @NDNrights says photos were made in November)👇
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights 9. My earlier reporting on why the #2020Census is officially starting in Alaska's most remote, rural villages👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights 10. Meme to encourage #2020Census participation among Native Americans shared by National Advisory Committee member James Tucker of @NDNrights👇
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights 11. "We must have someone go & knock & verify" households identified by U.S. Postal Service as vacant actually are, says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot, bc #2020Census test run found an "uncomfortably high" percentage of "vacant" households with someone living in them.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights 12. "When you talk to the person on the street, they care that funding is flowing in to fund that local hospital, that daycare center, that something that they can relate to within their own family & community," says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights 13. National Advisory Committee members @ArturoNALEO & @JulieADowling75 say in #2020Census focus groups they've observed recently, they saw lots of interest in participating in census that dropped after focus groups were prompted about a potential #CitizenshipQuestion.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 14. "There is excessive reluctance" in participating in the #2020Census if a #CitizenshipQuestion appears, National Advisory Committee member @ArturoNALEO says he observed during @uscensusbureau's recent focus groups.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 15. The one area census office part of the first wave of openings that hasn't opened yet is in Birmingham, Alabama, where @uscensusbureau official Albert Fontenot says "construction issues" are causing delays.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 16. (Catching up on tweets while the National Advisory Committee is still on a break...)
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 17. "The homeless count is a challenge. We will confess to that," says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot, answering National Advisory Committee member @lsevere's question about how to avoid counting people experiencing homelessness multiple times, especially in NYC.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere 18. "It is a risk, I will tell you, that some people who are mobile and outdoor may get picked up twice," says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot, who adds objective is to count people experiencing homelessness "once and in the right place."
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere 19. @uscensusbureau's Simson Garfinkel @xchatty explains how confidentiality of #2020Census
data will be affected by new differential privacy standards in this slide deck👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty 20. NEW: If #CitizenshipQuestion not allowed on #2020Census, @uscensusbureau still plans to release block-level citizenship data based on existing gov't records Commerce @SecretaryRoss told bureau to compile, bureau's Chief Scientist @john_abowd tells Nat'l Advisory Committee👇
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 21. UPDATE: @john_abowd says "working assumption inside" @uscensusbureau is block-level citizenship data will be released even if no #CitizenshipQuestion but waiting for @SecretaryRoss' guidance. How bureau officials "interpret" Ross' instructions👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 23. "Distrust is real, and confidentiality matters" among #2020Census non-English speaking focus groups, @uscensusbureau's Kendall Johnson says. #CitizenshipQuestion has come up occasionally, but "concern about data being used against individuals & groups comes up regularly."
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 24. "There is a fine line between leveraging cultural cues that connect the bureau to a given community & coming across as trying too hard to appear authentic," says @uscensusbureau's Kendall Johnson. Slang, messages/images that touch on "cultural hot buttons" not well received.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 25. @uscensusbureau doesn't have an agreement rn w ICE for immigration enforcement moratorium at courthouses, other public spaces during #2020Census. "But it's something we're very interested in pursuing," says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot re: NAC member Yolande Marlow's Q.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 26. "How do we explain to our communities why they're being asked to identify their citizenship" if a #CitizenshipQuestion is included on the #2020Census? asks National Advisory Committee member @ArturoNALEO.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 27. The National Advisory Committee's spring 2019 meeting has adjourned for the day. Back at it 8:30 a.m. ET tomorrow (May 3).
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 28. Live stream of Day 2 of National Advisory Committee’s meeting set to start at 8:30 a.m. ET👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 29. The #2020Census "will go down in history as perhaps one of the most controversial one that we've ever had," said the National Advisory Committee's vice chair @JulieADowling75.

"It will certainly be talked about for generations."
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd 30. @uscensusbureau is still hoping for 60.5 percent self-response rate for #2020Census, @uscensusbureau Deputy Director @jarmin_ron told Nat'l Advisory Committee member @ArturoNALEO.

Big factor: whether or not the #CitizenshipQuestion will be included👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron 31. Migrants at detention centers during #2020Census will be counted as residents of where detention centers are located, @uscensusbureau's @jarmin_ron & Albert Fontenot confirms to @ArturoNALEO.

How the bureau determines where people are counted👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron 32. "Obviously there were things we had planned to do that we couldn't do because of budget shortfalls" for #2020Census, @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron tells National Advisory Committee member Meghan Maury of @TheTaskForce.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 33. "Can you say we could have done more if we had more? Absolutely. But I mean, that's the reality of the way the world works, & we have to go with what we got," @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron said abt budget shortfalls that forced scaling back of #2020Census.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 34. Companies that have "not returned" calls to help promote #2020Census, according to @uscensusbureau's Burton Reist:

- Gerber
- Hasbro
- The LEGO Group
- Procter & Gamble

Reist says bureau is having "hard time of getting anything to come from" a call w McDonald's a year ago.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 35. The reason some companies are not returning @uscensusbureau's calls & "reluctant to promote the census is because how politicized it has been made by the Department of Commerce," National Advisory Committee member @ArturoNALEO says.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 36. The #2020Census is now something that some companies are not willing to be associated with because it's so controversial, it could hurt their business, said National Advisory Committee member @ArturoNALEO.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 37. UPDATE: @uscensusbureau's Burton Reist says some of the companies he listed earlier "have been in contact with us" & that it's "a little bit more promising than I suggested." (I'm following up with the bureau's public information office for details.)

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 38. (Catching up with earlier comments at Day 2 of the @uscensusbureau's National Advisory Committee meeting...)
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 39. Deputy Director Ron Jarmin said there's a "sense of optimism" at @uscensusbureau bc operationally compared to 2010 census, the bureau is "light years better off."

"We were replanning the census at this time in 2010 because of the handheld crisis."👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 40. "The new challenge that we have, that we didn't have in 2010, is the whole social media, fake news environment" during the #2020Census, said @uscensusbureau Deputy Director @jarmin_ron.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce 41. @johncyangdc: For the #2020Census "if there is only a single missing response, such as the #CitizenshipQuestion ... it is unlikely to cause a follow-up given the circumstances. Is that a fair statement?"

@uscensusbureau's Deputy Dir. @jarmin_ron: "That is a fair statement."
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc 42. Not answering a particular question on the #2020Census increases the likelihood of the @uscensusbureau following up with your household by phone or in person. But that's "limited to time and budget," said @uscensusbureau's Deputy Dir. @jarmin_ron👇

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc 43. For the census, "the main problem is people who don't respond at all. There hasn't been anything, any legal action taken by the Justice Department on that for decades, and we don't anticipate that happening now either." - @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc 44. "There's nothing wrong" w community groups providing tablets/computers for ppl w limited or no internet access to respond to the #2020Census, said @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron. He also confirmed there is "no issue with anybody helping to translate materials."
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc 45. Staff at community-based groups are not required to take an oath to protect the confidentiality of census information under Title 13 in order to help people fill out #2020Census forms, @uscensusbureau's Deputy Director @jarmin_ron confirmed to @AAAJ_AAJC's @johncyangdc.
@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc @AAAJ_AAJC 46. UPDATE: The @uscensusbureau is "in various stages of communication" with Gerber, Hasbro, The LEGO Group and Procter & Gamble about helping to promote the #2020Census, according to a new written statement from bureau spokesperson Michael Cook.

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc @AAAJ_AAJC 47. @uscensusbureau Dir. Steven Dillingham used "sexual preference" to describe sexual orientation when speaking on May 2.

Spokesperson Michael Cook says Dillingham "misspoke," meant to say "sexual orientation" & "there were no mal-intent."

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc @AAAJ_AAJC 48. The @uscensusbureau's director use of the phrase "sexual preference" was flagged by National Advisory Committee member Meghan Maury of @TheTaskForce. Maury said the phrase is "activating" for LGBTQ folks & encouraged the bureau to "be conscious of the language it uses."

@uscensusbureau @NDNrights @ArturoNALEO @JulieADowling75 @lsevere @xchatty @SecretaryRoss @john_abowd @jarmin_ron @TheTaskForce @johncyangdc @AAAJ_AAJC 49. Correcting my typo in quoting @uscensusbureau spokesperson Michael Cook's statement:

"He misspoke and meant to say 'sexual orientation.' There was no mal-intent."

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