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For travelers from Germany, quarantine will again apply in Lithuania from Monday. On arrival in the Baltic state, newcomers and returnees have to go into a two-week quarantine.
This emerges from a list of countries with high corona infection rates published by the Ministry of Health in Vilnius on Friday evening. The quarantine obligation will therefore also be introduced for Estonia, Poland, Iceland and San Marino.
The reason for this is the high number of new infections with the coronavirus in the affected countries. There is also a registration requirement - all travelers must provide their details on arrival in Lithuania.
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#Lithuania #vilnius #Coronavirus

Lithuania has reported a record of new corona infections for the second time within a week. In the Baltic EU country, 138 positive tests were recorded within 24 hours on Thursday, according to the national health authority in Vilnius.
This is the highest increase in a day since the beginning of the pandemic. The previous high of 99 new infections was recorded last Friday.
Lithuania, with its nearly three million inhabitants, has so far recorded a total of 4070 confirmed infections and 89 deaths related to the coronavirus.
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#Lithuania #vilnius #Coronavirus

In Lithuania, the number of new corona infections has reached a record level. According to the national health authority in Vilnius on Saturday, 99 positive tests were recorded in the Baltic EU country on Friday -
the highest increase in new cases in a day since the pandemic broke out. According to the agency BNS, the previous maximum values ​​within 24 hours were just over 60.
Lithuania, with its nearly three million inhabitants, has so far recorded a total of 3,664 confirmed infections and 87 deaths related to the coronavirus.
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🚨🚨Breaking: Video of a massive amount of armored vehicles and tanks on the move to the border between #Poland/#Belarus. Im note aware of any planned military drill. 👀🤯🤯
This is wild, another video of a huge column of military vehicles on the move towards the border of #Belarus/#Poland and no planned military drills were previously announced.
More video of the Belarusian army on the move towards the border with Poland. 👀👀
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#Lithuania #vilnius #NATO #Pabradé

Lithuania is considering to build a new training facility in the west of the country to accommodate exercises of Lithuanian and NATO soldiers, according to Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis.
The existing military training area in Pabradė is sufficient for U.S. and NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) exercises, he stressed, but that leaves less space for Lithuanian troops. Therefore, there are plans to up investments into the Pabradė and Rukla training areas.
“A study is now also being done on a fairly big training area in Lithuania, which is really necessary due to those challenges I tried to describe as we and our allies are bursting at the seams together and hardly have enough space for ourselves,”
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#Estonia #Latvia #Lithuania #Baltic #NATO #Russia

The Baltic States have become the scene of NATO military actions especially aimed at provoking Russia and Belarus. At the end of September, this year’s largest military exercise “Sword 2020” will take place in Latvia.
Approximately 1000 Vidzeme Brigade bodyguards and soldiers, representatives from the Lithuanian Armed Forces Volunteer Defense Forces and the NATO Extended Presence Battle Group will take part in the training.
They will carry out the tasks over a wide area, covering seven counties. The urban environment, forests and meadows will become a battlefield.
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August 9 #Belarus Alexander Lukashenko who has been in power since 1994 won 80.23% of the vote against Svetlana Tikhanovskaya a teacher who entered the election in place of her jailed husband and went on to lead large opposition rallies. ImageImage
Lukashenko has used intimidation tactics against opposition candidates, beat & detained peaceful protesters & journalists a textbook defintion of a rigged election. ImageImageImageImage
As of 3:58 on 8/10/20 Svetlana #Tikhanovskaya has been missing for several hours. Her whereabouts not known even to her staff. Image
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It's election day in #Belarus and long lines are present outside voting boots throughout the country.

Internet has been disrupted all the day, there is a fear of voter fraud in the air
#Belarus: countless young Belarusians standing in line for hours waiting to vote.

Such a big difference with previous elections when voting boots were largely empty throughout the day
#Belarus: Sviatlana #Tsikhanouskaya has cast her vote.

Within a matter of weeks she went from being a English teacher and mother of two, to being #Lukashenko's biggest challenger
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When they did the fingers behind the head thing my soul left my body. #Lithuania #SBSEurovision #BigNightIn
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Really love what I got on @Etsy from ByAGdesign, a textile artist in #Lithuania. We discovered an additional practical use for this snuggly cardigan early in the morning in Utah high desert. Go easy in mentions plz I am half asleep lol #EtsyStar
It’s on sale ladies! $87! Pretty insane. She’s based in Vilnius. Incredible incredible work I can’t squeal loudly enough go support Agne.
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Number of deaths today in #Europe

- #Spain 738
- #Italy 683
- #France 231
- #UK 43 deaths
- #Netherlands 80
- #Germany 46
- #Switzerland 31
- #Sweden 26
- #Belgium 56
- #Portugal 10

Part 1

Number of deaths today in #Europe

- #Austra 2
- #Norway 2
- #Denmark 2
- #Czechia 3
- #Ireland 2
- #Poland 4
- #Greece 2
- #Finland 2

Part 2

Number of deaths today in #Europe

- #Russia 2
- #Slovenia 1
- #Estonia 1
- #Serbia 1
- #Lithuania 1
- #Hungary 1
- #Ukraine 2
- #Maldova 1
- #Georgia 5

Part 3
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#Lithuania #Vilnius

Last week #Lithuanian #parliament adopted the state #budget for 2020. The main #financial document of the #state was approved by the majority of voters.
It is sad to see how #Lithuania is #suffering without #money. Absolute #chaos – this is how they say in #Lithuania about the new budget.
So, state budget revenues are planned in the amount of 11.559 billion euros, expenses – 12.705 billion euros.
The budget deficit will amount 2.9% of the planned gross domestic product. In other words, the #Lithuanian #draft hardly met the requirements of #fiscal #discipline. The #budget #deficit for #EU member states should not exceed 3% of GDP.
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Dear @estNATO @MoD_Estonia & @MFAestonia: The official #LanguageLearning site (keeleklikk) doesn't work on mobile; the fact we need a 6-page download to troubleshoot Flash is telling. @duolingo has no classes yet, so we're making do with a mix of EKI, Youtubers, and helpful
2/x colleagues to get by. @LV_NATO & @LithuaniaMFA we have the same issues with #Latvia & #Lithuania as with #Estonia, wanting to learn but finding few mobile resources and no Duolingo options.
You are important allies. Please help us with mobile #teaching so we can study and
3/x visit and socialize and study your history and enjoy trying your cultures like good guests - namely, language skills - so we're not helpless or tiresome to the people we'll meet around town or in uni.
Would you please fix this situation?
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The new @wiiw_news Handbook of #Statistics 2018 contains updated key #macroeconomic & structural indicators for 22 economies in #CESEE serving as easy-to-use reference tool & facilitating comparisons across topics, countries & time.…
Thread: 1/11
New features of the 2018 ed. include e.g.
- new key indicators at #regional levels
- #wages & #investment data by activity now also available for #Turkey
- comparable #structural breakdown for all countries
Find below examples of some conclusions from the newly released data
All countries in #CESEE experienced positive #economic #growth in 2017, clear leader was #EUCEE with average real GDP growth of 4.9%. Ten economies achieved their highest real #GDP growth rates over the last 5 years.
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I’m an avid history geek 🤓 and I got this idea from @GippersChutzpah!
My follower count is currently stuck in the mid ages. I’ll tweet some Jewish history milestones from along the years, according to my follower count. So come on, I’m 4 followers short of the first story...
On 13/12/1204, Moshe Ben Maimon AKA #Maimonides (Greek) and Ha’Rambam (Hebrew), died at 69 in Egypt.
A Philosopher, Physician, Astronomer and one of most important #Jewish Scholars of all times.
Buried in Tiberias @Israel, upon final request to be buried in the ancient homeland
WOW! 3 followers away from yet another milestone of #JewishHistory!
So far we learned about some pogroms 😠(1171 France, 1190 England) and Maïmōnídēs dying 😢(1204 Egypt).
JewishHistory is filled with sorrow and darkness but it gets better in the 2nd half of the 20th century 😉
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Trump: Day 659
-Cancels Visit 2 US Military Cemetery
-Sz Dems "Trying 2 Steal" Elections
-Threatens 2 Pull Firefighting Funds
-Blasted by Cali Prof'l Firefighters
-Medal of Freedom 2 Adelson’s Wife
-Turkey Shares Khashoggi Recording
-NBA Teams Sport "Enough" T-Shirts
Day 764 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 615 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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There are growing indications that Russia is preparing for war

Implications for #InternationalSecurity just got a whole lot more serious w/#TrumpGOP revealing their allegiance to #RussianMob


#Kalingrand bordering on #Lithuania & #Poland has seen notable 🔼 of militarization since 2015

This includes add'n of military bunkers near Polish border, upgraded #NuclearWeapons bunker 8 miles away, & rail line possibly into Lithuania

Trumps penchant for #projection may explain his outspoken hostility twd #Montenegro & absurd accusations about them wanting to start #WWIII

What's obvious is #Putin's lust for this #Adriatic port city as it's not his first attempt to acquire it's control

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2/5 A lot of traveling just a couple of weeks before huge election.
3/5 What is up with all this traveling?
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