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A thread on how anti- Sikh fringe elements like #AmritpalSingh facilitate weapons & drugs smuggling from #Pakistan. Info in this thread is based on investigated facts which exposes the #ISI run anti-#India operations.
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𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧?
The idea of #Khalistan was created by politician Jagjit Singh Chohan after he lost an #election in 1969 and went to #UK where he was tapped by #ISI just like Hizbul Mujahideen chief #Syed Salhuddin, who too lost an election.
He then went to #Pakistan to meet Yahya Khan in 1971 who funded him to start #Khalistan movement.

Chohan lost election because he & his ideology was REJECTED by #Punjab. Today, this junk ideology is supported by:
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It's Wednesday, 22 February, and day 364 of the war in Europe.

Here's another daily thread documenting the developments as #Ukraine fights for its very survival as #Russia continues its illegal pursuit of colonialism.

All the news in one handy thread, updated real time, all day
Quite a bit to catch up on yesterday if you didn't stay up...

It loooked like a big counter attack with long range rockets by #Ukraine on targets in the occupied territories.

See what you missed by scrolling through yesterday's thread here:
By the way, no official (or even unofficial) news yet on damage caused to Russia and its troops in the attacks yesterday evening. Even in #Mariupol where 11 missiles were thought to be fired on the southern port.

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Tugan est-il devenu communiste ?
Je vais allouer un pourcentage fixe des profits générés par mes business de vente de formations à soutenir des associations.
Des trucs legits et concrets.

Pas des donneurs de leçons subventionnés.
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C'est officiel : la #COP28 sur le climat de #Dubai fin 2023 sera présidée par le PDG d'une compagnie pétrolière, Sultan Al Jaber, également ministre des Emirats Arabes Unis

Ce n'est pas une blague

Plutôt qu'être désabusé, faisons-en un électrochoc international
Explications ⤵️ Image
Alors, oui, nous avons envie d'hurler sur le mode "sont-ils devenus fous ?" et de se taper la tête contre les murs. Jusqu'à générer une contagion autour de nous, rejoignant celles et ceux qui répètent à l'envie que les "COP ne servent à rien", et qu'il ne faut rien en attendre.
Mais je vous le dis gentiment : si vous attendiez que les COP mettent fin aux énergies fossiles, c'est que vous n'avez pas bien compris le film.

Les COPs ne sont pas armées pour mettre fin aux énergies fossiles.
Nous l'avons expliqué plusieurs fois ⤵️…
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American-#European information and reports leaked to WikiLeaks reveal massive plots against the Yemeni people.

Read the details ⬇️⬇️ #WikiLeaks: #American-European reports and other headlines for independent news and newspapers, as well as information from #WikiLeaks
1/2 Image
leaks,reveal massive and heinous plots being practiced against the Yemeni people with the intention of weakening #Yemen and bringing it into a dirty war and a scenario of destruction amid economic calamities in full view and knowledge of the international community.
The #UAE
1/3 Image
does its best to exhaust the people socially, economically and voluntarily after it has been divided into warring states.
The following report reveals to you the most important points I extracted from UN reports and foreign newspapers and
research coverage;About
1/4 ImageImageImage
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The @NIA_India has arrested 9 Sri Lankans which includes gangsters (Kimbula Ele Guna & Ladiya) from a special camp for #Srilanka's Tamil refugees at the #Tiruchirappalli over their alleged involvement in #drugs & arms smuggling to revive the #LTTE.

#Tamilnadu #Narcotics
Sources say that the @NIA_India has also revealed that 2 out of the 9 arrested were in constant touch with a #Pakistan-based drug runner (Haji Salim), who often travelled between #Dubai, Pakistan & #Iran.
Complete list of arrested:

C Gunashekharan alias Guna, Pushparajah, Mohammad Asmin, Alahapperumaga Sunil Ghamini Fonseaa, Stanly Kennady, Ladiya Chandrasena, Dhanukka Roshan, Vella Suranka & Thilipan.

#Srilanka #India #LTTE #Pakistan #Tamilnadu #Kerala #Drugs #Narcotics
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پام جمیرہ جزیرہ (دبئی، متحدہ عرب امارات)
Palm Jumeirah #Island (UAE)__2010
"ھےدیکھنے کی چیز اسے باربار دیکھ"
جدت اورٹیکنالوجی کی حدوں کو توڑتا اور خوبصورتی میں آسمان کی بلندیوں کوچھوتا کھجور کے پتےکی مانند مصنوعی جزیرہ
دبئی (متحدہ عرب امارات)
کے Persian گلف میں واقع "Jumeirah Hotel Chain" کا تیار کردہ ایک مصنوعی (Human Made) جزیرہ ھے جو دبئی حکومت کی ماتحت ڈویلپر نخیل (Developers Nakheel) کے ذریعے تعمیر  کیاگیاھے۔
پام جمیرہ ان تین جزیروں میں سےایک ھے جسےپام آئی لینڈز (Palm Islanders) کہا جاتا ھے۔ یہ جزیرہ دبئی کے ساحل
کو کل 520 کلومیٹر تک بڑھا دیتا ھے۔
پام جمیرہ تین پام جزائر پام جمیرہ، پام جیبل علی اور پام دیرا میں سب سےچھوٹا ھے مگر یہی اصل ھے۔ یہ امارات دبئی کےجمیرہ ساحلی علاقے پرواقع ھے۔
کھجور کے پتےکی شکل میں یہ جزیرہ ایک تنے، 17جھنڈوں والےایک تاج، اور ارد گرد کےایک کریسنٹ جزیرےپر مشتمل ھے
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So folk less than 10 working days left in November. $25m funding for 10% of the company due - Mcap still under £40m. Things are starting to pick up #TNT - let's round through some highlights:
🗞️ UHNW investors already subscribed for $2.275m shares at 504p.
🗞️2 for 1 warrants exercisable within 5 years and conditional on m/cap exceeding $250m (£210m) for 3 consecutive dates.
🗞️ Funding few months ago at 504p
🗞️ Next round of fundraising will be equivalent to around 1200p potentially
🗞️ roadmap 6 months ahead of schedule
🗞️ Future Nasdaq listing 
🗞️ Dubai investors - to sponsor World Cup
#entrepreneurship #bankinginnovation
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1/18.📜#COP27 OUTCOME: Members of the @LossandDamage Collaboration share their thoughts on the outcome of #COP27 on all #LossAndDamage elements.

🔗Read it here:…
2/18. 📢GOOD NEWS: #COP27 has established a #LossAndDamage fund! Following courageous and consistent championing for 30+ years by countries on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis. This is a historic moment that sets us on a pathway to #ClimateJustice.
3/18. During this time, climate-vulnerable countries were supported by the tireless efforts of #CivilSociety who have and will continue to demand that polluters #PayUp4LossAndDamage. We’ve put our heart and soul into this for decades now and we are not stopping anytime soon!
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Stock Market News Today: Cooling Inflation Data Adds to Trader Optimism | Nov 15
- Stocks.. declined from intraday highs on news that #Russian #missiles intended for #Ukraine crossed into #Poland…
[Paid Nato's #warmongers in #WW3 climax]
Russia-Ukraine live: #Explosions kill two in #Poland | Nov 15
- Russia’s defence ministry has denied that its missiles hit the #NATO member state
[#MSM #misinformation, #smokescreen over #FTX]
2 dead in #explosion in eastern #Poland, near #Ukraine border
- “The causes of this incident are not known at the moment,” Marcin #Lebiedowicz, spokesman of the local State Fire Service office, ~#RadioLublin
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Adil Raja's Current Explosive Vlog & MORE details - Explained :
Brig Khalid Farid who was DG Counter Terrorism in ISI was removed a few weeks ago because he refused to eliminate #ArshadSharif and other journalists. (n/1)
Later, MG F.N. was tasked to execute the plan which was refused by Khalid Farid. (n/2)
Extradition of #ArshadSharif from Dubai was done with visits from GHQ and ISI. (n/3)
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☀️☀️Guten Morgen aus Bonn! Vor dem Landgericht trifft #CumEx-Schlüsselfigur Hanno #Berger heute zum 3. Mal auf seinen einstigen Ziehsohn, der ihn als #Kronzeuge im Prozess schwer belastet. Es dürfte unterhaltsam werden. Meine Eindrücke werde ich im Thread aktualisieren👇
Heute dürfte es auch um die Frage gehen, wo denn all die Tatbeute (also das von uns eingezahlte Steuergeld, das Banker, Berater und Aktienhandler aus der Staatskasse gestohlen haben) geblieben ist. Bergers Anwalt sagte aus, sein Mandant könne die knapp 14 Mio nicht zahlen
#CumEx-#Kronzeuge hingegen hat zu Protokoll gegeben, dass Berger seine Mio 2013 nach #Dubai geschafft habe. Was er nicht betonte: Er selbst war in dem Emirat auch aktiv. Beides haben wir @WDRinvestigativ mit @wischmeyer_n & @Willmroth unlängst beschrieben…
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Healthy conversations about #Saitama and #SaitaRealty are fine and it shouldn't be taken as disrespect...but i will say little brother(SR) is helping big brother(Saitama) with that 1% tho and should be the other way around #Realtors WE GOT NEXT 🐺🏗🏣🏠🧱❤
#SaitaRealty is strictly based on 2 markets Crypto + Real Estate and thr demographics on where and who is targeted to(Dubai investors) they take Real Estate very serious.... so yes it could definitely sky rocket at a blink of an eye #Realtors
Shall i keep going on why i believe #SaitaRealty is the real gem here?? It will bring regular people and investors thats not into Crypto INTO crypto off of the fact how much power real estate below about investmenta and stable economy and TAX FREE MARKET #Realtors
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Es un buen momento para echar un poco de luz al tema #terrorismo y #crimen en america latina. Separar informes de #inteligencia de las causas judiciales y ayudar a comprender que estamos frente a dos caras de la misma moneda. Foto: Infobae
En la lucha contra el #terrorismo los informes de inteligencia orientan las pruebas que después las causas judiciales comprueban o descartan. La Triple Frontera, unión entre #argentina #paraguay #brasil es un paso de ilícitos.
La colaboración entre ARG, PAR, BRA es poca. En el 2002 se firmó un Acuerdo 3+1 con EEUU para gestionar la seguridad. No se cumplió en los gobiernos de #Lula y #Kirchner en Argentina. Fue retomado por #Macri y abandonado nuevamente por Alberto Fernández.
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Buyers of goods of brands that have left #Russia have become more active in #Kazakhstan

The demand for the services of buyers has increased several times — people delivering goods of departed brands from abroad. Kazakhstan was among the countries popular with suppliers:
"Now the situation is such that it is difficult to bring a lot of things from Europe. Everything is transported through #Turkiye, #Dubai, and #Kazakhstan. I assume that with the introduction of #Sanctions, the demand has increased five times!
The peak of demand occurred in April, May, but even now there is a high demand - the same as in March." the Kazan buyer said.

Employment and salary directly depend on the number and cost of orders according to "Real Time". (Реальное Время)
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Huge day of sport at EU’s top court. If you like football or indeed love speed skating, then I’ll be there for you.

In short, it’s about whether UEFA can block rival competitions such as the #SuperLeague Here’s what it’s about /thread
15 judges at @EUCourtPress are reviewing the fight between #ESL and @UEFA

Despite the club mutiny, ESL is still pursuing its case in Madrid court over UEFA’s rules being unfair & blocking rival competitions. A Madrid court has asked the EU court for help. /1
The main question: is @uefa a business abusing its power to run football? By threatening lifetime bans for players/clubs from the Euros or the #ChampionsLeague is it misusing that power? That would breach EU competition law. /2
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On April 30, 2016, was George Papadopoulos giving Professor Mifsud the expectation that Carter Page was believed to have been in attendance three days earlier at the Mayflower Hotel where Trump gave his first foreign policy speech?……
Was that the supposed "signal to meet"?

#mifsud #papadopoulos #page #burt
Too bad it never happened. (That is, were it to have been supposed at the time.) #dubai…
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Understanding the history of money will help you understand the future

This thread is the #UAE #Dubai edition

#Bitcoin #money
Most countries, with some exceptions, issue their own national currency, aka legal tender.

Meaning, when in that country you are legally obliged to accept it for your goods and services.
You can chose to accept US Dollars (if the country's laws allow), sea shells or potatoes (called 'barter'),  but you are not legally obliged to do so.
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BREAKING: #UAE President #KhalifabinZayed just died. Crown Prince of #AbuDhabi since 1969, and Abu Dhabi Ruler & President since his father Sheikh Zayed died in 2004. The #BurjKhalifa was initially named to honor him.

A few words on him + what happens now in a thread. 1/
After #KhalifabinZayed suffered a stroke in 2014, his younger brother Mohammad bin Zayed (#MbZ) became de facto leader of the #UAE. Now the Federal Supreme Council (including the rulers of the 7 Emirates) will ratify #MbZ as official President of the #UAE. Basically guaranteed 2/
The more interesting thing is who will be appointed #UAE Crown Prince. Options include #MbZ’s brother & #security czar #TahnoonBinZayed, another brother, or #MbZ’s son #KhalidBinZayed.

While #SaudiArabia moved to primogeniturial succession, the #UAE might do the opposite. 3/
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1)Chris Ani made an announcement to all his Cryptohub groups informing them that if they wish to remain in the groups, they’ll need to pay $200 as a yearly subscription.

This is ridiculous and wrong to say the least because everyone who paid for the Trade to earn course was told Image
2)they had a life time access to the course and it also came with being added to a Discussion group, Exchange group and Signal group which we all had life time access to. They Exchange group however was shut down because they didn’t put proper measure to protect people from being
3)cammed and as a result, a number of people got scammed. Today, they come up with this ridiculous announcement and this has steered an angry reaction in Group 7 and I imagine the same across the other groups.Chris Ani is nothing but a fraud and a cheat who has consistently
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Youth is misinformed about what sir? About the following?

- Jam Abdul Karim (Killer of Nazim Jhokio) flown in from #Dubai granted special bail by sindh court to cast vote in VONC

- MNA Ali Wazir, declared anti state by #PakArmy flown in one night before VONC.
Supreme court opened twice abnormally - once on sunday on a holiday and second at 12 AM at night.

- ECP presents exactly 7 months for elections to be able to conduct which aligns with the time #PDM was resorting for election.
- #MaryamNawaz appearances and speeches are being broadcasted again.

- 24 MNAs suddenly shift overnight who were there throughout for past 3 and a half years.

None of these are smear campaigns or propoganda. All of these are documented. No one is against.
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I was on the flight before my bday March 27.I wanted to land for my party in #Dubai with family & see #Expo2020 before closing in 2 days.
25mins in air! @aircanada Captain announced in low voice,bad news-No Dubai tonight,mechanical problem,but you'll have a nice view of ...
dumping fuel from the wings though,which I've never experienced in 20 years of traveling.I teared like a baby and so as the mother near me-cried a river.Passengers took videos of the fuel dumping.Good job @GretaThunberg. Lets dump over North Bay and breathe it with #COVID19
North Bay-hazardous waste out of #Ontario landfills and waterways,which I later learned.
Rude Old Hostess said "High Alert fasten seat belt.What does high alert mean? I say.She replies "we are going back, I DONT KNOW." then I replied "who does?Batman?God?You're Jesus?...
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One of the beautiful Dubai nights.

#Dubai #Expo2020Dubai
عين دبي - المكان جميل ورائع وخصوصاً في الأجواء المسائية.
إلتقاطات عشوائية سريعة لبعض مباني مدينة #دبي .
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Available 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Worldwide Delivery 🚚🚚🚚

DM/whatsapp/call 09128227042

#Dubai #kano #Nigeria #fashion #arewaweddings #arewapeople
#veils #beautiful #northernblog #caps #northernhibiscus #nothe
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