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Alabama's #HB314 law to ban abortion is not just a disgusting attack on women, and an attempt for men and society to once again own women's bodies, it is bad law supported by a bunch of idiots who don't know what they're doing. #alpolitics
The main proponent of #HB314 says it still allows for women to get an abortion BEFORE knowing they're pregnant, and that this is a safeguard. But once they do something to know (like take a necessary test) they can't get one. I have heard some daft things in my time, but this....
There is NO provision in #HB314 to protect those who are raped or survivors of incest. Apparently they are just supposed to come forward immediately and get said abortion based on aforementioned "safeguard". This is repugnant and ignores understanding of trauma. #alpolitics
#HB314 does not distinguish between procured termination and miscarriage, reliant on theory that prosecution would have burden of proof to demonstrate it was a termination. This leaves open change of charges, prosecution AND conviction of women who have MISCARRIED. #alpolitics
Such a law has existed in El Salvador, and women have been imprisoned for miscarrying. Make no mistake that the law WILL be applied this way, with such misogynistic and punitive attitudes underlying the Alabama culture behind #HB314 in the first place. #alpolitics
This will also harm women's health because a woman who is miscarrying or has miscarried will be reluctant to seek proper health care for fear of punishment. Women in Alabama WILL DIE, and this will disproportionately impact the marginalised. #HB314 #alpolitics
By criminalising the medical professionals who perform terminations, women will turn to unsafe means to get them and can't seek help. You will never stop abortion, you will only stop the safe ones and medical support. Again, women in Alabama WILL DIE. #HB314 #alpolitics
There is no support for women who have the children. An amendment that would have provided this support failed. Children WILL suffer with this legislation. It is not about protecting them at all. It is about forced birth and control of women's bodies. #HB314 #alpolitics
#HB314 completes a cycle that will allow RAPISTS more control over a woman than she has for herself for her entire life. In Alabama, she will be unable to terminate, will be forced to live with a constant reminder of the rape and the rapist can already sue for rights. #alpolitics
That #HB314 applies solely to fetuses IN a woman (excluding lab embryos) again demonstrates this is not about any other principle than control of women's bodies, motivated by misogyny and patriarchal power. #alpolitics
That there are no provisions requiring govt support or child support or allowing insurance (or anything related to an existing child) further demonstrates #HB314 is solely about control of women. The ONLY thing this bill cares about is forcing women to give birth. #alpolitics
No improvements in sex ed, no funding for contraceptives, no increase in adoption options. NOTHING in #HB314 to help women prevent or manage an unwanted pregnancy. They want women pregnant under sufferance. They do not care about children. This is misogyny in action. #alpolitics
This is enabling rapists, and men who want to get women pregnant by stealth. #HB314 will ENCOURAGE sexual mistreatment of women. Men can do what they like KNOWING women can do nothing and will suffer whatever they choose to do. Misogynists WILL take advantage of that. #alpolitics
The law is vague on exceptions related to extreme measures necessary to save a woman's life. What medical professional will feel confident making that call with #HB314? Women WILL die in Alabama. #alpolitics
#HB314 allows a situation where a child who is a victim of incest could go to jail for miscarrying. Let's hear that again: a CHILD, who is a VICTIM OF INCEST could go to JAIL for MISCARRYING. The Alabama lawmakers in support of this bill are beyond repugnant. #alpolitics
The Alabama legislature voted AGAINST exceptions for rape and incest. They WANT to revictimise victims; they WANT to punish women and children for the actions of men; they WANT to give rapsists and abusers power; they WANT women and children to suffer. #HB314 #alpolitics
This is vile. Alabama will sacrifice the lives of women and children (figuratively AND literally) for control over them, and for the goal of replicating this federally via a challenge to Roe v Wade. #HB314 makes women and children expendable entities. #alpolitics
Vile doesn't even cut it. Alabama would rather endorse rape and incest than protect the lives of women and children. #HB314 gives a green light to every rapist and abuser to do their worst. #alpolitics
All this by lawmakers who admit they do not understand the basic science of what they are making laws about. They believe there is a safeguard by women being able to get terminations before they can confirm they are pregnant in any way. This is abominable.
The victim of rape or incest will be the sole person punished under this legislation. No provision to hold rapist or abuser accountable for making her pregnant or putting her in that position. This is despite the fact that she had NO control over what happened. #HB314 #alpolitcs
Reporting of rape and abuse will go down. People will make a choice between reporting and either seeking to procure an abortion legitimately elsewhere or taking extreme & unsafe measures. If they report they bring themselves attention under this legislation. #HB314 #alpolitics
For that matter there is no provision to hold the male responsible under #HB314. Pregnancy takes TWO. Excluding men from any accountability is yet another example that this is about misogynistic control over women. #alpolitics
#HB314 will disproportionately impact lower socioeconomic demographics. Traveling out of state for healthcare is expensive, and this is what women will have to do. Not just for terminations, but with miscarriages, foetal issues and pre-natal issues. Women will die. #alpolitics
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