Bob was given the money and the freedom to divide it as he sees fit.

Perhaps there is a good reason for a 9-1 division?

It does seem at least DICKISH of Bob, though, so I ranked it as ❌.

The question is informationally underdetermined.

This seems prima facie an act of disloyalty and disrespect to one’s nation, and also one’s teammates.

I would see nothing wrong with e.g. clapping at the other team’s singing of their anthem.

Using a flag of your country that you inherited from your father as a cleaning rag is an act of extreme disloyalty or disregard of one’s own country AND one’s father, both of which ought to be HONORED.

Hannah is a seriously morally disordered person.

This moves beyond “dickish” into “failure to respect one’s guests.” Behavior unbecoming a host. This is an ugly behavior.

Excrement, even mock-excrement, does not belong at the dinner table.

This is not something a well-raised child should do. I once did something like this as a teen—slammed the door against my father and bolted it. This is not how one ought to honor one’s father or mother.

It is one of my serious life-regrets to this day.

Jane’s boss is free to do this, but he seems to be acting like an ass. He has authority here, but seems to be using his authority in an unnecessary and tyrannical manner. Firing her seems unnecessary.

I could live better with “If you don’t like it, you may resign.”

Here’s my libertarianism kicking in.

As long as the man makes clear that his treatments are not licensed by any recognized medical authority, it seems to be the business of only him and his clients.

BETRAYAL OF FRIENDSHIP. Prima facie, seriously wrong.

The weighting might change depending on the weakness of the friendship, but to betray your friend for the sake of cheater—seems both disloyal and stupid.
Seriously wrong. An attack on freedom of association. Made worse by the fact that the feminists would no doubt DEMAND that “women only” spaces be respected.

Justice would require men be able to do this to women in turn, and that would also be bad.
Significantly bad. Raise your g**damn kids. Stop trying to shift blame to others, and police THEIR behavior, which is none of your business.

Somewhat cruel and rather disloyal. Sarah is avoiding the harder course of taking responsibility. This is at least somewhat vicious.
This was a foolish promise to make, but once made, it ought to be honored as high priority. It speaks to the kind of person Tina is, of what GIVING HER WORD means.

Not seriously wrong, but CLEARLY dickish. Timmy’s parents are being inconsiderate asses.

Let me annoy the feminists again.

Chris does nothing wrong here. It’s his business, and if Cindy is only sightly less able than Emma, her good looks might help business in other ways. It will bring Chris more pleasure, and perhaps his clients too (people like pretty people).
This is obviously a serious authoritarian overreach. She can sod right off, trying to tell her employees what they can or cannot do in their free time.

They shouldn’t smoke, but it’s not her place to try to ENFORCE that.
This was my one strict neutral.

I see nothing prima facie vicious or virtuous about this.

Disrespectful to his coach and his teammates.

John’s an ass.
This will surprise no one, I suppose, but there is NOTHING WRONG with refusing to engage in COMPELLED SPEECH.

It is a CUSTOM cake. Not only are they within their rights to refuse, they OUGHT TO.

Nor should a Muslim baker be forced to put anti-Muhammed messages on a cake.
Disrespectful both of his father personally and of his father’s service.

Sue is tactless. She owes better to her friend, even if she is correct.

There is no promise of reciprocity. If there were, this would be a worse act.

Just because you are under no strict obligation doesn’t mean you don’t have a duty of gratitude.

Mia would be, again, as ass, not to help out someone who helped her and has need of help.
you can see how these are going.

❌❌❌ = Don’t commit serious evil.

❌❌ = Don’t act rather viciously.

❌ = Don’t be an ass.
Nope. BETRAYAL. He’s a cheater. Implicit promises and expectations of loyalty ARE A THING, both in morality and in law.

What? Should I have to explicitly tell all my friends “don’t steal my stuff” and the like?

This one was tough, but I deem it to be not an unreasonable restriction, since doing this has no educational value I can see. I would expect parallel “no blasphemy” restrictions vis a vis other faiths.
This is a sin directly opposed to charity and recognition of human dignity.

Matt doesn’t have to give, but this is a very morally ugly act.

He’s an ass.
This is creepy and degenerate.
Same as the last. This is a SERIOUS DEFILEMENT of their natural bond as brother and sister.

The moral poverty of our age is that we have been taught (not successfully, but many of the educated) to view things only in terms of “harm.”
Disrespectful of the law. Goes a bit beyond being an ass.

Also, pretty stupid.
More depravity and degeneracy.

Worse depending on the age of the students.
“Equality!” so “Be sluts!”

But “don’t call sluts ‘sluts’! That would be wrong!”

How about neither sex has sex until marriage?
I have (as far as I know) a singular take on this.

I believe human beings have prima facie duties of loyalty towards “friend species” such as dogs, cats, and horses, that have become, in their being, bound up with the human race.

Desecration of a human body.

There is a movement in anthropology presently to prohibit the display of human remains in, e.g. museum exhibits.

You should not disrespect the dead.
Sarah is degrading herself and her body.

I gave this my approval. Part of the job of officers is to make DECISIONS.

If he KNOWS the incident was an accident, this seems within his discretion to protect his men.
Will is displaying a vicious degree of arrogance. He is invoking an unearned superiority.

I could imagine the following exchange:

Will: “Your father is a janitor!”
Jack: “True, but I could be worse off. I mean, your father is—a lawyer!”

Any of the questions I misread?
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