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Two more whistleblowers: Dr. Scott Allen & Dr. Pamela McPherson work at DHS's Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Their job is inspecting ICE's family detention centers. They've reported huge problems to CRCL, to DHS, Congress, and now to us.

Dr Allen had this to say:
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists The two doctors wrote a letter A YEAR AGO, to the Senate, outlining issues with family detention, and what they saw as problems with its expected expansion at the time.

Those problems, obviously, have come to pass, with 7 children's deaths since then.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists Some issues they noted a year ago:

--injuries and inadequately treated medical issues
--inadequate and improper medical staffing for children's needs
--lack of bilingual staff
--lack of trauma informed care
--the fact that any length of detention is BAD for children
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists Problem is...nothing happened.

In fact, 2 specific things haven't happened.

1) Allen and McPherson have not been asked back to inspect another family detention center

2) Govt's family detention policies haven't changed

(Sorry for the delay, iPad malfunction, all better now.)
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists So, in March, they wrote another letter. This time to both Senate and House Committee heads.

By March, 2 more children had died in CBP custody. In March, 16+ children under age 2 were being detained at Dilley Detention Center, a matter of great concern.

@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 They are pretty darn annoyed the concerns they raised and the alarm they expressed, as expert witnesses and the ONLY inspectors of family detention facilities, went completely unheeded, and worse, conditions have deteriorated.

More children are being detained.

Younger children!
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis But one thing that stood out to me as fairly critical; let's see if you agree:


One more time:

DHS has NOT ALLOWED CRCL or any other outfit TO INSPECT facilities holding families w/children SINCE 2017.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis But Allen & McPherson would plz & ty like Congress to DO SOMETHING about this. The docs have dozens of years of experience with traumatized children, as physician and psychiatrist, have been inspecting DHS facilities for much of that time, &know from whence they complain.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis One thing they rilly rilly want is something that is on the table right now!

A law to prevent immigrant children from being held in detention at all. Lo & behold, the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act!

☎️202-224-3121☎️ to tell your Electeds to support!
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis If not that, then at the very least, MAKE SURE FLORES IS NOT OVERTURNED.

Flores being the case which determined children could not be detained more than 20 days. (Trump's admin REALLY wants to get rid of Flores.)

@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis Both choices (giving up your child to ORR so they aren't detained w/you VS waiving your child's rights to not be detained > 20 days so they *are* detained w/you) are BAD FOR CHILDREN.

Bad for parents, too, but especially for children. ESPECIALLY especially for younger ones.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis But that "binary choice" idea keeps floating to the top of the turd fountain that is trump immigration "policy," such as it is.

The REAL CHOICE is C, None of the Above. IOW:

Alternatives to Detention
There are many which have proven effective.

@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis My personal feeling is that SOMEONE needs to ask WHY that program was shut down. WHY they haven't restarted it. WHY alternatives to detention are not used when warranted--which is almost always--according to international laws we have signed for people seeking asylum & children.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis This just came to my attention. I can only see the abstract, alas. But the conclusions of this study show what the two doctors were saying: both family separation & detention are BAD FOR CHILDREN.

In this study, specifically bad for mental health.
@RepJayapal @RepJerryNadler @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @lfkraus @Norberta36 @DanaScottlo @B52Malmet @jomareewade @TrinityResists @TrisResists @JynErso_Patriot @JainaResists @TheSWPrincess @BryanDawsonUSA @funder @RAICESTEXAS @Jillbles @carlyinNJ @Augustus709 @MatthewWolfff @AdaKirschner @mle_goldman @HMAesq @sewell_holly @RepJeffries @RepPressley @RepShalala @missykender @repjohnlewis I've said this for a long time. The trump administration does not understand--& does not care to understand--the long term effects of anything they do, never mind the psychological and social ramifications of terrorizing hundreds of thousands of children.
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