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🧵 1. On Christmas Eve, I experienced first-hand what it feels like to require the urgent help of paramedics and A&E staff when my daughter suddenly collapsed and became unconscious on the kitchen floor! Image
2. I called 999, and despite my sheer panic, the controller talked me through how to check her breathing and roll her over into the recovery position. As she began to come around, she was sick and couldn’t see anything! Her body was burning up; causing her to become unconscious
3…again. The controller asked me to check her breathing. It was very shallow, and I struggled to find a pulse. He then asked me to locate her allergy Jext pen and inject her! In my panicked state, I couldn’t find it! Within 13 minutes, @SECAmbulance paramedics arrived.
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A K-W writes:
As a grateful beneficiary of the excellent Public Health Service in France - accessible, affable and quick to act I watch the systematic, and Tory ideology driven, death by a thousand cuts to justify privatization, of the NHS with dismay!
To make matters worse there appears to be the “general” indifference of a general public that seems to accept that “clapping” for the NHS is equivalent to “fighting” for the NHS!

Don’t be “gaslighted”!
Healthcare is a right not a privilege!
Anything but Tory!
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Im watching #UnvaccinatedDocumentary and prior to having a #vaccineinjury i would have been right on board with Hannah Fry.

But theres so far been a couple things that i realise are scientific narratives that arent really true
1. Fry said the ONLY way we know something is caused by the vaccine is monitoring it to see if it occurs above expected levels

This isnt true & a mathematician shouldve been more accurate. Such studies determine whether POPULATION risk is increased (still not necessarily causal)
But do not tell us whether INDIVIDUAL harm is causal.

It actually doesnt matter at a population level for individuals, which makes risk quantification difficult.

Eg i might be the only UK vax injured with pulmonary emboli
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It really is unbelievable that the whole world is watching our fellow humans die on the streets+in the houses of Ukraine and the Tories have absolutely no intention to sanction Russian Banks before Putins friends have moved their money.

Not a bit of remorse

The irony is, if I may add this detail, that many NHS Nurses like me are regulars at Food Banks. And have been for a while.

So here we have Tory MP’s taking a brutal War Lords’ money by the tens of thousands and STILL accept that he’s murdering a COUNTRY while NHS staff despair.
We NHS Nurses despair financially. +those who cannot work-for millions justifiable reasons(+they shouldn’t have to justify themselves all the time because everyone is such a valuable part of society just for the fact that they exist)get taken away the last £20 of Universal Credit
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1 / This type of scenario will be a totally common scenario in the UK.

It is partially already here. #StopNHSPrivatisation

I am in touch with Nicole in the US in regards to her Dad+I shared it before because asked me. 1 /

Funds for dads poor health
2 / …
Nicole has asked me to share her fundraising campaign.

This should be a warning for all of us in the UK.
If privatization is driven to completion by the Tories - and they will by the looks of it and it’s all been set out and planned and already partially implemented - 2/
3/ then all of us will EASILY encounter medical bills (and higher ones) like Nicole‘s and her Dad‘s.

In the screenshots is her story but click on the link as well.

I have been waiting myself for a minor but crucial operation since 09 December. If I’d go private it would be done
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Here’s a little thread about health. Me and my oh have had covid then we had double vaccinations plus a further booster. My oh has had a cold for two weeks that has developed into a chest infection. How do I know? Well I’m a paramedic and I have asthma and can spot a
Chest infection from across the room. I have temp stethoscope pulse oximetry here at home. I also know I should not treat my own family members. You aren’t objective if you do. Also as part of my job I face people who have covid may have covid or are otherwise infective with
Nothing more than a paper mask disposable gloves and a thin plastic apron between me and them. I’m expected to do a thorough examination and make decisions about where to take them who to refer them too etc.
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Thread (1/4):

Do you know what it might cost you personally if the UK moves towards a US-style healthcare system?

Blood test: $100-$300
Giving birth: $9,000-17,000
Breast cancer $15,000-300,000
The government claims we should not worry about the Bill.

But that is just not credible.…

They also deny even the possibility of privatisation.

But that is not true either…
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Thank you Dan, once again you’ve explained with absolute clarity one of the most significant failings of @10DowningStreet ‘s catastrophic #COVID19UK management.

1/22 - Sorry🙏🏻💙
I qualified as a GP in 1996, but no longer work in “normal” General Practice & have not done so since Oct 20.

I now spend 90% of my time as a “GP in A+E” & work in our 2 local UTCs.

I’ve also been part of the local #COVID “hot” services - in our #HotSite & doing home visits.
From talking to my GP friends & colleagues, I believe my experience is not at all uncommon & has played a HUGE PART in the current #GPCrisis - both for the health & wellbeing of our patients but also for the recruitment/retainment AND wellbeing of GPs themselves.
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1-Hey👋@GillianKeegan yep, I know 😷s aren’t v comfortable when you wear them for hours - WE DO EXACTLY THAT DAY IN DAY OUT!
If you lot would stop behaving like spoilt children those of us trying to keep the #NHS going would have a better chance!

#COVIDisAirborne - oh yes it is!
2-I’ve just finished my 8th day of working out of 9…Not all were full days & yes, I know this is nothing special.

My point is, every single hour was spent wearing a 😷!!

Are you suggesting those of us in healthcare DON’T #WearAMask because IT’s UNCOMFORTABLE?

3- For the millionth time - #COVIDisAirborne (shouting now😬) - unless we all start accepting this FACT & behaving as if we care… A LOT OF PEOPLE are going to die unnecessarily….!

@Jeremy_Hunt - please can you point your party towards #airborne viral transmission reduction!
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@DailyMailUK you are doing everyone a disservice, especially the public and GPs, by refusing to incorporate the facts about funding and per capita equivalents.

121,943/123,707=98.6% ImageImageImageImage
If more GPs fall ill with COVID, LESS people can be supported and / or seen.

My family and I continue to receive outstanding support from our GP, including phone and video appts and even home visits.

Your lies are dangerous.
as Jon Trickett MP has stated: 265 GP Practices closed permanently during the pandemic. "It’s completely unacceptable for the government to seek to blame doctors for the NHS crisis.

Blame lies squarely in Downing Street." Image
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We just received another donation! You know, Shareef Snuggs @iam4M4A and I were just talking about the need to build our communities through #MutualAid, (and while a travel fund is not the same as medical emergency or desperation), we ARE,(1/2)
We are working together w/ @KennyBallentine, to create a truly grassroots, transformative, movement building documentary!

Deep thanks to @WholeWashington, @M4M4ALL @50linesonly @DesnoyersScott @DrJoeQJarvis @DrDooleyMD @ProudSocialist @J_ManPrime21 @wendellpotter and many more!
Lisa and Fran have always understood the vision of the @RedBeretsM4A, ever since we first all found each other online. We understood that we needed to create a social fabric of solidarity towards achieving healthcare justice in this county, and even more broadly, to extend (1/2)
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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Just In Case You Missed This


2010, health spending was 5.4%

It is now about 1.4%

"A percentage change" or decrease or fall of - 74%

This is the lowest in 70 years - Say IFS

Hence, NHS was in crisis even before the Covid 19 Crisis!

Disgusted RT
#SaveTheNHS I wrote this for Tories who failed school to answer their question on health spending in real terms

Exposed! Kate Andrews From The IEA Employs A Commonly Used Statistical Trick To Exploits Tory voters ignorance on health spending

1 min read
#SaveTheNHS For Tories who failed school & so, do not know the difference between a:

1 Percentage change,
2 Percentage difference
3 A percentage of

This is a nice colorful graph to shows health spending fell under the Tories since 2010 Image
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please britain, don’t let your nhs die and adopt the american system/get sold out to our companies. its awful. more awful than you can imagine. dont let it happen
hey UK? do you want to watch the people you love spend their dying breaths battling insurance companies? want to negotiate the price of your chemo or your firstborn’s NICU stay? save your NHS or end up like us, in millions of little hells.
in the US we take cabs so as not to pay thousands for ambulances. in the US we cross borders to buy cheaper insulin. in the US, people who get serious diagnoses sometimes kill themselves to avoid bankrupting their families. dont let it happen to you, UK!
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