John Minford, #SunTzu 6: 44 "There are long days and short; the moon waxes and it wanes."
Allow me to ask, soulfully, for a review. Not a quiz with points, much as I love those. No, a soulful review. Here's my question: can you feel the power of Master Sun's Five Fundamentals? Do you know them by heart yet? Can you list them out without thinking? I can.
The Way. Heaven. Earth. Command. Discipline. The Five Fundamentals. Five boxes of mind. Five ways of seeing, of hearing, of comprehending where you are, what you face, who you must confront, how you may win, how you may lose. Each of the five is the study of a lifetime.
My friend @louisa_ip has given me much recognition over my use of the Yin/Yang in this chapter 6 of Master Sun's masterpiece. Today, with verse 44, we are at its conclusion. Today's verse lives up to her judgement. It is the Yin/Yang of Heaven.
Long days define Summer. Short days, winter. That's the yearly cycle. Waxing moon and waning moon define the month. A month is the cycle from one full moon to the next. If you would understand the Yin/Yang, watch the moon move through waxing, waning, and waxing again.
Once commenced - and that's what we'll be exploring in the coming chapter 7 - battle is always fought upon the Earth. But, its victory or defeat - as we know - is determined before battle commences. That means we must read the guidance of The Way, in the messages of Heaven.
Try to feel the logical cascade. The Way is what creates Heaven and Earth and all that in them is. Heaven dictates time. Earth is the domain of life. Command is what executes Heaven's will, upon the Earth, in accordance with The Way. And discipline is tactics in motion.
You're a general. Does today's long day give you time to complete your attack? Or, can you sneak in a surprise mission, and get it done on today's short timing? Is your mission, blessed by The Way and completing the will of Heaven, on the rise, as the waxing moon? Or no?
Long actions require long days. Short actions thrive well in short days. New campaigns needing the blessing of Heaven, should commence as the moon is waxing. Concluding missions can occur as the moon wanes. Please remember, we're NOT being literal. These are metaphors.
Any election is a short action. It always occurs in the short days of "winter," metaphorically speaking. There are no long summer days in election cycles. Each candidate is either waxing or waning. Who remembers Beto O'Rourke? His moon is waning right now, June 2019.
Where elections are winter's short days, administrations are summer's long days. What promises are kept? What policies succeed? What can the White House push through Capitol Hill? Where will Capitol Hill take the laws of the land during the administrations long, slow days?
Were I a pagan, I would most likely worship on Luna's (the moon's) altar. Well, I'm kind of an Odin, the God of War, guy, of course. But my dreams are Luna's. That is, as the moon waxes, I draw nearer to realizing my dreams. As she wanes, I analyze my failures and learn.
Where elections are winter, and administrations are summer, the #MAGA movement is monthly. It lives within the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle. We must win #MAGA locally, monthly, waxing and waning. When waxing we go fight. When waning we go plan.
The ultimate Yin/Yang of chapter 6 has been hardened forms vs fluid formlessness. We know that @realDonaldTrump is today's ultimate genius and master of this. He cuts loose any hardened form, and attacks the brittle grasp of his every enemy thereby.
With fluid formlessness, he goes where the waning moon of his enemies invites his own waxing moon in certain victory. Long days are not long to him. Short days mean only long nights to him. He knows how to use either and is in sync with each.
Can you walk outside on a short summer's night, look up, see the full moon having attained its glory, and see your personal dreams fulfilled within its beauty? Can you put the long summer's day to complete work, extracting every minute of progress it offers?
Can you put the logs in place on a long winter's night, pour yourself the mead of meditation, and complete your battle plans? Even in winter, can you take rapid action to accomplish immediate objectives? Can you loosen your thinking, freeing it from hardened forms?
Tomorrow, we begin chapter 7, which is all about execution. To whatever degree you need to review chapter 6, please do so. No, there's no way to keep up with all the demands of study. But, as you can imagine, Master Sun laughs at us, as there is always time for study.
154 verses completed, 268 to go.

To return to previous sections in our #WarForAmerica2020 and #SunTzuForMAGA series, don't forget to head over to @WarForAmerica21. You'll find the digital table of contents for this series, there. Please retweet each entry you enjoy.
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