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nsfw!jaeyong au
dom! taeyong & sub!jaehyun

jaehyun and taeyong were assigned to do a project on human anatomy. they meet up everyday but ends up studying each other's body.
nsfw!jaeyong au
“okay, class dismissed!” their professor shouts across the room, “don’t forget to work on your project with your partner, it will be passed next week!” he makes his remarks and leaves the room along with other people.

jaehyun approaches his partner, lee taeyong.
he grabs the attention of the boy still sitting down and says, “tomorrow after classes, at the library.” and just leaves jaehyun without being able to properly discuss the project with each other.

they know each other, but those are just what they heard from other people.
jaehyun was known to be the bright and cheery guy, meanwhile taeyong was quite the opposite, parties every night, a different girl every night, your typical bad boy.

jaehyun begins to complain to himself and to their prof to why he just cant be partnered up with johnny,
he isn’t the brightest in the class but still he had decent grades and hardworking, and he was jaehyun’s crush.

jaehyun comes home late from his shift from the coffee shop he was working at along with a friend of him who was attending the same university as him, dong sicheng.
he found out from sicheng that taeyong was out at a party, and he pleads to the gods that taeyong would at least help him with the project tomorrow. he wouldn’t want to face a hangover taeyong after a long day of classes.

he grabs his phone and unknowingly searches for taeyong’s
instagram. he looks at some photos but soon landed to some photos of taeyong, in a see through sparkly black tank top. underneath he could see the the lee taeyong’s nipples and he doesn’t know why but he grabs his cock to stroke it a few times but soon realizes what he was doing
and frustratingly screams into his pillow.

as jaehyun’s classes ended, he heads to the library expecting to see taeyong but he taught wrong.

but his hopes didn’t completely go down the drain, when he makes eye contact with the johnny suh. johnny flashes him an inviting smile
and he approaches and smiles back.

“what are you doing here?” johnny asks.

“waiting for my partner for our human anatomy class.” jaehyun pauses for a while when he notices the older has no company, “mind if i sit with you while i wait?” jaehyun asks.
“yeah sure, i was waiting for mine either.” johnny flashes him his smile as he pushes his hair back, and jaehyun couldn’t help but stare. “damn, he’s hot” jaehyun thinks to himself.

as they wait they start to have small talks that turned to laughs that made the librarian shush
them from time to time whenever their voice gets too loud. they now have changes sits, they are now sat beside each other, it shows how much they enjoy each other’s company.

they were soon interrupted by a tall taeyong standing up in front of them, arm crossed and looked annoyed
jaehyun said his goodbye and johnny decided to ask jaehyun out for some coffee another time and he accepts it.

jaehyun then follows taeyong to a seat far away from johnny when they could’ve seated at a nearer empty one.

“i’m sorry i was late, i had to fix something”
taeyong says with a smirk on his face. jaehyun rolled his eyes, and judged the older to have hooked up somewhere on campus.

‘yeah, just don’t let it happen next time. i don’t want to waste our time.” jaehyun rebuked.

“but it seemed like you were having so much fun there."
taeyong teases the other.

“whatever. let’s just finish this so we could pass this as soon as possible.”
their task was to draw the basic organs in the human body and have the definition and function of the said organ. since jaehyun knew how to draw,
he decided to give the coloring and handwriting tasks to taeyong.

as he was starting to draw, he noticed the boy in front of him has started to fall asleep as he was writing down notes.

he flicks the exposed forehead of the older and wakes up and hisses at the younger.
“what’s your problem?!” taeyong shouts and was followed to be shushed by the librarian.

“how about you work on /our/ project?" jaehyun asks with dominance making taeyong roll his eyes.

"i'm tired, i promise to work on it later." taeyong says these words while he blows a kiss
towards jaehyun's direction who was shocked with the sudden, flirting if he was assuming, but he knows better than himself that the older was just teasing.
nsfw!jaeyong au
“i don’t want to work my ass off and still have the same grade as some one who can’t even give his 75 percent.” jaehyun retaliates and taeyong returns to his task with a frown visible.

taeyong was offended by the sudden accusation of the younger, taeyong isn’t
the slacker everyone sees him to be, he’s just misunderstood like most “bad boys” are.

“okay, then let’s meet tomorrow.” he heard the request of jaehyun and johnny for them to hang out, so in order to push jaehyun’s button a little more he sets the date tomorrow to contradict
with the /date/ jaehyun has in mind he would have.

jaehyun would retaliate but he was so shocked and just dumbfounded he didn’t know what to do.

“if you want i’ll give you my 100 percent, let’s meet tomorrow.” and he leaves the boy alone, still confused with the situation.
jaehyun feels the negative energy around him before the day has even started, and it was all thanks to taeyong.

it was his one chance to get close with johnny and taeyong ruined it. he’s so used to having the upper-hand and being in control of situations like this, but with
taeyong, he softens up and it frustrates him.

the day was about to be finished but he was still grumpy, his friends tried to cheer him up but it was no use.

he was headed to the library when he received a text from an unknown number, it only says an address that was nearby.
since he was just so done for the day, he just went for it. he doesn’t even mind who was it from and what he had to do with the address.

once he stopped at the address, he rang the doorbell twice while checking if he got the right house. his eyes was on his phone so he didn’t
notice the door opening, once he looked up, he was welcomed by a topless taeyong with merely boxers on.

jaehyun couldn’t help but admire the boys’ body; strong collarbones, decent chest and tight abs.

he stops daydreaming- admiring- staring- observing the other’s body when he
heard a cough come out from it. “eyes up here.” taeyong says before turning around and entering the house.

jaehyun could feel the sudden burning of his cheeks from taeyong’s comment.

jaehyun follows, but before he joins the boy he noticed a few toys which seemed to be a girls’
laying around the living room. must be her sister, jaehyun thinks to himself. they had a big house, enough for around five people, but it seems as if it was empty.

he notices that the boy we was supposed to meet has already left him, once he climbed the stairs he saw taeyong
entering, which seems to be, his room.

he follows and knocks before entering, and sees taeyong putting on a shirt. jaehyun doesn’t know why but he felt disappointed.
once taeyong was finished, he turned around, “didn’t want to distract you mr. jung” taeyong teases with a smirk
spread across his face.

jaehyun rolls his eyes, and averts his eyes on the desk in the room. he then starts to bring out the different materials he has brought, and taeyong helps him setup.

before jaehyun arrived, he already has done almost half of his assigned task,
he had other plans to do today.

it has been a few minutes since they have started, and taeyong was surprisingly doing his work. it shocked jaehyun but he doesn’t know that the boy was already done.

jaehyun was glad that taeyong was helping him but he feels uncomfortable when
their knees or arms touch abruptly, or when they turn to grab something from the other side.

but taeyong could feel the tension in the other boys body, so he stands up and places a hand on the others shoulder while he places a hand on the desk on the other side pretending to
check the drawing.

he attempts to massage jaehyun’s shoulder but jaehyun flinches and smacks the other’s hand.

“woah, just trying to help you calm your nerves.” taeyong says as he places both hands on the shoulders.

he massages both of them at the same time, and jaehyun hates
to admit it but he likes it. but instead of it “cooling him down” all it did was heat him up more, well not his head, but a different kind of head.

taeyong then looks at the drawing to see that jaehyun had stopped at the crotch at the male model of their project.
“is there any way i can help with the drawing?” taeyong teasingly asks while his hands were falling towards the other’s chest.

but jaehyun could only moan as an answer. enjoying the touch and heat coming from taeyong’s hands.

“how about i try to describe it to you while you
attempt to draw it.” jaehyun starts to sweat when taeyong’s hand start to get too close to his hardening cock.

jaehyun’s hand shakes along with the pencil he was holding while taeyong unbuckles the belt on jaehyun’s pants.

taeyong sees the hard and leaking cock of the younger,
it was asking for you to take it out and play with it.

he slides his hand inside jaehyun’s boxers and grasps his cock and strokes it for a few times while his other hand plays with the younger’s nipples.

“do you like that jaehyun-ie?” taeyong asks while he looks at jaehyun who
had is eyes closed but mouth agape from the feeling of taeyong’s touch.

jaehyun snaps the pencil into two when feels that he is near his limit but they were soon interrupted by a car honk. it seems like his mother was home. taeyong then takes his hands off jaehyun’s now
starting to soften cock and whispers, “clean yourself up, let’s do this another time.”

and he leaves jaehyun breathless, tired and unsatisfied.

jaehyun couldn’t say no to mrs. lee’s invitation to join them three for dinner, especially when taeyong’s sister uses her puppy eyes.
taeyong seems to be against the idea of the boy hanging around for dinner, and jaehyun noticed that taeyong wasn’t really close to his mother and he sees that the mother was trying to reach out to his son.

since taeyong couldn’t do anything and was such a big tease, he decided
to enjoy jaehyun’s company and not keep his hand to himself.

underneath the table, when he wasn’t eating and was observing the conversation between jaehyun and his mother, he would place his hand on jaehyun’s thigh a little bit too high and his pinky would play with the
younger’s balls or the tip of his penis.

jaehyun couldn’t help but moan when taeyong palms his hard cock, and taeyong’s mother asks him if he’s okay and he couldn’t utter a word, just a hum as an answer.

jaehyun was more than glad that it was just a quick dinner,
meaning he could leave earlier. taeyong shows him out of the house with a winning smirk on his face which jaehyun despises.

“i’ll see you tomorrow?” taeyong asks but steps closer to whisper in jaehyun’s ear, “how about we continue what was postponed earlier at your place?” and
kisses jaehyun’s cheek, making him redder than ever.

taeyong was enjoying seeing jaehyun so vulnerable with him, he liked it, so he bids his goodbye and closes the door on jaehyun before he could even say his goodbyes.
jaehyun walks home, still shocked from what happened. thinking how was he being controlled by taeyong.

sure, he admits he's bi, but he would never go to that limit. handjobs is the closest he has ever been to a dick.

he decides to go for some tea, to help him clear his thoughts
jaehyun orders from a cafe nearby his house, he waited for his order by the counter and went to look by for a free seat, and it was all occupied.

not until he makes eye contact with someone he was glad to see, it was johnny.

johnny gives him his signature smile and waves over.
he seats in front of johnny and returns a shy smile.

"i-i'm sorry i had to decline." jaehyun says as he places his order down.

"at least you're here now." johnny says and chuckles, and if it isn't the most beautiful laugh he has ever heard then he must be lying to himself.
"my asshole of a partner decided to do it today, but yeah at least i'm here."

"you'd get used to taeyong, he's naturally like that."

"you know taeyong?"
"yeah, we were okay friends back then. he was always a brat but good."

jaehyun was shocked to hear that, he only taught that yuta was his only friend since they're always together.

"i guess i'd give him a try."
and they continue there night talking about things, relevant or not. they were just enjoying each other's company.

now, they're just reading books, they both have a test tomorrow for a class they have.

sometimes they would ask questions they don't understand.
jaehyun was carefully reading a paragraph that didn't make sense that made him scrunch his nose.

he heard a click and looked up at a phone focused on him, it was johnny's.

"i wasn't ready!!" jaehyun whines at johnny's sudden capture of the other's picture.

"at least tell me!"
"but you're much cuter in this one!" johnny returns with a smile that made his eyes turn into crescents.

jaehyun then looks down to avoid seeing his growing blush.

his phone rings and when he lookef at it, it was an ig notification.

"with this cutie!" the caption of the photo
which he was tagged in.

he looked up at johnny who had the brightest smile, and right then and there, he was sure that he liked the boy.
after finishing their drinks and reviewing the major topics for the test tomorrow and now are headed home, johnny decided to take the younger home saying that he was headed the same direction.

the walk home was silent, but a good kind. jaehyun wanted to make a move but johnny
seemed to be so intimidating to jaehyun. he was very popular on campus because of his looks and no one really knew the real johnny unless you were his friend.

they reach the younger's home without any conversation happening, now jaehyun was just admiring the taller's smile.
"so..." jaehyun starts avoiding the taller's gaze.

"so." johnny says in a teasing tone.

"i guess i'll be going inside now." he tries to look straight into johnny's eyes but it was just so intimidating.

jaehyun does the unthinkable, he kisses the taller and rushes inside
leaving a smiling johnny behind, he heads straight to his room and screams into a pillow.

he grabs his phone to look at the photo he took of johnny earlier, he just looked so ethereal and perfect.

he presses a kiss onto the photo and squeals from the happening earlier.
he closes his eyes and falls into the deep slumber with a smile on his face.
jaehyun woke up so much better than he was feeling yesterday, like the world has turned upside down. and suddenly he remembered what he did yesterday.

he felt the nervousness in his body and panics making him roam around his room. his mother went on to check on his son.
he was even teased by her mother because she saw what he did yesterday, and she approves and asks when was the wedding. it made jaehyun blush like a tomato making her mother leave his room.

he set the thought aside, but it still never left, and got ready for the day.
he entered the school, gaining a few looks from a few girls, seems to be those who admires johnny. he got shy and turned his head down.

not until he bumped to someone, tall and had a strong stance making him fall back a few steps. it was taeyong.

if taeyong's look could kill,
then consider jaehyun dead.

he was confused to see why the older was acting that way, if anyone had the right to be angry between the two of them it was jaehyun, right after what happened yesterday.

jaehyun raised his eyebrow and taeyong was shocked with the sudden attitude,
he scoffs and leaves jaehyun in the hallway and goes to their first class. the class where they are supposed to be partners.

jaehyun annoyed with taeyong's attitude he follows behind giving a few steps away from each other.

when they enter the room they see those who seemed
to be partners seated next beside each other, but since the two of them have big prides, they decided to sit one seat apart from each other.

taeyong finished his part of the project and just needed to colour the drawing, he looks over to his partner to see that the female body
was finished so he scoots over beside jaehyun, to jaehyun's surprise, he saw the boy start to colour the drawing.

he dismissed the sudden thought of yesterday's happening, and continues finishing the drawing. his cheeks burn with the idea of taeyong touching him.
jaehyun could hear the other scoff and stop a laugh from coming out of his mouth. he flicks taeyong's forehead making the other flinch but with a smile.

whatever taeyong's problem was he dismissed it, he didn't want a possible friendship go to waste.
they decided to meet after class to finish and pass the project together.

as jaehyun was heading towards the library he came across johnny.

he was shocked to see him so in order to avoid the other he covered his face with hood, but he felt a hand grab his wrist and spun him
around. making him look around and face the taller while his face was growing a flushed red.

"j-johnny." he's voice was shaky, the nervousness obvious.

"do you really think i'd let you get away with what you did yesterday?" johnny says making jaehyun's knees weak.
"i-i'm sorry, i'd do anything just please forget yesterday." jaehyun pleads.

jaehyun closes his eyes when he feels johnny's face gets closer.

"let's go on a date tomorrow."

"sure, let- wait what?!" jaehyun shouts making them gain more attention than they already had.
"you already said yes, no take backs." johnny removes jaehyun's hood and plays with the younger's hair

"see you tomorrow!" johnny says as he pinches the youngers right cheeck

to say that jaehyun was speechless was an understatement. as johnny leaves, along with it is his breath
what jaehyun doesn't know that he was being observed from the library door, there stood taeyong, arms crossed and side leaning on the door.

he enters the library before the other could see him, he scoffs under his breath, "let's see how much you like him jung yoonoh."
jaehyun heads over to their table with a shy but genuine smile on his face.

taeyong notices it but all it did was annoy him more. yeah he like it when jaehyun is happy but when he's the reason for it, nothing more. but all he ever does is annoy him.

jaehyun sits down not even
minding taeyong who was staring at him as if he killed his family.

"why are you in such a good mood?"

"idk, maybe because i got myself a date!" jaehyun says and he covers his face for the other to not see the red face he still have.

taeyong scoffs and asks, "who is it?"
"oh," jaehyun pauses for a while, long enough it was obvious what he said next was a lie, "you don't know him."

"yeah, whoever he is must be so unlucky." taeyong teases jaehyun.

"fuck you taeyong, i happen to be a catch myself." jaehyun takes pride in what he said crossing his
arms, chest high and looked at taeyong as if he's royalty.

"yeah, and how many relationships have you had?" taeyong says this while he raises his eyebrow.

it takes jaehyun back when he realizes that johnny will be his first date that he wanted to be serious.
"thought so." taeyong says and continues to pretend to be doing something with the book in front of him.

"fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." jaehyun rappidly curses gaining a few looks.

"why are you panicking, i taught you were a catch?" taeyong teases but sees that jaehyun was actually

taeyong grabs both jaehyun's hands and cups them, rubbing small circles on the back side of his hand.

"stop panicking, you'll be fine. i can help you, both at dinner and bed." taeyong teases making jaehyun smack his hands.

"you're right, i'll be fine tomorrow
let's just finish this so that we could get home early."

they proceeded to finish the project within 30 minutes and passed the project way before deadline.

they are now headed out the campus when taeyong places his hand on jaehyun shoulder making the youner look.
"why don't we go out and celebrate?" taeyong invited jaehyun.

"your treat?" jaehyun's eyes lit up when he heard the invitation.

"fine, this is the first and last time i'll treat you out." taeyong rolls his eyes to avoid the sweet smile on jaehyun's face, he was just so cute.
they walk to a nearby samgyupsal house and to their luck it was not full for a friday night.

while taeyong chooses a set for them to cook, jaehyun texts his mom he would be late soon but didn't expect for her mom to call.

taeyong sees the name and grabs the phone from jaehyun.
taeyong was blocking jaehyun from getting his phone back while he talks to his mother.

"hello mrs. jung?"
"yeah, this is taeyong."
"oh, sure, if he gets drunk i can make him stay over at mines."
"thank you, mrs. jung."
"okay, have a good night mrs. jung."
taeyong then drops the call and gives the phone back and jaehyun texts his mother quickly asking what they were talking about.

his mother soon replies with, "give me lots of grandchildren!"

jaehyun looks at taeyong and smacks his head, pouting and frowning at taeyong.
as jaehyun was grilling the meat, taeyong ordered 3 bottles of soju.

"isn't that too many for us?" jaehyun asks while raising his eyebrow.

"who said this was for you? this is just for me, i bet you can't even finish half."

it was true but jaehyun has a huge ego,
so he grabs a shot glass and he pours himself a drink and downs it.

taeyong pretended to be shocked but it was going just as planned.

taeyong had a strong tolerance for alcohol, so even after 1 bottle he still doesn't feel the alcohol.

jaehyun on the other hand tries to
drink half a shot for everytime taeyong drinks one shot, but still it got him drunk.

what taeyong didn't know, jaehyun is clingy when he's drunk. like cute clingy, he even started calling taeyong oppa.

after eating a few more slices of meat, they decided to call it a night.
before they left, taeyong has already texted jaehyun's mother that he would take the boy home to be safe and return him by morning.

taeyong has jaehyun's left shoulder slung over his shoulder, and his right hand holding tightly onto the younger's waist.

taeyong cleaned him up,
changed his clothes and wiped his body.

taeyong couldn't help but "accidentaly" touch jaehyun over his sensitive areas.

jaehyun would moan in return everytime taeyong would palm his clothed crotch.

taeyong would tease jaehyun until jaehyun was pleading for taeyong's touch.
"what do you want baby?" taeyong says while hovering above jaehyun's body on all fours.

jaehyun's eyes was half open and mouth agape hands raising histo grab taeyong by the neck until he pulls him into a deep kiss.

taeyong was shocked by the sudden feel of touch from the
younger, his eyes were open but soon closes to make sure he feels the younger.

it wasn't hard to insert his tongue but jaehyun still fought for dominance. jaehyun won making them both let go from the kiss to catch his breath.

"j-johnny." and jaehyun falls into deep slumber.
"huh," taeyong was shocked by the name jaehyun called, "johnny? i'd make sure i would give you a night you won't feel from johnny."

taeyong continues to kiss him, until he goes down and marks him all over his body.

"why can't you just like me?" taeyong says in between kisses.
jaehyun woke up the next day feeling like his head was being split into two.

he pulled the pillow he was hugging to tolerate the pain while he still tries to sleep when the pillow was hard and warm.

he pokes and plays with his "pillow" a few more times before realising it was
a body.

he opens his eyes, memories from last night's events still a blur, when he was welcomed by a smiling taeyong looking down at him.

"good morning." taeyong says quietly, with a sweet tone in his voice.

jaehyun's eyes widen and pushes the other off the bed.
he then realises that the both of them naked, and he caught a glimpse of the other's, rod.

he covers himself with the duvet while taeyong was getting up, the huge thing between his thighs still hanging.

he then feels the feeling in his bottom when he tries to sit up straight.
jaehyun proceeds to cover his eyes when he sees taeyong's semi hard cock.

"c-cover yourself up!!" jaehyun shouts, eyes shut and hands covering all of his face.

"okay, okay, you weren't like that last night." taeyong chuckles at the end while putting on some boxers.
jaehyun could feel the other side of the bed sink and hands on his wrists, it was soft and gentle.

he slowly opens his eyes to a smiling taeyong, it was genuine and something you only see once in a blue moon.

jaehyun looks down, making sure he's at least 30 percent
clothed but soon regrets it when the thing was forming a tent in the boxers.

he heard taeyong's chuckle and attempt to meet him at eye level but it was too much.

the question to why he's bottom feel like it was oozing in pain was still running through his head, so he asked.
"why-why is my, bottom hurting?" jaehyun asks shyly, half of his face covered by the duvet.

"oh, you don't remember? how about i make you remember?"

taeyong then goes under the duvet and closes the distance between them and hands roaming around jaehyun's soft and pale skin.
jaehyun moaned when taeyong's lips makes contact with the skin on his neck, sucking and bruising the area.

taeyongs free hand roams down and places a hand on jaehyun's hardening cock, and plays with the precum at the tip.

once the bruise was purple enough compared to
the other hickeys he gave the boy last night, he moves upward, mouth beside jaehyun's ear.

"do you want to make me remind you what you told me last night?"

but jaehyun would only moan and let out small breaths in return.

"i need your cock inside me hyung"
"please stop teasing
me hyung"
"i want you, all of you."

taeyong says these words while whispering moans and breaths in between words.

his hand was wet enough from the precum leaking out of jaehyun but still suck on his fingers.

"oh we also did this." taeyong says as his hands goes towards
to youngers bottom, spreading the plump with his pinky and point finger and plays with the entrance with his middle finger.

"do you want me to enter it?"

jaehyun gulps and moans, eyes glittering from the tears of pleasure.

taeyong then enters two of his fingers inside the boy.
jaehyun moans harder and louder than he was earlier, taeyong in reflex covers jaehyun's mouth with his.

his tongue exploring the inside of jaehyun's mouth.

when he feels the younger stiffening that was when he knows the younger is about to cum, he thrusts harder and faster.
jaehyun releases the kiss and moans like he has never had before, literally.

taeyong looked up at the boy, he was still so pretty.

even though he was panting, even though he had tears running down his fae, even though his mouth was open. anything that the other was doing
he was beautiful, and that's that he admired about the boy.

jaehyun falls asleep from both the tiredness and hangover, taeyong chuckles slightly from the view.

"you still haven't changed jung, not a bit."

taeyong then proceeds to the bathroom, to fix /his/ problem.
jaehyun wakes hours after his and taeyong's /intimate interaction/ earlier. when he went to look at his phone, it was already 11 am and number of texts from his mother which he dismissed but one notification struck him, it was johnny's. three texts from "johnny suh, the loml"
"hey i'll pick you up at your place at 10"
"let's just reschedule next time, your mom told me you were out on a date hehe"
"see you jaehyun."

and the last text from johnny was enough for jaehyun to know that he blew his chance, he blew his chance with the johnny suh.
"taeyong!" the boy rushes to his mind as he /tries/ to rush down the stairs, he even needed to do put both hands on the wall to support him, because of his bottom.

he notices along the way that this wasn't taeyong's "home", it was an apartment that was good enough for two people
he sees the boys figure sat at a counter, which seems to be having iced coffee.

jaehyun sighed in relief to see that the boy was clothed, well a tank top and boxers, but still clothed.

taeyong turns around when he hears the sound of footsteps, he smiles as if teasing,
and offers jaehyun coffee which he dismissed and sat in front of the boy.

taeyong had a smug look on his face as if he won a competition, all strong and confident he even has his eyebrows raised. jaehyun wants to punch the smug look out of his face.

jaehyun breathes before he
speaks, "because of you i missed my date with johnny! now i lost my chance to be with johnny! i don't even know what to reason out! what would i tell him?! "oh sorry i slept with someone before our date, that's why i was late!" fucking hell, i hate this!" jaehyun breaks down on
the coffee table.

jaehyun was able to break taeyong's confidence, but taeyong still has "last night" to fight back.

"didn't sound like it last night." taeyong says softly almost inaudible but enough for jaehyun to hear, he takes a sip from his cup hiding the smug look.
"what?" jaehyun's head looks up to the boy.

"i said, didn't sound like you hated it last night." taeyong pauses for a while to look at the younger's reaction, and he was successful, it was so easy to know if jaehyun was flustered, his ears would burn to bright red.
"what did you say last night? "i want more hyung! harder! deeper!" all this while moaning and pretending to pant like he was exhausted.

jaehyun couldn't retaliate because all that happened last night was still a blur from the alcohol he drank.
what he doesn't know, he was only fingered with 4 fingers, that lead to him cumming untouched.

taeyong didn't want jaehyun to not remember their first time, he wants jaehyun to remember every single thing that they would do. now, he wouldn't deny the fact he likes jung jaehyun.
despite taeyong disagreeing with the idea of jaehyun meeting up with johnny, jaehyun still wanted to face the older to apologise to him properly.

he was even reminded by taeyong about what happened “last night”, that he should be taking a rest instead of being out and about.
but he dismissed what the boy told him what he’d do to make him feel better when he arrives at the cafe.

the cafe the both of them accidentally met at when jaehyun was finished meeting with taeyong.

he was so excited and nervous at the same time that when someone comes in his
head would turn so quickly that by the 7th person that has come in, it was starting to ache.

jaehyun plays with his phone, flipping it around, when he noticed that it has been 30 minutes and there was still no sign of the boy.

he got so disheartened when it has almost been
an hour of waiting that he decided to text his apology.

"hey johnny. i understand if you don't want to meet or even talk to me anymore. i am really really sorry, i just got so drunk yesterday and..."

jaehyun soon stops typing when he realises what he was typing out.
he bitterly chuckles and tries to type out an explanation, not looking at door.

when he opens it, his eyes still glued to his phone, that is until he bumped to a tall and strong wall. he dropped his phone and could feel himself falling because he stepped on the wrong foot.
he was expecting a fall that would give more pain to his bottom when a shoulder wraps around his waist and another hand on his waist.

"hey." a cold and minty breath slaps jaehyun in the face and opens his eyes to be met with a smiling johnny, /fuck/ he thinks to himself.
johnny ordered a drink and pastry for the both of them but jaehyun decided that he should pay as a starting apology.

both sitting at where they first met, jaehyun was sitting up straight but his eyes were locked on his drink, meanwhile johnny was sitting comfortably
looking at jaehyun with adoration that he was smiling to himself. jaehyun would steal glances at johnny to see the boy looking at him, smirking.

johnny moves forward that jaehyun could smell the strong scent he always bring, it overwhelmed him that his ears were burning.
"johnny.." jaehyun starts, awkwardly.

johnnt hums in return as he starts to eat his pasta.

"i'm really sorry for what happened today," jaehyun stops for a while to look again, but johnny's face was still.

johnny moves forward again, much closer to the blushing boy.
johnny takes hold of jaehyun's cheeks, "if you know how much i adore you, let's just enjoy the day. okay?" johnny reassures jaehyun

jaehyun returns a tight lip smile and holds johnny's hand and intertwines them. they both finish their food and drink and went on with their date.
the both of them decided to stay in at johnny's and watch a movie, and jaehyun would be having so much fun being around johnny but the pain in jaehyun's butt was oozing thay johnny noticed the boy was uncomfortable.

he scoots over and asks, "hey, are you okay?"
to which jaehyun respons with, "i'm just nervous, idk, it's kind of my first date." jaehyun mentally sighs that he was able to reason out.

"how about last night?" despite the laugh after it was obvious that johnny was bitter and that the air surrounding them was awkward.
"last night was just a celebration." jaehyun scoots over grabbing johnny's arms and wraps them around his own.

"if there's anyone i would want to be with, it's you." jaehyun says with so much adoration for the boy, he looks up and smiles at him.

jaehyun doesn't know where he
got the sudden confidence, maybe he wanted to make it up to the boy. maybe it was that he was starting to become comfortable with johnny.

they both enjoy each other's company and watched at most three movies before johnny takes him home.

the way back was the silent,
the nice and sweet silent they had whenever they're around each other.

but johnny was a little bit more confident in acting sweet around jaehyun more from what the younger told him earlier.

he placed his hand on jaehyun's thigh making circles with his thumb and would sometimes
squeeze it.

to say that jaehyun was happy is an understatement, he felt so giddy inside.

he was busting the fattest uwus.

they reached jaehyun's house nd before jaehyun could leave, johnny took a hold of his hand and kissed it.

"i like you jaehyun, so much."
"i like you too johnny." jaehyun pauses for a while and looks at their house's window to check if his mother was spying on them.

he plants a quick kiss on the taller's cheeks before making his way inside, he stopped at their front door after slamming it.
his hand on his chest feeling the quick beat, damn was he falling for johnny quick.
jaehyun soon makes eye contact with a boy in all black; boots, ripped jeans, and hoodie. it was taeyong, who was leaning against the wall of the entrance to their dining room.

jaehyun raises his eyebrow as a question to why the boy was at their house.
taeyong rolls his eyes and enters the dining room. jaehyun soon follows curious to why the boy was in his house.

when he takes a look, he sees his mother and the person who recently took his v-card having dinner.

"hyunnie, you've been out since this morning, care for some
dinner?" his mother asks.

jaehyun declines and raises his eyebrow at taeyong when they make eye contact.

he leaves and goes straight to his room, limping a bit.

jaehyun opens the door to his closet to change to more comfortable clothes, when johnny calls him.
he puts it on speaker while he raveges his closet for some shorts and a jumper.

"hey." johnny says in a husky voice, which jaehyun loves so dearingly.

"hey, got home?"

"yeah, i just wish i could cuddle you all day."

"me too, but i have classes tomorrow at 7 am."
"how many times have i told you, it's fine! i'll wake up that early for you."

jaehyun swears that he felt his heart do a sommersault.

"i just don't want to be of bother."

"i don't mind, as long as it's you."

jaehyun was slipping himself into his jumper when he sees taeyong
enter his room, so he quickly grabs his phone and turn off the speaker.

taeyong makes his way to jaehyun's bed, raising his eyebrow to why the boy was in a rush.

all he could hear was
"bye, my mother is calling me."
"yes, i'll see you tomorrow."
"i miss you too."
and when he heard the last statement, he knew that it was johnny. he rolled his eyes and plomps his body onto the younger's bed.

but jaehyun was too busy to notice it when he hears johnny faintly say i love you to him.

taeyong noticed it and proceeded to snap him back.
"hey you okay?" he asks.

"he said i love you to me." jaehyun quietly mumbles.


"he told me he loves me!" jaehyun then proceeds to jump on his bed hugging the pillow to death.

"oh, okay." taeyong bitterly replies.

and jaehyun continued to ramble out to taeyong about
johnny; how the boy smells so fucking good, how he likes it when he holds him close to him, and how johnny makes small circles on him when he holds him and how he likes the comfortable silence they have and "compatible" they are for each other, taeyong would then roll his eyes.
who would want the person they want to hold and dear talk about someone else?

jaehyun then soon realises he was rambling too much that taeyong was fake sleeping.

"hey! i'm sorry for rambling, it was just too much, i felt like exploding.

jaehyun didn't noice but they were
relatively close to each other, normally too close to jaehyun's liking.

taeyong looks at him with boredom, so jaehyun changes the topic.

"what are you doing here anyway?"

taeyong then realises what he was there for, to confess.
to confess to jung jaehyun, his long lost friend, and first love.
jaehyun notices that taeyong zoned out so he snaps his fingers in front of the boy.

"lee taeyong, hello?" jaehyun says moving his body forward from the bed towards to the direction of taeyong to check on him.

"ye-yeah." jaehyun swears he sees a faint dust of pink
on the cheeks of taeyong, /how cute/ jaehyun thinks to himself.

taeyong starts teasing how jaehyun is a bad boyfriend. a bad boyfriend in bed; he "bites", he moans so loud and how early he finishes that he wouldn't give johnny a good time.

the both of them laugh
to their hearts extent, smiles and teasing, and when jaehyun notices that they aren't going for each other's throat.

he raises his hand in front of taeyong in a form of a shake.

"let's forget our /past/, start over?" jaehyun starts

"yeah, a new." taeyong shakes jaehyun's hand.
taeyong leaves, showing a sweet smile, but deep inside he was shattered.

he lost his chance in finally speaking to the person he wanted to hold even before he knew what love meant.

taeyong hurridly goes to a party yuta had at his place, he's been so out of it because of jaehyun
taeyong drank his heart out, not minding the burn in his throat when he takes a shot.

there were girls constantly trying to get him laid, but jaehyun was the only person running on his mind, jaehyun, no one will and can replace him.

he already had around twenty shots but still,
he felt like he was craving more.

“hey, i think you should stop.” a boy with a soft face stops him from taking his 23rd shot.

“and who are you to stop me?” taeyong scoffs and took his arm and downed the shot.

“well, i know who is the reason why you want to drown in alcohol
and that reason cares for you.” the boy sits beside him and looks at the people dancing, while taeyong was still looking down on his 24th drink.

“what do you know?” taeyong tries to build up his wall, but the alcohol was starting to get into his system.
“i know for a fact that you are always at the cafe me and my friend’s work at, and every time it’s /his/ shift, you are there.” the boy pauses and grabs taeyong’s drink to which he groaned at, “so why don’t you drop the act that you hate his guts and actually start showing him
how you feel.”

and it hits taeyong, he has been trying to gain the attention of the boy the wrong when he should’ve been expressing how much he adores and misses the boy. he felt a tear drop from his eyes to his cheek and quickly wipes it, the boy notices it and places his palm
on taeyong’s back and leaves the boy.

taeyong then returns to drinking, he got so wasted he forgot to go home, not leaving the spot he was in. well that is when jaehyun picked him up.

taeyong soon wakes up at his apartment, to which he doesn’t even remember he got home, and
smells the soup his mother would always make him.

he curses mentally, getting himself prepared for the scolding he was about to be faced with.

the door to the room opens and taeyong covers himself in the duvet, he heard a plate of some sort placed on his bedside table.
curiosity got to him to why he wasn’t being scolded at, so he peaks his head and sees the last person he would want him to be seen drunk and hungover. jaehyun was smiling at him, so he returned a nervous smile.

“g-good morning.” taeyong was able to voice out.
jaehyun pats the older’s head and soon smacks it making taeyong groan and feel the pain much more than he already was.

“yah! what was that for?!” he whines, forming a pout on his lips.

“that is for getting so drunk, i had to rush myself over to yuta’s and get you home because
you won’t let anyone pick you up.” jaehyun reasons out as he was blowing the hangover soup he got from taeyong’s mother.

“wha-what else d-did i d-do??” taeyong nervously and curiously asks.

jaehyun’s frown turned into a sly smile and replies with a cheerful, “oh, nothing.”
taeyong tries to sit up straight but the pain in his head was strong he fell back.

“try not to move around too much, i will leave your medicine here and try to get some sleep. i’ll be heading to work, go there i don’t care, just rest okay?”

jaehyun looked like he cared so much
for the boy despite the short time they go to spend together, and he did care, so much.

taeyong gulps before nodding, and jaehyun moves forward near the ear of the taller, and whispers, “don’t worry taeyongie, i’ll give you so much hugs and cuddles later. later taeyongie.”
jaehyun says in his aegyo voice.

and jaehyun leaves taeyong mouth wide open, as the happenings of last night come to him. jaehyun met drunk and cute taeyong. /fuck/ taeyong thinks to himself.
taeyong had two sides in his drunk state; an asshole and clingy side. most of the times it was the asshole one but maybe his mind was like, "this is jaehyun, an excuse to be clingy!"

taeyong scoffs at the idea of being clingy with jaehyun, and only if he knew what he did.
-last night-

jaehyun looks for a boy with his phone on his ear trying to hear the boy's phone.

he sees a bent over boy at the counter with too many shots too count with two hands.

taeyong was facing jaehyun and he smiles as if he was back to being a child, smiling carelessly.
"hyunnie! i missed you!" and taeyong wents in for a hug, wrapping his arms around jaehyun's waist and digs his face onto the younger's neck.

"taeyong, let go, we need to go home." jaehyun tries to avoid sounding irritated because of taeyong's current state.
but jaehyun's effort were wasted when taeyong tightens his grip and sniffs the perfume on jaehyun, and damn does taeyong feel like he's in heaven.

"i thought you were gonna leave me for johnny." is what jaehyun would hear but because of taeyong's directly on top of his neckit
it was muffled, and he couldn't understand a thing.

jaehyun tries to look at taeyong in the eyes by placing both his hands on the drunk boys cheeks.

"how about we go home?" jaehyun tries to bargain.

"will you cuddle and hug me to sleep?" and damn are taeyong's eyes deceiving.
/argh! he's so cute! why can't he be like this to me!/ jaehyun mentally screams.

that is when he realises how close there faces were that he smells the reek of alcohol on the boy.

jaehyun squeezes his eyes when his whole nostrils fill with alcohol, and oh, taeyong kissed him.
jaehyun struggles to remove their clashing lips because of taeyong's grip on him.

but they soon remove it because they need to breath, taeyong smiles at him so dearly.

that is when taeyong moves to the side and pukes, /and the wholesomeness goes out the window./
taeyong remembers the night of their kiss which in exchange was the constant banging of his head. he lays down for a while, his frown then becomes a smile.

a smile when he remembers that he kissed jaehyun, again. he could feel jaehyun try to attempt to not return the kiss but
just before they let go, he could feel jaehyun move his lips.

damn does taeyong want to feel jaehyun's lip on top of his, they were soft and plump and, as much as it sounds weird, taeyong just felt as if jaehyun's lips were made for him

taeyong hugs his pillow so tight he tries
to avoid squealing, but fails. he was so happy, it was just for a split second but it gave him hope, that maybe, he still has his chance to confess to jaehyun before it was too late.
taeyong got ready and decided to go to jaehyun's cafe, he wanted to see the boy.

his head still banging from the hangover but nothing would stop him, jaehyun is far too important.

he walked to the cafe with the brightest smile on. damn was taeyong in a good mood.
that is when he sees johnny and jaehyun, looking at each other with big smiles.

taeyong groans and head for a seat where he could not see the sight of johnny and jaehyun together.

"you're here again." the boy from last night comes up to him with a tray at hand.
taeyong was shocked, he had a mask on so that jaehyun would not notice him.

"ye-yeah." taeyong drops the mask and forces a smile and pauses for a while to read the name on the apron, /sicheng/.

"i'm guessing nothing happened last night?" sicheng says as he looks over
the counter, where jaehyun was making coffee and johnny was looking at jaehyun so dearingly.

"well we kissed?" taeyong tries to joke about it but his heart was tightening at the sight of the two.

"yeah, wait here."

taeyong was left alone so he tried to divert his attention
outside the glass wall and look at the people walking around.

a cup of black coffee was placed on his table, he looks up to who served the drink and try to reason out that he didn't order anything.

words couldn't come out of his mouth, shocked to see the person
he wants to see and at the same time avoid the most.

jaehyun had a tight lipped smile, but he was happy to see taeyong.

taeyong avoids jaehyun's eyes and look outside again, "i-i di-didn't order anything."

"yeah, it was on winwin, told me to give it to you."
jaehyun got curious on how the two knew each other but haven't seen them interact, so he asks taeyong.

"he kept me company last night." taeyong's short respone, eyes still avoiding the younger's gaze.

jaehyun doesn't know why but he felt annoyed, maybe it was the off vibe
taeyong was giving, or that taeyong was clearly avoiding him, or maybe that he was with sicheng last night.

but jaehyun shook his head and mentally screams at himself that it can't be the last one, it shouldn't be the last one.

"i'll leave you now." jaehyun says, hoping the
older would stop him and chat with him for a while.

another question running on his head is why he got dismayed that taeyong didn't seem like himself around him. or that he didn't stop him from walking back.

the day continued, jaehyun feeling weird with the thoughts.
jaehyun was busily attending to his job while johnny seemed to be writing a paper, he never left the counter, and they would sometimes catch each other stealing glances at each other.

sicheng's shift has finished and is now with taeyong having a cup of coffee,
what taeyong doesn't know was that jaehyun was observing them.

"jaehyun keeps eyeing us." sicheng says looking at his coffee as he takes a sip.

"r-really?" taeyong says and slowly turns his head towards the counter, he makes eye contact with jaehyun but the boy quickly
turned his head, eyebrows furrowed. taeyong smiles and returns his attention to his new found friend.

"what were you doing yesterday?" taeyong asks sicheng.

"i was invited by yuta." sicheng's short explanation, a faint blush growing on his cheeks, which was noticed by taeyong.
"what's your relationship with him?" taeyong asks, curiosity in his voice as he moves forward.

"n-nothing! we're just friends!" sicheng tries to avoid sounding defensive but the red in his face was enough explanation.

"okay, if you say so." and taeyong comfortably sits down
a smirk prominent on his lips.

jaehyun and johnny was making their way to their table, but taeyong didn't notice it because his back was facing them. it shocked him to see jaehyun and taeyong holding hands that sicheng was the only one able to speak with them.
taeyong was so out of words the only things that come out of his mouth, was yes, hmm, no.

once the couple has leaved, sicheng snaps taeyong back to reality.

"there goes your chance to be with jaehyun." sicheng pauses as they both watch the figure of them two disappear.
jaehyun and johnny decided to hang out in he library to study. sure jaehyun was happy but he just wished they would do the things couple would do, not that they are but, it's where they're headed.

jaehyun would steal glances towards johnny, and johnny notices it but
he dismisses it to annoy the younger.

jaehyun rests his chin on the back of his palm and looks at johnny intently.

"johnny." jaehyun tries to act cute to grab the other's attention but johnny was a tough cookie to crack.

he repeats calling the older's name
thinking that in return he would give the attention he was craving.

after a few moments of constant clinginess, johnny looks up at jaehyun with a raised brow.

/that's so fucking hot./ jaehyun thinks to himself.

"i want to go watch a movie." jaehyun says with a pout.
"is it okay if we go to my dorm?" johnny suggest and jaehyun's eyes lit up at the idea of cuddling with johnny in bed while watching a movie.

and they did exactly that, jaehyun's head was now resting in the taller boy's strong chest. he was so happy to be next to the person
he has been pinning over ever since they met.

after a few movies, they decided to eat out for dinner.

the day ends and now johnny is taking jaehyun home, his arm slung over jaehyun's shoulder. johnny smell so good, jaehyun asked what he perfume he was using,
to his surprise, it was just johnny's body scent. jaehyun blushed at the idea of what he smelled in bed, naked.

johnny just became a whole lot more perfect to jaehyun.

they arrive and jaehyun just became flustered for no reason at all. avoiding johnny's burning gaze.
"so..." jaehyun starts and his ears start burning.

"if you're not going to do it then i will." johnny steps forward and leans in for a kiss, it shocked jaehyun that his eyes were wide open but a smile grew on his lips and soon his eyes closes.

they both smile into the kiss
and there teeths slightly clash.

"is there anything you want more?" johnny asks holding both of jaehyun's hand slightly squeezing.

"you know we can spend the night here.." jaehyun shyly says.

"i don't have any clothes." johnny teasingly says.
"i'll lend you some, can you please spend the night?" jaehyun asks with a pout and puppy eyes.

"okay, just try to avoid smelling my armpit next time." johnny continues teasing and the more jaehyun's face and ears redden.

jaehyun quickly grabs johnny's hand and before they enter
johnny kisses jaehyun's nose and they both enter the house to be welcomed by jaehyun's mother and jaehyun quickly pushes johnny to his room before his mother interogates a soon to be boyfriend.

the both of them changed into much more comfortable clothes and are now in bed.
johnny was now above jaehyun's chest and jaehyun was playing with johnny's hair.

music was playing in the background, no one was speaking, and the both of them just sensually feeling each other.

johnny starts kissing jaehyun's shoulder on the way to the younger's neck
and places a soft kiss before placing his head more deeply smelling the sweet fragrance coming from jaehyun.

jaehyun was stopping the moans from escaping his lips, savoring the feeling of johnny's soft lips on his skin.

johnny continues his kisses from the base of jaehyun's
neck onto his jawline and kisses jaehyun's chin, cheek, forehead, his other cheek, and nose.

his forearm on the side of jaehyun's looking at jaehyun who was giggling, but still felt nervous deep inside.

jaehyun leans in and kisses the older, wrapping his arms around johnny's
neck deepening the kiss. the both of them fight for dominance, johnny bites jaehyun's bottom lip and when the younger gasps he enters his tongue and meets with jaehyun's sweet one.

johnny releases from the kiss and smiles because jaehyun quietly groans a bit and was already
craving for the kiss.

johnny takes a grip in jaehyun's shirt and takes it off, jaehyun's body was easy to follow and his pale skin was exposed.

jaehyun's chest was beating up and down, and johnny's eyes were amazed to see how built the boy's body was; toned chest and abs.
johnny drags his hands from jaehyun's neck down to his chest, slightly brushings jaehyun's pointed nipples, down the boys abs.

jaehyun was shaking underneath with every touch johnny made.

johnny starts to kiss and mark the boys neck and chest. and once his art was made
he made sure to check on jaehyun, who was still holding back his moans. and boy did jaehyun want to moan, but he was being careful to not be caught by his own mother.

johnny takes jaehyun's shorts and jaehyun's dick bounced to his abs against the garter of his briefs.
johnny took the leaking tip and smeared it all over jaehyun's head, making a moan leave his lips.

johnny looked up at jaehyun while he leans forward to the boy's crotch and licks from the base to the tips, and jaehyun was so shocked that johnny entered two fingers
inside him making him moan and jump out that he takes the fingers out and moves closer to the headboard of his bed.

"so i guess you aren't ready yet?" johnny awkardly says forcing a laugh.

jaehyun shyly nods and forces himself to get closer to the boy and kiss him for assurance
jaehyun puts on his long ass shirt and continues kissing johnny and deepens the kiss making him fall back to his bed.

"i'm sorry." jaehyun quietly says and johnny laughs a bit and kisses his nose and falls asleep.

johnny was clinging onto jaehyun's waist his head on the boy's
chest and jaehyun couldn't sleep.

the reason? johnny's awake dick was poking the side of his thigh, and he wasn't measuring but boy johnny jr. is huge. both girth and length.
jaehyun couldn't sleep a blink last night because johnny jr. kept poking him, and maybe the subtle touching and stroking of the older's cock and smelling his intoxicating smell. maybe it was those things that kept him up all night.

he was just so shocked that johnny was that
huge, he feels like he would faint from both the pain and the pleasure.

it intrigued him to wondering how good was johnny in bed, how long he could last and how many rounds, and how does he like the person he was fucking. it just cluttered jaehyun's head, thinking about lewd
things about someone who he isn't even in a relationship with. another thing that kept him up all night.

jaehyun was so worked up and easily spooked, the sudden bang would make him jump from his seat making sicheng worry for the boy he was sat next to.

"hey are you okay?"
sicheng says as he places a hand on the youngers back, "you seem a little pale?"

"yeah, i'm fine," he pauses for a while and eyes johnny who was smirking and suddenly winks at him, "i just got worked up and couldn't sleep last night."

yeah he was working, working johnny's meat.
the class starts and jaehyun wa sleeping through all of them, taking back the hours he wasn't asleep.

seated at the library, his books scattered on the table in front of him but his head was uncomfortably bent down and was, you guessed it, asleep.

he feels a hand on his
shoulder and it wakes him up and jumps at him readying himself to square up somebody, it wasn't just somebody, it was taeyong. who had a curious smile on his lips asking why he was like that.

sicheng raised a cup that he was holding shaking it, and it was an iced americano.
jaehyun grabs the cup and drinks from it, it awaken him up a bit but still felt tired.

"thank you." jaehyun says as he sit down and so does sicheng.

it was weird for sicheng that jaehyun was worked up last night despite being a weekend so he decides to confronts his best friend
"what's the matter yoonoh? you wouldn't be like this if you don't have a problem," sicheng scolds him, making him pout.

"i need help with performance in bed." the awkward choice of word was a mumble not being able to be heard by the boy beside him.
sicheng asks him to repeat again, to which jaehyun responds with; "i need help in bed." this time adding a little bit more volume.

sicheng asks again because he can't make out what the boy was saying. jaehyun got so flustered he screamed out; "i need help in sex!!" making them
gain a few looks from the students beside them, some were shocked, some blushing (because everyone has a crush on jaehyun), some were holding their laughter in.

jaehyun falls his head onto his book thinking it would lessen his embarrassment but sicheng laughs out loud that was
soon hushed by the librarian. sicheng was now snorting making jaehyun look at him with deadly eyes.

"stop laughing." the seriousness in his voice was prominent.

sicheng composes himself and starts to talk, "does jaehyunnie need help because he's still a virgin when it comes to
being a virgin?" sicheng teases and moves closer to annoy jaehyun more.

the blush on the boys face was so red he looked like a cherry. he then remembers his "first time", and the blush grows to a much deeper shade.

it made sicheng panic and think that the boy has gotten sick
and soon checks up on his temperature. jaehyun was really just flustered from all the talk about their bodies that means doing it with other people.

he sits up properly and looks at sicheng seriously, "promise me you wouldn't laugh or even react." and sicheng nods to it.
"i'm not a virgin anymore." jaehyun quietly says but sicheng could still hear it. to say that it shocked him was an understatement, he didn't think jaehyun could do so with him being such a cockblock to himself.

his mouth wide open from the shock jaehyun squeezes his eyes tight
waiting for the other's reaction when sicheng asks, "who did you do it with?"

jaehyun got more redder when he keeps thinking that taeyong was the one that got his virginity.

he confesses that taeyong was the one and sicheng got even more shocked that taeyong did so
despite their constant bickering and fighting.

sicheng then grows an idea in his head that would make jaehyun and taeyong be more "closer" towards each other.
"how did it happen?" sicheng asks, a tone of enthusiasm in his voice. jaehyun keeps shaking his head, moments of that night and the day after filling his head.

"i got drunk and i... " jaehyun pauses and takes in a deep breath before continuing, "initiated the first move."
if sicheng was shocked earlier, he was more shocked to know that jaehyun was the one that initiated the first move and it just made him want to go with his plan.

"so.." sicheng starts as if suggesting something, "what if, hear me out on this one, you ask taeyong for help."
sicheng sees the shock in jaehyun's eyes and mouth, both wide open. he grows redder by the moment, and sicheng thinks to himself that he should probably get jaehyun to sleep to be able to rest properly before talking about these kind of stuff.

"let's talk about this some other
time." sicheng says as he places a hand on jaehyun's right cheek with his own right hand gently moving it onto his own shoulder.

"this time around, you would be sleeping in my shoulders." sicheng adds before jaehyun goes to sleep as sicheng remembers the boy do the same for him
whenever he had no sleep because of his multiple number of jobs or was pulling an all nighter to study.
sicheng decided that jaehyun should skip their next class and leaves the boy, covering the boy with a blanket he had in his locker.

jaehyun was now bent down on the table, his arms was his pillow, his cheeks squished down because of his head's weight.

little did he know that
he was being observed by. the person who was observing him was curious to why jaehyun still wasn't in their room. he was just staring into the cute face of jaehyun making him want to bend down and place kisses all over the boy's face.

/so pretty/ he thinks and move his face
near jaehyun's the gap between them was centimeters away.

the sleeping boy could feel breathing near him making him wake up from his deep sleep. he opens his eyes that soon widens when he realises who was watching him and was too near to him, it was taeyong, smiling at him.
jaehyun now grows a faint blush on his cheeks, he could smell taeyong’s minty breath on his, and he panics because he thinks that taeyong could smell his. he moves and soon falls from his seat that makes a screeching sound.

taeyong really wants to tease jaehyun but he just being
so cute he couldn’t make the younger annoyed, but still, annoyed and sleepy jaehyun are both cute either way.

they were now both looking at each other, expressions that contrast each other. shock and adoration.

“what are you doing here?” jaehyun averts his gaze to his side.
“i got bored and i wanted to annoy someone.” he reasons out and pretends to look somewhere else but soon returns his look down on the boy, /so… red/ he thinks when his eyes move to his ears.

jaehyun takes a look around the library to see it empty, even the librarian wasn’t
there and it rushes to him that he overslept. he stands up and quickly fixes his stuff. taeyong eyes him as he quickly grabs his books and shove it into his bag but someone fell to the ground.

taeyong bends over the same time, as they both grab for the notebook, their hands
touch briefly. jaehyun dismisses it but taeyong goes for his hand and squeezes it.

when he looks up to the boy, taeyong had this assuring smile, as if it was telling him that there’s no need to rush.

“classes are about to end in 45 minutes, are you sure you want to be late and
receive community service rather than just be counted absent for the day?”

jaehyun checks his watch which was placed on his right hand, the hand which was held by taeyong. he tries to think about it and sighs when he had more to loose when he returns to his classes.
as he grabs for his seat, he sits back down and calmly fixes his stuff. the both of them quiet when taeyong got an idea where they could pass the time by.

“how about we go to the rooftop and pass the time their?” taeyong suggests making jaehyun sigh in defeat, he wasn’t needed
anywhere so he accepts the invitation and they sneakily brisk walks their way to the authorised personnel only-rooftop.

jaehyun hates to admit it but he had fun, taeyong was holding on to his hand tightly as they sneak around avoiding to get caught. he couldn’t help but admire
the boy’s side profile; strong jaw and a tall nose.

their hearts beat in sync when they reach the rooftop, panting a bit from walking, crouching and running to the other building.

taeyong grabs the few chairs scattered upstairs and places it near the edge, but not too near to
avoid being seen from down below. the sun was warm and was almost setting, it made an ombre in the sky of blue and oranges. and jaehyun wants to admit it that it was one of the most beautiful scenery he has ever seen.

taeyong sits down and looks back his arm placed on the chair
at his left side, eyeing jaehyun which was obvious to be overwhelmed by the scenery. he clears his throat and grabs the younger’s attention.

small steps were taken eyes still locked on the scenery, jaehyun didn’t even look down to where he was seating.
taeyong smiles at the way jaehyun's eyes were sparkling, outshining the sunset in front of them.

"how do you know this place?" jaehyun asks without even looking at taeyong. taeyong returns his gaze to the scenery.

"whenever i would sneak out of class, i'll go here to sleep."
he explains, "a good place to ease your mind, to /relax." taeyong says as if he was hinting that jaehyun was uptight.

jaehyun awkwardly smiles and looks at taeyong, and maybe taeyong got a little bit more handsome.

he returns his gaze to the sunset when taeyong turns to him,
taeyong was just a little bit too close. it annoyed jaehyun that taeyong had this smirk on him as if he was in control of the younger.

taeyong takes his chance and places his head on the younger's shoulder. he could feel jaehyun's body tensed up and it made him smile how easily
he could feel like he was in control.

"why were you so tensed earlier?"

jaehyun takes a deep breath before answering, "i feel like i can talk about you with this since we've done thins normal friends have done hehe." the shakiness in his voice

/well that stung/, to be called
a friend by someone you want to be with for the rest of your life, but what got his attention was what they are about to talk about.

taeyong sits up straight and raises his eyebrow at jaehyun.

feeling shy about what he was about to say, he turns his head to his feet and plays
with his fingers.

"how was i when we had.." jaehyun pauses and frustratedly covers his face.

taeyong smiles, but still curious to what they will be talking about.

he wraps his arm behind the back of the chair and places his hand on jaehyun's shoulder.
"what is it?" the teasing evident in taeyong's voice.

"h-how was i when we had sex?" jaehyun then looks at taeyong. the red on his cheeks wasn't the sun reflecting the warm colour but jaehyun was just purely blushing.
taeyong tries holds in a laugh that he feels his eyes tear up, he could hear jaehyun mutter some words and start to leave, grabbing his stuff.

jaehyun was near the door when taeyong composed himself, he quickly stand and follows, turning jaehyun around and gently slamming him on
the door.

peach boy was now pinned on the door, having no distance between them. the both of them could feel their bodies pump up and down, a calm and rapid one.

taeyong could feel the strong breathing of jaehyun making him smirk because of how close their faces were.
"why'd you ask?" taeyobg asks.

"i-its j-johnny." the boy says as he averts his gaze.

taeyong lets go of his tight but soft grip on the boy, and got dismayed that the only reason why jaehyun was asking if he was good in bed was because of the boy he likes.
he scoffs and returns to his seat, his mood goes down the drain making the frown in his face prominent.

jaehyun shyly follows and sits down making sure to make space for the both of them.

it was quiet for a few moments before jaehyun makes eye contact with a serious taeyong.
it scared jaehyun that he could feel the intensity coming from taeyong. "what did he do to you? did he force you in-" taeyong rattles and speaks, the concern evident.

the sudden words coming from taeyong made jaehyun smile, /he's actually concered about me/, he thinks to himself
"hey, hey, hey," he says as he holds taeyong hands that were on his lap and another hand on the boy's shoulder, "we were about to, you know, but i just wanted to make sure i knew what i was doing."

taeyong moves back, looking at jaehyun and he sees that jaehyun was nervous.
but it was a good kind of nervous, like he was happy he was doing it with johnny. so he returns his back on the chair and listens.

"since i was drunk, i didn't know what i did wrong. i want to make sure johnny has a good time for his first time with me."

and right there,
taeyong had lost all hope he had for them both. but jaehyun was happy, and that was enough.

"are you even listening to me?" jaehyun asks, taeyong's mind was wondering that if maybe he just walked up to jaehyun and asked him out like a normal person, they would actually be happy
but that wasn't the case anymore, jaehyun now has a johnny.

well, if taeyong couldn't have jaehyun's heart then maybe a taste wouldn't be too bad.

"how about i teach you?" taeyong asks, making jaehyun's mouth form a perfect 'O' from shock.

"are guys official?" and when he
asked this, it made jaehyun look down to his feet and shake his head.

"so it won't be considered cheating, just sex ed, and if you guys get together then we stop."

taeyong stands up and slings his backpack onto his shoulder and leaves jaehyun. surprised and flustered.
jaehyun was left shocked, and to his surprise, hurt. hurt that taeyong left him behind. he shrugged it off and started walking to the cafe for his shift.


mixing a drink and jaehyun's mind was still occupied with taeyong, it never left him. /are we really going to do that./
sicheng noticed at how aloof the boy has been since he came and started to worry for his best friend.

"hey are you okay?" sicheng asks as he places his hand on jaehyun's shoulder.

the boy was still mindlessly mixing a drink but only noticed the hand placed on his shoulder when
sicheng puts a little bit of effort making him jump. dropping the hot kettle, spilling hot water.

it panics him and picks the kettle by the side causing to burn himself. sicheng was quick enough to react ang get some ice and wrap it around a towel for jaehyun's burn.
now satted while he places the cold towel on his palm, he looks out the glass pane with soft eyes. like he was so down, and the reason which he doesn't know of. or well he thinks he doesn't know, but he knows.

their manager allowed jaehyun to skip his shift and tomorrows
for his burn to be able to heal properly. he decided to stay for a bit, to figure out why he was so aloof.

sicheng joins him after his shift was done, he raises his eyebrow when he notices that jaehyun hasn't even noticed him.

he clears his throat and jaehyun shifts his eyes
on the boy sat in front of him.

"what's going on with you? you aren't usually like this?" sicheng tries to calm jaehyun adding a soft chuckle in his words.

"i don't know, i just want to go home." jaehyun says and eh shifts his eyes away.

sichen was hurt that jaehyun
was hesitating to tell him what the matter was. they always tell everything to each other, that's how close they were.

"let's take you home." and they head their way out onto jaehyun's home.
laying in bed and his mind still somewhere else. the pain from his burnt palm was nothing to him, but it hurt every time he moved it. sicheng wrapped it up before leaving and comforted him.

jaehyun attempts to sleep by closing his eyes, moving to a comfortable spot but still,
he can't seem to sleep. his mind was split into two; taeyong and johnny. the guilt that came with the thought of him sleeping with taeyong.

/i am doing this for johnny, to make him happy./ jaehyun keeps saying to himself.

the thought of that night, when he panicked when johnny
touched him, he was so gentle. the idea of sleeping with johnny made him hard.

jaehyun slips his hand inside his boxers and stroked his hardening cock, smearing the precum at the tip making him feel ticklish.

before he knows it, he was stripped naked and was feeling himself
in places that wasn't supposed to be touched. while his hand was playing with his cock, his other hand tries to reach and play with his entrance.

he sucks his middle finger and fiddles with his entance, teasing himself by entering but takes it out when he starts to feel good.
there was one person in his mind, it was johnny. naked, looking at him playing with himself. and he entered his middle finger, barely reaching his prostate but it felt good.

a finger soon, become two, then became three. making a scissor-movement to stretch himself up.
and damn did it feel good, he was muffling his moans and started to drool, nipples pointed up that everytime the air passes it made him feel like someone was touching it.

jaehyun so badly wanted to be touched that he was imagining being touched everywhere; from his lips,
to his neck, to his nipples, and then to his cock. he fastens his hands pace, the precum acting like lube, making it feel a hundred more times better. and his entrance was now wet, wet from the constant push and pull.

he feels himself reach his climax and released his cock in
air and started rappidly entering himself, imagining that he was being fucked so fast he came. he cums so hard that it reaches to his chest and face. some even went to his bed's headboard.

the session left his panting, moaning sometimes in between breaths. but as he gains
his consciousness back from the drug inducing feeling, he was shocked.

shocked that it was taeyong fucking him. he frustratedly groans and the tiredness makes him fall into deep slumber.
jaehyun woke up the next day, naked, the only piece of cloth in his body was the cloth wrapped on his burn.

he lazily gets ready for the day and decides to walk to school.

the breeze of the air was cold, he wraps himself in his arms and flinches when his palm touched his

as he steps inside, the first thing he sees was taeyong, at his locker getting a few books.

he awkwardly waves his hand, not knowing it was his burnt palm he was waving with.

taeyong frowns when he sees the bandage covering the palm, he quickly makes his way
to jaehyun who hid his hand behind him. but taeyong was persistent, persistent that he wanted to know what happened to jaehyun. because he cared, he cared too much that it hurt him.

he grabs the boy's arm and looks at his palms, the frown much more evident up close.
"what happened to you? does it still-"

unable to finish his sentence because jaehyun was spun around by, what he presumes to be, his boyfriend johnny.

a bitter smile appears on his face, that jaehyun could see from his peripheral vision but couldn't make eye contact from the
intense gaze johnny was giving him.

johnny continues to asks his boyfriend repeated questions about what happened to his hand and how and if he was okay, the usual boyfriend stuff.

but jaehyun's eyes were wondering somewhere else, watching the back of taeyong disappearing and
blending in with the other students. he returned his attention to johnny when he lightly hugged him and gave him a tight lipped smile afterwards

the day continues to be the same, jaehyun and sicheng has lunch, but this time, they were accompanied by johnny and yuta.
jaehyun knows that sicheng and yuta had something going on between the two of them, but knowing sicheng, yuta would have to wait long before sicheng gives him any form of affection.

johnny was being the best boyfriend, feeding him, writing down notes anything that involved
jaehyun using his burnt hand. jaehyun was happy, but it just felt differently, and he keeps defending himself that maybe he was just tired, and he knows that wasn't case.

all throughout he was finding something, like something was missing, or maybe someone.
johnny had another class and sicheng was off doing god knows what with yuta, meaning he was left alone to go home. /great/

he makes his way down the hallway, smiling at the other students who he knew or had a class with.

before heading home, he made sure to pass by his locker
and to his shock, he found what he was missing. it was leaning on the locker beside his and was looking elsewhere, but soon they make eye contact.

jaehyun absentmindedly looks down at his feet, he walks to his locker while avoiding any form of contact to the boy beside him.
just as he finishes grabbing and returning a few books taeyong speaks, "we need to talk." it was dark and low, an jaehyun hates to admit it but it turned him on.

taeyong leads the way, to which it seems to be the comfort room, and jaehyun follows behind him.
as soon as jaehyun enters, he was slammed onto the door by a pair of lips, and because his mouth was open due to shock it was easy enough for taeyong to slide his mouth down jaehyun's throat.

taeyong uses his right hand to pin jaehyun's shoulder and the other to lock the door.
at first jaehyun was fighting the idea of making out in public but taeyong tongue was so intoxicating and felt so good slamming against his own that he couldn't help but return the kiss.

taeyong resumes to wrap his arms around the younger's waist, and jaehyun's hands were
roaming on his chest. he couldn't help but grin at how the younger was being submissive to his touch. and that all it took for him to take full control of jaehyun was a kiss.

he lets go from the kiss and makes its way to jaehyun's ear, "today's your first lesson" he whispers.
as jaehyun was pinned into the door, taeyong takes grip of the boy’s shirt and pulls it up, jaehyun’s arms follows making them pull from the kiss and quickly return as if they were craving of each other.

taeyong grabs the boy by the chest and places his thumb over the boys
nipples and plays with it. even though it was dry, jaehyun’s skin was soft making it easy to play around with it.

jaehyun grabs taeyong by the crotch making him flinch by the sudden action of the boy. it made him pull back and see the playing grin on jaehyun’s face.
“oh you’re getting it.” he says and starts to unbuckle his pants making his way towards the boy.

jaehyun smiles and they continue their kiss, his arms wrapped around taeyong’s neck pulling him deeper into the kiss.

they spun around as they start taking a piece of clothing out
of each other’s body, until they were left with their underwear.

taeyong raises the boy and makes him sit down on the sink as he place harsh kisses on the boy’s neck.

“d-dont mark m-me..” jaehyun forces the words avoiding to moan out loud.

taeyong falls down to the boys
nipples and starts licking around one and the other was occupied with his hands, pulling and circling around it.

jaehyun relaxes his body onto the cold mirror behind him trying to push taeyong more onto his nipples when taeyong bites and pulls it up.

it made jaehyun wince
making him send daggers to taeyong but was returned by a giggling taeyong.

taeyong starts kissing jaehyun’s body, from his chest to the boys toned abs, biting from time to time.

taeyong was now kneeling down, his head was a few centimetres away from jaehyun’s throbbing length
that was still clothed. /so wet already, all for me/

he licks the length, teasing the boy as he reach the tip. leaving kisses and licking it.

“p-p-please tou-touch me-me alre-dy-dy.” jaehyun was a mess at this point, he was so on edge that he feel like he could explode at the
smallest touch.

taeyong follows and pulls down the younger’s underwear, it springs in front of him. he decided to tease jaehyun a bit more, so just licked the slit on the cock in front of him, making him taste the sweet taste of jaehyun.

what he didn’t expect was jaehyun to
force his way inside, that made him let out a breathy moan. taeyong could feel himself tear up when jaehyun starts to move.

/two can play it that game/

taeyong proceeds to wraps his arms around the boy’s thighs, and his hand roam towards the boy’s ass. he spreads the two cheeks
and pushes a finger in.

it wasn’t hard for taeyong to do so, jaehyun was already was wet there as well.

he rapidly enters and pushes it out of the boys entrance making jaehyun feel more good. getting sucked and fingered at the same time.

as time passes by, taeyong’s pace went
faster and jaehyun’s thrust up the boy’s throat as well. it was the third finger inside him that it would sometimes reach his prostate.

“i-im cl-close.” he informs taeyong but taeyong just keep going faster and faster, that jaehyun was a moaning mess.

when he could feel
jaehyun’s head grow inside of him, he enters another finger shocking jaehyun making him cum inside the boy.

taeyong pulls out when jaehyun’s fill his throat making some of the cum go on his face.

jaehyun could feel his knees weaken, but it was a good thing taeyong catches him.
he could see taeyong smile at him but he was spun around, making him face the mirror in front of them.

“do you think where finished yet?” taeyong whispers into his ear and he could feel taeyong’s dick brushing against his hole.

the feeling of having someone’s dick pressed
between his cheeks made him hard again, that it was painful.

“n-no m-more.” jaehyun pleads, a few tears fall on his face.

“but i’m still haven’t cum.” taeyong says with a pout. and with one swift movement, taeyong pushes his length on the boy’s entrance.
it almost made jaehyun scream but taeyong quickly captures the boys lips. his left hand was softly stroking the younger’s length and his other hand was playing with jaehyun’s nipple.

he let go from the kiss when he feels that jaehyun has tried to suppress his moans, breathy
moans left his mouth in exchange.

“look at yourself jaehyunnie,” taeyong pauses as he feels jaehyun’s walls clench on him making every thrust more ecstatic, “so pretty, just for me.”

he pounds his shaft deeper on the younger, that it would constantly reach the boy’s prostate.
jaehyun couldn’t make anymore noise from the feeling of being handjobbed, fucked and played with. it was just too good.

taeyong grabs the boys waist and rapidly fucks into the boy when he feels close.

“i-i-i’m g-g-oing to cu-cum ag-again, hyung.” and when taeyong heard jaehyun
call him hyung, he adds more powerful thrusts into jaehyun and works jaehyun’s dick in his hands.

“cum for me baby.” taeyong says with a breathy tone.

and they both explode at the same time, jaehyun’s cum splattered across the sink and mirror in front of them and taeyong inside
of jaehyun.

taeyong pulls his shaft out of the boy, some of the cum ooze out of jaehyun’s pink hole.

they both fall down, side by side, chests heaving up and down, feeling tired from their session.

they slowly look up at each other, catching their breaths and laughs at the

“was i good?” jaehyun asks, and taeyong scoots closer grabbing jaehyun by the cheek.

“so good.” and they seal their day with a kiss.

taeyong sits jaehyun gently on the sink helping him clean up, and put on their clothes.
they both go out of the comfort room and taeyong decides to send jaehyun home on his motorcycle.

but at the other side of the hallway, they were being watched, not knowing what to feel to see the both of too close.
jaehyun was limping a lot more than the first time he assumed they had sex. he could feel his hole gape from time to time when he moves a certain way. he tries to not moan but taeyong could still hear it despite the sound of cars they passed by.
taeyong helped jaehyun up the stairs of the house's front porch, he noticed that jaehyun looked really uncomfortable standing.

"i really did a number on you huh?" taeyong says, a smirk grows on his face as looks up at jaehyun.

jaehyun blushed at the sudden memory of their
session at the school's bathroom, a place where he didn't expect to have sex.

the older moves forward and when his mouth was at the same level of jaehyun's ear, he whispers, "i hope next time we get to be more slow and deep." taeyong pauses and jaehyun's breath hitches.
taeyong was so hot whispering those words in his ear. "you know, for education purposes." and when taeyong moves back, he could see the smirk still present on the boy's face. jaehyun wanted to wipe that damn smirk but he have to admit, he looked so hot.
jaehyun was about to speak up when he could hear the door to his house open and, when he spun around, they were welcomed by his mom who had the smile as if she cought her son masturbating.

/fuck/, jaehyun thinks to himself.

taeyong proceeds to greet jaehyun's mother politely,
which wasn't left unnoticed by her mother even saying how kind of a boy taeyong was. jaehyun wanted to retaliate, but he saw the smile on taeyong's lips. lips that always shut him up in so many ways.

"how about you have dinner with us? it's getting late?" jh's mother invites.
taeyong wanted to take it, but jaehyun was glaring at him.

"oh! don't look at him!" jaehyun's mother makes his way to jaehyun and grabs him by the arm, slapping the boy's butt slightly but it still made jaehyun wince.

taeyong laughed at both the relationship between jaehyun
and his mother, and the idea that jaehyun wanted to scream from the pain.

all of them enter the household and mrs. jung was preparing their dinner. jaehyun and taeyong was seated at the table, jaehyun was glaring at taeyong but taeyong only returned him a smile.
all jaehyun could do was pout at the idea of the person who was giving him "sex ed", is now having dinner with him and his mother.

"so taeyong," jaehyun's mother starts the conversation, "how did you meet my son?"

jaehyun could see that annoying smirk on taeyong's face,
the both of them make eye contact, taeyong could read from jaehyun's eyes that were telling him to answer properly.

"we were partners for a science class," taeyong pauses and looks up at jaehyun, "jaehyun taught me so much about human anatomy."
jaehyun then proceeds to kick taeyong foot, which taeyong screamed at making him glare at the boy. jaehyun was scolded by his mother, telling him to apologize and that he should treat their guest with respect.

and an idea grows in his head to show his "respect" for taeyong.
his foot makes it's way to taeyong's crotch, playing with it. he could see taeyong flinch every time he placed it right above the boy's tip.

after a few moments, taeyong was full on hard under the dinner table, returning the glares jaehyun was once sending to him.
every time jaehyun's mother was asking him a question and was about to answer, jaehyun would tease him some more making his voice shaky. jaehyun's mother was slightly weirded out, and decides to finish her food and head to her room to sleep.
after cleaning up a little, jaehyun had left taeyong saying that if he wants to leave remember to lock the door on the way out.

jaehyun falls down on his bed, his butt was still hurting. he tried to not think about it by scrolling on his phone but it was oozing in pain.
the door to his room opens, thinking it was his mother but when he feels a body falls down on his back, and a hard object rest on one of his butt's cheeks.

"did you really think i was going to leave without a fight?" he could feel taeyong's hand fall down on his other butt cheek
and squeezes it, air making it's way to his hole. breathy moans left his mouth and could feel his own dick harden at the movement taeyong was doing.

"pl-please n-not n-n-now." jaehyun pleads, eyes half close and tears on the verge of his eyelids.
"did you think after today, i would still do that to you?" taeyong pauses and kisses the boy's tears away, "i'm just going to tease you, so bad." and another kiss was left on his cheek before he could feel taeyong move down.

taeyong grips the boy's pants along with his brief
and with one swipe, he was butt naked. jaehyun didn't even make it hard for taeyong to remove his clothes.

jaehyun's dick was now hanging between his legs, butt raised as if it was asking for you to do something to him. taeyong smirked to see how jaehyun's hole was twitching,
he would've fucked the boy there and then but he thought about the boy's current condition. he just wanted to take care of the boy.
"i'll show you how you should be taken care of." taeyong whispers, making it hard for jaehyun to hear with the breathy moans he was emitting.

taeyong then licks a strip between jaehyun's cheeks, making contact with the twitching hole that twitches harder from the heat of
taeyong's tongue.

jaehyun muffles his moans onto his pillow to avoid making anymore noise, it made taeyong smile to see how easily he could control jaehyun in bed.

taeyong deepens his head, his nose touching the bare skin. and damn did jaehyun smell great down there.
taeyong keeps teasing jaehyun's hole, licking it over and over again. he had his eyes closed, busy inhaling the sweet scent of jaehyun, when he feels a hand push his head further.

he looks up at jaehyun, muscles flexing at the bend of his body, eyes half-closed and was on the
verge of tears.

"p-please, d-do it." jaehyun pleads, and the demon in taeyong takes over flipping the boy on his back. jaehyun's dick springs upwards and was covered in precum.

"be patient baby, i'll take care of you." taeyong says and eats jaehyun out.
despite being fucked by taeyong's girthy length, jaehyun's hole was rather tight making taeyong's tongue feel the heat coming from the boy's body.

jaehyun was pushing taeyong's head further, his other hand making it way to his dick, which was smacked away by taeyong's hand.
"you get to do that, when i tell you to." taeyongs says still eyes closed, but he knows that jaehyun was on the verge of crying.

his hand makes it's way to jaehyun's butt cheeks, spreading it to maek jaehyun's aching hole stretch. taeyong started to tease jaehyun with his
finger and tongue, making sure to enter both simultaneously making jaehyun grab a pillow where he can moan into. taeyong proceeds to grab jaehyun's dick and starts pumping it. making sure that everytime he enters his tongue and finger, he pumps the boy's dick.
jaehyun doesn't know where he should place his hands and starts squirming in his bed, it was too much for him, too good for him.

when taeyong's fingers' were slick enough to rapidly enter it into the boy's hole, he stops sucking the hole and enters three fingers.
his eyes were now locked onto jaehyun, back arched from the feeling, eyes half closed and mouths open. taeyong fastens his pace and after a few more pumps, jaehyun's cum's for the second third time today.

it spreads on his abs, chest and face. taeyong coos at how the pretty face
of jaehyun was now covered by his own cum. he cleans the boy up with his hand and once the cum was on his fingers, he licks it in front of jaehyun, maintaining eye contact.

jaehyun would normally say how disgusting it is, but he was too tired and maybe, just maybe, it was hot.
taeyong cleans jaehyun up with a damp towel and covering the naked boy with the duvet, he was about to leave when jaehyun grabs his sleeve.

face half covered by the duvet, but the blush still evident on the boys face.
taeyong smiles at him and sits next to the boy, jaehyun's head soon rests on his hips. taeyong was playing with the younger's hair but he feels a hand starting to unbuckle his belt and release his aching shaft.

he was about to stop jaehyun, "l-let me do this for you."
jaehyun says and starts to lick the boys tip, circling it with his tongue.

dripping with precum, it tasted both sweet and salty but jaehyun, which he hates to admit, enjoyed every part of it.

taeyong's dick was long and girthy, and doesn't give his slim fit justice.
it was a bit veiny but it was clean, and if jaehyun was being honest with himself, he liked how taeyong jr. smelled.

jaehyun lifts his eyes and starts taking in more, taking it up to his throat slowly even though he was halfway there.
taeyong was hesitant to face fuck the boy, he adored jaehyun, too much he was being gentle. and jaehyun noticed it, so he grabs taeyong's hand and places it on his hand nodding indicating that taeyong could move however he liked.
but taeyong resists, slow but deep fucks that made it pleasant for both him and jaehyun.

taeyong's dick was heavy on jaehyun's tongue but it felt nice, warm as if it was meant for his mouth.

jaehyun hollows his cheeks and starts going faster, and deeper that jaehyun's nose
would reach taeyong's skin. taeyong was now adding a little bit force into fucking the boy's mouth, but he didn't forget to be careful to avoid jaehyun gagging on his dick and his own saliva.

taeyong reaches his climax and cums inside the boy's mouth, filling it that jaehyun
couldn't swallow all of it at once.

taeyong could see jaehyun's face squeeze, attempting to drink it all. he smirks and grabs jaehyun by the chin and starts kissing the boy, his tongue easily enters jaehyun's mouth, the cum swims as their tongues collide.
jaehyun releases from the kiss when he feels like air was being sucked away from him, he meets taeyong eyes who were smiling at him, he couldn't help but smile back at the boy.

"you need kissing lessons too." taeyong says and gives jaehyun a peck.
jaehyun was offended by the words that left taeyong's mouth, shock evident in his face making taeyong smirk.

jaehyun quickly encloses the distance between them, entering his tongue inside the boy, this time around taeyong was the one shocked. jaehyun tries to
kiss every part of taeyong's mouth, attempting to try to prove that he was a good kisser but as hard as he tries the more his kisses becomes sloppy. taeyong's smiles at the sudden aggresiveness coming from jaehyun.

he taps the boy's shoulder repeatedly when he feels the air was
being sucked out of his body. jaehyun struggles at first but soon releases forming a pout in his lips, tadyang was quick to give the by a peck to try and remove the put but jaehyun was being too soft, considering they just finished having sex.

taeyong flashes him a smile and
jaehyun lays his body down on his bed next to taeyong and taeyong proceeds to which seems to be jaehyun's bathroom, stark naked. his shaft painting downwards and could be seen between the boy's thighs.

jaehyun blushes when he remembers the heat the both have shared.
he closes his eyes thightly when after a few minutes he could feel a damp object being wiped across his body, the sticky feeling of his cum and taeyong's being lifted off.

he opens his eyes to see a smiling taeyong wiping him up, jaehyun blushes to see the mess he has made
to both of their bodies. taeyong couldn't help but coo at how soft the boy was being, like he was the babiest baby in the world. taeyong raises the boy's leg and wipes the boy's soft and white butt.

jaehyun covered his face with his hands, which was soon removed and the first
thing he sees was the towel he was being wiped with. at first he didn't know what to do but he could see the cum covered of the boy's body. he quickly grabs it and cleans taeyong.

jaehyun couldn't make eye contact with taeyong, still shy but taeyong was quick to wrap the boy in
his arms and they fall onto the bed, taeyong being on top of jaehyun. their bodies creating contact, dick's pressed against each other making the both of them hard. jaehyun wanted to get sucked or suck taeyong, but taeyong was already tucking them to bed and was fast asleep.
leaving jaehyun hard and needy. he looks over at taeyong who was sleeping soundly and smiles at how cute taeyong was, he absentmindedly kisses the boy's forehead and they both fall asleep in each others arms.
the light coming from the window wakes jaehyun up, and the first thing he sees was the person he recently had sex with. taeyong looked so sweet, that contrasts his current frowning face.

jaehyun couldn't help himself but touch the boy's face, which made taeyong scrunch his face
, it made jaehyun smile and taeyong pushes himself onto jaehyun, his head in the crook of jaehyun's neck. it was ticklish but jaehyun enjoyed it, the warmth he shared with taeyong.

"yongie," he taps the boys shoulder, and when he follows where it goes, he then notices that
taeyong's arms where rapped around his waist. "wake up yongie." jaehyun says adding more volume to his voice.

taeyong raises his head, eyes still closed and he looks around him like he didn't know where he was or he was confused. so he just randomly kisses jaehyun in the cheek
and fall right back to sleep. it made jaehyun blush and just decided to let taeyong sleep in for a while and stare at the soft boy taeyong was.
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