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These last two years have been immensely interesting, to say the least. Where one claim is that the sitting government isn't performing, the other side is all praise for the leadership.
All in all, the conclusion is one - we're moving forward, despite the situations. (1/n)
2) So, I sat down to do some research to draw a quick summary of what's been happening. Since transparency is @ImranKhanPTI's motto, it didn't take very long.

Following is a quick look at what's to be applauded in the last 2 years and especially the last few months.
3) To start off, PM @ImranKhanPTI's 100-day agenda was defined by 5 shifts and 34 promises. The shifts were focused on the poor, changing government culture, strengthening the federation, re-building Pakistan’s international credibility and setting a direction for progress.
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Thread: Terrorism in Balochistan

#terrorism in #Balochistan is a family enterprise:

1. Javed Mengal heads terror group Lashkar e Balochistan #LeB.
2. Javed’s son runs media and public campaign like “Free Balochistan” banners on buses in Europe. Both are supported by #RAW.
3. Javed’s brothers in law: Mehran and Harbihar Marri head #UBA and #BLA terror groups respectively. BLA is declared Terrorist group by #US
4. Mehran/ Harbiyar Marri brother in law, Brahmdagh Bugti, runs terror group of #BRA
5. Common thread that runs through all these terror groups is their leadership; all are led by #sardars #Nawabs
6. These terror groups and their leaders, though #Baloch, want to keep common people as salves and underdeveloped like in Stone Age using terror as key enabler.
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1. The face of #Pakistan’s Anti-#Kashmir agenda globally, Shireen Mazari- the Federal Minsiter for Human Rights in Pakistan- is the perfect candidate for covering up Pakistan’s occupation of foreign territories as well as ongoing corruption in the govt.
2. Ironically, Shireen Mazari had assumed office in 2018 with a bang, campaigning to end corruption through accountability & transparency, the very foundations her career lacks.
3. A book released in 1996 titled ‘State and Civil Society in #Pakistan: Politics of Authority, Ideology and Ethnicity’ by I. Malik, reveals that the Mazari family are defaulters of 49,742 Million Rupees to the national exchequer, including Shireen Mazari.
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This thread contains content regarding the #PakistanArmy death squads in #Balochistan; Will try to expose as many faces as possible. Share support and add more information below. Join the movement!

Let's expose and eliminate each member of these death squads! #JusticeForBramsh.
Let's start with ex home minister #Balochistan @PakSarfrazbugti. Sarfraz Bugti is running a death squad under the supervision of #PakistanArmy; involved in abductions, torture of political activists in Balochistan. They are fully backed and free handed by Pakistan army.
Eidu (left) Ghafoor Meerwani (Right) members of a #PakArmy death squad led by Barkat Shahwani & Kaiser Mirwaani. Eidu recently raped a 13 years old boy Mazhar Ali in Mashkay, #Balochistan. They are involved in abducting & killing Baloch youth, Burning houses & harassment of women
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A #Germany based #Baloch separatist has uploaded pictures of multiple civilians in order to identify them for kidnapping and killing.
(Note: Faces have been blurred by us).
They are alleged to have informed #Pakistani security forces about the whereabouts of #BLA terrorists [1]
The caption left by the separatist is explicit about getting the faces identified and reported to separatists (likely BLA).
Given the account's other posts celebrating deaths of pro-government forces, it is clear that these civilians will be hunted. [2],
The rest of the caption also implies their goal.
The account is affiliated with the #balochliberationarmy (BLA) since it posts their activities and in support of them. (Example attached)

The Telegram channel and group mentioned in the previous caption shares BLA & UBA videos.[3]
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1/n Ashok Swain the Muslim hating ISI’s Concubine.
On 23rd April 2020, Mr. Sajid Hussain, the Exiled Journalist who fought or the Baloch issue was murdered in Sweden, his body was found in the river in the city of Uppsala. #balochistan #BalochFreedom
2/n Guess who else is in Uppsala? @ashoswai or Ashok Swain. In previous articles/thread I showed how he hates Hindus, Muslims and everyone who moves. I also showed how his research made no sense.
3/n But, the gullible Pakistanis donot know this yet. They think he is a hero because he criticizes Modi. However, I sympathize with the naivety of Pakistanis, they simply cant think clearly because they are under a massive illusion.
#balochistan #BalochFreedom
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To prevent the innocent youth of #Pakistan from being radicalized into terrorism by liberals, leftist academics & ethnic nationalists on media or university campuses, it’s important to bust such falsifications of history, as being done here by Sardar Akhtar Mengal.


Being a #baloch, I find it abhorrent that nationalists use myths & manufactured history to turn the youth away from serving our own state.

Firstly, there was no #Balochistan state then & there was no princely state or parliament representing present day Balochistan in 1947.

#Balochistan’s area at the time of partition in 1947 consisted of

#Gwadar ruled by Oman &
5units of Balochistan Agency:

1-British Chief Commissioner’s Balochistan
2-Princely State of Kharan.
3-Princely State of Lasbela.
4-Princely State of Makran.
5-Princely State of Kalat

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One day out of 365 days to appreciate women is never enough; especially when talking about #Baloch women. The life of an enslaved Baloch woman is ten times more miserable than that of any other woman. #BalochWomenInResistance

No, they’re not fighting for what any other woman on this planet is fighting for, yet. They’re fighting to see their loved ones. Their fathers, brothers, sons & fiancés who they haven’t met in days, weeks, months and some for a couple of years now.
They’re not protesting because it’s women’s day. They’re protesting because this is all they do. Since their loved ones have been forcibly disappeared, this is all they have been doing. #BalochWomenInResistance
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Dear @antonioguterres, Pakistan has never cared about #Afghan #refugees but has earned international support from their sufferings and the aid that gained was used to boost terrorism, these two pictures are clear messages.

Thread 👇
Pakistan had a lot to weaponize Afghan Taliban but the Afghan refugees in #Balochistan seek food and education from trash, benefiting 0% from the aid provided by the @UN and international community to #Pakistan.

The presence of terrorist heads in Pakistan such as #OsamaBinLaden & Mulla Mansoor are enough to define Pakistan's role for peace in the region. The roots of terrorism in Afghanistan can be traced back to 1979, after Pakistan supported the Afghan Mujahiden #UNInterveneBalochistan
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In 2016, when Modi ji referred to #Baloch freedom struggle from the ramparts of Red fort, then it was called an ill-thought speech by many, for not a lot of people in India are aware of SOUTH-INDIA's ancient connection to BALOCHISTAN.

My article👇…
BRAHUI, a language spoken by 2 million Pakistanis, finds it’s origin in southern-India, about 2000 Km away from BALUCHISTAN.

BRAHUI is also spoken in pockets of Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan.

Most interesting bit is the conclusion by d linguists that BRAHUI is....cntd
3/3 Brahui cld possibly be d remnant of a DRAVIDIAN language, which over d yrs ended up having more loan words frm urdu n Baloch.

This proves that SINDHU SARASWATI civilisation cld hv extended upto d swathes of #Iran n also gives INDIA d reason to voice in support of BALOCHIS.
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PM #ImranKhan conducts effective+innovative visit of 'Religious Diplomacy' to #Iran. #Tehran's role in #India's policy of containing #Pakistan & role of groups using Pak soil agst Iran, loom large. My observations in this #Thread./1 #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Four main questions emerge from #Pakistan PM #ImranKhan's #Iran visit:
1. Are #Pakistani groups committing terror in #Iran?

2. Will #IRGC stop terrorism inside Pakistan?

3. Are Pakistan & Iran equally responsible?

4.Was PM's visit helpful?


#Thread by #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Fact: There are no #Pakistani groups committing terrorism in #Iran. All #Iranian groups run by Iranian citizens who move across Ir/Pk/Af border triangle. No state effectively controls this area. Main hideouts of Iranian grps are inside Iran, supported by Iranian citizens /3
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'#Baloch terrorist organizations' is a misnomer and a dangerous term that should not be used in official and media lexicon in #Pakistan. It risks creating permanent fissures in #Pakistani society. /1

#Thread by #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
In its letter to #Iran embassy on anti-#Pakistan terrorism emanating from #Iranian soil, #Pakistani MFA referred to '#Baloch terror organizations' twice. MFA is not alone in doing this. Variations like 'Baloch terrorists' are common in our public discourse. /2
The term '#Baloch terror organizations' & its variations risks making a permanent association between '#Baloch' & '#terror', & the link must be disturbing for the ears of #Pakistani Baloch & insensitive to their feelings. /3
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