1) Did you know that you have a right of petition? And, did you know that a petition is NOT merely a group of signatures, but merely a request, and a request that any one person may make? Yes, we usually think of the term as a noun, referring to a request by many people.
2) But if you look at the term's definition as a verb, you draw closer to what I'm discussing. Here's the verb: "make or present a formal request to (an authority) with respect to a particular cause." Every person has the right to make a request. Don't believe me?
3) "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
4) I hope it's obvious that's the 1st Amendment. Let's number those rights:

1) Freedom of religion
2) Freedom of speech
3) Freedom of the press
4) The right to peaceably assemble
5) The right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
5) So sadly, you won't allow me to spend all the time I'd love on the ancient history, going back to the Roman Adventus, or even closer, the 1628 Petition of Right made by the British Parliament, but if you look them up you'll be happy you did. Honest! History counts.
6) You have to allow me this, though, from our Declaration of Independence: "In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury."
7) And how, exactly, did we feel about an oppression unredressed, a majesty deaf to his people? "A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."
8) A sensitive reading of the Declaration makes it clear that King George's greatest sin was deafness to his colonial people. Had he heard us, had he heard our pleas for justice, and acted, we might still be loyal citizens of our Royal Majesty in England.
9) As I was meditating on today's thread, last night, I discovered a distant memory from my childhood. And, thanks to YouTube, I am able to share it. Please watch all five minutes. You won't regret it:

10) Not surprisingly, if you read current commentary on this film, racism is the only theme you'll hear about. None its reviewers will remark on a black man, in the Oval Office, whose hand is shaken by the President, whose story and petition is heard.
11) Personally, I have never written a letter to the President. I picture thousands of them coming in every day, and I imagine a slew of administrators and officious advisers culling through them, barely reading them, granting a tiny portion audience, for but a moment.
12) Right or wrong in my vision, we have a new player who enters stage left. Social Media is his name, and his great power is the use of Hashtags. How is this his great power? It is just like a petition as a modern noun, a collection of signatures with a request.
13) Albeit obvious, it must be stated that our President, today, is the great master of Social Media. Yes, of course, he uses it as an even greater bully pulpit than any previous POTUS ever enjoyed. But once again, picture him at a rally.
14) He makes his point. The crowd roars. He smiles. He turns to his left and observes everyone. He faces the audience behind him, collecting their adoration. And...he listens. He often asks his audience questions, and listens.
15) At rallies, we may consider him to be the most listening POTUS we've ever known. It's deeper. What is America First all about? Who are the Forgotten Americans, and what role do we play in his presidency? Data could be mounted. He listens to us.
16) And that is why a hashtag has such extraordinary power today, in politics. If you can create the right one, in the smallest number of characters, it expresses your request, your plea, your petition. And, if it grabs hold, then it has millions of signatories.
17) It is my belief that the greatest travesty of injustice in America today is the false and illegal prosecution of @GenFlynn. No, it is not as important as the Russia Hoax investigation from which it spawned. But it is a far greater specific injustice. We must parse this.
@GenFlynn 18) The Mueller Investigation is merely a dramatic part of a vastly larger operation, the first in American history by a previous administration refusing to transfer power to its successor. I don't think the historic threat to our nation has been yet absorbed.
@GenFlynn 19) Anyone still needing evidence that Obama himself was behind this abridgment of the most fundamental basis of our democracy may not be quite keeping up yet. It's understandable, but there can be no doubt left in my observation.
@GenFlynn 20) And I believe I understand the hesitation. We're a trusting people. I will never forget my own excitement upon Obama's election - I didn't support him - when America chose its first black president. I was beyond thrilled.
@GenFlynn 21) The sad outcome that he was a criminal in the Oval Office, abused his powers in every possible way, and was the first president to attempt to thwart the will of our nation in opposing his duly elected successor is almost so unthinkable that we can't think it.
@GenFlynn 22) So, the Mueller Investigation, and the operation to set up Gen Flynn are each smaller parts of this greater whole. Yet, I propose that Gen Flynn's case is the greatest injustice for the following reason.
@GenFlynn 23) Yes, it is hellacious to break one's oath of office. And worse to betray the great free history of our people at the voting booth. But, in some strange way I don't know how to explain, it is worse to target a single innocent man.
@GenFlynn 24) I adore history, and I love our nation in its ideals, laws and traditions. But, I can't always feel them. The plight of a single, innocent man I can feel. And when the entire might and force of a corrupted federal apparatus is brought down on him, that's injustice itself.
@GenFlynn 25) Speaking of injustice, we must return to the topic of exoneration of Gen Flynn, at law. Friends, law has been corrupted. It is a dream - and maybe a true one - that enough remains to do Gen Flynn justice. But what if it's gone? What if justice is gone?
@GenFlynn 26) Follow me out. Assume with me, sadly, that justice is gone and cannot be had, cannot be found, that Lady Justice has plugs in her ears and will no longer hear our pleas for redressement, our petition. If you imagine that, as I do, are you ready to accept it?
@GenFlynn 27) I believe the data is in. I believe it is gone. I have zero faith left that Gen Flynn will find solace in the hands of justice, as I believe it has become injustice. I don't ask you to agree. I simply state my belief, my judgment of the data I see.
@GenFlynn 28) But I do make this point. Even if justice were, one day, to be made available, it will be late. I know, the wheels of justice are supposed to turn slowly. I understand that. Yet, so does the Obama administration. It is that slowness that is their ultimate advantage.
@GenFlynn 29) Imagine with me, painful as it is, that one man may make the difference in the outcome of an election. Imagine that man to be @GenFlynn. Imagine his justice to arrive on November 4, 2020, the day after the election went to the Democrat. What remedy will justice offer us then?
@GenFlynn 30) You ask for my proof of case? Look up the case of Ted Stevens, the lost 41st Republican Senator. The loss of his seat paved the way for Obamacare. Oh yes, after being falsely convicted, he was exonerated. Where is the remedy for America's loss of justice?
@GenFlynn 31) Please, look up his case. Yet I state, it was the Department of Justice that prosecuted this breach of justice, foisting a complete break of our democracy's constitutional integrity. Hear me when I tell you, there is no redress for this. We lost at justice. It didn't work.
@GenFlynn 32) It is my own mere guess/speculation, yet I believe that some 5-10 seats in the House were lost in 2018 due to the gag order on Gen Flynn. Contemplate that. Sure, I can be as wrong as can be. Are you sure I am? And what if I'm right? Where is justice in this?
@GenFlynn 33) It won't, but imagine an impeachment occurs. Had we not lost the House. Imagine - it's technically called a 'counter factual' - that together, Gen Flynn and POTUS would have held the House. Then, no impeachment possible. I know, I know, it's pretty complex.
@GenFlynn 34) Beyond complex, it's hypothetical, mere guesswork. It can't be proven. But what can be proven is just how unjust the case against Gen Flynn has been, and that the investigation itself is based in crime and is unjust. That's easy.
@GenFlynn 35) So, to all of you willing to wait, to bet Gen Flynn's justice on the injustice system's integrity, I say, okay, I simply disagree. And, I turn to America's need for Gen Flynn as the ultimate reason for my refusal of patience. I have none left to offer, and do not apologize.
@GenFlynn 36) Which brings us again to the power of a social media, hashtag movement. Our social media President will stop, smile, turn and listen to us if we concentrate the force of our plea into a single hashtag. Many are fine, all are good. But, to ensure hearing, we need one.
@GenFlynn 37) But which one? I lead the #ClearFlynnNow movement, and it worked. Why not stick with it? I say, it is too soft for this moment, that's why. I still love and support it. I am still proud in my soul for its creation as a movement. But we must face today.
@GenFlynn 38) There is simply no way that it can occur in just one day, today. A pardon can. What's more, depending on the system to self-correct is worse than risky, it loses day, by day, day after day. It loses time. Time we cannot afford to lose.
@GenFlynn 39) And to all those advisors calling this a "bad story" and advising to wait and see, I say, nay. You aren't counting the days. You don't respect what Gen Flynn achieved in 2016, and do not realize America's need for his voice, given back, today.
@GenFlynn 40) So again, that is why I request your consideration in joining my plea, my petition. If our hashtag goes viral, we know @POTUS will certainly at least hear our petition. All you need do is, like me ask, please Sir...

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