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Creating Notion templates is messy

I created over 25+ templates with 1500+ sales avg ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Here's how I create a template and every tool I use ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡
1. Researching & Brainstorming Ideas

โœ“ @Notionery - Look for best @NoitonHQ templates and collect ideas

โœ“ @YouTube - Look for Notion workflows that others have build.

โœ“ Content Creation Hub template: Understand and collect ideas (

#ideas #notion
2. Planing out templates / Wireframe

โœ“ @milanoteapp - Create a structure

โœ“ @NotionHQ - Form that structure into a basic template

#notion #plan #structure
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Cedar the highland surveys her kingdom.
She & Willow are just beside the main Topsy #farmyard.
We're working on building a nice platform/railing/deck for our visitors to say hi
Right now the viewing area is a piece of salvaged plywood.
Topsy is leveling up.
But, leveling up...1/5
in a way that feels right for us.
Each new click of the gear gets us closer to the place where we would like to be.
What does that look like?
It looks like the #animals getting the best possible care, all of the time, & not having to factor in what a vet costs or how much a...2/5
particular medicine costs.
The Topsy staff always has enough human resources to mostly work on projects they want to work on most of the time.
It looks like more #rewilding.
It looks like having #SallysGarden as a #teaching, #workshop space.
It looks like the buildings...3/5
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#Journey : 3 Years ago I quit my well-paying job at MNC and jumped into Full-Time Trading. I going to put out everything that may help you to shorten your learning curve.

Please share your love by liking and retweeting if you find it useful to you and your followers.
I have been called Influencer. I m happy if I have been influencing in the right direction.

I have been called the trainer and am happy with that as well as not many get a chance to teach their experience.

I am putting down all the efforts I have put in these 3 years
1) Money control Article:
How Vishal Mehta undertook a journey from discretionary to system trading for consistent gains
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10 years ago today @thatgamecompany released #Journey. I was the art director. It set the course of my career and my art. I'm forever thankful to the community of players and their incredible love for the game. This is a thread comparing early dev images and how things shipped.
Every character here was playable at one point in an early version of the game. I went from humanoid to very detailed, and back to as minimal as possible. Each iteration was an important step in finding the final design. #Journey
Here's the desert scene vs a painting and 3D prototype I made. I wanted to save bright blue skies for the ending of the game as a reward, so I put a green sky in this earlier scene. #Journey
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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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Here in this thread, you'll get the things needed for the #journey of #web3.

๐Ÿงต Let's start the journey.
1. Know any front-end #frameworks like React, which is used commonly.

2. Blockchain Node Provider

The most common way to access nodes is using providers. Some BaaS are managed all tasks and activities to keep blockchain infrastructure operational.

The popular blockchain node providers are
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Some people believe, #leadership is something that comes later on an #agile #journey. They start with teams first. But this is fundamentally wrong. Leadership should always come first. And, more important, this is not at all limited to you line management!
Because: #leadership is a capability of your organization. Yes, you can measure leadership on and around every single team. You will see or miss it across your teams of line managers.
When your organization is capable of thriving in #uncertainty, there will be leadership at play. And when your organization consciously approaches its culture, it will only work through leadership of the system.
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2021 has been exciting! Weโ€™ve signed our first customer for our maiden flight, reached crucial milestones in our launcher development & our #community grew rapidly. So we want to quickly introduce ourselves to our new followers and recap with the long-time #supporters โฌ‡๏ธ 1/12
RFA was founded in 2018 to disrupt the #NewSpace industry and match the emerging demand for launch opportunities for small #satellites by providing launch services that are reliable, highly customizable, low-cost and deliver the payloads precisely to the desired orbit. 2/12
Our launch vehicle #RFAONE is a 30m high and 2m wide 3-staged rocket, launching satellites of up to 1350 kg into polar orbits/up to 450 kg into GTO. The main structural elements consist of tanks made of a special stainless steel, which becomes very tough at #cryogenic temp. 3/12
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A #journey to unknown! ๐ŸฅฐโœŒ๏ธ

Nobody can help you out
It's only you, who can help yourself
To stay up, to stay motivated, to not fall, and to get up stronger even if you fall
You're the only one to lift yourself up
You're the only one to wipe your tears
As only you know what you're going through
Believe me
It's a journey to make you stronger and better
To help you cross bigger obstacles in future
These things won't even matter few years from now
But for now it does, and I understand the pain
But nobody else will, feel the same as you do
So only you can cure it
By putting a smile on your face
And getting back on track with more /confidence and determination
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#ThreadAlert: Oftentimes, designers grapple with the question, how does the customer actually use this product? To do so, first designers need to learn โ€œHow to Use Journey Mapping for the Project?โ€

Let's quickly get through the entire journey mapping process!
#koruux #uxdesign
The user journey map is an overview of the key touchpoints and interactions. It describes the userโ€™s motivation, feelings, emotions, and goals stage-by-stage.

Here are the key components for Journey Mapping ๐Ÿ‘‡
#ux #uxdesign #userexperience
1. Persona

User personas are created to ensure that the final design fulfills the needs of actual users, solves their problems, and becomes a delight for them to use.
#ux #uxdesign #persona
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From rejecting a seven-figure job to building Indiaโ€™s largest platform for financial education,

Hereโ€™s the story behind my entrepreneurial journey so far.
I graduated from IIM Indore in 2008 and got placed in JP Morgan. Having a zeal to do something in the #education sector, I didn't take that #job, to start up a new venture of my own.
During that time CAT went online. I started my own venture- FireUp, an e-learning portal for training for #management entrance examinations.
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what did you think about Mt Bromo in Indonesia exactly in East Java?
Travel Agent 1001Panduan Turis
Tour Guide
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travel agency
Indonesia Trip
legal travel bureau
1001Panduan Turis
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What an powerful and insightful Techpreneurship journey @Mariatheresa_tz, thanks for sharing the key lessons learned while starting and managing @mobileafya. Such an inspiration to othet #Tech #Founders
We learned how it started from curiosity "How will Africa look if everyone can easily access health information?" --> to taking action. Lesson "Don't walk around a problem" waiting for others to solve, you may have a key contribution to make for a solution.
We learned about learning to get out of the comfort zone, make necessary wise choices and utilise available resources around to move from a problem to a solution.

#entrepreneurship #journey
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#Covid lockdowns were an unusual gift. Watching my roses wilt, leathers crack, convictions shake, relationships dull and few loved ones taken away, I came to appreciate the essence of #chaos in a non-mathematical way. Art by Cindy Derby, from 'A Velocity of Being'
Riding the upstoppable arrow of #time, chaos can, and will take over everything โ€“ it's a question of when, not if. Spending 20+ hours for a whole year at home, I personally witnessed new order derive from, and decay back into chaos โ€“ yes, #entropy grows.
The silent master of #change, it lurks at the edge of all organisation, constantly tugging at equilibrium, ever ready to topple it into countless permutations of form, flavor and function. And through these, it shapes our shared, mortal destinies, at all #resolutions.
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Positive #transformations are always great to see as an end product. The journey to a transformation however is almost always hidden. On the first day of #phd #gradschool in @umasschemengg, I introduced myself by saying....contd.

....I came to the US for the โ€˜#scienceโ€™ and โ€˜#fitnessโ€™ industry that is known to be the best in the world. Everyone got a good laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚ out of it. However, I wasnโ€™t kidding at all ๐Ÿ˜ˆ! I always had this vision of a scientist ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿพโ€๐Ÿ”ฌwho is also ripped to the core physically ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ.
In that pursuit, I reached my best physique towards the end of year 2 of my #PhD when I also got #married ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿคโ€๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿฝ to @priyankaitkar9. I was still not quite there with the #science. Today, 4 years later, I am successfully @PhDone2020 and getting close to the best shape of my life!
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To all the new #graduate students starting their #PhD or the ones already in it. It's true that the #journey of a PhD is like #life packed into a few years. You must also understand that it is not your entire life either! Life goes on despite how this journey goes or ends! Thread
I made this #infographic to represent my journey in #gradschool at @UMassChemEng @UMassAmherst. When you're in the thick of things, It will be hard to see the light at the end. Everyone around you will keep telling you that but most of the times it will seem #impossible!
Year 3, 4, and 5, I went through multiple cycles of #depression. I cannot put a finger on anything specific of why that happened. What I realized though, is that every time I came out of that cycle, I found enormous amounts of hidden #energy and #strength.
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1/ Making new memories.

Arnside Knott is a local hill, a place we have walked together, with friends, with family. I place I have run alone, and with friends. It is layered in memories of my, of our, childlessness journey and grief. It is part of the way of the dead. Image
2/ It is where we walked one Catmas day. It is where we have mourned. It is where I have exhausted myself running. Running away from my grief, running to process it and running to remember our lost children. Last week we returned and took a different route,
3/ following our curiosity we stumbled upon a deer at the top, and a walled garden on our return. I didn't feel haunted by my past and removed. I felt connected to my wife, to us, and the beautiful nature around us. It is a new step with my acceptance of a childless life.
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Day 30: Positive Confessions Challenge.
Today I position myself for my testimonies as they come my way.
I remain focused at my aspirations & dreams, trusting the process to yield the proceed with God by my side.

I Teach, I Inspire, I Motivate, I Mentor, I Educate, .......
1/3 Image
.... I Transform Individuals & Businesses, I Lead.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, aku odun, more celebrations to come. I am receiving invites if you have reserved my meat.

I am definitely picking up this modelling call this time.

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Early bloomers vs Late bloomers, failure is not the cause understanding time & season is very crucial.
The world might be slow to appreciate what you've got keep at it. "Your Journey is as important as your destination."

Don't discard the process because you are focused on the proceed. The process is as important as the proceed. A process without is proceed is worthless, a proceed without a process is the same.

I Teach, I Inspire, I Motivate, I Mentor, I Educate, I Transform Individuals & Businesses, I Lead.

#successmindset #time
#season #journey
#destination #process #proceed #teacher #leader
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As I embark on a month-long journey, some 6000 km back and forth, to get my wife and and daughter, I hope my journey is as stodgy as my life has been of late.
#lockdown #travel #QuarantineLife
First Stage completed with ease, good wok ethics as always at @BLRAirport
#Quarantine #travel
South Indian breakfast, for which I can give my left arm, at @BLRAirport , the service and arrangements at the domestic lounge is exemplary, even at these #covid times
#QurantineLife #travel
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When I was asked to publish my trading journey, I thought that maybe my story could inspire many. And therefore, I have narrated my story in the form of 13 pointers (in a chronological order) for anyone who wishes to have a good read or wants to get inspired!

#trading #journey Image
1) At the age of 19, I, like many others, started investing in stocks that most people invest in. Fortunately, since the markets did well in 2010, I profited on those investments.
2) After getting inspired by Warren Buffet in my prime, I did an internship to learn the basic valuation of companies only to realise that Fundamental Analysis was definitely not my cup of tea. Image
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