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"My day"

- yenyul/yulyen one shot -

My first go on something like this so enjoy~ happy for comments and such
"Yuri-ya, what are you doing?"
"Nothing. Just mess around with my iPad. Anything?"
"Well, see you then."
"Wait what-"
And that's how Yuri left confused alone inside her hotel room in the ever-busy Los Angeles. So what now? Yuri just tried to call back until heard a door knock.
"Who's there?", Yuri asked.
Apparently, no one is responding so she kept on playing with her iPad, then another knock arrives.
"Who?", Yuri asked again raising her voice. Still no response.
She then walked rapidly to the door and forcefully opened it without checking who it was.
"What's- ahhhhhhhh!!"
The person on the other side of the door was leaning on the door to block the peephole. So when the door opens, she loses her control and inevitably stumbled over Yuri. The two are now on the floor. One with a shock and one with pure anger.
"What's with you Yena unnie? First of all, why are you here?"
Yuri asked while pushing Yena across her. And as if the gods are not Yena's side, she ended up kissing the floor. Worse than that, the floor with melted mint chocolate ice-cream that Yuri drops earlier.
"#$@!? Yuri!!"
"What now? You're so heavy I-"
"You have just made me kissed your mincho!! Arrgghhh I gotta wash my mouth. Get away!"
Yena rambled and immediately ran to the toilet.
"Hey! You're a mess! You just knocked my door and suddenly used my toilet, really? What makes you?" Yuri shouted.
"Go with me tomorrow"
Yena reluctantly said while gargling her mouth.
"Huh? What?" Yuri's tone increased each time with confusion. "Go where? Why? Tomorrow is a rest day, isn't it?"
Yena has just finished her business and opened up the door, seeing Yuri right in front of her.
"To the amusement park." Yena said firmly.
"What? I just wanna sl-"
"Please~" Yena expected that Yuri would negate her offer, so she interrupted with sudden change in her tone. She slowly grabbed Yuri's hands and hold them near her face.
"We haven't hung out together for a while"
Yuri felt so tired and lazy due to the storm of schedules lately, so she wanted to refuse. However, looking at how soft Yena is to her all of a sudden, which is rare to see from her, she had to think twice.

"What will I get in return if I go with you?" Yuri dropped the bait.
"Umm... My treat for you?" Yena answered as if it was a reflex. She did regret a bit after she said, but the regret didn't last long.

"I'll think about it then. Who's going with us?" Yuri asked, lowered her head down to hide her smile.

"Yena, Yuri, Ducky, Jjoyul, four people."
Yuri couldn't help but chuckle a bit of how indirect she is. Yena started to smile when she saw Yuri's reaction.

"Are you okay with four people?" Yena went on with her little skit.

"More people, more fun! Maybe we could invi-"
"Four people are just right, okay?"
"Okay, fine!"
Yuri noticed that Yena is a bit too enthusiastic with this little trip, which sounds like a date to her. Therefore, she decided to went with her alone since, as Yena said, the two didn't have much time together lately.

"Get ready for tomorrow!" Yena ran back to her room happily.
Yuri was still in the trance, recollecting herself what she had done. She let out a little smile think about how cute Yena was. After a while, she drove herself into her dreams, not knowing that her real "dream" is waiting for her tomorrow.
Knocks after knocks can be heard from Yuri's door.

"Yes, I'm ready!!! Could you stop? Just one minute."

Yuri shouted back at the person on the other side. However, the knocks wouldn't stop.

"I won't leave if you don't stop."
Everything became silent like nothing happened.
The door finally opened, revealing a pouty duck wearing a white casual shirt and blue jeans shorts. The duck's arms (Yes, this duck has arms) stretching towards the room owner with both hands holding some sort on envelope. Yuri confusedly took it and tried to open but...
"Don't open yet. I will only allow you to after the trip~ Hee-hee~" The duck, named Yena, took the letter back quickly before Yuri could grab it, leaving Yuri dumbfounded.

Yuri started to pout, but Yena quickly grabbed her hand, swing gently, and drag her out of the room.
Hours later, the two arrived at the amusement park. One was smiling widely, while another was pouting. They are still connected with their hands intertwined together since the hotel.

"Yah! What's that letter?" Yuri couldn't hold her curiosity anymore.

"Just wait for it~"
Yuri pouted even more. She really doesn't like when people act secretly to her. Despite that, Yena is the one that could make her forget those things by squishing Yuri's cheek.

"It will worth the wait, my Jjoyul~"

Yuri's cheeks started to blush with the sudden action.
Like a magic, Yuri forgot everything like how she sulked at Yena being mysterious with the letter. They are now seen here and there, screaming on the roller coaster, screaming even louder in the haunted house. After a wild "ride" of emotions, they had a break on the ferris wheel.
"Hey Yena-unnie! Look! I want to go in that castle!" Yuri pointed her finger through the cabin window at the wizard-made castle.

"I remembered just now someone pouting in the morning..."

"Could you NOT ruin the mood? Now that you made me discontent, you have to bring me there."
Of course, Yena who can't resist Yuri...

...'s request brought her to the castle. She scanned through the regulations of the castle.

"Yah! Jjoyul, you can't get in."


"They said animals are not allowed inside."

"Yah! Stop it! What do you think I am?"

"A cute hamster."
In return to her generous warning, Yena got a smack at her arm instead. It made Yena giggle, so she got another smack on another arm.

Now that they are in front of the castle entrance, the gatekeeper asked for the ticket.

"Ah, Yuri-ya, I think I lost my ticket..."
"I said check your belongings, didn't I? You must have lost it at the Ferris Wheel. Now what? I have to go in alone? Fine! Fine! We will talk after this!" Yuri released a flame of words to Yena and walked into the castle looking very angry, leaving Yena so sad.

"I'm sorry, Yuri"
Yuri was really angry with Yena. Not only because her carelessness, but also the fact that she wanted to spend time in her favorite place with her favorite girl. While she enjoyed the effects, sceneries and the wizardly touches, she couldn't be fully happy because of her anger.
Yuri finally appeared at the exit. Of all things, she thought first about Yena, wondering where she was. However, Yena is nowhere to be found. She went to look around the castle to no avail. Having no way to communicate, she decided to wait at the exit in case Yena is back.
A few minutes passed by. She couldn't stay still, walking in circles with worry.

"Greetings, fellow wanderer, would you like to see some magic?" Someone dressed like a witch with a masquerade on approached Yuri.
"I can make anything appear right in your eyes."
Yuri didn't really care, so she said nonsense.

"Then make my lost girl appear before me."

"Sure thing, sweetie." The woman started the act of casting spells, while Yuri tried to evade the woman. Before Yuri could get past, she stopped to see something dropped on the floor.
"I know you like it." The woman said.

Yuri was a bit stunned because they are the bracelets that Yuri pleaded so much to make Yena buy for her, but Yena insisted not to. It's understandable because it's expensive. But now, those very bracelets are in front of her.

"Want more?"
Yuri was in deep thought because she missed Yena so much despite they were only few minutes apart, so she slowly nodded without properly hearing what the woman said.

The woman repeated the same motion and then hand couple of items to Yuri.

"These are mine?"

"See for yourself."
What's in her hand are two magic wands. Yuri likes magic wands so much. When she once watched Harry Potter with Yena, she grabbed everything near her to imitate the magic casting scenes and chant inaudible magic spells.

Yuri observed the wands around, and spotted some carvings.

1000% sure it's Yuri's. Yuri got excited to see the name carved on a wand and immediately searched another wand just to find another carving.


These are the English names they made for fun while walking here. Yuri laughed so hard about it.
"I'm Julia"
"Oh, Julia~"
"Yeah! What's your name?"
"Yeah, you!"
"My name is... Yejulia!"

She can't stop thinking about this. It went so well that they roleplayed with those name for a while while shopping in the souvenir shop.

But how things end up here?
Not too much time frame for Yuri to think, she felt a soft hug from behind. Yuri recognized this sensation right away. It was the person she hunted for the whole hour. She wanted to turn back and throw a tantrum on her, but Yena locked her so hard that she couldn't even move.

"What?" Yuri raised her voice even though she noticed the faded sound from Yena.

"Thank you for coming with me today. I was having a lot of fun with you."

Yuri sensed a somewhat serious tone in Yena's voice, so she decided to keep quiet and continue to listen.
"It was especially lot of fun... because it was you and me.

Even though I might annoy you a lot, or making you upset, you still forgive me and cheer me up no matter what, and I am very grateful for that."

People walking here and there stopped by because of the hugging scene.
"I hope you like the gifts I chose for us.

The couple bracelets are tied together with a tight rope, to make sure that we'll be together.

The wands make wizards stronger, just like you who made me stronger. They had our names so they are bound the owners, which are you and me."
"The tattoo we had together is the symbol of approval, from the land of magic, that our moments here are real..."

Yuri was so absorbed with sincere words and meanings Yena gave her, to the point she almost cried out of happiness.

"And finally, I wanted to break a promise."
Yena released her hand from Yuri, and brought up the mysterious letter from the morning to Yuri again, gesturing Yuri to open.

The message inside is just a sentence that Yuri remembered too well, that she thought she had to do something about it.

"Just dating, not marrying."
"So... w-w-what d-do you m-mean to b-break the p-prom-mise?" Yuri stuttered, trying to manage the mixture of emotions. She was angry with Yena couple of times today, but now, with this feeling, I believe I give it all to her. My care, worry, happiness, sorrow, ...

My heart.

Yena responded to Yuri's question by crumble the letter into a ball of paper, and throw it towards that witch-uniform woman. The woman chanted a different cast and all of a sudden, at least to Yuri's eyes, the letter is completely vanished.
After the series of magic showdown, the woman finally removed the cover, which surprise Yuri even more.

"Eunbi-unnie!!! What?"

"Yena-ya! Don't forget to treat me?"

Among the crowd, nine little girls can be seen making the way to the front. They are yeah, you-know-who-they-are.
Along with Eunbi, the ten came here to be the "witnesses"

"Now that the old promise is broken..."

Yena kneeled down, brought up a box of a shiny ring, and a letter.

"I made a new promise in this letter, stated to take care and always love you, my Jjoyul"

"Will you marry me?"
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