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Interesting founders/makers in this thread:
1. @AverySchrader is building
A super nice guy and founder, tweeting about different strategies he experiments with.
2. @dqmonn working on
Inspiring work and experiments with different projects and hobbies
3. @JamesIvings & @dinkydani21 working on
Very motivating to see their progress on their journey making a useful product better and profitable.
5. @tylertringas working on @earnestcapital
While he might look like an investor, he's running it as a startup and also has a great eye for products. Follow him for learning about startup finance and interesting insights.
6. @r00k working on
Follow along on their journey making Tuple with 2 other founders incl. @SpencerCDixon
7. @derrickreimer working on
Making a product people want, by experimenting fast, and getting to a profitable MVP as the first goal.
8. @bentossell working on
To help people create products with no coding skills and for coders who don't want to cOdE it all. Follow along to see how a profitable bootstrapped startup looks from the inside.
9. @anthilemoon writing insanely good essays on @ness_labs
Follow for having a short post in your timeline every day e.g.…
10. @diannamallen working on @hellomealplans
Eat on $5 per day! She's bootstrapping her startup and leveraging Reddit and mailing lists for growth.
11. @pranaygp working on @windsorio
Interesting tweets on his journey.
12. @mxstbr making along with @brian_lovin and @nikgraf
For tips on the technical side of building a startup and how to be profitable from the early days.
13. @DaveJ building
His journey on making a product people pay $$$ for and love. Saving development time from teams.
@DaveJ 14. @jlongster building @actualbudget
Making a profitable project with a family: Tips for technical founders, product people and fun tweets!
@DaveJ @jlongster @actualbudget 15. @jamesg_oca working on ISAs

See what it looks like to research a topic in-depth and write every day. Read his latest post:…
16. @Booligoosh working on

Ups and downs of bootstrapping a startup as an indie-maker and all the bits & tips on his journey.
17. @marie_dm_ working on @women_make_

What it takes to build an AWESOME community for makers. Learn from years of experience she has.
@marie_dm_ @women_make_ 18.👨‍🎤@NikkitaFTW making a bunch of random projects you'll love

She's on another level of making stuff. Lately, she built a plugin for @figma…
19. 🤓@rauchg founder of @zeithq with an awesome team (incl. dev: @timneutkens @notquiteleo design: @evilrabbit_ )

Follow for development wisdom & product tips.
20. 👨‍💻@brunolemos working on (open source)

Indie maker on his journey making a super useful product, and eventually making it profitable.
21. 🚀@leaoriol working on

A product person going through startup challenges as an indie maker and posting tips as she goes.
22.👨‍🎨👨‍💻 @adamwathan & @steveschoger working on and @tailwindcss

A designer and a developer paired up to make creating slick websites easier for all! Follow along their journey.
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss 23. 🌽@tiggreen building on the side

What it looks like to build a product people $$$ for while having a full-time job
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss @tiggreen 24. Andrea (@iiiitsandrea) creating 🤗 @MoodFoodSnacks

Yes, she's a master in food!
Follow for a delicious taste of hustle and courage on innovating and making.
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss @tiggreen @iiiitsandrea @moodfoodsnacks 25. 😎 @thekitze building @sizzyapp

Serial maker, who is "just building apps" as he likes to say.
Follow for his journey on charging $$ doing what he loves, stay for the raps 🎧
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss @tiggreen @iiiitsandrea @moodfoodsnacks @thekitze @sizzyapp 26. 🌟@danielgross for novel tweets while he building @pioneerdotapp

He tweets deliberately, I look forward to his tweets personally.
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss @tiggreen @iiiitsandrea @moodfoodsnacks @thekitze @sizzyapp @danielgross @pioneerdotapp 27. 📸 @lukaszmtw 20 y.o maker behind &

Inspiring taste of the product, making crazy practical products and charges $$$ for them.
@adamwathan @steveschoger @tailwindcss @tiggreen @iiiitsandrea @moodfoodsnacks @thekitze @sizzyapp @danielgross @pioneerdotapp @lukaszmtw 28. The one and only @mijustin working on

Follow Justin's journey bootstrapping a podcast hosting app in 2019 on their FANTASTIC podcast:
30. 📖 @pjrvs working on

Author of "Company of One" book for indie makers, now bootstrapping full-time on Fathom. Get his book's first chapter:
31.🧔Josh (@Shpigford) maker of 50+ indie projects, now working on @Baremetrics @LaserTweets

"I can't stop starting things." as he says. Follow him for seeing how he does it.
32.🌲Léo @sinequanonh working on

Started Hyperping > Became profitable $$$ > Quit job > Now full-time indie making and travelling with his wife!
33.🛰Miguel @m1guelpf 17 yo maker of

He works like crazy while being active on Twitter helping others and sharing tips. Follow his journey!
34. 🤓Lama @LamaAlRajih writing on

She reads a lot and tweets interesting thoughts connected to facts on Twitter which make you think. Follow her for getting your dose of curiosity.
35. 👨‍💻 Ben @benrajabi making @ThereHQ

Ben (my brother) is sharing more of his journey building a startup (and dealing with me) on Twitter. Show him some love!
36. ⚡️Aj @ajlkn working on

Super good tweets. Indie maker whose Carrd is challenging very big businesses and is profitable $$$. He's been indie making for over a decade.
37. 🤓 Sahil @shl creating

Must follow. He takes in all the startup knowledge and squeezes it in a well-written tweet.
38.😼 Mubs @mubashariqbal working on @podhuntapp

He launched his new app recently, follow him as he tweets hot tips on making products, talking to users and growing it.
39. 👨‍💻Pat (@thepatwalls) working on @starter_story &

He is a very hard working maker, well-known for his 24 Hour Startup challenge. Watch his Youtube for maker's content:…
40. 👩🏼‍💻@stephsmithio indie maker writing at

She's a serial maker. Tweets awesome posts, tips and products. She loves to help people. Read her latest post on "How to be great":…
41.👩🏼‍💻 @alyssaxuu 19 y/o designer, developer, & entrepreneur.

Her tweets are about design and product. Follow for your dose of fresh product designs in your timeline.
42. 👨‍💻@yongfook is a serial maker, working on to reach $100,000 in revenue

He tweets startup tips, and ups and downs. It's the best time to follow him and see how he gets to that revenue number!
43. 🚧@marckohlbrugge working on and more.

He's serious in making. He tweets deliberately, and usually they make you think.
44. Andrew (@andrewculver) is making

Developer and bootstrapper. Interesting tweets on his journey. He's sold a business before too!
45. Natalie (@natalienagele) is running @wildbit (with @cnagele)

Tweets tips that only someone with so much experience in startups can. They are remote and profitable. Also, mom of 2 little girls.
46.👨‍💻 @TylerMKing working on a less annoying CRM (literally @LessAnnoyingCRM)

Insightful tweets. Strong opinions. I just followed him to learn!
47. 👨‍💻John @JohnONolan is working on @Ghost

A profitable business from the early days, making it better for customers constantly.
Fun Fact: He's been on the road for 9 years (nomad)
@JohnONolan @Ghost 48. @_rchase_ working on @hostifi_net

Reilly was fired from his job because of his side project.
Now he has achieved +$10k monthly revenue, and has a 1st hire! His work ethics are so inspiring. Read his blog:
@JohnONolan @Ghost @_rchase_ @hostifi_net 49. Greg (@GregorySchier) is making @GetInsomnia

He's an awesome indie hacker. Been in the game for so long, and he is super inspiring. I looked up to him when deciding to focus on my project.
@JohnONolan @Ghost @_rchase_ @hostifi_net @GregorySchier @GetInsomnia 50. 💡@Leandro8209 indie making @UnuboHQ

As Andrea puts it: "He is one of the most supportive, wisest people I've talked to"
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