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#Lula was jailed p much 4 running a social democracy w the "wrong" debt-to-gdp ratio. In country w endemic corruption on all sides, the concept of "corruption" was cynically weaponized against the Left. After #Lula went away➡️fascist prez. Pick a side! Defend leftists! #LulaLivre
@ggreenwald @_michaelbrooks Remember: far right psychos in #Brazil colluded to rig Lula's legal sitch & keep him jailed while on appeal so he couldnt run against fascist #JairBolsonaro. Yesterday's high court decision & today's freeing of @LulaOficial start 2 put it right.… #LulaLivre
@ggreenwald @_michaelbrooks @LulaOficial Why was #Brazil's Right trying 2 jail Leftists w rigged probes trumped up as "anti-corruption"? Same reason #Bolsonaro et al are nostalgic 4 military rule. They kno they cant win a fair fight. They cant win an election in a multiracial democracy. The backlash is scary! #LulaLivre
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"Brazil is run by a bunch of lunatics." This is how #Lula observes the Jair Bolsonaro administration from behind bars, speaking to @elpais_brasil and Folha's @monicabergamo in an interview recorded today at the Federal Police HQ in Curitiba. (+)
"My place is here. I'm so obsessed with unmasking (Justice Minister) Moro and the prosecutors who convicted me, that I can remain imprisoned for 100 years. I won't exchange my dignity for my freedom," an angry, but resigned Lula stated. (+)
The former president got emotional and shed tears while talking about his 7-year-old grandson, who died in March: "Sometimes I think it would have been so much easier if I had died instead. I have lived for 73 years" (+)
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#Lula no #STJ: o que está em julgamento esta tarde é um recurso chamado agravo regimental em recurso especial (REsp). O REsp foi interposto contra o acórdão do #TRF4 que confirmou a sentença de Sérgio #Moro e condenou Lula
#Lula no #STJ: o Superior Tribunal de Justiça é um tribunal de terceira instância do #Judiciário. Julga #recursos criminais e #habeas corpus #HC interpostos contra decisões de tribunais de segunda instância da Justiça Federal e Estadual
#Lula no #STJ: os advogados de Lula interpuseram #recurso especial contra o acórdão do #TRF4 que o condenou. O ministro #relator no STJ, em decisão monocrática (individual), negou seguimento (indeferiu) o recurso
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Anyone seeing a pattern? 🧐


#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp @POTUS #WWGOWGA

1) Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years for Corruption…
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@fernandokrammer 1)todos #países tem #StrangersThings
2)nem todos podem escolher
3)qdo fazemos nossa parte c/ #Empatia ,colaboramos p/ o lugar ficar melhor
@fernandokrammer depois do silêncio adotado ao observar que NÃO foi nada inteligente apoiar o #Golpe feito na democracia #brasileira, é incoerente se acovardar diante as manobras direcionadas nos diferentes sistemas
#justiçabrasileiraPartidária 😱
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