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For a laugh I bought the @TheNewEuropean Special Edition titled "What Comes After Remain?"
It’s a bird’s eye view into the hearts & minds of the cultist #FBPE & many of the usual suspects are featured. It really is no wonder they seem to be permanently suicidal /1
Front page. I like Repent. They should definitely Repent /2
Do you think this might be deemed offensive by some passport controllers? They are a pretty serious bunch. /3
The first article was written by our best Remoaner friend Andrew Adonis. Opening words:

"Grief & bereavement take a while to overcome. Sometimes they are never overcome."

Can anyone else hear keening? /4
Final hurrah....

"In time, I think Brexit will be reversed 😂*. But only if the optimists beat the miserabilists. It was the miserabilists that gave us Brexit: if we join them, that is the spiritual defeat from which we will never recover"

*I added the 😂.

@jamesrbuk’s take is more on the money

"It’s over: Remain has lost, #FBPE has lost, People’s Vote has lost, and the political parties which sought to prevent Brexit have lost, decisively, at the ballot box"

Amen 🙏

He goes on..

"Part of why Brexit is happening this month is because the campaigns to stop it at every stage failed"

Quincey would be proud of his post mortem:

1. If the case to Remain was so much better than the one to Leave, why did the 2016 campaign feel so out of touch?

"Why did Leave have so much success mobilising people who usually don’t vote, when almost no political campaign manages this feat?"

Maybe because people wanted to reverse all the changes they were not given the opportunity to vote on previously

"Did the focus of many within the Remain movement in suggesting Brexit was won by spending tricks, Cambridge Analytica, or by conning Leave voters, ultimately help or harm the cause of changing people’s minds and reversing Brexit?"

Not rocket science this one

"Were the apparent victories of People’s Vote and other Remain campaigns real or procedural? Did they blind us to the reality that neither parliamentary nor public opinion ever actually shifted all that substantially?"


James suggests what the vanquished #FBPE should now do with their lives:

1. Join street protests re our trade talks
2. Rebuild the Remain parties
3. Campaign to Rejoin the EU
4. Campaign for electoral reform
5. Stop climate change

Basically waste more of their time.

"I suppose if anyone is to blame it’s the folks who run the (Lab) Party. Who still do. Their illusion/dillusion was they cld make the election abt something other than Brexit. They couldn’t.
The consequence of losing is watching the other guy eat your lunch"

@mikegalsworthy (spent £200k on FB pages in 2019)

"Farage’s Brexit Party was a superb lesson in political entrepreneurship, sweeping up the media narrative & returning many to the Leave fold who had become disenchanted with May’s uninspiring Brexit"

It’s what he does!


"By the end of this month there will be no Remain cause to fight for...Our cause is lost..But it’s not incumbent on us to accept the good of Brexit until Brexit actually turns out to be a good thing"

We have been warned

What Remoaner thread wld be complete without @acgrayling

"Will the UK- or constituent parts if it separates- rejoin the EU? The answer is an emphatic yes"

When? After the next election
How? Electoral reform. "This Parliament is dead. It’s a zombie Parliament, a charade"

How cont’d..

Citizens Assemblies! - "needed due to the lack of democratic legitimacy of this parliament"

Ya know that Parliament he & @thatginamiller were so proud of about a month ago.

How cont’d..

"Urge a united front of opposition parties to combine properly for the next election on an agenda to reform the electoral system and to hold a 2nd referendum"

It seems they enjoy losing.

Grayling helpfully informs us he voted tactically for the #Antisemites

Honourable mention for our @campbellclaret

"The new Lab leader shd lead devt of ideas, policies & a narrative which the public relate to" .. & wait for it..."reduce toxicity in our politics" indeed a "more open, more mature, less hostile & dismissive approach"

Yep really!

Letters page. One of my favourites 👇

There’s always someone out there willing to take advantage of the weak and naive. I’m sure the #FBPE are piling in

@MitchBenn EU loving comedian

"The election result alters the political reality but it doesn’t impact much on actual reality"

The reality is that’s pretty funny right. Alt-comedy. Love it.

Final words to the uniquely sour @wself

"As time’s arrow flies inexorably towards the end of the month and Britain’s departure from the EU, I can’t be alone in wondering whether there will be blood in the streets"

Is Will channeling his inner Enoch?

"Will (Leavers) not now crow, turkey-cock, strut & preen in order to impress upon the vanquished their very human superiority"

"And will not the Remainers - the poor sad bearers of a now guttering torch - not lapse into sullenness, resentment, & a sense of smouldering injustice that’s ever ready to burst into a savage conflagration?”

What’s new mate? What’s new.

To summarise: if I hadn’t found the whole rag hilarious I would definitely have come away feeling pretty depressed and hopeless. The so-called leaders of this cult are just about the most uninspiring crowd you could wish to meet. It was £3 well spent - I might subscribe! 😉


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