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Ques: Name the political party that first raised the Indian tricolour in Hyderabad, when the city was liberated on August 15, 1947?

Ans: The Communist Party of India (CPI). The CPI raised the Indian Flag in five places in Hyderabad City on August 15th.

Another fact of #HyderabadLiberationDay

The American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) kept a close watch on Operation Polo and the agency feared that if the Nizam was overthrown, then Hyderabad would fall into the hands of communists.
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Onam is not a Hindu festival. Onam is not a monolithic festival. It's a Malayali Harvest festival. #Thread

Onam belongs to everyone who was born or has links to Kerala. In the eyes of Asura King Maveli (Mahabali), all Keralites are the same regardless of caste & religion.

TK Velu Pillai observes in 'Travancore State Manual (1940)', that the Onam celebration is part of the social amusement and Christians, Muslims and Hindus celebrate Onam.

William Logan in his book (Malabar Manual - 1887) mentions that Onam is about feast and harvest.

An overwhelming percentage of ‘Onapattukal’ or Onam songs were related to harvest and sung by the subaltern castes.

The 1810–1821 survey of Kerala by Ward and Conner notes that Onam was a time of rest and enjoyment for the otherwise back-broken Dalit & Ezhava communities.

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This is Fake News. #Thread

This flag which Dhar has shared here was proposed by Mountbatten in 1947. And the flag was rejected by Nehru and Gandhi. Mountbatten also proposed a flag for Pakistan with Union Jack in the canton in 1947.
Both flags proposed by Mountbatten were rejected.

The British wanted to keep the last symbol of colonialism behind in both nations. ImageImage
This was the flag proposed by Gandhi in 1921. (Very similar to the flag of Bulgaria)

The flag was based on the concept of self-reliance which Mahatma Gandhi wanted to promote. Image
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Why is Puzhu being attacked?

In 1987, when SN Swamy was writing the script of CBI Diary Kurippu, the protagonist was named Ali Imran. SN Swamy himself said in an interview that the protagonist's name was changed to Sethurama Iyer as per the director & actors' instructions. 1/n
Why was the name changed? Because Kerala has the hidden savarna mindset.

The director-actor understood it. The arrival of a Savarna male as an intelligent hero is considered natural and while a Savarna male as a cruel villain (Puzhu), who is also casteist, is deemed unnatural.
Puzhu perfectly portrays the paranoia of Brahmin men and clearly, it has rattled the conservative Right-wing (RW) of Kerala. The movie broke the conventional path that Malayalam cinema has taken since the 1950s and got a backlash.

Just like The Great Indian Kitchen and Meesha.
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Today is the death anniversary of #TipuSultan

There were only two kings that the British feared the most.

1) Tipu
2) Ranjit Singh

Tipu Sultan & Ranjit Singh did far more than any other Indian ruler to stop the British from taking over the entire Indian subcontinent.

The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was the last time when an Indian ruler (Tipu Sultan) dictated the terms to the Defeated British.

After the defeat in the Second Mysore War, the British under Lord Cornwallis formed a triple alliance with the Marathas and the Nizam against Mysore.
FACT: The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was seen by many in London as the beginning of the end of the East India Company (EIC). After the Treaty, stock prices of the East India Company dived and Pitt’s India Act was introduced.

Inshort, the Nizam and Marathas gave British a lifeline.
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Today is the 76th anniversary of the Royal Indian Naval mutiny. A forgotten chapter in both Indian & Pak History books.

On February 18th 1946, over 20000 Indian sailors of the Imperial Navy rose against the British. The last nail in the coffin of the British Empire.

Balai Chand Dutt (BC Dutt) was the man who triggered the 1946 Royal Naval Mutiny. Today, BC Dutt has been erased from Indian History.

A 23-year-old Dutt persuaded his comrades to join the revolt, commencing on February 18th 1946, with a hunger strike on the Ship 'HMIS Talwar'.
Within three days, the revolt spread to nearly 75 others ships and nearly 20,000 Indian sailors joined the Mutiny.

Karachi, Bombay, Kochi, Madras and Calcutta were the focal points of the Mutiny. Indian Sailors began offering left-handed salutes to British superior officers.
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50 years ago, this week in 1971, the USA threatened India to stop the 1971 war.

Kissinger spurred Nixon to send the US 7th Fleet’s Task Force, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, to the Bay of Bengal.

An alarmed India sent an SOS to USSR.

#Thread Image
“Did you read today about what the Americans are doing?” one of the Indian characters in Rohinton Mistry’s “Such a Long Journey” asks.

“CIA ba$tards are up to their usual anu$-fingering tactics.” The novel is set in 1971, the year that India intervened in Pakistan’s civil war.
When Pakistan's defeat in the 1971 war seemed imminent, America dispatched the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise towards the Bay of Bengal. The US 7th Fleet’s Task Force also had USS King and USS Decatur.

The move was deemed by India as a nuclear threat.
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A brief thread on Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals

Incorporated in 1976 by Govt of Gujarat, manufacturer & trader of fertilizers, industrial chemicals covering a wide range of products

Largest Manufacturer of Toluene Di-Isocyanate, Aniline, Acetic Acid
#GNFC (2/n)

GNFC is the sole Manufacturer of TDI in India with a market share of 70%; rest 30% is imported.

Key Financial Ratios:

Market Cap: 6,981 Cr
P/S: 1.20
D/E: 0
P/E: 7.46
ROCE: 15.8%
Promoter + FII + DII: 63.17%

FY21 Sales: 5,129 Cr
EBITDA: 1,003 Cr
OPM: 20%
#GNFC (3/n)

GNFC has a demonstrated track record of operations in both fertilizers and chemicals segments

It has to its credit one of the largest Ammonia plant, a reference plant in the world of fuel oil based technology along with the world's largest single stream Urea plant
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The last moments of Bhagat Singh. #Thread

Bhagat Singh's lawyer, Pran Nath Mehta, managed to meet him two hours before the hanging.

He welcomed Mehta with a broad smile in cell No. 14 and asked him whether he had brought him the book he had asked for: 'Lenin's Biography'.
As soon as he was handed the book, Bhagat Singh began reading it as if he was conscious that he did not have much time left.

Pacing up and down his cell like a caged lion in Lahore Central Jail, Bhagat Singh smiled as he read the opening pages of Lenin's book.
Pran Nath Mehta asked Bhagat Singh if he had any last message for the nation.

Without taking his eyes off the book, Bhagat Singh said, "Just the two messages. Down with Imperialism and Long Live the Revolution!"
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Sep 28: The man who shook the British crown was born 114 years ago today.

His slogan 'Inquilab Zindabad' is an anti-national word today. Bhagat Singh once beautifully explained the meaning of Inquilab Zindabad to a journalist.

A #Thread on his quotes about Caste & Religion.
Bhagat Singh explains the meaning he tried to convey by the phrase 'Inquilab Zindabad' to the editor of the Modern Review.

- The Tribune (December 24, 1929)

Below are the quotes from 'Why I am an Atheist'
"You, the Hindus, Let me say it plainly that your ancestors were shrewd people. They were always in search of petty hoaxes to play upon people and snatch from them the power of Reason."

- Bhagat Singh (Why I am an Atheist)

Bhagat Singh was very vocal against Brahmanism.
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Comment acheter un passe Navigo pour étudiant afin de minimiser ses coûts de transport en Ile de France ? La question est simple et donne l'impression de contenir la réponse. Vous allez voir que non... #Thread (cc @vpecresse @julienbayou)
A l'aide de mon navigateur internet favori, je vais sur mon moteur de recherche favori qui m'envoie vers le site…
La page permet de souscrire en ligne, bienvenu donc en 2021
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Onam is not a Hindu festival.
Onam is not a monolithic festival.

Onam is a Malayali Harvest festival. #Thread

Onam belongs to everyone who was born or has links to Kerala. In the eyes of Asura King Maveli (Mahabali), all Keralites are the same regardless of caste & religion.
An overwhelming percentage of ‘Onapattukal’ or Onam songs were related to harvest and sung by the subaltern castes.

The 1810–1821 survey of Kerala by Ward and Conner notes that Onam was a time of rest and enjoyment for the otherwise back broken Dalit & Ezhava communities.
The memory of Maveli was revived by Sahodaran Ayyappan in the early 20th century as an act of cultural resistance through the poem “Onapaattu” or song of Onam where he urges everyone,

“Throw away the Vamana ideology - Brahmanism and to bring back the governance of MahaBali.”
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Aug 10th 1971: 50 years ago, India & USSR signed a peace treaty.

When Pakistan's defeat in the 1971 war seemed imminent, Kissinger spurred Nixon to send the US Seventh Fleet’s Task Force, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, to the Bay of Bengal.

The move was deemed by the Indian Govt as a nuclear threat. The Enterprise was the most powerful ship in the world in the '1970s and was five times larger than INS Vikrant.

Even a British aircraft carrier, HMS Eagle, had moved close to the India’s territorial waters.
It was December 1971, and the world’s two leading democracies were now threatening the world’s largest democracy.

An SOS was sent to Moscow. The Red Navy soon dispatched 16 Soviet naval units and two nuclear submarines from Vladivostok to block USS Enterprise.
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"Réponse de Jean-Marc Jancovici à "Hervé Kempf : [Jean-Marc Jancovici, 2/3] « Meilleur expert mondial du CO2 »"…
Bonjour à tou(te)s, je souhaitais juste apporter quelques informations qui me semblent utiles pour les lecteurs de ce post :" 1/21 #Thread
"- lorsque Hervé Kempf m'a contacté pour le dire qu'il souhaitait faire mon portrait, j'ai accepté de répondre à ses questions en me disant que l'auteur en tiendrait nécessairement compte. Je ne saurai jamais si cette supposition était fondée 🙂"
"- ce qui est sur, c'est que Kempf ne m'a posé essentiellement des questions sur mon parcours personnel (en voulant tout savoir, le modèle de ma voiture, tout ce que j'avais fait depuis ma naissance, si ma soeur était brillante élève, etc)."
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Today is the 110th Birthday Anniversary of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. His story is incredible.

Joined the Indian Army in 1942 (WW2).
Supported the Naval Mutiny.
Attended Gandhi’s funeral in Delhi.
Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature.
Received the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962.

Just like Bhagat Singh, Faiz was considered a Hero in Undivided British India. During WW2, Faiz served with a unit led by Akbar Khan, a left-wing officer and future Pakistan Army general.

Faiz rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel.
There was a mass recruitment of Indians especially socialist & communist activists into the British Indian Army and RIN (Navy) for war efforts against Nazi Germany after 1941.

However, once the war was over, the newly recruited men turned against the British, 1946 Naval Mutiny.
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Past Glory of Gajapatis~
Dated back to 9thce AD the Kalinga Rulers were known as"Gajapati" where gaja literally means elephants & pati means the master.
After amalgamtion
(picture of Utkala's kurmabedha durga presently known as kurumbera fortWB)
Of Kalingotkala Anantavarma invaded the Samantha chakra king Ram Pala,Who basically belong to Gouda desha
*Rama pal captured Ganga river plane of utkala when karnadeva was weakened.
But again in 1119 Anantavarma defeated pala king and took his rights back at Mandaragada
Before anantavarma , Mahapratapi Emperor Yajati Mahasivagupta also ruled the land of Bongadesha.
* Coming to topic the Eastern Ganga ruler Anantavarma Chodaganga Deba, We found Prasasti In an WB inscription
Ref: Inscription of Bengal Volume 3
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ଶ୍ରୀ ରାଧାଗୋବିନ୍ଦ ଦେଉଳ
రాధా గోవిందా ఆలయం, శ్రీకాకుళం
~ Brief History of the Temple ~
Sri Radhagovinda Temple, an Architectural masterpiece , is situated in the village Meliaputti in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh
It is constructed by Maharani Krushnapriya Pattamahadevi, wife of Sri Veera Veerendra Pratap Rudra Gajapati of Paralakhemundi Estate during 1790, in an acre of land ,on the banks of River Mahendratanaya.
*The cost of Construction was about Rs 2 lakhs in those days.
spent from her Stridhana bhandara.

*it was completed in 10 years as per her dreams and ambitions.

*It is just about 10 kilo Metres from Paralakhemundi(odisha), 20km from Tekkali and 32 km.from Palasa Railway Station of srikakulam.
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(1/x) Udo Harenkamp, Ratsherr der Stadt #Einbeck hat in seiner #Facebook Gruppe eine Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht, wo er behauptet, dass Jens #Kestner #MdB der #AfD aus #Northeim mit dem Anwalt Klaus #Kunze gegen ihn vorgeht. Warum das spannend ist: #Thread ImageImage
(2/x) Zum Hintergrund: Anfang 2018 kam es auf dem #Kreisparteitag der #AfD #Northeim zu einem „#Eklat“. Es wurden Screenshots einer privaten #WhatsApp-Gruppe beim #Parteitag der Öffentlichkeit zu Verfügung gestellt, in der die Arbeit des Vorstands kritisiert wurde.
(3/x) Unter anderem erklärte Harenkamp seinen Austritt aus dem #AfD Kreisverband und ist nun fraktionsloses Mitglied des Stadtrates von #Einbeck. Nach dem #Kreisparteitag wurde laut @HNA_NOUS auch #Anzeige erstattet:…
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#THREAD As a new investor, what do you need to look for? How do you start investing? Here are a few tips, ideas and opinions.
#1 Finances - did you pay off your bad debt? If not, get rid of bad debt. It's better to be worthless than to be worth - R 1 000 000 000 000.
Be careful when investing if you have debt, especially in South Africa. The debt will overpower your investments and drain your resources
#2 Do you have an emergency fund in place? If yes, then wonderful - you can invest. If not, head over to this link and learn why you need this in place.…
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Η πιο ενδιαφέρουσα, ιδίως για την #Cyprus, πτυχή της κρίσης στη #Libya είναι η στάση της Αιγύπτου. Είναι η πιο αδύναμη "μεγάλη δύναμη" των τριμερών με Κύπρο & Ελλάδα, και θα κινηθεί όπως θα υποδείξει η Μόσχα. Αδύνατη να κάνει κανενός είδους ουσιαστικό confront στη #Turkey..
H αποστολή τουρκικών proxies στη #Libya (πχ Sultan Murad Division) είναι αμιγώς positioning Άγκυρας ενόψει Βερολίνου. Τον Απρίλη η #GNA ζητούσε αεράμυνα εναντίον της υπεροχής του #LNA (μαχητικά+drones των ΗΑΕ). Τον Δεκέμβριο ζητούσαν το ίδιο..
Η #Turkey διατηρεί στρατεύματα από την κατοχική δύναμη στη #Cyprus μέχρι το Ιράκ, το Κόσοβο και το Σουδάν. Δεν είναι game changing η αποστολή 200 "Σύρων" του NSA/OSO στη #Libya. Είναι απλά μια ένδειξη πίεσης..
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On parle pas mal de #FakeMed en ce moment. Alors du coup petite histoire : "le jour où j'ai arrêté de croire en l'homéopathie". Déroule.
Ça remonte à quelque chose comme 1994. À l'époque j'étais en 3e. Ouais je sais je suis vieux wsh
...Et déjà à l'époque en 3e il y avait cette formidable tradition du stage en entreprise. Une semaine dans l'entreprise de ton choix, suivant tes affinités.
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