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The Chinese don't care about anything beyond their Borders. Not even Communist Nations.

They had a huge dispute with Soviet Union. China even invaded Communist Vietnam (Sino-Vietnamese War) in 1979 after the Vietnam war, when the Vietnamese overthrew Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.

China since the last 2500 years had the policy of Isolation, while selling their products (Silk, Paper, Gunpowder) to outside world. They are still using the same policy now.

The only nation China cares about beyond their border is North Korea (They want the Korean peninsula).
Let's go back in History.

After the Soviet-Sino split in 1960's, USSR and China had open armed conflicts in Zhenbao Island and Tieliketi in 1969.

After these two incidents, Soviets & Chinese viewed each other as among the greatest Geo-political threats.
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Menaka Gandhi called Malappuram India's most violent district. Here are few Facts & Stories of Malappuram, Kerala. #Thread

Malappuram is also one of the most safest place for Women in India.

Source : NCRB, Crime in India -2015

#Istandwithmalappuram Image
Malappuram India's most violent district???

Well not as violent as Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh Image
Bhakts : Is Pork available in Malappuram?

Answer : Pork shop near Malaapparamp MES medical college in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kerala.

Open 365 days Image
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#THREAD As a new investor, what do you need to look for? How do you start investing? Here are a few tips, ideas and opinions.
#1 Finances - did you pay off your bad debt? If not, get rid of bad debt. It's better to be worthless than to be worth - R 1 000 000 000 000.
Be careful when investing if you have debt, especially in South Africa. The debt will overpower your investments and drain your resources
#2 Do you have an emergency fund in place? If yes, then wonderful - you can invest. If not, head over to this link and learn why you need this in place.…
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About #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019

The book 'India in Slow Motion' mentions about the Indian 'Will Power'

There were only 3 Empires in the last 2500 years which had conquered India fully (Maurya, British Raj & Mughal Empire). These empire were not built on Religion.

Rather, these empires were built on the hunger of power & wealth.

Even then, many parts of India (North East, Kerala & Tamil Nadu) resisted Maurya & Mughals.

Indians as a whole were always against Centralized power. They were united by culture & language rather than religion.
It was the British that united all these princely states and gave it a new 20th century centralized structure (a democratic one).

By doing that, India in Slow Motion says that Indians lost their Will power. The will to resist, like they always had since last 2500 years.
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From 16th to 18th century, the Mughal Empire was the richest kingdom in the world. How?

Akbar created the system of Subah (provinces).

This system of Subah, made administrative reforms more efficient & Bengal was the most important Subah of the Mughals.

Initially under the rule of Emperor Akbar, there were 12 Subahs, which rose to 22 under Shah Jahan.

Kabul, Lahore, Multan, Ajmer, Gujarat, Delhi, Agra, Malwa, Awadh, Illahabad, Bihar, and Bengal were the initial 12 Subahs under Akbar.
Each Subah had a governor called a Subahdar. Each Subah was further divided into Sarkars or districts.

The Subah of Bengal, comprising of both Bangladesh and West Bengal was the richest Subah (province) of the Mughal Empire.
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Sanghi : I hate Tipu Sultan.

Me : Do you love Netaji Bose??

Sanghi : He is my Hero.

Me : 140+ years after Tipu's death, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose incorporated Tipu's Mysore tiger into the flag of Azad Hind Fauj & the shoulder-strap insignia of INA (Indian National Army).

Even the flag of All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) has the Leaping Tiger of Tipu Sultan

Netaji called his government in exile "Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind", with a cabinet consisting of a woman, and 30% Muslims.
"The insignia of Charkha at the centre of the tricolour flag of the Congress was replaced by the 'Leaping Tiger' of the standard of Tipu Sultan by the Azad Hind Government."

Source : The Mahatma and the Netaji: Two Men of Destiny of India by Samar Guha (Page 113)
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B S Moonje (the first president of the Hindu Mahasabha) visited fascist military academies in Italy in 1930's & even had a meeting with Dictator Benito Mussolini.

The RSS leadership during the 1930's & 40's were captivated with Nazism & Fascism. (1/n)…
Foreign hand in the Sangh

"Far from being indigenous, RSS has championed the RW chauvinist ideas from Europe."

The love for White Skin and European RW is a thing for RSS since 1925.…
European RW parties have a soft corner to Mein Kamph. Remember, that this book advocated the complete genocide of Slavs, Jews & Roma Gypsies.

The Black Africans & Brown Indians would had been next in the list for subjugation, if Nazis had won the war.
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Today is the 112th Birth Anniversary of the Greatest
Indian Revolutionary. I will share few of his best quotes. #THREAD

“Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking.”

― Bhagat Singh
"What is your view about punishments inflicted on the people who were deliberately kept ignorant by selfish and proud Brahmans? If by chance these poor creatures heard a few words of your sacred books, Vedas, these Brahmans poured melted lead into their ears."

- Bhagat Singh
"They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit."

- Bhagat Singh
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South Indian States should worry a lot.

South Indian States will soon lose more than 17-18 lok sabha seats. How?

Delimitation of Lok Sabha : Section 15 of the Constitution Act, 1976 effected a freeze on the population figure with reference to the 1971 Census (54 crores) 1/n
This regime will force the 15th Finance Commission to use the 2011 Census to determine the share of each state in the nation’s resources and the 1971 freeze might be removed.

If so then after 2026, 29% of Lok Sabha Strength Will Be From Uttar Pradesh and Bihar alone.
Inshort South Indian States will lose its power in Lok Sabha.

The South Indian States will suffer because it reduced its population and improved its HDI, while the North Indian States faced population boom.
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Poverty Rate in 1994

Gujarat : 22.5%
Kerala : 23.2%
Rajasthan : 26.7%
Tamil Nadu : 32.6%

Poverty Rate in 2016

Kerala : 1.1%
Tamil Nadu : 7.4%
Gujarat : 21.4%
Rajasthan : 31.6%

The two South Indian States reduced its Poverty with precision

Video Link :
75 Lakhs were under poverty line in Kerala (1994)
1 crore were under poverty line in Gujarat (94)
2 crores were under poverty line in Tamil Nadu (94)

4 Lakh under poverty line in Kerala (2016)
51 Lakh under poverty line in TN (2016)
1.3 crore under poverty line in Gujarat (2016)
In the famed Gujarat Model, 30 lakh more people went below the Poverty line from 1994 to 2016. (From 1 crore to 1.3 crores)

Meanwhile Kerala and Tamil Nadu, reduced it poverty with Military precision.

This is the real development. Not the number of billionaires in your state.
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I was reading about Colonel Munro yesterday and found the exact reason why Devaswom Boards (Travancore Temple) was created and how it helped Travancore Kingdom. Let's bust the Sanghi lie #Thread

Temple Revenue : Rs. 2802 in 1807-08
Temple Revenue : Rs. 446600 in 1812-13
Following the invasion of Tipu Sultan, the Travancore British treaty was signed in 1795, wherein Travancore was to pay the East India Company for military support

Balarama Varma, the reigning Raja of Travancore then had to sign the subsidiary treaty in 1805
Rs. 8 lacs per year. That was the amount that Travancore had to pay EIC as per the Travancore British treaty of 1795.

The King defaulted on the payments many times and the resident Col Macaulay protested. It was at this juncture that the revolt by Dewan Veluthampi started.
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Akbar created the system of Subah (provinces). This system of Subah, made administrative reforms more efficient & Bengal was the most important Subah of the Mughals.

Initially under the rule of Emperor Akbar, there were 12 Subahs, which rose to 22 under Shah Jahan.

Kabul, Lahore, Multan, Ajmer, Gujarat, Delhi, Agra, Malwa, Awadh, Illahabad, Bihar, and Bengal were the initial 12 Subahs under Akbar.

Each Subah had a governor called a Subahdar. Each Subah was further divided into Sarkars or districts.
The Subah of Bengal, comprising of both Bangladesh and West Bengal was the richest Subah (province) of the Mughal Empire.

The administrators of the Bengal province were refugees from the Safavid Empire.
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Calling Netaji Bose as a Nazi supporter is a Historical lie.

We are talking about a politician who described himself as a Leftist Anarchist and praised USSR a lot.

To understand the dynamics of British India during World War 2, we need to go back to 1932.

Long #Thread Alert.
The year is 1932 and the world is ruled by Two Superpowers.

A) The British Empire
B) The French Empire

India was Britain's most important colony and the Simon Commission, Meerut Conspiracy, Chittagong Armoury raid & the hanging of Bhagat Singh had raised public anger.
"Thank God for the French Army!"

This was Winston Churchill's remarks after his learning of Hitler's rise to power in 1933.

The French Army was the best in the world and its Navy was the 2nd best in the world after the British Royal Navy.
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The TOP 28 Malayalam Movies of last 7 years (June 2012 - June 2019)

Many followers DMed me asking me to recommend the best Malayalam Movies & these 28 Gems are the best from Kerala imo

Their names in comment section below (Avoided Bangalore Days & Charlie as starters)

Row 1 : The Best SEVEN

1) Maheshinte Prathikaaram
2) Kumbalangi Nights
3) Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum
4) Angamaly Diaries
5) Kammatipaadam
6) Ee Ma Yau
7) Sudani from Nigeria
Row 2 : Love & Drama

1) Mayaanadhi
2) Ustad Hotel
3) Amen
4) Premam
5) North 24 Kaatham
6) Annayum Rasoolum
7) Guppy
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How the Delhi Sultanate saved the Indian sub-continent from the wrath of the Mongols. #Thread

In 1221, the Mongol Army under Genghis Khan appeared for the first time on the banks of the Indus River. They had destroyed everything in thier path. #Thread
The life mission of Genghis Khan was subjugating the nations surrounding his Mongol homeland.

It was at this point that the Khwarezmian Empire did the biggest blunder in Human history. Genghis wanted a trade pact with the Shah of Khwarezm and he sent a group of three ambassadors
On 1218 AD, Three ambassadors (one Muslim & two Mongols) were sent to meet the shah himself. But the Shah had both of the Mongols shaved and had the Muslim beheaded.

This was seen as a grave insult to the Khan himself, who considered ambassadors "as sacred and inviolable."
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Lower caste Hindus (OBC & Dalits) were not allowed to enter Guruvayur Temple till Independence.

On 2nd June 1947, Gandhiji and Lower caste Avarna Hindus entered the Guruvayur temple, ending proscription on the lower castes.

This happened 15 years after Guruvayur Satyagraha.
Infact, from Jan 1st to Jan 28th in 1932, Guruvayoor temple was closed for nearly a month by the Tantri and temple authorities because the Lower Caste Avarnas wanted to enter it during Guruvayoor satyagraha.

Remembering K Kelappan and AKG, both played a huge role in Satyagraha
Tipu Sultan made a huge grant of 669 acres to Guruvayur temple & also made arrangements for disbursing 8000 pagodas annually in cash to the temple.

The temple was also partially destroyed during the Dutch invasion (1717 AD)

I wonder if anyone told Modiji all this history.
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2019 proved that Tamil Nadu is the most progressive state in India. (Even far ahead of Kerala). Here are some incredible stories of this election from Tamil Nadu. #Thread

1) Dr Thol Thirumavalavan : Won after openly critiquing the Sanatana Dharma and Brahminical forces.
Thol Thirumavalavan is a pure nightmare for the Sangh.

He is the leader of Dalit panthers and he contested on his own symbol. With a campaign which he called uprooting Brahmanism & Sanatana dharma, he won from Chidambaram Lok Sabha constituency. Remember his name.
2) Another story is the defeat of Anbumani Ramadoss (The leader of caste-privileged Vanniyars)

In 2014, Anbumani of PMK allied with NDA and won Dharmapuri Lok Sabha constituency in a caste polarized atmosphere.
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Since everyone is talking about Wayanad & Rahul Gandhi, i would like to tell a story which i read in 2012.

In 1958, K Kamaraj, Indira Gandhi & many top Congress Leaders arrived in Kerala to campaign against undivided CPI, in the crucial Devikulam By-election in Idukki.

The year is 1957.

EMS Namboodiripad takes oath as Kerala CM on April 5th 1957 and the news sent shockwaves across the world. The news was given importance pages in many International newspapers & CIA began to monitor the activities of the democratically elected Communist govt.
The communists proceeded to usher in a slew of legislations (Land Reforms and Education Bill) and it angered the dominant forces in the Kerala society including the Catholic Church (KCBC) and the upper caste Nair Service Society (NSS).…
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Yesterday Nisha Purushothaman made a similar remark in Manorama. Let me explain കേരള നവോത്ഥാനം or Renaissance in Kerala. They wont teach this in schools

The Hindu Population of Kerala was 70% in 1901 and it went down to 60% in 1961. Why? Casteism, the most brutal version.

The Avarnas (Ezhavas, Dalits & Adivasis) formed 54% of Travancore population in 1901, yet they were denied entry into Temples, Schools & Travancore Assembly.

Avarnas were even denied to wear clothes, denied to keep a moustache and were not allowed to walk on the temple road.
In 1914, social reformer Ayyankali took the lead in admitting a Dalit girl named Panchami to the school. She was denied her admission and attempts to secure admission for Panchami resulted in a massive agitation. Many Schools were burned down.

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Fact 1 : Pazhayangadi Mosque was built in the 15th century. (Over 500 years ago).

Fact 2 : Zamorin of Calicut (hereditary title of the Hindu monarch) ruled over Malabar for over 800 years till the arrival of Hyder Ali from Mysore in 1760's.

Another Fake News.
Though predominantly a Hindu culture, the Zamorin’s kingdom was very much accessible to the influence of western/Eastern culture, for its mould was multi-cultural. From the historical times it had accepted the foreign elements of the Jews, Arabs, Chinese & other western cultures.
In the Kingdom of Zamorin, a historian could find the synthesis of indigenous and foreign elements.

New Synagogues, Mosques and Syro –Malabar Churches were built. It was a multicultural society.
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The Partition of India or to be more accurate, the partition of Punjab & Bengal proved to be a blessing in disguise for Hindi & Urdu. Why?

Majority (above 70%) Indian Freedom Fighters were from Punjab & Bengal. Andaman Jail was filled with Bengali revolutionaries.

Had we (British India) stayed united, there would have been twice the number of Punjabi speakers and thrice the number of Bangla speakers.

India would have had Four major Languages : Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.
Though Hindi/Urdu speakers would have still been slightly more than everyone else, the much greater number of Punjabi & Bangla speakers would have ensured that the Central Government wouldn't have adopted Hindi/Urdu as one of its official languages.
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On parle pas mal de #FakeMed en ce moment. Alors du coup petite histoire : "le jour où j'ai arrêté de croire en l'homéopathie". Déroule.
Ça remonte à quelque chose comme 1994. À l'époque j'étais en 3e. Ouais je sais je suis vieux wsh
...Et déjà à l'époque en 3e il y avait cette formidable tradition du stage en entreprise. Une semaine dans l'entreprise de ton choix, suivant tes affinités.
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Another lie by so called RW historian True Indology.

The book ‘Ezhavar Annum Innum - ഈഴവര്‍ അന്നും ഇന്നും’ (Ezhavas : Then & Now) by NR Krishnan tells the story of Nangeli in detail. The book was released in Kerala in May 1960

RN Yesudas also reports this story in 1980

True Indology then says that "Before advent of British Morals, most Pre Modern Kerala women of all castes freely went around topless."

Another Lie.

Only Ezhava, Nadar and Dalit women were forced to be topless. They were knows as Avarnas (Lower castes placed out of Varna system)
Upper caste women (Brahmins and Nairs) had the privilege to wear an upper clothing upon their choice.

They could wear Mulakkacha, Chela or Kacha when they wish for, a right which was fully denied to lower caste women.
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History of Sikhism in Kerala. #Thread

Ezhava Leader KC Kuttan was the first Malayalee to embrace Sikhism on April 1936 in Amritsar.

Why did they convert? The OBC Ezhavas and Dalits were not allowed to enter the Temples in Kerala. Temple entry agitation began in 1890's.
In 1901, the Avarnas (Ezhavas & Dalits) formed 51% of Kerala's population & 54% of Travancore population in 1901, yet they were denied entry into Temples, Schools & Travancore Assembly.
Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924 was aimed at securing freedom of movement for all sections of society through the public roads leading to the Temple.

Ezhavas began flocking towards Christianity after 1924. Even the nephew of Sree Narayana Guru converted to Christianity (Jacobite).
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