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Glorious Morning StarSeeds, Beloved Ones, MultiVerse Travelers, Guardians, Protectors, Enforcement (Galactic & Earth) & Guest,

Interesting Multicomms & Notifications transpiring: I AM sure everyone has noticed the brazenness of [BH]'s disregard for
All Life & decency is being marvelously unmasked, "Disclosed" to the hypnotized public: Our extended family is in between states of conscious wakening as One does from awakening from a Deep slumber: When one is partially aware of sounds and sensations yet is unaware if they A-2
are Dreaming as they transition through conscious waking states of awareness: Our true enemy combatants comprehend these Lower realms of conscious awareness & have been exploiting them for thousands of years: They are negative Galactic refugees: Negative based on their own A-3
conduct to abuse a granted privilege against us all with Zero regard for Life: [Their] cunning is Machiavellian & heinous beyond description or the Time to fully disclose to All, due to the flagrant disregard [they] have for Life: Combine this with the abhorrent egotistical A-4
conduct of those whom are corrupted by them & have been used against us: Our own kind, mankind & there are Zero words: Yet [they] all are being presently Disclosed to the general population: Kindly remember they our sisters & brothers are still in a waking Dream state & yet A-4
even remotely able to process what they are witnessing: It is like a Dream or surreal psychic (negative reality) they are observing: Perhaps in time, perhaps never will they fully comprehend the heinous surreal reality that was existing & is being removed: Kindly also know A-5
even for many of you there are well people you believe are honorable that you may discover are dishonorable: For many have focused strictly on democrats versus republicans, when the reality is both sides & others due to being made up of corrupted people have been infiltrated: A-6
The silly black versus white, duality perception of realities & extremes everyone needs to move beyond, to avoid getting pulled emotionally away from having Clarity: For me it is too extreme and unlikely, too much focus upon one perspective when it is also false: Hence why I A-7
came forward still anonymously for I AM uninterested in notoriety: I AM interested in truth: For a decade I have worked to energetically balance the economic imbalances and stabilize multiple economies to maintain the core infrastructure, Free & fund constructive enforcement A-8
& the entire infrastructure to keep All operations on: Kindly know this include funding for restitution, rebuilding, education, health, etcetera in details unknown that has allowed multiple Disclosures in ways people little dream: Yet I AM observing as historically disclosed A-9
withholding from the people: Kindly know I have corrected with terms National Debt and Social Security system for example, providing what is required in among multiple realities: That has enforced the corrections and enforcement Disclosure of what the Earth population is A-10
experiencing as a Release in conscious awakening: People have Zero idea what they engage in transactionally via voluntary agreements that binds people to their own intention: Know everyone is bound by their conscious intention & simply desiring to Cease has Zero effect: A-11
It is essential to honor our intention: Recognize that on one level demand others honor their word & intention yet avoid due to discomfort, anger, disagreement etcetera the follow through in are own intention is double minded: How do We hold others responsible & accountable A-12
if we refuse to honor our own intentions or agreements? Comprehend the issue? As shared [they] are quite clever: Hence I have granted out of love the opportunity for everyone to literally have more time & perceive what is transpiring while energetically enforcing corrections A-13
Also know Time Traveling has also zero effect to make these type of corrections: There is highly complex Universal Law involved: Meaning the issues have to be resolved in ways that Zero people have taken literally into actual Energetic accounting: Nor did [they] care to! A-14
[They] only cared Once it inconvenienced [them]: As historically shared I booby trapped the operations that require specific spiritual Conscious Actualized experience of momentum, pure intention & my conscious energy to activate the DNA Biogenetic Key Codes to continue A-15
to observe everyones true intentions: Pauses are wonderful things, it allows for moments of required reflection: Some have believed that [they] could simply switch hats (as it were) yet forgot to alter [their] energy signatures & conduct: Believing by creating urgency Zero A-16
people would notice due to the emotional pressures being artificially exerted: Be Alert dear people: Notice the utilization of sensationalism and emotionalism to distract you from being Situationally Aware as all are consciously Awakening on mass: The time of transition is A-17
known to be fragile: Again these time periods of transition also have been historically utilized to create confusion even among those whom are consciously aware: Hence requiring us all to be ever Alert, calm, observant of what is transpiring especially during these moments A-18
of transition: The transition being experienced within the decade alone has been substantial & unprecedented: Yet I remind everyone it has been transpiring for since the first energetic counter was infused that transpired in fall 2009: The awareness of the counter infusion A-19
naturally transpired after yet as required by Law is always recorded & notification was given: Although as historically shared was misinterpreted due to lack of actual knowledge of what transpired nor of operations: The point being there is a substantial enforcement taking A-20
place & it is foolish to believe that one political party over another is superior: When it is the momentum of compelled energetic enforcement that is accelerating due to the ongoing removal of heinously corrupt people out of positions of fiduciary administrative trust A-21
It is essential to remember the entrenchment of this corruption was in key positions to create the most cataclysmic effect upon systems integration & expected operations: This is being corrected as shared & demonstrated yet hardly reported due to those attempting to maintain A-22
the illusion of control with [their] puppets & minions: Combined with the other skirmishes to power grab: Rather amusing from a perspective: Simply a gentle reminder multiple levels & multiple stages with same in conscious awareness transpiring: My Love & Compassion to All A-23
None of the images utilized are me, they simply convey the emotional expression and context of the moment to communicate with everyone: Yes, I AM a true woman, whom has lived a life on this Earth: Wishing All & Your Beloved Ones a magnificent day! Thank you! Life is Beautiful A24
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