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1/ I was trying to comfort a friend abt our situation b/c they were rightfully terrified that the US could turn into what's happening in Belarus right now (…)

There's a fine line b/w being aware & alert vs paralyzed with despair. Sadly, it's very hard to do
2/ Here is the litany of comforts I described about why I feel Trump (ym'sh) is likely to be defeated by Biden in the upcoming election.

(a) DJT incompetence
(b) October Surprises
(c) DJT Health
(d) Will of the People
3/ (A) DJT Incompetence: this has been clear from the start. The bad guys are terrible at being evil. The Ukraine Plot was stupid & it was foiled, leading to impeachment

The only reason DJT has been 'successful' in anything has been the well-oiled evil machine of current GOP
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Sure, "polls aren't votes", but 15 pts down means Trump's (ym"sh) vulnerable, dries up fundraising, allows GOP electeds to contradict him publicly, allows reporters to treat him normally & not as the magician of 2016 who commands a cult of violent kooks.
To combat the complacency that the polling imbalance could bring, I suggest telling fellow anti-Trumpites that no matter how much DJT is down in November, when you vote, it will feel as good as punching him in the face with all of your strength

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On 12th January 1948 ... Gandhi informed the People during his prayer meeting that he was commencing a fast the next day . 🤔

The Hindustan Times, edited by His son Mr. Devadas, reported & gave Wide publicity to that decision 😊

#RandomThoughts #MKG
On 17th Jan. 5 th day of his fast ,doctors issued a bulletin that he was ‘definitely weaker and his kidney was not functioning properly 🤔

Now-Emotional Blackmail started-👿

After Meeting Maulana Azad in morning, Gandhi laid down 7 conditions for breaking his fast ! 😉
Let’s check 7 Conditions of Mohandas ... for breaking his Fast -
1. The annual fair (the Urs) at the Khwaja Bakhtiyar shrine at Mehrauli, due in nine days time, should take place peacefully 🤔

2. The hundred odd mosques damaged in Delhi should be restored🤓
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President Obama invited foreign election interference by many countries in trying to frame candidate Trump for treason with Russia. Fact. #SenateImpeachmentTrial
The #Democrats are now trying to violate my rights, which are as equal as theirs, by disenfranchising my 2016 vote. If ballots are no longer an acceptable way to settle policy disagreements, then all we have left to protect our rights are bullets. Ballots or bullets? #WWG1WGA
I have a Q for #Democrat House managers. Do you prefer ballots or bullets? "Democracy" is dead if ballots are voided and disenfranchised What is left after the death of "Democracy" is that bullets, not ballots rule, in a failed State. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #KAG #SenateImpeachmentTrial
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Himachal Futurustic started the year 1999 at 37. Ended at 675. In 2000, it peaked at 2578 before correcting nearly 75% of the move.
Since it was a relatively unknown stock (before the Richard Packer story broke), very few Investors were positioned in the stock.
Both Volumes and Price exploded in 1999 and upto the peak. The entire fall from the peak happened in just one month, April of 2000 when it lost 50% to end at 833.
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Inner Peace is available to all of us, irrespective of caste, power, wealth status, etc... Etc... More Importantly its free to one and all..
Inner Peace cannot be purchased by any amount of Money... We can have all the wealth around us and still be miserable/unhappy due to lack of inner peace...

Inner Silence within is the substratum for living in the outer world..
Observe the Silence within at quiet place at regular intervals... You will be get many answers, solutions to your problems.. more importantly you will find bliss... A state of infinite happiness... It's a long journey... Be regular to this sadhana..
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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