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Previous DeCode posted March 3:
Remember everyone people are yet correctly Educated regarding everyone's essential transaction realities: Meaning everyone has next to Zero knowledge regarding daily transactional realities, there lies the rub: Everyone is guilty and it will A-1
require adjustment time, humility is a marvelous thing: For it opens the heart to learning: I love to learn: For us to advance as a society and civilization: We are marvelously Awakening to new Old realities that have always been with us, it was simply looked over due to A-2
multiple life distractions: Forgive yourself & others whom actually brought you to this point of Awakening awareness: Reeducation begins with an open heart & mind ready to learn via humility: Kindly know has Zero to do with being anyone's door mat: Forget it, I AM expressing A-3
the basics of learning procedures requires the ability to be a blank canvas or the ability to clear your mind & emotions expediently of everything: This is how We metas Activate: We are able to go instantly to a Zero (-0-) balance mentally & emotionally Full On (subatomic A-4
quantum) awareness of Pure alignment Equilibrium: Everything requires mental & emotional discipline to learn or relearn anything: The complex part is for adults with layers of counter productive programming to recognize they have spent the
majority of their life focus upon A-5
irrelevant perceptions of reality: Good Times! Remember the pain of those achievements will act as a reminder and is an established constructive momentum attained & recorded: Blank canvas means disabusing ourselves of previous perceptions of reality:The quicker we do this the A-6
faster we are prepared to attain a new Navigational bearing, which is essential: Similar to the preparations of going upon a trip regardless of the distance or duration: We clear our minds & emotions sufficiently to accomplish the task:
Sounds simple yes? It is the only issue A-7
is when uncontrolled thoughts & emotions interfere: Yet notice if it is urgent enough everyone is capable of refocusing sufficiently to move forward to accomplish the task if it's priority enough: Well All our transactions with reality are a very serious priority:This is what A-8
is about the control of people's focus of attention that drives the direction of the emotional charges of Our feelings: Comprehend how easy it is to place a bit (Like a horse) & control people when they have very little to Zero control over their own Attention & emotional A-9
feelings? Did you notice the gif? The front obvious view was about the horse & rider, while the background view?Showed another event transpiring that resulted in someone eager to gain speed, forgetting some essential basics about
momentum, mass & velocity relatively speaking A-10
These basics are essential for an experienced driver or rider yet are nonexistent to any novice: The point is Zero discouragement:Due to the fact Adults have a momentum of experiences to know how inefficient it is to WASTE-ANY-MORE-TIME-ON-NONSENSE! Correct? 🤣😂😅Good thing A-11
FYI there will be people who believe they know and will interject "something shiny" that some of you will jump at to find familiar "mental & emotional" footing: Get used to being in Free Fall, meaning learn how to balance within versus outwardly:There are Tricksters & Jokers A-12
waiting to ambush anyone everywhere, make Zero mistake: Yet the (tricksters & jokers) are easy to spot: Oh & [they] think everyone is really stupid and/or extremist: [They] operate via absolutes to trigger, waste time & create doubt & fear in ourselves: Be alert! [They're] A-13
anyone, could be a loved ones or a perfect stranger etcetera: For those of you who know the Matrix movies, it is another meaning of Mr. Smith: Due to people love familiarity & the enemy combatants know this: [They] also know how to insidiously attempt to destroy progress: A-14
For example progress Americans accepted a black president: Then to discover that that very president was a planted treasonous subversive pedophile, who is allegedly gay: Married to a transgender man: [HC] is another example & along comes Donald J. Trump with the beautiful A-15
conservative family, one of them: Meaning one of the Elites remember that regardless whether [they] all get along is irrelevant, when it comes to well, the haves and have little to ZERO: *Public side operationally speaking ONLY! For private side is another existing reality A-16
That ZERO people had any idea existed until I FORCED the issue: One little point! Energetic Enforcement is very real & I continually redirect everyone's attention to the essential basics of transactional operations: Cease looking over there & do your best to maintain balance A-17
in yourself and regain control over your attention & emotions (reactions to anything & everyone): Especially if [they] look like Matrix Agent Mr. Smith:😃As historically shared since July via PS House Estate account: I have deposited into Custodial depositary IP regarding A-18
these basics, which are Estate Trust realities & about the Presumption of Death operations: This resulted in the fiduciary Custodian Twitter being directed to Shut the account down: 🤣😂🤣Now why would that transpire regarding "this type of information"? Very few people knew A-19
the Photon Storm page even existed: Well interestingly enough within that very short time span during a thread Three (Yes 3) accounts were discovered to be following very early: Two lovely people noticed it immediately & shared it with me: I posted a multicomm & [they] left A-20
the dialogue simultaneously: Naturally [they] know who I AM for [they] had high level security clearances: Yes [they] are were high level oversight fiduciaries from the former administration: Respect of operational Law is very Serious: Those that know recognize Zero Games A-21
are possible within the Private Side operational realities: The repercussions for any abuse is severe, All are held accountable: Zero Escape Only correction & complete Restitution is required: Think carefully about attempting to confuse or obfuscate this data: It's Extremely A-22
foolish to do so & is Dangerous: Bringing us to comprehend how threatened many are about people learning to Self Govern their own realities: Why would responsible accountable mature people threaten anyone? One would expect it to be a Priority, correct? What has transpired A-23
enforces multiple multidimensional things: Further it proves & Discloses people have always been capable, yet lacked the knowledge (Hosea 4:6) to readily release themselves from an artificially Created heinous Machiavellian trap: Created by others granted a fresh opportunity A-24
to begin Life again: Believing that due to having technology made them superior beings, regardless of knowing the spiritual advancement of mankind existed: Now you all know far more: Wishing All & Your Beloved Ones a Wonderful day evening! Love to All A-25
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