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#BarrHearing ICYMI: Key section timing Durham report before election. AG Barr: We are not going to interfere. In fact, I have made it clear I am not going to tolerate (INAUDIBLE). Rep. Debbie Muscarsel-Powell: But under oath you are saying that you do not commit to not...
releasing a report by... Durham? BARR: I--I am not going to--any report will be in my judgment not one covered by the policy would disrupt the election. NADLER: The time of the gentlelady-- BARR: I have already made it clear that neither candidate-- MUCARSEL-POWELL: You would...
go against your own Dept of Justice policy, Mr. Barr? BARR: Why don't you tell me what that policy is? MUCARSEL-POWELL: I have it right here. BARR: Well, actually- MUCARSEL-POWELL: Do you want me to repeat it for you? BARR: No, I know what the policy is.@CBSNews @ClareHymes22
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And then the questioning began
But they did not question
They made speeches
When he tried to answer
The shouted over
When he started to answer
They shouted, "Reclaiming my time."
Reclaiming my time
Time waisted
Time lost
Opportunity cost
"I am reclaiming my time."
I am livid
I am enraged
Bill Barr at last in Congress
But the Dems have not engaged
They speechify and cut him off
And waste the nation's time
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As to today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Barr:

If this had been a fight they would have stopped it!
He sat patiently and politely, enduring endless badgering on multiple questions from committee Democrats all the while never being allowed to give a full answer in response.

When he was allowed to speak, he gave reasoned answers to the questions presented by the committee.

Well done Attorney General Barr!
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A hearing about secret agents assaulting peaceful protesters across this country has the GOP opening w/yelling about spying by Obama? I just can't. #BarrHearing #JIMJordan
I sure hope the Dems have a video that shows the overwhelming amount of peaceful protests that have gone on for months to counter this fear-mongering video of the GOP. @mindyanns @HouseDemocrats
AND please include a video of the secret police in Portland, Lafayette Park, and everywhere else. @HouseDemocrats you need to counter this GOP propaganda which is meant to justify the Barr militias showing up unwanted in our cities.
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Bill Barr’s tenure as Attorney General has led to an unprecedented politicization of the #DOJ. I submitted multiple documents that outline his efforts to suppress constitutional rights & tip the scales of justice in favor of the President. #BarrHearing (1/8)
A Slate article entitled “Why Trump Chose Portland” which describes the racial history of the state and the Portland Police Bureau. (2/8)…
A @NYTimes op-ed from Mary McCord who writes her words were twisted to justify the Department’s disingenuous position to drop charges against #MichaelFlynn after he already pled guilty. (3/8)…
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Attorney General William Barr is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee and is expected to be questioned about the politicization of DOJ and alleged abuse of power.

We’ve been investigating Barr, here’s some of what we’ve uncovered. #BarrHearing…
Earlier this month, documents we obtained showed Barr met with President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in August 2019 — even as the Ukraine investigation was ramping up.

According to email records, the meeting had been requested by Barr on Aug. 19, contradicting the Justice Department’s previous assertions that Barr dropped-by incidentally.
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Hearing Congressman Nadler talk about the Rule of Law this morning is a bit rich.

I supported allowing the Mueller investigation to go forward and am incredibly disappointed the House Judiciary Committee has no interest in investigating one of the most corrupt FBI operations in its history – #CrossfireHurricane.
Crossfire Hurricane was rotten to the core and the Mueller investigation had no lawful predication.
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DEM Nadler recites a blistering litany of staggering corruption, disinformation & even violence by Barr's DOJ

GOP Jordan presents a fever dream of disinformation, fake narrative after fake narrative, and the obligatory agitprop video of looters, fire & police widow Image
Of course, Republicans start off #BarrHearing by playing dirty. Nadler says Jim Jordan broke Committee rules by playing that insanely long agitprop video maligning protesters & media with a mish-mash of violent imagery to agitate emotional responses. That's what propagandists do.
Nadler asks Barr directly: Is his operation to deploy law enforcement to cities an effort to help Trump's re-election campaign?

Barr says the op was announced earlier. Uh—right after impeachment. So of COURSE, obviously political move to keep Republicans in power.
#BarrHearing Image
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"In your time at the department, you have aided and abetted the worst decisions of the president." -@RepJerryNadler

The Barr hearing is live NOW >>…
@RepJerryNadler Nadler: "In this Justice Department, the President’s enemies will be punished and his friends will be protected, no matter the cost."

More on Barr's pattern of intervention and abuse of power…
Jim Jordan is yelling again, and while we don't have enough characters to debunk his entire meaningless ramble ("spy lady???"), here is what you need to know about why the "unmasking" thing isn't a thing…
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Sec. of State Tillerson told Trump no, and said it would be ILLEGAL interference in an ongoing investigation.

@AmbJohnBolton called it an obstruction of justice.

New #Halkbank Timeline from me and @DaniSchulkin.

Just in time for #BarrHearing…
2. At its heart, the prosecution of the Turkish bank Halkbank involves a multibillion-dollar criminal scheme to evade U.S. sanctions against #Iran.

According to great reporting by several news outlets, Trump directed Barr to try to stop prosecution of the bank and its associates

09/21/16: Erdoğan asks @JoeBiden to get case dropped and fire @PreetBharara
09/21/16: Erdoğan's wife tries with @DrBiden
12/15/16: Erdoğan tries with @BarackObama
1/3/17: Erdoğan tries with Obama

The answer is no.

Erdoğan tries with Trump, and Barr kicks into action.
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It appears that Attorney General Barr chose not to include highly pertinent information in recent responses to Congress. #BarrHearing (1/5)
Beyond that, he seems to have firmly embraced @realDonaldTrump 's view that the U.S. Attorney General should watch out for the President’s political interests, rather than watching out for the public interest. #BarrHearing (2/5)
This is wildly contrary to the sworn duty of all members of the Justice Department to “do justice without fear or favor.” #BarrHearing (3/5)
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I saw 1 thing today-that Barr & Trump don't care, no matter what we do they're going to duck & dodge & lie. There's only ONE thing that we can do that will surely get them OUT of DC, we have to focus hard, do the req'd work & get a Dem into the Oval. No matter what! #BarrHearing
2-Dems have to cont to hold every one of these hearings and let their obstruction, bad behavior & whatever gleaned evidence, trash whatever legit chance Trump has, but WE have to elect another President. We need to start NOW.
3-What we did in the Midterms is nothing compared to what we have to accomplish in 2020.. we not only have to replace Trump but we need to keep the majority in the House and get it back in the Senate..every one of us needs to help in these efforts. It. Is. Massive. Life or death.
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Sen. Marsha Blackburn on Mueller's team of prosecutors: "Do you consider these lawyers to be the best and the brightest in the field?"

Barr: "Not necessarily"

The AG of the United States is disparaging his own department. Barr has got to go.
Sen. Mazie Hirono to AG Barr: "Now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani, or Kellyanne Conway, or any of the other people who sacrificed their once-decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office"
Sen @MazieHirono to Barr: “You lied to Congress…you did exactly what I thought you’d do, that’s why I voted against your confirmation. I expected you would try to protect the president. And indeed, you did.” #BarrHearing
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Thread of threads (1). Live-tweeting the #BarrHearing is @MollyMcKew, who writes often on information warfare and intelligence matters.
Thread of threads (3): Also live-tweeting the #BarrHearing has been veteran national security blogger @emptywheel
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"Did I discuss that?"
You can watch the #Barr hearing here:…
Sen. Dick Durbin recently used the word kabuki dance in this hearing -
That's weird and just you know - not ok.
Apparently Durbin says that a lot and he's not the only one who uses that term.…
Some of my best friends are summaries sir! #BarrHearing
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FACT CHECKS: AG Barr just finished his opening statement.

He has repeatedly lied about the #MuellerReport to protect Trump. Today’s #BarrHearing is no different. He’s lying on national TV. No amount of spin can hide the facts—here are 5 big Barr lies.

RT to spread the truth.
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Lots of new material in Barr's opening statement

Barr's team pressed Mueller on March 5th about Mueller's decision not to make a recommendation on obstruction

Mueller didn't have an answer - they were "still formulating" their excuse

A key point made by Barr - if Mueller KNEW he wasn't going to come to a conclusion on obstruction, why did he investigate it for over a year?

That's not what DOJ resources are for.

DOJ doesn't run smear campaigns.

It prosecutes, or it doesn't.

Barr brought up 18 USC § 1512(c)(2)

You'll be hearing more about statute that shortly on @HumanEvents

It matters more than you might suspect

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"The first order of business is to cool the room down." - Graham
#ifonly #BarrHearing
Senator Graham: "can't say I've read it all, but I've read most of it."

Way to establish confidence in the process! #BarrHearing
Senator Graham recites Mueller's resume. "He has served this country in a variety of circumstances long and well. For those who took time to read the report, I think it was well-written, very thorough."
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When asked by @SenatorShaheen why he wants a probe into the origins of the Russia probe, Barr says because **he believes the US government spied on the Trump campaign.**

Barr is a full-blown conspiracy theorist just like Nunes and Trump.
@atrupar #BarrHearing #Maddow
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Bill Barr is the Devin Nunes of Roy Cohn's.
Barr's review of Mueller's probe will be Nunes' conspiracy theorist investigations, the sequel: Carter Page FISA, deep state's imaginary US spy who entrapped Trump officials, the Uranium One/Clinton faux scandal, butter emails, and of course, a leak probe.
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It's concerning but not surprising. Anyone who didn't realize that Barr had already shared the Mueller Report with the White House or that Barr would do anything other than orchestrate this ridiculous #CoverUp for Trump, hasn't been paying attention.
Barr won't release the full, unredacted Mueller report to Congress or petition the court to unseal grand jury info. He said if Nadler wants, he can petition the court, basically telling Nadler to sue him. As one does in a #CoverUp.
#BarrHearing #Maddow
BARR refused, on multiple occasions, to say whether he has shared the Mueller Report with anyone in the White House, where Barr's son-in-law, Tyler McGaughey, has worked since Barr was sworn in as Trump's AG.
#BarrHearing #Maddow
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NEW: Barr says redacted Mueller Report will be available "within a week" and redactions will be color-coded to correspond to the 4 categories he laid out in his Mar 29 letter but didn't answer why he didn't use the summaries submitted by the Mueller team in his "summary."
When asked by Chairwoman @NitaLowey if the White House has seen the Mueller report, BARR, in all his arrogance, says he's said everything he plans to say about the Mueller Report. "I've already issued 3 letters about it."
via @atrupar #Maddow
Chairwoman @NitaLowey: “I just hope that we as members of Congress are going to have the complete Mueller report.”

BARR: “You mean the unredacted report? No.”
#BarrHearing #Maddow
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Barr says privacy and reputation of uncharged parties will be protected with redactions. It will be rich if Cambridge Analytica links get redacted, a company subject to prosecution in UK under Data Protection Act for violating America’s privacy, had it not shuttered. #BarrHearing
Cambridge Analytica was a “transnational” organization, criminally raided and convicted by UK authorities. What’s Congress going to do to prevent practice of internationalized (and military contracting) campaign vendors that refuse to cooperate with investigators? #BarrHearing
Some receipts:
1. ICO informing me they convicted Cambridge Analytica for refusing to cooperate on disclosure orders.
2. Discovery document obtained by court order (plus other evidence) indicates full cooperation is uncertain. We’re not sure if seized servers have been returned.
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Sen. Dianne Feinstein: “Top of mind for all of us is the ongoing investigation. Importantly, the attorney general must be willing to resist political pressure and be committed to protecting this investigation.” #BarrHearing
Sen. Orrin Hatch says Barr, in his last stint as attorney general, “prioritized fighting violent crime and became known as the law and order attorney general.”

Criminal justice reformers worry about that history: #BarrHearing
Barr takes the floor at his confirmation hearing and introduces his family to the committee.

"My son ... will someday be in the Department of Justice," he says. #BarrHearing
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