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Un eil lid koun ha stourm e #Derry
Ar mintin-mañ e oa bet deus ur valeadenn aozet gant familhoù ar 14 den lazhet 50 vloaz zo.
Un eil vanifestadeg a zo bet goude merenn. Thread 👇
Abaoe pell zo ez eus deus ur valeadenn e koun ar re varv. Baleet e vez war roudoù manifestadeg ar Bloody Sunday. Abaoe 2010 hag embann an teuliad Saville eo bet divizet gant ul lodenn deus ar familhoù paouez da vanifestiñ pep bloaz
Met ul lodenn all, Kate Nash en o-zouez, breur William Nash, o deus kendalc'het gant ar pleg se.
C'hoant ganto derc'hel soñj met ivez stourm evit kas ar vuntrerien d'an toull bac'h
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The #BloodySunday march has just started in Derry
Irish Taoiseach @MichealMartinTD and Foreign minister @simoncoveney on their way to the #BloodySunday memorial.
#BloodySunday50 #Derry 🇬🇧🇮🇪
The heartbreaking names of #BloodySunday victims are being read out
#BloodySunday50 #Derry 🇬🇧🇮🇪
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- Dohmnach Fola -

C'était il y a 50 ans, et les répercussions en Irlande du Nord se font toujours sentir. À #Derry particulièrement où les "murals" restaurés régulièrement se font toujours le rappel de cet évènement dramatique.

C'est à Derry, le 30 janvier 1972 que fut organisée l'une des plus grandes manifestations pour la réunification de l'Irlande de l'histoire. Mais cette marche républicaine qui se voulait pacifique tourne au bain de sang face à l'armée d'occupation britannique.
Pour la première fois depuis des années, le bataillon de parachutistes qui siège à l'entrée du Bogside pénètre dans les rues de ce quartier populaire irlandais de Derry et fait un carton. Le résultat est un véritable massacre : 14 mort-es, 14 blessé-es.
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Mezzo secolo dopo, quelle lacrime di sangue e dolore non si sono asciugate. Gerry Duddy, 64 anni, prova a trattenerle. Charlie Glenn, 68, proprio non ce la fa.

Il mio reportage da #Derry: "Chiediamo giustizia per il #BloodySunday" 🇬🇧🇮🇪…
1. Gerry Duddy davanti al murales che rappresenta la morte di suo fratello Jackie, 17 anni, nel Bloody Sunday del 1972 (foto di Antonello Guerrera) Image
2. Ecco Charlie Glenn, 50 anni dopo: ossia quel ragazzo al centro del murales di #Derry con gli occhiali, mentre regge Jackie Duddy morto durante il "Bloody Sunday" di cinquant'anni fa (foto di Antonello Guerrera) #BloodySunday50 #BloodySunday 🇬🇧🇮🇪 @repubblica Image
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39. We can't wait until after a #unity referendum to make it clear what this will look like on the other side, says @columeastwood. Warns of a "corrupt, corrosive" British gov in place, capable of calling a referendum at any point to shore up the union - be prepared for that
40. @DeclanKearneySF says it's important for people from Protestant and #unionist backgrounds to feel they can shape and own and participate in the debate which will lead to a modernised Ireland
41. I don't want the North to be subsumed into the Republic or vice versa, says @aoifegracemoore . London could decide tomorrow and Dublin could be caught short. Let's all get off the fence and do the work.
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1. We need expand the definition of Irishness - one million people living on this island were not born here but call it home, says @IRLPatricia in a discussion chaired in #Derry today by @SusanMcKay15 @IrelandsFuture
2. We need to have an approach to dialogue which allows every voice to be heard. But those who say it's divisive to have the #unity debate need to be gently but firmly reminded that closing down this debate is attempt silence legitimate political aspirations, says @IRLPatricia
@IRLPatricia 3. Many people are engaging in this constitutional conversation because they take the possibility of a "new Ireland" very seriously indeed - it has transformative potential says @cjhumanrights
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Meanwhile in #NorthernIreland, the @SDLPlive's @BrianTierney09 championed the new rainbow crossing in #Derry that apparently cost ratepayers £22k. Yet another example of ill-thought out gesture politics that actual causes harm. In this case, visually impaired people, inc LGB+T.
@SDLPlive @BrianTierney09 £22k, @BrianTierney09 @columeastwood? Did you consult with @RNIBNI @guidedogsni before installing crossings that are confusing to guide dogs, putting visually impaired pedestrians in danger? Where was the due diligence?
"Rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings are not safe for disabled people, older people or children and could exacerbate hallucinatory conditions, including for those with psychosis, campaigners warn." Not so 'welcoming' after all. #gesturepolitics…
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Depuis plus d’une semaine nous pouvons voir dans différents médias des images de nuits d’émeutes dans les six comtés de l’Irlande occupée. Voici un thread analysant la situation actuelle ⤵️ (1/18)
Que ce soit à #Belfast ou à #Derry des jeunes attaquent les forces de l’ordre, incendient des véhicules, expriment leur rage et leur impuissance. Si ces images sont relativement courantes au nord, deux détails rendent cet événement assez unique. (2/18)
L’étendue de la contestation tout d’abord mais surtout les protagonistes. Cette fois, ce sont des #loyalistes qui attaquent les forces de l’ordre. Pour comprendre pourquoi les « fidèles à la couronne » attaquent ses représentants et ses « protecteurs » (3/18)
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Cosa sta succedendo a #Belfast?
Gravi disordini ieri in una delle "interfacce" fra i due maggiori agglomerati unionista (Shankill Road) e nazionalista (Springfield Road/Falls Road), dove 52 anni fa è deflagrata l'ultima fase del conflitto anglo-irlandese, >
#8aprile #thread 1/21
2/21 > i cosiddetti "Troubles". Perché queste violenze?
I motivi dichiarati dai giovani manifestanti (che hanno iniziato ad attaccare la polizia nel Waterside di #Derry a fine marzo, disordini poi divampati nei quartieri Sandy Row e Newtownabbey a #Belfast): >
#8aprile #Loyalist
3/21 > il temuto "confine marittimo" introdotto fra Irlanda del Nord e resto del Regno Unito dalla Brexit e la decisione della magistratura di non procedere contro 24 funzionari dello Sinn Féin per l'infrazione delle norme anti-Covid durante il funerale del >
#8aprile #Loyalist
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Northern Ireland “isn’t racist” -… Northern Ireland, which is 99% white, holds the UK's record for the highest rate of racist attacks. More than 200 incidents have been reported to police in the past nine months, although many victims no longer bother to complain..…
2005/2006 we got race hate capital of Europe

On Sunday two houses in which Lithuanians live in Dunmurry on the outskirts of Belfast were attacked. Three windows were smashed in one house and paint thrown at the other.
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I suppose we can safely say that now #TheFrighteners have been so successfully and publicly put on a certain sector their combined angst will spew a diarrhoea of spin & warp whilst trying to use THAT VERY THING to generate $£Es Some with automated AdTech software already bought.
2/ Some bought by gormless companies, by mistake, some in full knowledge or partial knowledge of what it could do. It will be interesting as time goes on to see who apparently DIDN'T CARE about the likely instigation of its more negative 'dark' capabilities looking to 'side-step'
3/ or even 'wrong-foot' Irish & EU regulation standards, & possibly law. This too is a kind of #climatechange & #ClimateAction in itself, a would be mammoth untouchable iceberg of 'dominion' & 'control' being melted out into an ocean of citizens' scrutiny & advancement for change
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1/"Ian Paisley apologises at supporters' meeting"… "Mimicking the actions of the Conservative MP Boris Johnson, a number of Mr Paisley's supporters served tea & biscuits to the waiting media."Does that seem like taking the piss' to you? #JustSaying #Brexit
2/ "The North Antrim MP could face a by-election if 10% of his constituents sign a petition. A recall ballot, where voters can sign a petition calling for a by-election, has been opened.The recall petition is the first in UK parliamentary history." #Brexit #Northernireland #Derry
3/ "In politics they say when you are explaining you are often losing the argument. In recent weeks Ian Paisley has been doing a lot of explaining.
This meeting was organised by supporters of Ian Paisley so the suspended MP was speaking to a very receptive audience. He was in
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#next, I need your #help, and I mean all of you #please, regardless of party-politics, ideological differences, geo-location, can I have your <3 engaged to help a family, friends, a local community & a student community in their #search for a #MissingPerson #missing since Nov.2nd
2/" #StephenCullinan (25), the son of North #Tipperary #IFA Chair, Tim #Cullinan, hasn’t been seen since November 2 when he left his home in Castletroy, County #Limerick and made his way to #Dublin. "…
3/"His worried relatives believe he may have made his way to another major Irish city, even as far as #Belfast. The vulnerable young man is without his medication." " He could be in #Galway. We’re grasping at straws."
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