Short info to the terror attack in #Vienna #Austria.

A shooting to place infront the main Synagoge 2 civilians died, 1 after emergebcy medical treatment, a police office who got shot surrived. According to reports there is a manhunt ongoing for one person still.
The terrorists had automatic weapones and after raids at there homes the police announced it was a well planned terror attack. Czechia will in parts make controlls at the border The suicide west the tratiotor did wear was fake. He was equipt with a machete,pistol, long range.
The attack begun at 8PM local, at least 15 injured.
the attack took plasce on several lokal places in the inner city
another source say there are 3 deads as and there were 6 shootings at closeby locations. The third death was a shooted terroist. There is still a warning as the manhunt remains, to enter the downtown of Vienna north of the Hofburg and near by the Stephansdom (Stehphan cathedral)
The austrian goverment announced there will be road blocks in Vienna and a increase of generell landborder controls to its neighboring states (Czechia,Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Lichtenstein, Switzerland). According to Nehammer, compulsory schooling is suspended today.
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack

At 6 a.m local (5AM UTC +0), the Ministry of the Interior will hold a press conference on the latest developments after the attack in Vienna.
there are reports of 7 deads, yes and it is sayed that the 3 deads were only civillians, but there is no official announced number atm then 3 deads and 15 injured, wich is one terrorist who died. Manhunt in Wien/ Vienna is ongoing.
Oskar Deutsch, President of the Israelite Religious Society Austria, announced that "all synagogues, Jewish schools, as well as the institutions of the IKG, kosher restaurants and supermarkets will remain closed tomorrow as a precaution."

there is also no official info published if the attack was mainly targeted against the jewish comunuty, as the place itself where the attack took place very diverse is and huge.
Again there are still a lots of tvings unclear.

-The image with the 4 people wich didnt wear any shirt wich seemed they got arrested.

-How many people are involed and one the run

-At the moment officaly are 3 deads
A terrorist, a police officer, and a passerby.
And also the first people wich helped were turkish boxer wich were able to givw first aid so dont be xenophobic or racist please...
Also if the synagoge thw first shots were fired near by was the target as it sayed they had no real target during there attacks... They went across the downtown of Vienna. Wich is still in parts closed with road blocks. Military is still there. No compulsory education in Vienna.
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

Please reade the second page too...

The German "Bild" newspaper reported that the terrorist likely main culprit was a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia. He announced his act on Instagram. 1/2
The spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna, Harald Sörös, told the Austrian news agency APA that his house could not confirm the report for the time being. 2/2
The Jewish community in Bratislava, Slovakia is reported to have closed all kosher stores, eateries, schools and synagogues until further notice.

In addition, Jewish citizens are being asked not to leave their houses.
Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the General Director for Public Security, Franz Ruf, and the Vienna Police President Gerhard Pürstl will provide information on the latest developments regarding the attack in Vienna at 6 a.m.
Livestream Press conference (Salzburger Nachrichten):…
#Austria #Vienna #austriaAttack

According to the APA agency, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz calls a special cabinet meeting via video conference in the early morning. He will then address the population with a speech. 1/2
At 12 noon, Kurz, together with Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, invites Vienna's Mayor Michael Ludwig and the club leaders of the parliamentary parties to the Chancellery. 2/2
The Austrian Ministry of the Interior has confirmed several house searches in connection with the attack in Vienna. Several people were arrested, the ORF reports, citing the authority. Further information was not initially disclosed.
what they do know Police Vienna

- 3 deads 2 male 1 woman
(+attacker =4)
-15 injured
-At least one terrorist
-Islmistic background
-Havy weapones
-His suicide belt was a dummy
-Raid at the homer of the terrorist
-Evaluation of video material is ongoing
According to the Austrian MoI Seven police officers used there weapones to neutralize the terrorist.
there are 4 civilian deads
2 woman
2 males

5 deads includin tve terrorist.
As the spokesman for the Austrian Interior Ministry, Harald Sörös, announced on APA request, the authorities assume a maximum of four perpetrators
17 people got treated in hospitals the last one who entered a hospital was at 22:09 (UTC+1). 3 people got already realesed. One of the injured was a 28 year old police officer his health situation is still critical but stable. He was on routine nearyby as te attack occured.
Four people were killed in the attack, two men and two women. A woman must have been a waitress. The second woman between the ages of 40 and 50 died in the Ottakring clinic.
According to eyewitnesses repoorts medical personal wich arrived after the shooting ended should have attempted to reanimate the terrorist, without sucess

Germany is steps up border checks at the border to austria acoording to the police due to the vienna attacks.

There is no official info the the ID of the terrorist. A journalist, I saw the post say its a Albainan man who grew up and was born in vienna. But there is no official annoucment and I dont expect we gonne here it today, also it dosnt matter his ID...
17 people injured in total

of them
7 Life threatning
3 people got realesed from hospital

at least one case, of the 28 year old police officer is in critical situation anymore but not life threatning.
#Austria #StPölen #ViennaAttack

According to the newspaper "Kurier" in the morning, special police units also searched the contact address of the alleged assassin in the Lower Austrian city of St. Pölten. 1/2
Experts on site are currently busy securing evidence, reports the newspaper. Other accesses in Lower Austria are also being prepared at the moment 2/2
The bomber who was shot by the police wanted to travel to Syria in the past to join the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia. Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told the APA news agency that he was prevented from doing so and
was instead sentenced on April 25, 2019 for membership in a terrorist organization. The man was "prematurely released" on December 5th. Accordingly, he was considered a young adult and thus fell under the privileges of the Juvenile Court Act.
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

The assassin, who was shot by the police after the attack in downtown Vienna, was 20 years old, an Austrian citizen and had North Macedonian roots. He had a relevant criminal record for membership in a terrorist organization.
Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announced this to the APA news agency.
#Austria #NorthMacedonia #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

Austria has turned to the authorities in North Macedonia, where the attacker came from. This was announced by the North Macedonian Ministry of the Interior in the capital Skopje.
The Austrian police asked the police association Europol for cooperation and relevant information about the attacker, reported the television station A1, citing the message. According to official information, the 20-year-old Kujtim F.
was a supporter of the radical Islamist terrorist militia IS and had North Macedonian roots. According to name and origin, he belonged to the Albanian minority in North Macedonia.
As reported by local media, his family comes from the village of Celopek (Albanian: Cellopek) near the city of Tetovo. The area is almost exclusively inhabited by ethnic Albanians.

A terabyte of data, a total of more than 20,000 videos, according to Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, citizens sent the police. After viewing 50 percent of the material, 1/2
there has been no evidence of another perpetrator, Nehammer said at a press conference. The high security level will be maintained in Vienna. 2/2
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

The perpetrator from Vienna was convicted of "attempted jihad exit" and attempted affiliation with IS, but was released prematurely from custody, said Interior Minister Nehammer. 1/3
The man, who had already been imprisoned for attempting membership in a terrorist organization, had succeeded in deceiving the authorities about the failure of his deradicalization when he was released early, according to Nehammer. 2/3
There were no warnings about the danger posed by the 20-year-old. 3/3
Statment in 👉German👈 by the Austrian federral presidenr Alexander van der Bellen

Statment vom Bundespräsidenten von Österreich Alexander van der bäBellen
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

In the Upper Austrian capital Linz, according to several media reports, a person was arrested in connection with the attack in Vienna. The APA news agency reports that
Governor Thomas Stelzer has confirmed a house search and arrest in Linz. The daily newspaper "Kronen Zeitung" reports that the arrested person - as well as the alleged perpetrator who was shot - is a well-known Islamist.
The terror suspect from Vienna is said to have had contact with German Islamists before his act. The "Spiegel" reports, citing the judgment of the Vienna Regional Court of April 2019. At that time, Kujtim F. was sentenced to 22 months in prison. 1/3
The direct contacts with other Islamists are said to have taken place in the Turkish-Syrian border area after his departure. According to the court, two Germans and a Belgian are said to have stayed in a "safe house" of the IS. 2/3
After three days, however, F. was informed that smuggling to Syria was currently too dangerous. It is not clear from the judgment who the Germans and the Belgian were concerned. 3/3
#Austria #Vienna #TerrorAttack #ViennaAttack

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has not given the all-clear after the deadly terrorist attack in Vienna, which left four people dead. "The situation is still tense," said Kurz of the "Bild" newspaper.
There is a fear of copycat offenders. In addition, he did not want to finally rule out that there might not be a second fugitive perpetrator.
"We are now assuming that there was only one perpetrator who moved very quickly and shot at six locations in downtown Vienna and murdered numerous people here in cold blood. But we still have no one hundred percent certainty." , so short.
the german foregin ministry confirms that one of the victims of the #ViennaAttack #TerrorAttack in #Vienna, #Austria was a german

the post of the German MFA translated: " We now have the sad certainty that a German citizen is also among the victims of the attack in Vienna. Our condolences and condolences go out to their families and friends. 1/2
We share the grief for the victims with the people of Vienna and all of Austria, but also the determination to counter fanaticism and terror with all our might. We must now clearly show the perpetrators: You will never achieve your goal, the division of our society." 2/2
ISIS now officialy realesed a statment wehre they claim responsiblity for #Vienna #ViennaAttack #TerrorAttack

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