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J’ai vu passer quelques tweets/threads sur la centrale #nucléaire de Brennilis et je voulais juste vous partager une petite archive vidéo de l’INA....
...ainsi qu'un minuscule thread descriptif, sans prétention, sur l’histoire de l’atypique centrale nucléaire bretonne.
Au début des années 1960, les terres mystiques et légendaires des monts d’Arrée (#Finistère) sont choisies pour accueillir le réacteur expérimental « EL 4 » (pour Eau Lourde n°4). Avant lui, il y a eu EL 1 ou "Zoé" (Fontenay-aux-Roses, 1948) et EL 2 et 3 (Saclay, 1952 & 1957).
Réalisée conjointement par le CEA et EDF, la centrale de Brennilis sort de terre à partir de 1962 pour une entrée en service en 1967. Quelques années plus tard, la #France opte pour la technologie des réacteurs à eau légère, condamnant l’avenir de la filière à eau lourde.
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🔥🔥Article glaçant: L’analyse des actions gouvernementales depuis le #Covid19 montre qu’en réalité, une des véritables intentions de la suppression des droits élémentaires du citoyen est «d'éliminer les vieux» trop coûteux en terme de retraites...suite ⬇️…
Le Dr Leo Alexander 1949: «C’est à partir de débuts insignifiants que les valeurs d’une société entière peuvent être renversées». Bien avant les nazis au pouvoir, un changement dans la culture médicale s’était déjà produit «ouvrant la voie avec une littérature sur l’euthanasie»⬇️
#Covid19 Pas de masques ni gels, ni assez de respirateurs, pas d’ouvertures de lits ni embauche de personnel, plan blanc bloquant l'aide des cliniques privées, mais dont les lits restent vides. «En même temps » une mise en scène théâtrale du président...⬇️…
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On 21 May the #Trump administration announced the U.S. #withdrawal from the #OpenSkiesTreaty. It will take effect in November. Tomorrow the 34 member states hold a virtual state conference to decide the future of the treaty. Can they save it? Bottom line: Yes, they can! 1/15
2/15 The US could theoretically still reverse its position and remain in the treaty. In May #Pompeo stated that “if #Russia returns to full compliance” the US may reconsider. BUT: This won’t happen! The US has already stopped implementing the treaty. No more US flights this year.
3/15 There are three major issues: First, what about the other member states? Will they remain or follow the U.S. by withdrawing? Second, how will Russia/Belarus react? Third, how does the U.S. withdrawal affect the treaty on a technical level? Let’s look at them one at a time.
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Skull No. 5942

#France returned the skulls of 24 #Algeria|ns decapitated while fighting French colonialists over 170 years ago.

One of the skulls returned was Sheikh Moussa Al-Derkaoui. Sheikh Moussa was an Egyptian, a student of Sheikh Muhammad bin Hamza Dhafir al-Madani.
Sheikh Moussa settled in central #Algeria in 1829 and joined the colonial resistance. He fought alongside Sheikh Bouziane who led the colonial resistance during the 1849 battle of Zaatcha, a village in northern #Algeria.
During the siege of Zaatcha, the Algerian resistance fighters under the leadership of Sheikh Bouziane fought against the French occupation forces led by General Emile Herbillonet. The siege had ended with the extermination of the local population of the oasis.

#Algeria #France
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The last 72 hours or so :
9 Points & Counting :
1. #France commits Military support to #India
2. #US & #Germany block #China's move in #UNSC which blamed #India for #Karachi terror attack
3. #India deviates from 'One China Policy' for the 1st time by mentioning the new #HongKong Security Law in #UNHRC
4. #US praises #India's move to ban TikTok for 'furthering National Security against #Chinese spying
5. #UK offers residence in UK for 5 years to 2.6 million people in #Hongkong, after which they will be granted citizenship
6. #US bans #Huawei for links to Communist Party of #China
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🔴Tensions en cours sur les Invalides après le lancement d’une soirée Projet X. Plusieurs milliers de jeunes sont présents. Les forces de l’ordre sont sur place.
#ProjetX #Invalides #Paris #France
🔴Plusieurs lancés de projectiles sur les forces de l’ordre. Ils répondent avec des gaz lacrymogènes. Tensions sur les Invalides.
#ProjetX #Invalides #Paris #France
🔴Plusieurs véhicules des forces de l’ordre sont poursuivis et reçoivent des projectiles. Ils doivent rapidement quitter l’Esplanade des Invalides. Plusieurs tirs de gaz lacrymogènes.
#ProjetX #Invalides #Paris #France
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"WHO is honoured to welcome you both here today & we offer our sincere thanks for your expression of solidarity & support. We’re getting today all the support we need, political & financial, & I would like to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for all that support"-@DrTedros
"Both #Germany 🇩🇪 and #France 🇫🇷 are longstanding friends of WHO and global health – both individually and as members of the European Union 🇪🇺"-@DrTedros
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@MouradTeyeb A pertinent 2017 NYT piece on a #France-in-#Africa discussion:

“The Rwanda intervention is the most symbolic of the more than 50 FRENCH MILITARY INTERVENTIONS IN AFRICA”…#French forces are still involved in Africa…"

#Libya #Haftar #Libyaoil #oilandgas…
@MouradTeyeb Rwanda case: French history of “complicity” in Africa from Mitterrand>Macron: “#France was part of the planning, part of the conception & part of the execution of the genocide”

Another case of #French complicity is #Haftar in #Tripoli?

#Libya #Libyaoil…
@MouradTeyeb #Macron in #Libya: #Derna.
#KhalifaHaftar has received decisive assistance from #France in the form of a recon aircraft operated by CAE Aviation, a company which also works for the #French external Intel service”-#DGSE

#Haftar #Libyaoil #OilAndGas #ليبيا…
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To prevent a #coronavirus resurgence, #France is ‘testing, tracing and isolating’, hoping to nip any new source of contagion in the bud. This week I went for @TheLocalFrance to see how the plan is playing out in practice. Thread.
In the greater Paris region, regional health authority @ARS_IDF regularly install pop-up centres incentivise people to get tested, on the spot, free of charge and without appointment.
“We wanted to be as close as possible to the people,” the regional health director said.
Usually the pop-up centres are actual tents, temporarily set up in key areas to be easily spotted by people in the neighbourhood. The goal is to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily get tested otherwise.
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#AQMI #AlQaeda confirme officiellement, par la voix d’Abou Abdallah Ahmed responsable des médias, la mort d’Abou Moussaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel « au nord #Mali suite à une frappe de la #France » // #AQIM confirms officially the death of it’s emir due to a French strike in Mali
Dans une compil +11 le resp. media:
1. À la #France la guerre n’est qu’à ses débuts et elle ne fléchira pas avant le retrait du dernier soldat français d’Afrique alors que vous voyez de vos propres yeux comment les peuples de la région se rallient à nos demandes de vous chasser
2. Aux gouverneurs apostats [...] vous constatez l’impuissance de la #France & de l’#ONU de prémunir contre les frappes des moujahudin malgré l’équipements [...]revenez à votre raison avant qu’il ne soit trop tard [...] et de subir le sort de Kadhafi, BenAli, Bouteflika ou Haftar
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Thread: Wearing masks is our best defense against the #coronavirus.

@WhiteHouse press secretary said today that masks are no longer required in West Wing. Many tweets also advise against masks.

Result: Colossal failure of the US #COVID response.…

An example of anti-mask rhetoric can be seen in the video below by a Mr. Huff. I will explain why everything that he says here is scientifically incorrect and a danger to public health. (I do not know Mr. Huff or his motivations.)

I am not comparing the US to the several dozen countries that have mostly controlled this epidemic, e.g., #Taiwan, #Iceland, #SouthKorea, #Japan, #Thailand, #NewZealand, #Australia, #Austria, #Switzerland, #Greece, #Norway, etc. Some of them never even had to lock down.

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Saviez-vous que le 1er mai 1962, un essai #nucléaire français dans le Sahara algérien tourne mal, contaminant notamment des ministres présents pour l’occasion ? Voici un 1er thread dédié aux incidents/accidents nucléaires.

Thread 1 : L’accident de Béryl. ☢️💣

En 1957, en pleine #guerre d’#Algérie, débutent les travaux de construction du Centre saharien d’expérimentations militaires (CSEM) du CEA dans le Sahara algérien, près de Reggane. C’est ici qu’ont lieu les 4 premiers essais nucléaires atmosphériques français (1960-1961).
Alors que les connaissances sur les effets de la #radioactivité encore lacunaires, les premières consignes de sécurité sont mises en place et les militaires protègent les zones contaminées. Des expériences sur les effets de l’onde de choc et des radiations sont réalisées.
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the "European Dream" #EU armed #Africans & #Chechen Gangs not in Africa but in #Dijon #France full media blackout,
"European Dream" is a nightmare #Globalist Scum #Macron deliberately turned he's back on the civilians of #Dijon #police ordered not to act.
Mickey Knox
the "European Dream" #EU armed #Africans & #Chechen Gangs not in Africa but in #Dijon #France full media blackout,
"European Dream" is a nightmare #Globalist Scum #Macron deliberately turned he's back on the civilians of #Dijon #police ordered not to act.
Mickey Knox
the "European Dream" #EU armed #Africans & #Chechen Gangs not in Africa but in #Dijon #France full media blackout,
"European Dream" is a nightmare #Globalist Scum #Macron deliberately turned he's back on the civilians of #Dijon #police ordered not to act.
Mickey Knox
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#Breaking: Heavy armed gang members, and riots are out in the streets of #Dijon in #France today, shooting their rifles and pistols up in the air has made many civilians scared.
#Update: The video what you are going to see right now in not made is #Syria or somewhere in the middle east it is on the streets of #Dijon in #France today.. Gang members ruling the streets with heavy armed weapons...
#Update: Another video of those gang members with heavy armed weapons, shooting up towards the air in #Dijon in #France today.
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1/ French President Emmanuel #Macron gave his fourth address to the nation of the #coronavirus epidemic this evening. It was the shortest of the four and mainly geared to the transition from the confinement imposed to halt #Covid19 to the rebuilding effort.
#France #deconfinement
2/ The president announced a few concrete measures: #Paris region becomes a "green" zone tomorrow, meaning bars and restaurants reopen their interiors. Only overseas Guyana and Mayotte remain "orange" zones. Schools to completely reopen on 22 June. Visits in care homes are ok.
3/ With the epidemic still on the wane five weeks into the gradual lifting of nationwide home #confinement, Macron heralded a "first victory" against the virus: we have won the first battle, but we have yet to win the war.
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Interesting (not peer-reviewed) paper on #Greece's tourism re-opening plan, which concludes that the current policy is largely economically rational (with few exceptions), but speculates the country may not be ready to handle the resulting infection load.…
"Data from @eody_gr show that in the 10-day period from May 24 to June 2, 36% of 69 new confirmed cases were related to foreign travel. [...] It's obvious, therefore, that the #COVID19 infection load in #Greece will increase
because of tourism."
"Although #Germany has a better epidemiological profile (infections per M) than #France or #Italy, the relative infection load of Germany is likely to be higher than the infection load of either France or Italy because Germany was responsible for 2.6x as many arrivals in 2019."
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1- In the aftermath of what is currently going on in #France (protests against police violence v. people blaming French PoC of "racializing" the issue like in the UK or US). A quick non-exhaustive thread on #France and the notion of #universalism and France's double standards.⬇️
2- Usual warning: it is a (already too long) Twitter thread. I’m going straight to the point, there is so much more to say, and there are a bunch of things I did not cover.
3- Art 1 of the Constitution of 1958: “France shall be an indivisible, laïque, democratic & social Republic. It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law, without distinction of origin, race or religion”.
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#Slavery was America’s original sin, but it was also ours in Europe. After all it was the Portuguese, Brits, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Danes, and the occasional Norwegian who drove the #slavetrade. Less obviously barbaric, but far bigger in scale was Europe’s #Colonialism ...
This was considered respectable well within living memory. Top them up with centuries of #Antisemitism , a rising #Islamophobia and endemic #racism against the #Roma and it's not good enough for us in Europe to be smug about the upheaval in the US, but let's look in the mirror!
Talk to the #Congolese in #Belgium, the #Syrians in #Germany, the #Pakistanis in the #UK, the #Somalis in #Norway, the #Afghans in #Sweden, the #Chinese in #Italy what their daily experience of life in Europe is like. Full of a thousand humiliations, comes the honest answer.
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1-If you follow French Twitter, you might have noticed “#JeNeSuisPasUneBeurette” trending. A thread on the very controversial use of the word “beurette” in #France.⬇️
2-Context: The French TV network TF1 tweeted a trailer for their long-running TV show “Joséphine Ange Gardien”, about an angel who comes to help people on Earth. The latest episode was about Joséphine helping a “proud beurette from the banlieues”.
3- All the clichés about French women of North African descent living in the banlieues (France’s poorest suburbs) were included. This woman needs to be freed from her oppressive culture, her father is rejecting her, she has to lie about her origins to get a job, yaddi yadda.
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while international community remain visibly silent, when it comes to #yemen, #SaudiArabia is facing astonishing ambitious western pressure, when it comes to the detention of a #Prince.
a #thread.
Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz and his father are held in detention since January 2018.
After being detained for around a year in the high-security Al-Ha'ir prison near #Riyadh and later in a private villa with his father Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, 2/
the prince, "who who apparently espoused no political ambitions" was "moved to a secret detention site in March, multiple sources told AFP."
"He was mysteriously returned to the villa last week to be reunited with his father, three of those sources said." 3/
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