Chatting with my dad about his first job out of his masters program from @USC @USCViterbi - he would interview, get really positive feedback,no offer. Years later his boss admitted he had called potential competing offering companies to say "I need him, don't make an offer."
Fast forward he saw the same being done to other people and he wanted out from under that boss who was controlling. So he put in for an internal transfer. He had to take his case to his boss's boss who did side with my dad on making sure an internal asset (my dad) could be shared
So, if too good at what you do but work within systems of "old boy" networks: then lack autonomy or ability to generate own options to bargain the best situation for yourself.

Then you have to find a more powerful patriarch to address unfairness.

Have external mentors.
I have always, always had mentors and sponsors outside my own department, institution, even my field.

I create bridges for myself and others and I insist on transparency.

When I find folks who do things secretly, build walls, block, suppress: not a person I should trust.
Some day the powerful person may not be a patriarch. We aren't there yet. This @nature paper should NOT have been retracted. Is an unfortunate reality that young women who align with male mentors are going to do better because of current power structures…
Many mid career #womeninSTEM face this. I know I am slowed down by it. I do know that I am an unusually empathetic mentor but I also know that being told empathy is the answer is hogwash. What my mentees need is publications, grants, committee assignments…
Besides being high empathy, I also am very strategic. But which one is perceived gender-congruent? Which one do mentees seek me out for?

How much of my strategic thinking is spent down just maneuvering around barriers that others don't even face?…
Have been very intentional in recent years to control own value, whether seeing how my dad was treated as a new immigrant within old boy network or my experience as a midcareer BIPOC woman.

Women who take control of own value often perceived negatively
An established #equity approach is to write down what people do. I get that "we are all one team" is often heard. But who on a team gets credit? I have followed what I've seen female bosses do: give everyone written credit for what they do. Don't subsume.…
Grateful @MITSloan was supportive of #equity ....messaging this past #hackathon out as a female led event

As a picture speaks 1000 words, then photos of #blackexcellence and #womeninleadership & #womeninSTEM matter

These are #DEI best practices…
I appreciate in this case @techreview returned the convo back to the intellectual content and thought leadership that @timnitGebru was producing (not nitpicking the internal email/message as others have done). Too often we become defined by our barriers.…
Having #ADHD traits, daily I face barriers doing the most simple tasks.

In the past I worked in systems that created efficiencies or handled details, following a path like my dad's of being employed.

Realized: I am best suited for #Entrepreneurship…
When too many external constraints slow you down, others' perceptions are the barriers more than actual barriers, then you need to find a place that celebrates pushing boundaries/limits to advance #innovation like at
@MITSloan @MIT @techreview

Just had a 93 minute conversation with my dad about being a woman with a career in America and #womeinSTEM navigating patriarchy. Pretty cool. Earlier in life had many classic South Asian and Muslim issues with family. Super grateful now. Did pretty well in the lottery of birth
But should it really require being a lucky zygote or fetus? Shouldn't more people be able to access their innate talents to deliver value in the world?

Shouldn't we create less pressure that people must prove their value? How do we reduce this trauma?…
I am fascinated by story of Amelia Earhart. She came from a family of status/privilege, fell on hard times, then inherited money, then again hard times. Is it a combination of privilege and hardship that builds this kind of grit, determination, courage?…
I’m so curious what makes some people more resilient vs others, even with similar genetics or environments.

What caused Earhart able to persevere to be such a pioneer? (Albeit she was selected to fly across the Atlantic. Family status?)

It is interesting Earhart’s mom had them wearing bloomers as kids while other girls were in dresses.

= Not limited. Fewer boundaries on behavior & dress.

@MIT too, design/form for fewer boundaries

Compare to usual socialization of women:

On @MIT “function follows form” - intentional #design of buildings and campus

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2 Jan
Well that is lovely.
Welcome 2021.

I should just disable the news notifications. I have no need to know about homicides being up. And yes, I am, aware, domestic violence is a big killer. People home with their “loved ones” = danger, maybe death. ImageImage
Again, I prefer pumas to humans many a day.

Conservatives try to fear monger & tell you it is some “other” (typically another race) who is the murderer & rapist.

Nope, danger is greatest from those you trust the most with access. Pediatricians know this.…
I have become extremely discerning regarding abuses of power particularly in faculty given this long history that is extensive across multiple elite boarding schools where reputation mattered more than protecting children including my own boarding school. I had no idea of it then ImageImageImageImage
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1 Jan
OMG. This is SO me.

I really truly do NOT know how people just sit on the beach. I literally have said exactly that SO many times.

Like how? Why? Are you all okay? Are you in a coma? Who just sits still and does nothing!?!? Sounds like torture.…
But I am not annoying to travel with... because I travel alone. 😉😂

I go off being Ms. Energizer Bunny all over the place without any slowpokes holding me back. For difficult terrain or activities, I book a tour or hire a guide.

Did someone say kayak?

*This* is vacation: ImageImageImageImage
Also, it important to mix it up. Must salsa on glaciers and on mountains. Yes, true, on occasion it gets tricky, salsa-ing in hiking boots on loose rock. But it only makes it more interesting. A challenge.

(I am also okay with salsa-ing on beaches - better than sitting about.) ImageImage
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1 Jan
The inaugural episode of the Vision to Value podcast by Nehal Group LLC - just under the wire before midnight. #MedTwitter #leadership #pandemic

Listen to "Episode 1: Vision to Value for Chief Medical Officers" by Vision to Value. ⚓ (Nehal Group)…
I'd promised myself I would do this in 2020
Big thank you:
@Ned_Arick who taught me Anchor
@becker_sbecker whose short <15 minute format I used as a model
@Ackermanjay who invited my first #podcast
@ACHEConnect for more podcast practice
To listen:
Ended up trying out two different audio editing programs, finding free (non copyrighted) transition then intro/outro music (went a bit down a rabbit hole). But for inviting Mark at 6p, recording at 7p, learning to edit and editing and uploading by 11p, I feel pretty accomplished.
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31 Dec 20
“Memory” from FB: The time I could not breathe despite 6 puffs of albuterol.
Severe asthma attack.

#blackqueens - thank you for always being there. Of all the women in the world, if I had to choose one at my side, I pick a #blackqueen every time. You all are the real deal. Image
That year ended up a patient in ED twice cuz
-I was working a lot of 12-hour night shifts in the ED
-working as many hours as uncompensated/volunteer for ACA policy work including flying to D.C. often
-dancing non-stop in between

This is how I look w/peak flow ~200 (red) btw ImageImageImageImage
The #DrSusanMoore story really makes me think. I had a #blackqueen nurse friend who worked at the hospital & who knew that I don’t look sick when I am about to collapse. She was not caring for me, rather able to come visit me after she completed her own 12-hour shift.
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31 Dec 20
People get #MedTwitter mixed up with the doctors’ lounge or M&M or narrative medicine. It is not. #SoMe patient details sharing has gotten folks disciplined. Plus, even narrative medicine can cross into appropriating someone else’s experience.
Folks don’t realize HIPAA is not limited to name, initials, age, DOB, etc. If a patient might recognize you and the story you are telling and/or a coworker can go to your schedule and see a list patient diagnosed and put 2+2 together, that has been used to discipline clinicians.
There is also a really bad trend on #MedTwitter driven by both seasoned and entry level faculty (latter likely replicating/perpetuating things taught by mentors) of lazy teaching using screenshots and real life examples, identifiable, without consent, of lay people or peers.
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31 Dec 20
Mad respect.

The same people who signal visibly certain values, do not act in that way in such situations.

Recall hearing advice on how to survive academic politics, "When you see dead bodies floating in the river, don't jump in." People look away.
I repost this tweet by @DrOmolara often as it is so true. There are occasional private messages. Mostly there is silence in such situations. Personally, I have found Black women, who often have the least support, step up. Others stay silent.

Leadership is not getting a title, reaching x number of publications. Is your ability to create a vision for something that does not exist & to have the courage to go for it despite risks. It is often WOC, specifically Black women, who with that courage.…
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