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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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On #InternationalWomensDay we would like to shine a light on our wonderful Librarian Prachi. She is eldest of six siblings. Her father is a street vendor & owing to her large family she needed to aid her parents. She has made many sacrifices for her family, one being leaving...
..her own education behind. This curious 19-year-old lives close to the library at Bansa and gradually became immensely attached to it. She began to use the responsibility of dropping and picking her sisters up from the library as an opportunity to visit–spent hours talking to...
....the former librarian, asking her questions about the functioning of the Library. Prachi also regularly asked her younger sisters about the ongoings of the library when she could not be here.
Fast forward to this day, she is currently the Head Librarian at BCL, along with....
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.@sunita_ghosh's role is centered on establishing harmony between ThoughtWorks' People, Clients, and Delivery functions. She ensures sustainable organization and stakeholder growth.


#thoughtworkerandproud #thoughtworksindia #womeninleadership
This means Sunita has to regularly interact with individuals and find ways to connect their aspirations with the larger vision at #ThoughtWorks.

In dealing with the pandemic, Sunita has realized, “how women are naturally prone to empathy and perseverance."

She adds, "I've been actively trying to employ these traits at home and at work. I see these traits are crucial for anyone trying their best to ‘handle’ the #pandemic.

I am also witnessing how the pandemic is helping people discover their hidden strengths

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The only feelings to center on are those of black community
Wrong use of this quote during the week of #DerekChauvinTrial

Some people “feel” things if a white male faces accountability
Amy Cooper’s feelings: call cops
Racism & racism lite has always focused on “feelings” #BLM
When @ayshakhoury or @uche_blackstock were authentic in their feelings: ended careers

Black female physician #DrSusanMoore having “knowledge” or a “voice”
while DYING
made others
*feel* “intimidated.”

This is part of a known pattern for WOC
#BLM #BlackintheIvory
This is a repeating pattern of “feelings” used against tellers of uncomfortable truths that #MLK described in the letter from the Birmingham jail.

Seeking order > justice or overpolicing are all to protect only certain “feelings” of “security” while those like #adamtoledo die.
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Had a fun time talking about #leadership in #STEM (at any stage of career), #BlackExcellence #WomenInSTEM #DEI #DiversityandInclusion to a range of students and faculty at @tennesseetech. Thanks for the invitation @JosephCSlater. Look forward to building further on this.
Talked about ways to take on community level leadership roles to develop skills in acquiring funding, managing a budget, team building, managing people, executing.

Know what you are good at and balance the rest with your team. Don’t try to be it all.
Particularly on #Twitter, being overt about terms like #bias or #BLM or #racism can result in blowback. That does not mean what you said was wrong rather others may have insecurity or have work to do. Manage your energy as an advocate. Avoid burnout.

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I have a range of writing & #communication styles

Outside the ED of hospitalist medicine, when I “talk like a man” - direct, unvarnished truths and or “taking up too much space”, there is pushback, affront. Others have noted men with same style as me are👍
In reality women can’t just email or communicate “like a man” for same results. Society *expects* different communication from women.

I’ve never been an exclamation point person but I use smiley faces

These studies + anecdotal experience:

“women don't negotiate for a very simple reason: they sense—correctly—that it will hurt them if they do... when women *do* negotiate... they end up worse off than if they’d kept their mouths shut”

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Shame & #impostersyndrome = energy waste you canNOT afford (I realized w/ chronic illness & pain). You WILL fall - while rest & recovery are important - sometimes the ball about to drop is too important
Don’t miss your shot

BUT do miss a lot of shots. I promise you, it will drain you of less energy to try over and over than to try to be perfect. You will ALWAYS fail to be perfect. You will only sometimes fail to make the shot


Of course there will be these people, (whether in reality or your perception of it - but perception becomes reality).

They have only as much power as YOU give them.

Go to your beginner’s mind. Find that inner child’s courage.

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When folks online think women at midcareer are “too much” or “overcompensate”

you are 100% right

=working 3-10x as hard to get 1/2 as far
on display

Tired of experiencing us online?
Try living this way ALL THE TIME
If you don’t recognize it, ask yourself whether your goals and/or identity align with power, privilege, structural inequity

..and in how many domains?

How complex or intersectional is your identity?

Centering on self is the best way to misinterpret the world around you.
If you start by asking yourself questions

you will start to learn to ask others questions, not assume

One version is called “the beginner’s mind” or a child-like curiosity about the world that promotes learning & understanding

Opposite of expert
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LOVE being faculty at @MIT this semester for a class on #dataanalytics & #datascience. I tend to PM my mentees, especially women and #blackexcellence to start to prepare questions to ask. Too often people stay silent. Speak up. Never be embarrassed to show #curiosity.
Listening right now to mid-semester progress reports from teams and am feeling like such a proud #datascience #BigData #bigdataanalytics momma. Bear cubs doing good (well AND good in world)

LOVE that this is a space within @MIT that focuses on #SDoH and #equity.
Literally right now, hearing about a study on #socialmedia chatter as a driver of vaccines hesitancy driven by #Twitter - start postulate "cause/effect" by an incident that happens within days after a vaccine - like ppl automatically assume a death is "caused" by vaccine
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Doctors, especially female doctors, are rushing to defend Dr. Birx

“male-centered” world is problem = latest knee jerk “feminist” defense

Men cause female doctors to not speak on scientific facts in public?

Why isn’t female doctors saving lives of WOC part of “feminism”?
The same doctors who will jump on the “racism!” bandwagon vs @JAMA_current if vs a *man*

will rush to cover up for a woman/peer who *operationalizes* structural racism

The face of structural & medical racism is female

And women will defend women rather than be held accountable
@DrJRMarcelin published this in @JAMA_current. Women of color, specifically black women, need to be leading the conversation on #COVID19 in America because when #publichealth systems fail on top of medical racism, you get exactly the results we got.…
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Just stop these tiny violins. As a woman of color who lost my mother to the pandemic, as a licensed physician, and as a public servant, I can say it is EXACTLY women like Dr. Birx who drive out women like me from “her” turf & prematurely end the lives of women like my mother.
You don’t have to buy an assault rifle and show up to shoot someone’s mother to have blood on your hands.
Bureaucrats like Dr. Birx has blood on their hands no different from as if she did this. You can kill, passively, while wrapped in an Hermès scarf.…
@JeromeAdamsMD this is an example of bureaucrats & policies causing death

Perhaps before implying seeking accountability for the policy-driven deaths of so many mothers & loved ones

is “anti-feminist”
learn history
bureaucrats kill women & men of color…
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Trump was propped up by everyone standing besides him. Birx has blood on her hands.

“Leaders”, sadly, often sadly, women, like her are exactly why I left public service. Why would I rubber stamp death?

Birx and others like her are responsible for my mother’s #COVID19 death.
Compare Birx, who is on a reputation management tour, to a true #publichealth #servantleadership role model like Dr. Hasan Gokal

Is Birx defending him, her peer?

No, she’s playing victim exactly per the playbook of American-style feminism.…
It was evangelical “science” that ruled the last administration - Birx included.

Where was Birx’s loyalty?

To vetted, verified facts and preserving human life?

I judge by actions and outcomes, not by “narrative” spun after a change of administration.…
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Last night, a woman opened up a space - I am so humbled & honored to have been there. Instead of the curated communication, women from around the world were real with each other on struggles, hopes, successes #WomensHistoryMonth #womenintech #WomenInSTEM #WomenInLeadership
I am fired up today but in a very hopeful way. Things are changing. We spoke of how to activate allies and how to choose when to speak and when to navigate. To be honest, this space was in a broader space I had started to get so frustrated with I was settling into cynicism.
That female energy was particularly meaningful as I'm still raw and processing the loss of my mother. Mommy was like my own personal Ruth Bader Ginsberg speaking the Queen's English as taught to her by German nuns in Karachi (yeah that's a brain pretzel) and using due process.
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Also, if you notice a pattern of certain women who are very concerned about “cancel culture”, these are often women whose income, power, position comes from those men who avoid/fear accountability.
There is no reason to be afraid of women if one already was doing the right thing. Have good ethics yourself and have a good radar for that yourself. I have NEVER had problems with male mentors as we align on values/mission first. We work through trust.…
If you are playing a dirty game or don’t have standards to who you hire, do business with, etc (or no standards to own behavior), yeah, I get why you are paranoid.

Drain your own swamp then.
Not all women are pawns in a man’s game like:…
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Those of us who affirmed our own agency and power by learning from and with our moms. My mom’s stories are her own but she and I together have unpacked many cultural myths to learn better self compassion, willingness to identify racism, less perfectionism.
💪🏽💪🏻💪🏿 @DrvanTilburg
This is a type of trauma many WOC/POC experience. My mom’s hair is extremely thick, textured. I recall her being very fixated on making sure her own hair & our hair was always incredibly neat.

More recently I’ve come to understand this matches an experience of having black hair.
The so-called “model minority “is taught to align with white culture, to suppress oneself in order to layer under & serve white supremacy.

I have worked to remove internalized racism, colorism, self hate & learned from #blackexcellence on:…
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If you want to understand a woman, look at her mother - at least true of me

My mom? As a new immigrant to America, when she encountered an unfair Eurocentric rule from her English Lit grad program? She wrote a paper & got the rule changed

Owned her power
My mom and I are the same in core values but opposite externally. She uses maybe 1/100th of the words that I do and is intensely private. I am out climbing literal mountains while she prefers to stay in and read books and my dad’s #engineering journals.

My mom is an introvert who thinks 10x before speaking w/ surgical precision, educated by German nuns & British educational system
We are Urdu-speaking

She is fearless in face of patriarchy

It runs in the family. Have strong, activist #womeninleadership role models in #Pakistan
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Keep in mind the phrase “shattering” the glass ceiling is a violent phrase associated with riots or “anti-social” activities. #womeninleadership conferences or books don’t prepare you for reality of how perceived/treated when “smashing” the patriarchy, especially as a WOC.
There are two ways past the barrier: 1-align with/serve patriarchy and have the door opened.
= mere optics of change while perpetuating status quo & structural inequity
2-shatter it the glass ceiling. The latter will cause you to be a threat to the system & leadership
On rare occasions, the person opening the door past the barrier is truly seeking progress at scale rather than tokenizing you.

More often than not, your role when on the other side is to be token and sign off on perpetuation of inequity while providing the right look/optics.
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Chatting with my dad about his first job out of his masters program from @USC @USCViterbi - he would interview, get really positive feedback,no offer. Years later his boss admitted he had called potential competing offering companies to say "I need him, don't make an offer."
Fast forward he saw the same being done to other people and he wanted out from under that boss who was controlling. So he put in for an internal transfer. He had to take his case to his boss's boss who did side with my dad on making sure an internal asset (my dad) could be shared
So, if too good at what you do but work within systems of "old boy" networks: then lack autonomy or ability to generate own options to bargain the best situation for yourself.

Then you have to find a more powerful patriarch to address unfairness.

Have external mentors.
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@ayesha_mian1 @WEIconnect @UN_Women @ELAMProgram @AfafMeleis @_saadshafqat @WGHPakistan @DrvanTilburg @arghavan_salles @JulieSilverMD I would go further. A woman who has actually earned a degree is told her actual role in the world is defined by “wife.” A publication with mostly male editors, read mostly by men, in the finance sector publishes a poorly written piece ridiculing her & rewarded with “clicks”
@ayesha_mian1 @WEIconnect @UN_Women @ELAMProgram @AfafMeleis @_saadshafqat @WGHPakistan @DrvanTilburg @arghavan_salles @JulieSilverMD She is told she is unqualified or cannot use her earned credentials by a man who lacks credentials. Then he takes a swipe at Black women. Almost all responses recognize the sexism but do not comment on anti-blackness. Western feminism has often been willing to leave some behind
@ayesha_mian1 @WEIconnect @UN_Women @ELAMProgram @AfafMeleis @_saadshafqat @WGHPakistan @DrvanTilburg @arghavan_salles @JulieSilverMD This is the glass cliff. You can do the work, get the title or c-suite role, and your accomplishments will not only be invisible, but result in anger and derision. What we saw in WSJ represents constant gossip that happens and sabotages the woman leader.…
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I know that there is the anti-leader leader concept (not using titles, wearing hoodies and such) particularly in the tech & entrepreneurship world. At the same time, those are spaces that are not necessarily as woman or BIPOC friendly historically so the "casual" can be a trap
implicit, or frankly, explicit biases have not gone away. Except professionalism is also a trap - it is well documented in peer-reviewed publications and I've repeatedly notice with how multiple "professionalism" faculty fail to examine embedded biases & cultural chauvinism
In tightly controlled spaces there is a so-called right/wrong way to have one's hair, with "wrong" including natural hair if one is "ethnic", women must wear skirts and pantyhose automatically adding distracting details (do I have a run in my stocking? am I sitting okay?) &such
Read 18 tweets have to say, the most misogyny I have encountered is on #MedTwitter mostly from anon account doctors or anti-vaxx.

& tho I repost "The Female Lead" I have rare to no trolls or harassers. I have found @LinkedIn pretty female-friendly, in fact. Rarely get a weird message
My first run in was an all male group of doctors discussing IVF and ridiculing acupuncture as not evidence based but they had fragility to any aspect of IVF itself at all questioned or perceiving even tolerance of acupuncture as "quackery"
My point then was more a people in glass houses should not throw stones. There is a difference between clinical trials existing and #EBM as I know from having been on the payer side where business-minded clinicians' narrative advances ahead of science:…
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Woah..that was freaky but familiar. Was lying down & decided to get up to take pain meds for #endometriosis and #fibroids and it felt as painful to get up as the day after surgery. In kitchen, sweating, lightheaded. Quickly squatted to avoid passing out holding onto fridge door
..which swung open..but I did not fall. Then once head feeling better, stood up long enough to take meds...then walked, wobbly and lightheaded to chair. I can't quite feel my palms but that will come back. This probably gets to be called 10/10 pain..but maybe really an 8/10
Great..and a migraine too..scotoma.. taking a migraine med and lying down. Man, when it rains it pours.

Mother Nature is such a misogynist.

SO glad I did not decide to rent a car and try to go Finger Lakes this weekend to see peak foliage.
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We are only a few days away from #WIMStrongerTogether #WIMSummit. Let's spotlight some of our incredible speakers. If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! If you can't attend all sessions live, they will be recorded and available for 1 year!
Let's start with ER Physician, regular @CNN and @MSNBC contributor and @researchaffirm and @BrownDigiHealth leader, researcher, advocate, and healthcare leader Dr. @meganranney. Come and hear her speak on How We Can Join Together to Make Change. #womeninleadership
Dr. @DrBonnieMason is the VP if Diversity and Inclusion @acgme, founder of @beyondtheexamroom, orthopedic surgeon and national healthcare leader will be speaking on leadership. She has decades of experience educating mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of clinicians.
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