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Instagram is helping this get out, but it needs more attraction. This Happened in Philadelphia,Pa on Thursday. A group of school kids and I were waiting for the bus at the bus stop when a cop car came to us, slowed down and stared at us then kept going down the street.
He then returns 3 minutes later with another cop car and now there are 4 officers. It was 87 degrees out side and the young gentlemen who’s about 14 did not have a shirt on at the time. The officer grabs him aggressively and pushes him into the police car while trying to get...
.... the rest of us to go down the street to the next bus stop. We refused to move. The officer then waits until the next bus comes and try to get everyone onto the bus while he still has the young man in the car. Once again we refused to walk away until the young boy was once...
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Hov is one of the greatest to ever do it, he has been there more than anybody from the hip hop culture, including me. He’s always been so selfless and fights for other people. We as a people can not be divided and conquered at this time!!
I’m so proud of @Kaepernick7 and the attention he was able to bring and the efforts he continues to make. I’ll continue to support him in every way possible.
I’m also proud of my brother JAY Z for showing how it should be done! It’s time to play chess not checkers, I believe he is going to do some incredible things.
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Did my children greet me w Good Morning today?

Oh, no, their first words to me was a demand that I settle their argument.

The heated debate?

11yo daughtr: MOMMA! Would you tell him that if a woman gets sperm from a sperm bank, the man that gave the sperm is NOT the father?!!?!

All I was doing was trying to pee.

The 9yo son: *EYE* SAY he is the father! Of course there isn't love and he doesn't know the baby, but he gave the sperm, HIS sperm was used to make that life, so he IS THE FATHER!

The 11yo follows this up with, "WHAT??!? HAVE YOU READ THAT IN A JOURNAL SOMEWHERE?!"

Sis said,

(Low key, if you follow me u already know my nerd spirit rose like the phoenix in that moment;couldn't be more proud. LOL #ChipOffTheBrilliantBlock😭)
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Twitter released the tweets of another 418 russian accounts on January 31.
I'm going to use this thread to take a look at the information they gave us about these accounts.
And talk about other bots and trolls you can find using this data.…
Of the 418 accounts 1 was a double, @CovfefeNationUS it was already included in the last batch of accounts.
One was not actually suspended until I reminded them.
2 of them had active backup accounts at the time of publication of the data.
around 320 of the accounts I had tweeted about a lot. So i'm not going to bother going back over them.
I found them right after NBC put out the 1st batch of tweets from the russian trolls.
They were bots, and most of the data about what they did is unavailable.
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It’s fascinating to explore how AOC and the Jay Z/Diddy #blackexcellence moment trending on Instagram right now are both part of our current zeitgeist. These are, in many ways, complete contradictions of each other though they would seem to be cut from the same cloth.
One represents a complete repudiation of billionaire mentality whereas the other not only embraces billionaire mentality but sees it as an expression of black success and progress.
This is why I find the invitation sent from @chrissyteigen to @AOC to be such a fascinating moment. A time where social capital can be leveraged and manifested in seemingly incoherent ways.
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88% of y’all only do shit cuz it’s the trendy/popular thing to do... thats EXACTLY why ion be listenin to y’all... The Fake “Black Empowerment” era started around 2015, before that, y’all wasnt proud of shit, almost as if y’all jus discovered y’all was black wen it became popular
“Black empowerment” became a trend, and that’s fucked up, cuz y’all should’ve been happy to be black all your life & not jus when it became “a thing”... all of a sudden a #BlackExcellence hashtag was started & y’all started showing y’all ass
Soon as the #BlackExcellence hashtag started it was the beginning of the end. What once was bein proud of who we are QUICKLY turned into “gas dark skin & hate on Light skinneds”, “Call everyone who dont agree wit u c**ns”, hate white ppl for RTs, complain abt movies das not black
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Jacob Zuma is the first Black South African President to reject the second invitation from Queen Elizabeth.

He pulled out of ICC and he told them straight that ICC is targeting African leaders only (please note that ICC haven't investigated Bush and Blair for crimes of genocide
Devastation of Iraq and Afghanistan, furthermore Britain, France and USA haven't been investigated for crime they commit in Africa and Asia).

The last president that Gaddafi had a chat with is President Jacob Zuma, they had an unrecorded meeting.
Zuma never went to unrecorded meeting with sir racist Renwick.

President Jacob Zuma never disrespect Mugabe in Media and he was not bribed by the Ruperts and the Oppenheimer to collide with the Da. Etv and E-news that are owned by the Ruperts .
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I really think we are doing a disservice by labeling all these #WhileBlack incidents as “white people calling the cops for no reason”
White people are calling the police for the same reason the police were created: to make themselves feel safe & to control Black people they feel do not know their place.
This “no reason” language is far too tame to describe what is actually going on & language matters when confronting societal issues.
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I wish y’all would make up your mind on whether Donald Glover needs canceling or whether you want to bask in his reflected glory on the #blackexcellence tip. This dance has been going on for years now. I think pendulum swung back toward canceling as revenge for Issa Ra kerfuffle
A lot of the Blavity and #blackexcellence crowd moved past Donald Glover’s past when he was getting writeups in prestige media and his show was winning major awards and he was helping with representation in nerd stuff like Star Wars, the most important causes to them
Now a week after these people were all mad at people getting mad at Issa Rae, now they see Glover have one of his best weeks ever and they’re suddenly trying to cancel him again. It seems like tit for tat. The problem is the disingenuous excuses they gave for Issa apply here too
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