Here’s few reasons @krishgm
1) Govt want parents to work. They need to maintain the illusion that “Schools are safe”. If parents are in doubt they may not send their kids & will be unable to work.
2)They’ve failed SPECTACULARLY to provide enough #laptops & #Wifi for kids without
After 9 months they’ve supplied “world beatingly” low numbers meaning teachers can’t easily move to #blendedlearning .
So classes are fuller with many children who’ve no access to a laptop or WiFi, or a space to learn, compounding the issue of transmission again.
3)If Govt admit schools are places with high transmission of #coronavirus they will be forced to mandate #MasksInClassrooms. This will be very unpopular within many freedom loving @Conservatives MPs & the RW media who are chomping at the bit to “unlock”!
4)Govt know if they admit that schools/nurseries are not safe, sending staff into work 5 days a week with out even basic #PPE would be criminally negligent. If Govt admit schools/nurseries etc are places were #coronavirus is spread they will HAVE to supply #PPE for all staff.
5)Govt believe they can lateral flow test their way out of this completely predictable & largely avoidable education/childcare chaos, LFTs which are falsely negative in almost 50% of cases.
I’ve not read of any public health expert recommending this as a good way to proceed.
6)If they admit schools are not safe they will be compelled to #vaccinateTeachers & #earlyyears staff. This will blow a hole in the vaccination targets & delay them being able to “cry freedom” as soon as possible (@matthancock quote from recent @spectator article).
7) #Ventilation needs to be improved but would again be a “cost”, one they seem determined isn’t worth taking.
The list goes on @krishgm ....
It’s about money, appeasing #antilockdown MPs& media & a dogged refusal to admit they’re wrong that will cost more lives & livelihoods.
How long will Govt continue to perpetuate the lie that “Schools are safe”?
They’ve dug themselves a very deep & dirty hole, current strategy is to just keep repeating it.
#MakeSchoolsSafe #MasksInClassrooms #MasksSaveLives #Laptops #Ventilation #blendedlearning #Covid19UK
Ps - I’d be prepared to bet my life earnings on the fact that a @conservative MP or #Tory donor has got their sticky fingers in the #lateralflowtest Pie!

• • •

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More from @AlisonGeorge10

11 Jan
1) If both #NHS & @GOVUK websites have ONLY 3 symptoms with NO comment about other possible symptoms 1 of 2 things will happen. People WITH #COVID19 won’t realise they need or be able to access a test. OR those people that know there are more symptoms will have to lie to get one.
2)So there will be 1000s of ppl W/ #COVID19 oblivious that they have it & returning to work/school as soon as their symptoms have gone. Add to this that headteachers can only request a test for a child OR send a contact home based on those 3 SYMPTOMS huge numbers will be missed.
3)Then consider that the much hailed #lateralflowtest s have a very high FALSE NEGATIVE rate AND that they’re going to be used widely across educational settings to AVOID children & staff isolating.
This is a recipe for an ABSOLUTE DISASTER!
Read 8 tweets
10 Jan
Dear @MattHancock, for MANY MONTHS we’ve known that the symptoms of #COVID19 include
Persistent dry cough
Fever of > 37.8 degs
Loss or alteration of taste or smell
Shortness of breath
Sore throat
Muscle aches & pain
And in children the symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, joint pains/redness and odd rashes
And yet, when I did a quick check of the #NHS & @GOVUK websites this evening I was shocked to find this 👇
And this 👇
Read 6 tweets
10 Jan
@MattHancock says yet again that “Schools are safe”, because children are at low risk of serious disease.
With current v high disease prevalence (maybe 1 in 20 or 30 in #London ,#1in50 elsewhere) MORE children will catch #coronavirus & MORE children will become very ill. 1/8🧵
In itself that’s not good. There are some v sick kids around the country right now & because they often present differently they may not be diagnosed so quickly. Often with gastrointestinal & joint symptoms & odd rashes. Parents & educators may not be aware of this. 2/8
Families, especially those in large multigenerational or BAME households are already at increased risk of severe #COVID19.
#Teachers & #earlyyears staff in JAN 21 STILL have virtually no #PPE. There will be many over 50s & others who are CV/CEV. This is not good. 3/8
Read 9 tweets
9 Jan
IMO #teachers & #earlyyears staff settings are being SACRIFICED to give an illusion of “SAFETY”. The Gvmt know that if the majority of parents realise these settings are the places where they are likely to catch #coronavirus from, many will not want to their kids to go. 1/9
They’re keen to perpetuate the belief that there is “nothing to see here” in order to keep the work force working.
I’m not naive, I know the economic fallout from more things locking down won’t be good. But w/ so many children in school #Lockdown3 will go on for longer. 2/
Think #Chernobyl.
The men on the roof. Sacrificed to show the world that those in charge knew what they were doing. This is the same.
How many teachers have had #COVID19 ? How many have died? The full stats remain illusive. They are our family, friends & community members. 3/
Read 11 tweets
8 Jan
#PrimeMinister, please watch this @BBCNewsnight clip.
Even as someone who’s worked as a dr throughout the #pandemic & seen #COVID19 up close, I found it deeply shocking & disturbing. 1/
@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet
This isn’t a real #Lockdown #PrimeMinister !The roads are busy, schools have far more “key worker” kids than in Mar & #earlyyears settings are open “as normal”.
In my local #Medicentre & @PostOffice ,9/12 in, #masks ARE OPTIONAL! A place countless people go, MASKS R OPTIONAL! 2/
These are today’s numbers #PrimeMinister, EVERY case, admission or death is a person with family & friends.
Our #NHS 💙is on its knees, staff are sick & exhausted, taking to social media for help. We are doing our very best but things are really bad.
REALLY BAD! @BorisJohnson Image
Read 10 tweets
8 Jan
NO ONE is accusing parents of being selfish!
BUT the situation in the UK is DESPERATELY SERIOUS!
The more kids in school & nurseries, the more healthcare workers will get ill or need to isolate due to #Covid impacting on #NHS staff levels. 1/5
AND the more vulnerable kids take #COVID19 home to families who’re already at increased risk of serious #Covid ,will result in higher demand for Critical Care/ITU beds & stop other care.
#Dfe need to urgently change the access for parents from “key” to “ESSENTIAL” workers. 2/
No one is suggesting it is easy. I can see how hard it must be to supervise #remotelearning & work from home.
But IF you can manage your kids at home even for a couple of weeks it would make a big difference to this crisis, which is rapidly becoming a catastrophe!
Really! 3/
Read 5 tweets

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