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Networking Basics 101! 🌐

A Thread 👇 Image
1/10: 🌐 Welcome to Networking Basics 101!

Let's start with IP addresses. 📡

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique numerical identifier assigned to devices on a network. It's like a phone number for your device on the internet. #NetworkingBasics Image
2/10: 🔢 IP addresses are divided into two main versions: IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4 uses a 32-bit address format (e.g.,,
while IPv6 uses a 128-bit address format
(e.g., 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334). #IPv4 #IPv6 PS: https://www.wpdownloadm...
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🔛 DAY 2 of the final #SHERPAconference is here! 🙌

And we start with @occs13 and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys welcoming attendees and introducing the agenda of the day. Image
🌄 Mario Milouchev from @EUAgri is opening the second and final day of the final #SHERPAconference thanking the many platforms engaging in the project and implementing the #RuralVision.

🗣️ "It’s time to think outside of the box" Image
🎯 It’s time to discuss participatory budgeting and how #SHERPA can contribute with recommendations for future #rural policy. Our project coordinator Olivier and Elodie from @Ecorys are setting the scene.

Stay tuned! 👂 Image
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@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen '#Terveystoimittaja': Toisen rokotteen voimaa.
#Hus:in diagnostiikkajohtaja #LasseLehtonen rohkeni lähteä #Venäjä-Pietariin katsomaan jalkapallon EM-ottelua.
Lehtosella oli jo se toinen ja hän katsoi, että hänellä oli lupa lähteä.… Image
@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen #Mediapooli. Tuottamukselliset terveyden ja hengen vaarantamiset, #rokotekuolemat.
#Korruptio -rahaa vastaan, 2 vuotta valehdelleen "#toimittaja'n" asema #Nuremberg'n lavalla, kun #SpandauBallet -biisi alkaa.
- #Tuonela noutaa... ikuiseen tanssiin...… ImageImage
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¿Conoces la técnica de #Phising?, o como se pueden interceptar paquetes entre la comunicación de dos equipos, o incluso engañar a un Switch con su tabla de #ARP. Este tipo de técnicas se pueden realizar usando DSNIFF.
Te enseño a montar un escenario de pruebas sencillo Abro🧵👇
Lo primero. ¿Que es DSNIFF?
Es un conjunto de herramientas creadas para auditar redes y realizar tests de penetración creadas por Dug Song
Con esta herramienta te das cuenta de lo importante que puede llegar a ser la #encriptación en comunicación
Aunque la Suite tiene un conjunto de herramientas amplio, en este estudio únicamente nos vamos a centrar en 2 de ellas.

Arpspoof y dnsspoof las cuales facilitan la intercepción de tráfico en la red, normalmente no disponible para un atacante.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk"; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/
Today (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series…

On Weds (Mar 22), I'm doing a remote talk for the @IFTF's "Changing the Register" series:… 2/
Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk": Why today's Luddites should be smashing apps.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
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La enfermedad radiomagnética será la verdadera pandemia!
Por favor compartan a sus contactos porque de este tema no se habla ni a nivel médico ni en la televisión
#Electrosmog ❌🆘…
Plantas que contrarrestan las radiaciones electromagnéticas
En las habitaciones la 2da

*Hagamos plantitas y regalemos a nuestros allegados, así reciben está información ☺️🪴💝 Image
Cuidado con los niños y el celular!
Estamos desintoxicacióndonos de tantas cosas que también debemos agregar la del celular y otros dispositivos 📵🆘…
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#EMF #Radiation for everyone.
#SpaceX launches 51 #Starlink satellites, lands rocket on ship at sea (video) | -22h
- SpaceX has permission to loft 12,000 Starlink craft and has applied for approval to deploy 30,000 more satellites on top of that.…
Thread: 82 tweets
From: #TheodoreRoosevelt marks 416 #coronavirus cases in wake of captain's firing | Apr 10, 2020
To: #MajesticPrincess with hundreds of #COVID-infected passengers docks in #Sydney | Nov 12, 2022
cc: @ drewpiers0n
@SpaceX's #Starlink satellites moving through the sky
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What is in store for #WiFi in 2023? Tune in below to hear from Wi-Fi Alliance member companies as they share their 2023 Wi-Fi predictions and what developments to watch out for this year.
.@MetinTskn, CEO and CTO at @AirTies shares his prediction for the increased adoption of Wi-Fi EasyMesh, #6GHz, the growing importance of Wi-Fi QoS management capabilities to manage end user experiences, and more.
Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy Officer at @DZS_Innovation, gives us his 2023 #WiFi trends which include ultra-fast broadband, Wi-Fi 7, and the digital home. Watch here.
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#Firefighters to go on #strike across the #UK after union members vote for action | 1h ago
- More than 80% of members who voted backed strike action across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland when they were balloted last month.…
#UK #Teachers set to #strike after pay #talks with #Tory ministers collapse | Jan 30
- Despite years of falling take-home pay, the government offered most teachers just 5 per cent for 2022-23 — about half the rate of 40-year-high double-digit #inflation.…
Tiny #Britain is sinking.
Who will be on strike on walkout Wednesday? | Jan 30
- 100s of 1000s of workers will go on #strike on Wednesday in separate disputes over pay, jobs and conditions - the biggest day of industrial action in more than a decade.…
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🧵 Don't read on if you want to continue using your WiFi 🛜☠️.
The tools I release are for educational and didactic purposes. Please be responsible when using them and take into account the current legislation to avoid problems with the law.
The WiFi of your mobile or PC is a real indiscreet as it calls the last networks to which it has connected, this is known as "Probe Request", serves to save battery and speed up the connection, but exposes 100m around where we live, work or have been.
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Sábado por la mañana - guardia domiciliaria
👉 llamada urgente: 🧑‍🦳psicótica, confundida, llorando, quiere ser ingresada.
👉 antecedente: esquizofrenia - bien controlada.
@24maria15 @Laurencia
Personal de visita domiciliaria llama muy preocupada, teme por su integridad: "nunca la había visto así y todo porque se le ACTUALIZÓ el móbil"
🚑: #paciente sentada en su sofá, llorando, quiere ser ingresada. Vive sola.
👉 📵, no puedo llamar a mis hijos.
👉No tengo 📺 ni internet: qué hago aquí?
👉 Hace demasiado calor para salir y tengo mucho dolor en rodillas
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A closer look at the adoption of #MPTCP based on ZMaps scans and packet traces…
ZMap scans over the IPv4 space and IPv6 hitlists reveal that MPTCP is used by IPv4 and IPv6 hosts
More interesting is that MPTCPv1, defined in RFC8664… started to be used in October 2021
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So you got an Intel AX210 adapter installed on your Linux computer and are ready to start capturing Wi-Fi traffic on 6 GHz, except that it doesn't work. Here's what you should know. 🧵
First, you need to be running Linux kernel 5.10 or newer. Intel drivers (iwlwifi) are part of the upstream Linux kernel. Intel introduced support for the AX210 adapter (and 6 GHz) in version 5.10.
Second, if using iw for managing the Wi-Fi interface, make sure you install iw 5.9 or newer. Older versions of iw implemented some initial support for 6 GHz but used a channel numbering scheme that was later abandoned, with channels 191, 195, etc.
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La Chine, cité interdite :
Plus de 2ans après le début de l’épidémie #covid , la #Chine brandit tjs la grande muraille sanitaire, et se renferme un peu + sur elle mm … (THREAD)
La difficulté des conditions d’entrée dans le pays en est un ex flagrant : pr ma part, + de 6mois d’attente pr avoir un visa, 4 pour avoir un vol (à 5000€ l’aller simple en éco). Avec obligation de prendre un vol direct depuis la France (car nationalité française) vers #Chine.
Note importante pr la suite : ces derniers mois et jusqu'à ce mois d'avril (inclus), les seuls vols dispo depuis la France atterrissent uniquement à #Shanghai : aucune autre ville disponible. Mm si ma destination finale n’est pas Shanghai (mais Pékin).
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This 12(!) car #train arrived at #budapestnyugati from #záhony at the #Ukrainian #border this afternoon, it was a special train for the #Ukrainianrefugees fleeing the #WARINUKRAINE

And I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much help is happening in Eastern Europe!
And to put it in context, the "normal" train back to Zahony had 5 cars...
This is at the #keleti station in Budapest, normally this hall is completely empty, now it full with stands and people who #HelpUkrainianRefugees
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Come join me (the "monster" 😂) as we dive deep into the #WiFi Code inside #RISCV #BL602 (the "wifi chip" 😂)… Image
Many thanks to this hilarious (but truthful) comment on #BL602 😂

Here's the #BL602 #WiFi Firmware ... Let's find out how it connects to a WiFi Access Point… Image
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We have an exciting new #preprint on @medrxivpreprint ! A novel class of #primaryimmunodeficiency, with the discovery of ITPR3 mutations in two families with combined immunodeficiency. As always, studying #PID teaches us so much about biology! 1/8…
The work is based on patients identified @UZLeuven by Rik Schrijvers and @IsabelleMeyts. Both patients had a combined #immunodeficiency with sensitivity to infections, one complicated by peripheral #neuropathy and one by #autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Over to the gene hunters! 2/8
Mutations in ITPR3 were identified by Erika Van Nieuwenhove and Frederik Staels. ITPR3 is part of a #Calcium channel, so we turned to the Serysheva lab @Irina52948708 to predict the impact on structure. Clear as day, the mutations change the charge of the channel. 3/8
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♀️ #8M2021

¿Quiénes son Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr?

En el #DiaDeLaMujer buceamos en la historia de la #tecnología y rescatamos a algunas de sus mujeres más representativas.

Comenzamos a presentaros a 19 pioneras.

Dentro hilo👇 8M2021_infografia 1
♀️ #8M2021

Comenzamos con Ada Lovelace, madre de la programación informática: considerada como la primera programadora de la historia. Diseñó una máquina analítica mecánica, capaz de calcular funciones algebraicas y almacenar cifras.

#EspañaFeminista Foto de Ada Lovelace
♀️ #8M2021

Continuamos con Edith Clarke, ingeniera del Instituto Tecnológico de Massachussets (MIT) que patentó una calculadora gráfica y es una de las mujeres más relevantes en el campo de la ingeniería energética

#EspañaFeminista #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer Foto de Edith Clarke
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"- A gym entrepreneur who demanded #Ivermectin packaging from her customers started to succeed and celebrated briskly at karaoke restaurant with her customers. - Everyone got healthy."
#Ivermectin #Valvira: lle osoitettu kantelu ”harhaanjohtavan tiedon antamisesta #COVID-19-taudin lääkehoidossa” ja valituksen kohteen, Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskus, #Fimea: n siihen antama vastaus.
Yhdysvaltain terveysvirasto (NIH) on korjannut ohjeistustaan #Ivermektin :in käytössä #COVID19-potilaiden hoidossa, ja sen käyttö on luvallista

Fimea kertoo, s2, ettei ole estettä käyttää #hydroksiklorokiini: a #korona: n hoidossa: ImageImage
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@dgurdasani1, you are a legend 👏!

PLEASE please listen to this from 07.20-40.30.
You will not regret it.

It clearly demonstrates the dangers of those without any CLINICAL knowledge & expertise being able to make crucial decisions that effect so many lives.
1/15 a thread.
Questions for the MODELLERS & MPs...

Have you actually seen a child poorly w/ #COVID19? It can be extremely frightening for both child & parents.

Have you seen/spoken to the parents of any children suffering w/ #LongCovid?
Why not listen to what parents & Drs are saying? 2/
#COVID19 is a multi-system disease with w/ many negative outcomes other than hospitalisation or death.



#LongCovid in both adults & children can be v debilitating & there’s currently v little knowledge about the long term prognosis. 3/.
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Unacceptable, but very intentional.

We can not play surprised when:
🔹Phase 1a is 70% White
🔹 Phase 1b (65+yo) are 77% White
🔹 70% of pharmacies are in white neighborhoods
🔹 Black/Brown communities are 2x less likely to have hospital
🔹Registrations require WiFi
#BlackAndBrown Americans basically have to had entered into 2020 with #OneOrganAlreadyFailing before they can qualify for the #COVIDvaccine at this point, aka #PreExistingConditions.

This is #TuskegeePartTwo: withholding a life saving intervention while you’ve studied our deaths
I’m tired of America trying to act shock that Black people die at higher rates and younger ages when your policies INTENTIONALLY set it up that way.

I refuse to play dumb in 2021.
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Zorgwekkend dat jeugd geen hobby’s meer heeft, niet meer weet wat buitenspelen is, geen boeken leest.

Dat maakt dat ze zich rot vervelen, doelloos zijn, een leeg gevoel hebben, online pesten, gepest en misbruikt worden.

Ipv de #avondklok invoeren, een #WiFi verbod instellen!
Ik zie nooit kinderen knikkeren, touwtje springen, hinkelen, stoepkrijten, in bomen klimmen, fikkie stoken, rolschaatsen, steppen, stoeprandje spelen, de handstand oefenen.....alle voorzieningen en veiligheid daarvoor zijn verdwenen.
Een boek lezen is er niet meer bij.
Welke hobby’s hebben kinderen nog?
Als ze elkaar al in levende lijve treffen, zit ieder op z’n eigen telefoon met iemand te appen die niet bij het gezelschap zit, net als de volwassen in de @2eKamertweets doen. Ze kennen geen ouderwets goede sociale vaardigheden meer.
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Hoy se cumplen 21 años de la muerte de Hedy Lamarr, de la que encontrarás más info sobre lo guapa que era o su desnudo en una película que por ser la inventora del sistema de comunicaciones que actualmente es la base del #WiFi y del #Bluetooth

Y es verdad que fue actriz de Hollywood en la década de los 40, pero es que estamos hablando de que esta mujer diseñó un sistema de comunicación para guiar torpedos en la guerra, que con el tiempo derivó en el wifi y otras tecnologías de comunicación sin cables. WTF!
Sin embargo, Wikipedia, por ejemplo, solo destaca de ella en la captura de su perfil su faceta como actriz. Buscando en Google encontramos un sinfín de titulares sexistas y totalmente injustos como estos. Con un hombre lo hubieran hecho también, ¿verdad?
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Here’s few reasons @krishgm
1) Govt want parents to work. They need to maintain the illusion that “Schools are safe”. If parents are in doubt they may not send their kids & will be unable to work.
2)They’ve failed SPECTACULARLY to provide enough #laptops & #Wifi for kids without
After 9 months they’ve supplied “world beatingly” low numbers meaning teachers can’t easily move to #blendedlearning .
So classes are fuller with many children who’ve no access to a laptop or WiFi, or a space to learn, compounding the issue of transmission again.
3)If Govt admit schools are places with high transmission of #coronavirus they will be forced to mandate #MasksInClassrooms. This will be very unpopular within many freedom loving @Conservatives MPs & the RW media who are chomping at the bit to “unlock”!
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