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📢Sharing our new policy report on #UltraProcessedFoods in the diets of 👶👦👧 in the UK. Concerningly we find that #UPFs exist in all commercial baby & toddler food categories & among foods targeted at pre-schoolers. See… #BabyFood #ChildHealth #Nutrition Image
🥣 In particular a large proportion of commercial 'finger foods' (i.e. snacks) & baby cereals are #UPF. The true extent of ultra-processing of the foods marketed for 👶👦👧is probably underestimated as we rely on ingredient markers on product labels Image
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Up next, we’re diving into the wonderful world of treasure baskets with @MctavishAnni. Through this workshop, she will introduce us to not just what a treasure basket is, but also how to make our own, and how we can engage in high-quality #EYPlay. #ToddlePlay #LearningThroughPlay Image
Babies are born with about 100bn neurons!! Sensory, emotional, & physical activity triggers neural connections 🧠 making thinking & learning happen. Children's whole bodies respond to sensory stimulations, shaping their experiences & pathways #BrainDevelopment #EYPlay #EarlyYears
Treasure baskets, pioneered by Elinor Goldschmied in post-war Europe, do not need any complicated/expensive equipment. You can put a treasure basket together with things you've found around the house, typically something easy to hold & manipulate & made of natural materials. Image
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Here we are backstage, waiting to start Day 2 of the ultimate #EYPlayParty with a keynote on #LovingPedagogy by @tamsingrimmer. This session on how adults can help children feel loved and promote positive attachments will be moderated by @MsNursery. #ECECommunity #PlayfulLearning Image
The party is officially on, with Iceland, Macedonia, Chile, Italy, Cambodia, England, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Canada and sooo many other countries being represented in our webinar chat box. Where are you joining us from today? Give us a shout and let us know! #EYPlayParty 🛩️
Remember to send us your questions and share your reflections with us here and in the webinar chat box and we will get them across to @tamsingrimmer 📨 We love hearing from you! #ECECommunity #TeachEarlyYears #TeacherCommunity #TeacherNetworking #EYPlayParty
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HELLO! Starting now: Alistair Bryce-Clegg's keynote on 'Celebrating the Child, Creating the Magic in Early Years'! A true pioneer in the field, @ABCDoes’s expertise and passion for Early Years education will leave you feeling energised and empowered. #EYPlayParty #ToddlePlay
Wow, what a fantastic range of places our participants are from! England, Vietnam, Austria, India, Japan, USA, Bangladesh, South Africa, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia...phew, it's already hard to keep up! So inspiring to see the vast geography that the love for EY haas brought together!
Starting off his career, @ABCDoes did not really want to work with the "younger children". Turns out, it was a life-changing experience for him, and we're so grateful for that, because that brings him and his wealth of experience for us to learn from at this #EYPlayParty!
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Mini 🧵

I've talked before about how we're all very much socialised into a society steeped in #racism.

It's in the many subtle (or not so subtle) things that we learn without being explicitly taught.

Exhibit A... Front cover of a children's...Page from the book explaini...Somewhat dodgy drawing of a...
It's really easy to look at this early years reading book and the pictures within it and not see anything problematic.

But when you piece it together, you can clearly see the messages that very young kids are being exposed to (and internalising).
One of the questions for kids to answer at the end of the book os "which hair would you NOT like to have?"

Guess what the answer to that question was!

So we're already learning about Black women's and girl's hair and what is 'desirable' and what is not?
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Good morning from @babyfriendly's 24th annual conference, with over 1800 delegates online over two days. It's @shereen_fisher's conference as Programme Director. This year there are networking spaces where delegates can meet the Baby Friendly team. Posters are online too #bfconf screenshot of Baby Friendly UK Programme Director Shereen Fi
Chief Executive of @UNICEF_uk @jon_sparkes is welcoming delegates & speaking on the value of investing in the early years &giving children the best start that we can. We are living through challenging times: pandemic, maternity service reports, staff shortages, food insecurity... screenshot of Jon Sparkes's presentation. Slide shows parent
.@UNICEF global priorities around vaccinations, climate change, helping displaced families. @UNICEF_uk looking at fundraising, lobbying for greater spending on intl development, work on the rights of the child. #BabyAndToddlerGuarantee campaign…
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Here we go! Press conference with @GovofCO and advocates and Michael Cook, @EmilyForCO and others like @ColoradoKidsOrg @ColoradoEPIC @garycommunity @dpp_org and so many others!

#coleg #copolitics
The new EC depart will make the #EarlyChildhood system easier for families, advocates and providers in the state. “This legislation will have a positive ripple effect’” says @GovofCO
“We are delivering for Coloradan families” says @AlecGarnett as he speaks about his 3 children and how we need more education providers HB22-1279 serves these families! #copolitics #coleg
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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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#mindfulmonday THREAD & we're all about gratitude! It starts with us as parents, carers, caregivers, grown ups. Show up for your little one's by helping them appreciate the small things in life. The things that make the 🌎 beautiful, sparkle, shine.
We know it's been a tough year. We've been #homeschooling, #parentinginapandemic and working. It's been rough, full stop. But remember the clapping, the rainbows, the neighbourly kindnesses. That's the human in us all shining through.
This week, try to focus on #gratitude. 🙏

Here's some ideas! 👇👇 What works for you?

🏺Make a gratitude jar together
👀 Spend some time appreciating your surroundings together
💬 Talk about what makes your little ones happy. Tell them.
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Today's #MiindfulMonday tip is one the family can try.

We carry tension, anxiety, worry in our bodies. Read the comments below 👇 to bring yourself out your thinking mind & loosen the load on your body.

Now tell us how you feel? 👇👇
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1/ Like HCWs across the UK, #Teachers, school staff & those working in #earlyyears settings, have repeatedly been expected to work with inadequate #PPE, in conditions where the risk of catching #COVID19 is HIGH.
Like too many HCWs across the UK, they have been denied BASIC PROTECTIONS against an #Airborne 🦠.

2/Like so many HCWs across the UK, some have lost their lives or been left with #LongCovid UNNECESSARILY!

& like the families of 1000s of HCWs in the UK, too many are grieving the loss of loved ones that were PREDICTABLE AND AVOIDABLE.
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1) Just like adults #LongCovidKids can experience hair loss.
One family shares their 2-year-old son's experience.
"My son will be 2 in two weeks but had COVID-19 back in August when he was one year old.
He was hospitalized for a week with MISC/ PIMS. Since being sick with
2) #covid he lost all his hair. He bruises easily, never had any bruises before, now he is covered in them.
He has;
⚠️ A high WBC count of 30 trillion
⚠️High CRP
⚠️ High inflammatory markers
⚠️ He has trouble regulating his sugar levels
⚠️He has constant rashes
⚠️He also has
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💈WOW 🤩

This school rocks!
We need to reduce #Covid_19 in transmission in schools.

Great to see this headteacher taking a proactive approach to #makeschoolssafe and going beyond the inadequate @educationgovuk guidelines.

We don't want your kids to share our story.
The only way we know how to reduce #longcovid is to avoid #COVID
Download your school pack to understand more about #longcovidkids & how to reduce risk in your school.
#LCKSchoolpack #LCKMaskHeros
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The idea that children of all ages wouldn’t want to be part of the solution is ludicrous. Give them credit for understanding the seriousness of the situation whilst having the common sense to know that if they #WearAMask IN ALL AREAS of school, their schools will be safer. 1/3
When we look back at this crisis, the fact that children were PREVENTED FROM WEARING 😷s IN UK SCHOOLS in 2021 to protect themselves & those around them from an #airborne 🦠 will be viewed as INCREDIBLE & UNBELIEVABLE!

Please tell us why #PrimeMinister?!

#COVIDisAirborne 2/3
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1/14 Morning @SophyRidgeSky, just watched the interviews w/ @DominicRaab @annelongfield @timspector & @bphillipsonMP re #schoolsreopening fully on 8th Mar.

Discussions focused on dates, primary vs secondary, catch up plans, mental health concerns, vulnerable children....

Has the MSM been banned from mentioning mitigation measures?
Are British children/teaching staff different to those across the world?
3/NO FIGURES on how many children get #COVID19?
NO MENTION of how many become seriously ill, are hospitalised or die?
Absolutely NO WORD about the 1 in 7 or 8 children who get #LongCovid!
NO ADVICE for parents of children w/ diseases like Diabetes, severe Asthma etc.
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@dgurdasani1, you are a legend 👏!

PLEASE please listen to this from 07.20-40.30.
You will not regret it.

It clearly demonstrates the dangers of those without any CLINICAL knowledge & expertise being able to make crucial decisions that effect so many lives.
1/15 a thread.
Questions for the MODELLERS & MPs...

Have you actually seen a child poorly w/ #COVID19? It can be extremely frightening for both child & parents.

Have you seen/spoken to the parents of any children suffering w/ #LongCovid?
Why not listen to what parents & Drs are saying? 2/
#COVID19 is a multi-system disease with w/ many negative outcomes other than hospitalisation or death.



#LongCovid in both adults & children can be v debilitating & there’s currently v little knowledge about the long term prognosis. 3/.
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@BorisJohnson I don’t want your thanks, I am currently working in a preschool, juggling homeschooling 2 children, housework, doing SALT for my daughter, patiently waiting to see how her dyslexia assessment will be done, while terrified my job will give me covid. #closenurseries
You refuse to extend FSM into the holidays despite there being millions of families struggling, those who have lost their jobs, those who are furloughed and not getting their 20% topped up, those solely on benefits, & those like me who has 1 income coming in that’s below the
Living wage with gas and electric bills increasing because we are home so much more using two laptops for school work, and whose food bills are increasing for the same reason, your thanks mr @BorisJohnson do not mean a thing to me when I’m working in the forgotten sector of
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Dear @annelongfield,
I read this document with trepidation.
However I am hugely relieved that finally there is acknowledgment that “there is a problem”.
Thank you!
The most important step that can be taken now from a HEALTH PERSPECTIVE is accepting that #COVIDisAirborne. 1/4
Children (& staff) could wash their hands 100x a day & sit in lines facing forwards thinking this will PREVENT #Coronavirus transmission. It won’t.
It will REDUCE transmission but the virus is in the air so ALL @educationgovuk safety measures need to updated accordingly. 2/4
If you could urgently press upon those able to effect change, the HUGE significance of this simple fact, we would actually be able to start to #MakeSchoolSafe. #EarlyYears settings & staff must NOT be excluded. 3/4
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And pressure for the NEXT BIG MISTAKE is building already.
MPs who fought tooth & nail to resist #lockdown /restrictions before #Christmas2020 are now actively working w/ a pressure group wanting FULL REOPENING of PRIMARY SCHOOLS WITHOUT MITIGATION for an #airborne virus. 1/5
#UsForThem have influenced Gvmt policy already, w/ dangerous consequences.
They are about to do it again, w/ the FULL BACKING of 12 MPs, some high profile ⬇️. Based on a study that was completed before the #covidvariant took hold, and in a different season no less! 2/
If #earlyyears settings remain open & primary schools fully open w/ such high disease prevalence (& more), & NO attention to #VENTILATION, class sizes, mask use.....there will be 1000s more predictable, avoidable & totally unnecessary deaths in the next few months. 3/
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1/11 🧵 Just watched @BBCPolitics in utter dismay!

Waiting/hoping for SOMEONE to mention #VENTILATION or kids wearing #MasksInClassrooms, using EXTRA spaces to create #SafeSpacesToLearn...etc
Have all commentators been forbidden to mention these options, have they been gagged?
2/ If this ⬇️ is SAGE’s own assessment in Dec20.
3/ And we think this ⬇️ regarding risk dependent on location, time, masks etc.
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1/ 7🧵W/ respect @halfon4harlowMP ... do you accept that being INDOORS in CROWDED rooms W/ few ppl wearing #masks is HIGH RISK?
So how can #schools NOT be HIGH RISK?
Are you suggesting staff/pupils/families have superior immune systems?
2/7 #COVID19 risk in various settings.
3/7 #SAGE’s own assessment in Dec.
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Morning @JuliaHB1,
I’m not a teacher, a parent of school/nursery age children or a union member. I’m a dr & have worked throughout the #pandemic & have seen #COVID19 up close. As you know it can result in significant illness, hospital admission, death or cause #LongCovid. 1/10🧵
This isn’t a disease we should want ANYONE to catch.
Thankfully v few kids are seriously affected but they are getting #LongCovid.
Currently across all healthcare settings ⬆️ numbers of previously fit, younger ppl need care/being admitted w/ severe #COVID19, some have died. 2/
This is what we understand about risk in various indoor & outdoor settings ⬇️.3/ Image
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🧵1/6 ALL of us have a connection to a school/ #earlyyears setting. We ALL want to see better control of #COVID19 in the UK & avoid another #lockdown.
So ALL of us should be demanding that #schools/nurseries are made S.A.F.E.R.
2/....protecting staff, pupils, families & communities.
How long do we have to wait for the Gvmt to offer/allow adequate mitigation for an airborne virus that’s caused 1000s of AVOIDABLE DEATHS, countless cases of #LongCovid & economic devastation?
How many ppl need to die?
3/If @BorisJohnson won’t protect us,we must protect each other.
Write to your MP/local council asking for #SafeEdForAll
Advice ALL kids >6yrs going to school #WearAMask.
ALLOW staff to wear #MasksInClassrooms. Teaching won’t be perfect but the current situation’s isn’t either.
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