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This is plea to all Headteachers regarding the imminent full opening of UK schools.

If we remove from the debate HOW MUCH children transmit/spread #coronavirus WITHIN schools, we all accept that they do spread it to a greater or lesser degree.
Children do not exist in isolation!
Every day they mix with their families & friends & during the school day they mix with many teachers & staff.

So the word BUBBLE in the school context is UTTER NONSENSE! 2/
The government & #DfE have rejected virtually every mitigation proposed by #SAGE, @IndependentSage & @neu & we’re told the @CMO_England is v uneasy about a BIG BANG reopening.

You don’t have to be a scientist or medic to understand this re risk in various settings👇🏼.
3/ Image
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And pressure for the NEXT BIG MISTAKE is building already.
MPs who fought tooth & nail to resist #lockdown /restrictions before #Christmas2020 are now actively working w/ a pressure group wanting FULL REOPENING of PRIMARY SCHOOLS WITHOUT MITIGATION for an #airborne virus. 1/5
#UsForThem have influenced Gvmt policy already, w/ dangerous consequences.
They are about to do it again, w/ the FULL BACKING of 12 MPs, some high profile ⬇️. Based on a study that was completed before the #covidvariant took hold, and in a different season no less! 2/
If #earlyyears settings remain open & primary schools fully open w/ such high disease prevalence (& more), & NO attention to #VENTILATION, class sizes, mask use.....there will be 1000s more predictable, avoidable & totally unnecessary deaths in the next few months. 3/
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1/11 🧵 Just watched @BBCPolitics in utter dismay!

Waiting/hoping for SOMEONE to mention #VENTILATION or kids wearing #MasksInClassrooms, using EXTRA spaces to create #SafeSpacesToLearn...etc
Have all commentators been forbidden to mention these options, have they been gagged?
2/ If this ⬇️ is SAGE’s own assessment in Dec20.
3/ And we think this ⬇️ regarding risk dependent on location, time, masks etc.
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Morning @susannareid100 & @piersmorgan
We need to introduce another element to the #schools debate?
Not IF or WHEN, but HOW can we #MakeSchoolsSafe ENOUGH to open them fully AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Opening them without effective mitigation measures IS NOT AN OPTION.
We all know that staying partially “closed” for any length of time isn’t good on so many levels but the MSM seem to avoid the obvious questions TO KIDS about what THEY could do to help.

Ask them “would you #WearAMask to be able to go to school?” The majority would say YES!
Ask “would you mind if the windows were open all day long but you could wear extra clothes to keep warm?” - they’ll say NO!

Ask “if we start using extra “non-school” spaces like libraries & function rooms to have more space for you to learn in safely, would you mind?”- NO!
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1/ 7🧵It’s struck me over the past weeks that the current HUGE CONCERN from @conservative MPs & high profile media stars about the #mentalhealth of children is RATHER ODD?
Bare with me here-
My “kids” are 19,22 & 25.
Where are the campaign groups worried about THESE young ppl?
2/ There’s VERY LITTLE media/political discussion about the effect on students - mental, physical AND financial. Many are anxious & down, missing their friends.They may have unhappy, abusive homes & be desperate to “get away” or may have nowhere to study effectively either.
3/What about graduates living back @ home w/ parents, applying for jobs that are like needles in haystacks.
No social life or freedoms, no jobs or financial stability.
Most young ppl love their families but wouldn’t choose to live w/ them indefinitely. Anyone shouting 4 them?
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Morning @susannareid100 & @piersmorgan, just catching up on your discussion w/ experts on #schools.
STUNNING that not one of them mention SIMPLE, BASIC PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES like #MasksInClassrooms & improved #Ventilation to #MakeSchoolsSafer.
It’s truly not rocket science!
Please could you ask every Minister who comes on the program why British children can’t #WearAMask IN CLASSROOMS?
Why can’t #Ventilation be improved & CO2 monitors be installed?
Why can’t uniform be abandoned for this term & all kids be advised to wear warm clothes? 2/4
How long will it take to get the desperately needed laptops to those kids without them & sort out WiFi issues?
Why the physical & #mentalhealth of staff & parents is dismissed so easily in every single discussion?
Parents & grandparents have died. Teachers have died! 3/4
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I’m sorry @halfon4harlowMP, but this is outdated & untrue!
Dr Harries: “It is very much a closed community.”
You’re expecting us to believe that #schools are CLOSED COMMUNITIES?!
YEAR BUBBLES + staff & families
To describe them as CLOSED COMMUNITIES is complete fantasy! 1/ 7
I don’t know what the reasons are for REFUSING to accept that educational/ early years staff aren’t at INCREASED RISK, but this is also NOT TRUE! As a healthcare professional I find it deeply disturbing that #DfE aren’t prepared to make simple changes to protect so many lives.2/
#COVID19 is a serious multi-system disease.
Even those with mild symptoms can develop #LongCovid & a significant number of those discharged from hospital die in the next few months. Young, fit ppl are suffering & dying.
And #KidsGetLongCovid too! 3/
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🧵1/6 ALL of us have a connection to a school/ #earlyyears setting. We ALL want to see better control of #COVID19 in the UK & avoid another #lockdown.
So ALL of us should be demanding that #schools/nurseries are made S.A.F.E.R.
2/....protecting staff, pupils, families & communities.
How long do we have to wait for the Gvmt to offer/allow adequate mitigation for an airborne virus that’s caused 1000s of AVOIDABLE DEATHS, countless cases of #LongCovid & economic devastation?
How many ppl need to die?
3/If @BorisJohnson won’t protect us,we must protect each other.
Write to your MP/local council asking for #SafeEdForAll
Advice ALL kids >6yrs going to school #WearAMask.
ALLOW staff to wear #MasksInClassrooms. Teaching won’t be perfect but the current situation’s isn’t either.
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The problem is not the children #PrimeMinister, it’s the refusal to accept the facts.
Put simply, children “get it”.
They want to protect their families/ teachers & want to do the right thing.
It’s a well known fact- #COVIDisAirborne & #MasksSaveLives
You children are absolutely gorgeous Leah!
Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos 🥰.
A thought for parents keen for #MasksInClassrooms to be the norm rather than the exemption....
Could we get photos of #KidsInMasks holding signs saying #COVIDisAirborne #MasksSaveLives #IWantToWearAMask
#MyMaskProtectsOthers ? Age appropriate obvs.
@HoppySaul @LeahBra01821536
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Here’s few reasons @krishgm
1) Govt want parents to work. They need to maintain the illusion that “Schools are safe”. If parents are in doubt they may not send their kids & will be unable to work.
2)They’ve failed SPECTACULARLY to provide enough #laptops & #Wifi for kids without
After 9 months they’ve supplied “world beatingly” low numbers meaning teachers can’t easily move to #blendedlearning .
So classes are fuller with many children who’ve no access to a laptop or WiFi, or a space to learn, compounding the issue of transmission again.
3)If Govt admit schools are places with high transmission of #coronavirus they will be forced to mandate #MasksInClassrooms. This will be very unpopular within many freedom loving @Conservatives MPs & the RW media who are chomping at the bit to “unlock”!
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Couldn’t agree with you more @chrischirp!
Today in my local #Medicentre a pharmacist & 2 dispensary workers were chatting & joking w/out a #mask in sight! Then I saw several patients wearing those UTTERLY USELESS nylon #masks which slip/slide & they touch constantly. A 🧵...
And a Pt wearing a surgical mask that appeared to have been worn > 50 times it was so filthy!
We’ve had a whole term where kids haven’t worn #MasksInClassrooms & the anti #mask #keepschoolsopen AT ALL COSTS gang who don’t care 1 jot how many #teachers/families get ill w/ #Covid.
Just remember the vote on #FreeSchoolMeals in Oct!
Virtually EVERY @Conservative MP voted AGAINST this simple & low cost way to feed our most vulnerable children DURING A PANDEMIC!
Now they tell us it’s all about child welfare... I have my doubts!
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