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1) Morning @GavinWilliamson, just reading the update from @PHE_uk @GOVUK below ⬇️.…
2) Wondering how this particular bit of advice ⬇️ will play out in schools & early years settings after #Easter?

Crowded poorly ventilated classrooms w/ up to 30 kids from different households are the very essence of HIGH RISK spaces. Dining rooms/PE halls could even be worse!
3) If I’ve understood it correctly anywhere in the RED AREAS needs extra attention?

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1) Cases in schools have ⬆️ since schools fully opened on 8th Mar.
Everyone knew they would.
#SAGE predicted it.
UK schools remain NON #CovidSecure & 1000s of kids are isolating AGAIN.
Some clinicians are turning a blind eye & have joined the #antimask campaign.
#COVIDisAirborne - #MasksSaveLives & #VentilationMatters.
Smaller classes sizes & using #blendedlearning would protect individuals AND ⬇️disruption.
Advice on how to #MakeSchoolsSafe is abundant & accessible.
Why is it being consistently ignored by @educationgovuk? ImageImageImage
The Easter holidays give us some time & space to act, but while funding & political will are lacking, the school community remains very exposed to an #airborne🦠 that can cause severe illness, death & long term morbidity.

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Another excellent, practical resource for school heads to use to improve mitigation w/in UK schools.
As approx 10M ppl mix w/ virtually none of this in place it’s hard to believe that it won’t result in kicking off another #COVID19 surge w/ a BIG BANG! 1/8
Everyone able to effect change should read it & consider which side of the DEBATE they wish to be in over next few months.
False reassurances about the use of #lateralflowtests by the government & those prepared to support them on TV/media have attempted to hide to truth. 2/
Celebrity #antimaskers have continued to apply pressure & w/ the help of #Tory backed #UsForThem have successfully made #Masksinclass an OPTION, whilst children across the world, as young as 6 #WearAMask at school w/ out complaint or issue.
Dangerous #BritishExceptionalism! 3/
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@dgurdasani1, you are a legend 👏!

PLEASE please listen to this from 07.20-40.30.
You will not regret it.

It clearly demonstrates the dangers of those without any CLINICAL knowledge & expertise being able to make crucial decisions that effect so many lives.
1/15 a thread.
Questions for the MODELLERS & MPs...

Have you actually seen a child poorly w/ #COVID19? It can be extremely frightening for both child & parents.

Have you seen/spoken to the parents of any children suffering w/ #LongCovid?
Why not listen to what parents & Drs are saying? 2/
#COVID19 is a multi-system disease with w/ many negative outcomes other than hospitalisation or death.



#LongCovid in both adults & children can be v debilitating & there’s currently v little knowledge about the long term prognosis. 3/.
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Dear @annelongfield,
I read this document with trepidation.
However I am hugely relieved that finally there is acknowledgment that “there is a problem”.
Thank you!
The most important step that can be taken now from a HEALTH PERSPECTIVE is accepting that #COVIDisAirborne. 1/4
Children (& staff) could wash their hands 100x a day & sit in lines facing forwards thinking this will PREVENT #Coronavirus transmission. It won’t.
It will REDUCE transmission but the virus is in the air so ALL @educationgovuk safety measures need to updated accordingly. 2/4
If you could urgently press upon those able to effect change, the HUGE significance of this simple fact, we would actually be able to start to #MakeSchoolSafe. #EarlyYears settings & staff must NOT be excluded. 3/4
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Morning @susannareid100 & @piersmorgan
We need to introduce another element to the #schools debate?
Not IF or WHEN, but HOW can we #MakeSchoolsSafe ENOUGH to open them fully AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Opening them without effective mitigation measures IS NOT AN OPTION.
We all know that staying partially “closed” for any length of time isn’t good on so many levels but the MSM seem to avoid the obvious questions TO KIDS about what THEY could do to help.

Ask them “would you #WearAMask to be able to go to school?” The majority would say YES!
Ask “would you mind if the windows were open all day long but you could wear extra clothes to keep warm?” - they’ll say NO!

Ask “if we start using extra “non-school” spaces like libraries & function rooms to have more space for you to learn in safely, would you mind?”- NO!
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1/ 7🧵It’s struck me over the past weeks that the current HUGE CONCERN from @conservative MPs & high profile media stars about the #mentalhealth of children is RATHER ODD?
Bare with me here-
My “kids” are 19,22 & 25.
Where are the campaign groups worried about THESE young ppl?
2/ There’s VERY LITTLE media/political discussion about the effect on students - mental, physical AND financial. Many are anxious & down, missing their friends.They may have unhappy, abusive homes & be desperate to “get away” or may have nowhere to study effectively either.
3/What about graduates living back @ home w/ parents, applying for jobs that are like needles in haystacks.
No social life or freedoms, no jobs or financial stability.
Most young ppl love their families but wouldn’t choose to live w/ them indefinitely. Anyone shouting 4 them?
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I’m sorry @halfon4harlowMP, but this is outdated & untrue!
Dr Harries: “It is very much a closed community.”
You’re expecting us to believe that #schools are CLOSED COMMUNITIES?!
YEAR BUBBLES + staff & families
To describe them as CLOSED COMMUNITIES is complete fantasy! 1/ 7
I don’t know what the reasons are for REFUSING to accept that educational/ early years staff aren’t at INCREASED RISK, but this is also NOT TRUE! As a healthcare professional I find it deeply disturbing that #DfE aren’t prepared to make simple changes to protect so many lives.2/
#COVID19 is a serious multi-system disease.
Even those with mild symptoms can develop #LongCovid & a significant number of those discharged from hospital die in the next few months. Young, fit ppl are suffering & dying.
And #KidsGetLongCovid too! 3/
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🧵1/6 ALL of us have a connection to a school/ #earlyyears setting. We ALL want to see better control of #COVID19 in the UK & avoid another #lockdown.
So ALL of us should be demanding that #schools/nurseries are made S.A.F.E.R.
2/....protecting staff, pupils, families & communities.
How long do we have to wait for the Gvmt to offer/allow adequate mitigation for an airborne virus that’s caused 1000s of AVOIDABLE DEATHS, countless cases of #LongCovid & economic devastation?
How many ppl need to die?
3/If @BorisJohnson won’t protect us,we must protect each other.
Write to your MP/local council asking for #SafeEdForAll
Advice ALL kids >6yrs going to school #WearAMask.
ALLOW staff to wear #MasksInClassrooms. Teaching won’t be perfect but the current situation’s isn’t either.
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#COVIDisAirborne .
Gvmt & education leaders cannot deny THE FACTS any longer.
It is no exaggeration to liken pupils & staff to the men kicking radioactive rubble off the roof in #Chernobyl. 1/6
#Coronavirus is literally “hanging in the air”.
To deny millions of adults & children the right to BASIC, SIMPLE public health measures almost 10 months into a pandemic is not only IRRESPONSIBLE & NEGLIGENT, it is UNFORGIVABLE! 2/6
The Gvmt’s stubborn ignorance & disingenuous concern for the welfare of children is literally killing ppl, causing AVOIDABLE suffering to 1000s of families. You only have to think of current discussions around #FreeSchoolMeals to realise their sympathy is completely false. 3/6
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Here’s few reasons @krishgm
1) Govt want parents to work. They need to maintain the illusion that “Schools are safe”. If parents are in doubt they may not send their kids & will be unable to work.
2)They’ve failed SPECTACULARLY to provide enough #laptops & #Wifi for kids without
After 9 months they’ve supplied “world beatingly” low numbers meaning teachers can’t easily move to #blendedlearning .
So classes are fuller with many children who’ve no access to a laptop or WiFi, or a space to learn, compounding the issue of transmission again.
3)If Govt admit schools are places with high transmission of #coronavirus they will be forced to mandate #MasksInClassrooms. This will be very unpopular within many freedom loving @Conservatives MPs & the RW media who are chomping at the bit to “unlock”!
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As we’re heading into uncertain times ahead I’ve collated numerous collections of resources suitable for #blendedlearning #remoteteaching & #inclass - Check them out here ➡️ Literacy Resources #edshareie #edchatie @KECtweet @AnokhaLearning @VoiceforTeacher
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Here are my musings on the 'remote' aspect of #blendedlearning so far. No original thoughts here, just of a synthesis of snippets from research and blogs that I have read. Links to key readings included. I've tried to highlight some helpful adaptations teachers can make... exploit what technology has to offer when planning for asynchronous or synchronous lessons.

Big thanks to ideas included from: @RobDav1es, @BarriMoc, @MrsDJIandS, @MrWiseCHS, @ImpactWales and @smanfarr. Your insights and suggestions have really helped.
Establishing purpose.

We must ensure that pupils do not get too caught up in what they are doing digitally, so that they lose sight of what they are learning.
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Doing a little reading on #blendedlearning. The #RemoteLearning Guidance Report by @EducEndowFoundn is excellent, but I’m keen to dig a little deeper myself. So, I thought I would share some insights from research articles as I go along.

First #ResearchReview is on...
'Quality in a Blended Learning Environment' by Fray, Fisher and Pumpian (2013).

I like the title. It highlights an important goal for teachers right now: strive for high quality blended learning experiences for all pupils. We can't forsake quality when BL is here to stay.
Fray et al. (2013) explain that definitions of BL vary.

Is this problematic? I think establishing a shared definition of BL is important, not just within schools but perhaps even between them. Will this kind of continuity and consistency of lead to more equitable BL?
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A thread follows on #schoolsreopening and #blendedlearning. Thought a lot about this over the weekend, and taken soundings from parents with all political beliefs and from both constitutional backgrounds. Important to try as much as possible to contextualise my personal views ...
as a parent at a very difficult time, and offer a reasonable and objective viewpoint. But my conclusion is that what is going to happen in schools over the next year is an avoidable public policy calamity with enduring consequences for all children, particularly the poorest.
I should say at the outset, as I have in a number of articles including this one 👇🏻, that ministers are doing an unimaginable job in unimaginable circumstances. It’s much easier for someone like me to opine than it is for them to do.…
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