I have an emergency that I would like my Twitter Family's #Help with.

I am worried about my friend Jenn and her co workers that run @HarvestHillsYYC.

They have run themselves ragged and need help.

There's a reason why Jenn and the team have not posted or shared a lot lately on their social media accounts.

She is probably going to kill me for doing this (RIP @Hell_Berta)......but I need to do something for them. I can't sit back and watch them burn themselves out.
As everyone knows, Jenn was in a car accident in Dec. and she was hurt pretty bad. I am talking grade 3 concussion bad and really really bad whiplash and other injuries.

She is at home recovering and her fellow board members and dedicated volunteers have picked up and helped.
The entire team and I are blown away at what Just Jen and Meryl accomplish. They do enough work for 10 people each!!!! I was exhausted at just doing Jenn and Meryls job for just a day!

But as I said I need everyone's help.
For the people that saw the picture of me and my black cat. (Before it was removed by twitter for inciting possible violence...most likely because I had posted it with a mask on or something like that.)

Anyways, to get to the point...My Point is: I need your #Help. #Calgary #YYC
I was on call for @HarvestHillsYYC for the last two days and we got 63 calls for #assistance. (We got more via #SocialMedia messages and #emails but those were handled by other #volunteers.)

63 #calls for #renthelp, #foodassistance, #utilityhelp. Even #evictionassistance. #Care
What's astounding is that I was blown away by the number of #Calgarians, #CalgarySeniors, #CalgaryFamilies that needed help.

When they told me their reason for needing help, I have to admit that there were a few times that I cried right along side them while they talked.
I recorded their information down and put their #request in the queue for #intake #assessment, and then I sat down at the table later the other night and I #cried.

I lost it. My husband and my kidlets just sat and stared at me #crying when my #son asked me what was #wrong.
I told him I was frustrated. I was angry. I was furious. I hated the current state of our province. I hated our current government.

My son then looked at me and with a serious face said:

"Mom, I love you but hate is a strong word."

I then started to laugh.
I laughed because he's right. He may have said it in a silly voice but it broke my train of thought.

He then #asked me what could be done to #help. He asked this because he had #listened in on some of the calls and sat in his chair #stunned at some of the things he was hearing.
He said I should share what happened so here I am typing and I will add more of the story in the comments but if you would like to help with any of the 63 requests,

Please donate to @HarvestHillsYYC.

They need everyone's help to be able to continue to do what they do everyday.
They accept Etransfers at:


They also can take donations via PayPal and Lots of different Credit Cards on their website:


#PayPal #Etransfers #EFT #CreditCards
(Please consider etransfers or EFT's because then they get the whole donation whereas PayPal and other Credit Card Companies take a craptastic amount of fees...Like i'm talking about almost $14.00 in fees!!).
I want Jenn to come back healed/happy and better than before. I am sure she would kill me for doing this.....and she may still but please donate, drop her a message, just let her and the rest of the team know that we love what they do. Help them to be able to help others!
The last reason I am asking for help for @HarvestHillsYYC is because they are in extreme need for donations.

Please, let us help a non profit that helps the people that our own government has failed.

@GBrarNDP @NDPJulia @TheBreakdownAB @Christina_Suz @Crackmacs @EveryAlbertan
I am going to try my best to answer all questions but I think it will be easier to say:

If anyone would like to know more about the 63 requests, please DM me and I will give as much info as I am able to give via DM.

• • •

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11 Nov 20
If you can help @HarvestHillsYYC Please do. They're unfairly being targeted by UCP Conservative Party Trolls & are being harassed by people who are going after their organization.
They've even gone as far as demanding Jenn retract any & all statements she made in regards to being critical of the current Alberta Government.

We are indeed dealing with a cruel & heartless government.
These EVERYDAY heroes, are the very people that are stepping up & filling the GAP that our government is refusing to fill.

The @Alberta_UCP can't see the damage that is being done to the province that I & others love so much. From Doctors to Parks, Everything is being attacked.
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1 Oct 20
This is Cara's Story. **Names have been changed upon request and for protection**

Cara has gone through a lot as a child. Growing up she had difficulties in coping with traumatic experiences that she and her other family members both lived with and went through.
Ever since she was on AISH, Cara and others we have talked to all recognized that all the AISH workers that our daughter and others have had to work with have always reinforced to their clients the lifelong message that many clients were unworthy of support, care & medical care.
Cara and her sister grew up in a home that had a mother with serious mental health diagnoses as well as an alcoholic father who left when Cara was 9 and her sister was 6.
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27 Sep 20
*Husband after a night out drinking with friends. He caught an @Uber home*

Hubby: (wakes me up when he comes into the room wanting to give me a kiss before he goes to his side of the bed, only to step on the cats tail which sets a whole shitshow into motion)
Manages to go to his side of the bed and lays down only to giggle like a school kid passing gas in class for absolutely no reason.

When asked why he was giggling he looked at me and said I farted and it was silent but it’s deadly cause I ate an onion and bean dip at Rogers.
He then continued to giggle for a solid ten minutes.

Once he settled down he got undressed and comfortable and then promptly fell asleep.

You’d think it stops there but ooooooo no. It gets worse.
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26 Sep 20
Credit Facebook: Leslie Lascelle

**Please read**

This is what happened when I got home tonight. I cried. I cried at work yesterday. I also cried 3 different times last night after getting home from work.
I am an Office Administrator at an elementary school and this is how my day has gone. I'm crying because the work and expectations that have been put upon us with the added ridiculous time frames are overwhelming.
I'm crying because I am having to answer the phone and hear the concerns and frustrations of parents who are upset at the policies put in place to protect their children while they are at school.
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21 Sep 20
If people donate a total amount of $1000 I will take a picture of me in my @Hell_Berta hoodie from @BallerGearCA later on tonight!





#YYC #FeedYYC #Alberta #Canada #Edmonton #RedDeer #Leduc
As a teaser here is a picture of my favorite chocolate! Let’s get donating! #Chocolate #Aero #Nestle #MilkChocolate #Indulge Image
Yes I am still feeling sick. Yes I am still in iso. My hubby was kind enough to let me sit in his truck while he worked on it in the driveway! He said that way he can keep an eye on me and stop me from anymore online shopping!
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21 Sep 20
When someone DM’s you but doesn’t make any sense, yet gets angry at you for not helping them, so you help them by giving them people and organizations to contact....only to be blocked after for not helping them the way they wanted to be helped....what do you do?
It’s all just odd....
I gave them the contact information for what I think they were asking for help with. They didn’t like it when I said: “I’m sorry but this isn’t making much sense. I don’t know what you are asking me for help with and if you can be more specific that would be great”
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