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#Nestle valuation 🧵

History : Image
Sales trend :

2002 : 2000Cr
2020 : 14000Cr

Sales growth rate : 11.42% CAGR

Note the sales dip during Maggi fiasco : ImageImage
Profit trend :

2002 : 200Cr
2020 : 1900Cr

Profit growth rate : 13.32% CAGR ImageImage
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#Nestle valuation

History :
Sales trend :
Profit trend :
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1/ #PLI scheme

-They believe once these policy initiatives are executed on the ground, it will be positive for food processing exports.
2/ #Capex Plans

-Announced plans to invest â‚ą2600 cr in next 3-4 yrs, with a sharp focus on productivity improvements.

-New factory in Sanand, Gujarat is under construction

-They seek more nutritious and immunity boosting propositions in pandemic times.
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Der Abstimmungskampf um die #KVI wird gerade sehr heftig. Und hässlich. Die Initianten sehen sich mit einer massiven Gegenkampagne konfrontiert, die vor allem nach einem Motto zu funktionieren scheint: Shoot the messenger. ...
Keine Debatte zur Sache, nur Angriffe auf die GlaubwĂĽrdigkeit der Absender. Nebelpetarden in der Ă–ffentlichkeit, Einseifung im Hintergrund. ...
Gerade eben hat zB der CEO von #Nestlé an einem vertraulichen Hintergrundsgespräch mit den Ringier-Redaktionen über die #Konzernverantwortungsinitiative gesprochen. Am Montag ist dann BR Karin Keller-Sutter zu Gast. Vertraulich. Für Hintergrund. Thema unbekannt. ...
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If people donate a total amount of $1000 I will take a picture of me in my @Hell_Berta hoodie from @BallerGearCA later on tonight!





#YYC #FeedYYC #Alberta #Canada #Edmonton #RedDeer #Leduc
As a teaser here is a picture of my favorite chocolate! Let’s get donating! #Chocolate #Aero #Nestle #MilkChocolate #Indulge Image
Yes I am still feeling sick. Yes I am still in iso. My hubby was kind enough to let me sit in his truck while he worked on it in the driveway! He said that way he can keep an eye on me and stop me from anymore online shopping!
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Me-> Both are great companies.

1) Britannia Sales & Profit growth CAGR has been better than Nestle for last 11 yrs.

2) Operating Profit Margin of Nestle though is better than Britannia but at same time it has been range-bound (19% to 23%)...

3) In 2009 Nestle OPM was 19% & now in 2020 it is 23%.
Britannia it has increased from 6% (2009) to 18% (2020).
Did you see ?
OPM of Britannia has continuously increased at a higher multiple. It tripled.

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#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple.
Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apart from the position built up, if one pays attention to futures position, traded value in cash and delivery% along with the traded value at the each strike price of respective option, this may give much stronger insight of bias, since, bigger money at stake.
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India is a land of unique monopolies....
Even though there are so many "competitors" in every sector, there is a consistent market share #monopoly/#duopoly in most sectors or particular segments of those sectors!
Some very prominent examples are...


Organized Paint Industry
Duopoly - 59%

Asian Paints - 42%
Berger Paints - 17%

(appx values)

Telecom Industry
Duopoly - 62% & rising

Jio - 34%
Airtel - 28%

Vodafone has 28% as of now but every month it loses out subscribers at a fast pace to Jio & Airtel

(appx values)

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Truman (ex US president) famously said “The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know”

With that in mind, I look at #Nestle financial history in India since 1993 (27 yrs of History)

Period 1 - CY93-CY2003
Sales -14.8% (CAGR)
NP - 21.8%
Mkt Cap - (9.1%)

Observations - Returns between '93 and '03 were low because of 2 factors - Starting PE was very high and Ending PE was decade low

Period 2 - "CY04-CY13"

Sales - 15.5% (CAGR)
NP - 15.6%
Mkt Cap - 23.3%

Observations - High returns becasue of low starting PE

Period 3 - "CY13 onwards

Sales - 5.3% (CAGR)
NP - 9.9%
Mkt Cap - 23%!!!

Observation - Sales/Earnings slowing (Maybe GST, Maggi debacle) but Mkt cap continued to grow 10% extra every year) to reach historic highs. This is bad setup for future returns.
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Reposting this from our archives- A thread on "How Nestlé turned a whole country into coffee lovers?"

Back in the 70s, #Nestlé started selling instant coffee in Japan. However, they didn't make much headway because the Japanese loved Tea. (1/5)
It was the first thing they drank in the morning and most people thought it was a gateway to eternal youth. So considering the Japanese were this sticky to tea how do you get them to switch to coffee?

Nestle hired a child psychologist Clotaire Repaille to map out a strategy(2/5)
His assessment was simple- The Japanese had no understanding of coffee as a beverage. There was no emotional attachment to it. He figured the best way to go to market was by creating this emotional imprint first.
And so he suggested introducing coffee through desserts. (3/5)
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In This Thread I am Going To Share Nifty-50 Charts On Daily TF.

All Charts Are For Learning Purpose No Trading Recommendation.

Hope You Will Learn Something.

If Able To Give Closing Above 285 Long Possible.


Looking Good For Long Here After Retesting Of Demand Zone

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Dans ce court article publié par @Bastamag, je montre que les PDG de multinationales françaises (#Renault, #LOréal #Engie #Danone etc) signataires de la tribune de @pcanfin sur la #RelanceVerte font #EnMêmeTemps du lobbying contre le #GreenDeal européen…
Plusieurs PDG (#LOréal #Danone #SaintGobain #Nestlé #Engie #Suez #Renault etc) ont signé une tribune, aux côtés de @pcanfin @CfdtBerger @borne @yjadot, appelant à mettre en œuvre des "investissements pour la #relanceverte et la biodiversité"

Sauf qu'en même temps, ces mêmes multinationales, avec d'autres réunies au sein du lobby de l'@Afep_ ont écrit à la Commission UE pour obtenir le report ou l’annulation de nombreuses initiatives de transition écologique prévue dans le #GreenDeal

(document révélé par @Contexte) Image
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My thread on comparision of both #HUL and #Nestle.. I'm simply doing a forward EPS model here to understand whether the CMP has over/under/fairly estimated the future growth and what is the delta? #Stockanalysis #EPSmodelvaluation
These 2 are stable FMCG giants jointly demanding a Lion's share in the market with very high RoCEs, Stable and incremental positive cashflows and well established brands which are going to continue for generations irrespective of recession or inflation
I can do a DCF to determine the intrinsic value but cases like these where the Quality is nondebatable, One can only look for an appropriate entry. Hence I'm doing a quick forward EPS model simply to understand the inbuilt growth in the price
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Case 213 #Nestle S.A.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#NSRGY 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Short and medium term trends are negative and expecting further losses - a close below 109.30 will target the weekly #SMA 200 at 86.96 then #trendline support at .....

..... 82.80 (#Fib. 0.382 at 82.11). Major #support zone is 74.55 - 69.80. The long term is #bullish and the main objective is 135.20.

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The Road Map to Environmental Action is kicking off @SwanseaTownHall. #ParkHP residents are designing a community action plan to tackle the climate crisis. "We're trying to change the world," says Sarah Doucette, former Ward 13 city councillor and founder of @Green13Toronto. A poster saying A brochure with
The event runs from 7-9pm at 95 Lavinia Ave. It's a nearly full room and the event will be starting a minutes late.
Attendees are ticking their priorities for climate action on the local, provincial and national scale.
#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli
#climateaction #ClimateCrisis BuildingsTransportationFood and agriculture
Its not a #ParkHP event without a bit of heckling, provided tonight by someone who thinks Sarah Doucette, as a former politician, should not be MC. Sarah responds "everyone is political" + that she is MCing tonight as a member of Green13.
Tonight's hashtag is #ParkHP4Climate
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Der Umgang der #CDU mit Kritikern hier bei Twitter steht pars pro toto für die Haltung dieser Partei zu der Bevölkerung.
(kurzer Thread)
Achtet mal darauf. Accounts von "normalen Bürgern" werden fröhlich geblockt, Fragen werden nicht beantwortet, schlicht ignoriert.
Frau #Klöckner benutzt noch eine besonders perfide Form der Dialektik. Sie pickte sich im Zusammenhang mit dem #Nestlé Video die geschmacklosen Tweets raus, verhalf so den Beleidigern zu Aufmerksamkeit. Damit wollte sie die berechtigte Kritik diskreditieren, (2/x)
nach dem Motto: Schaut her, sowas muss ich ertragen.
Damit sagt man den ihr geneigten Menschen: Die Arme, die wird ja nur beleidigt, berechtigte Kritik gibt es da ja gar nicht.
Super Label und super für einen ernsten politischen Diskurs, räusper.
@sixtus, "größerer Account",(3/x)
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@Nestle is the largest food company in the world and produces over 2000 products marketed to every possible demographic.

They are also one of the least ethical global corporations in the world.

Their efforts to market baby formula in third world nations had a devastating impact globally that led to hearings in the Senate & regulations to help curb certain practices.

The Trump admin has overturned many of these regulatory requirements, however.


For some background on the issue please click the provided links.

#CorpScoop #Nestle

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