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Hola, ojalá me puedan ayudar, a mi mamá le diagnosticaron Exclusión Renal, se tiene que retirar el riñón derecho ya que no funciona y puede ponerse más serio. La cirugía nos cuesta $150K pesos, ella no cuenta con Seguro Social, tiene de gastos médicos pero por tiempo de espera...
No nos cubre la cirugía con @MetLifeMx, hemos estado vendiendo nuestras cosas, por tiempos de Pandemia la verdad es que le hemos estado rascando para sacar todo el recurso posible. Solo pedimos apoyo, cualquiera RT o cualquier donación sean 10, 50, 100 pesos ayudan créanme!
Estos tiempos han sido muy difíciles, mi madre es todo para mi, yo me quede sin trabajo en esta Pandemia y estamos vendiendo TODO. Les dejo una cuenta: Banamex 5204 1648 3414 3890, a nombre de Abraham Giles (yo). O bien el enlace de #PayPal.
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Of interest: "How Pandemics Past and Present Fuel the Rise of Large Companies"

#WEF #greatreset #digitalization, #IoT, #BlockChain #5G #NewDealForNature…
"There has been a clear spike in #online shopping, and #retail #analysts are wondering whether this is a #decisive #move into the #virtual world, and the further #dominance of big #corporations."

Please tell the analysts that the answer is yes.
"Keeping us distracted as we wait at home for our parcels is the streaming #entertainment industry – a market sector which is dominated by big corporations including #Netflix, #Amazon Prime (again), #Disney and and others."
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the trash truck roars as its engine ignites. Ralph wakes up and remembers where he is. he reaches for a plastic cup and relieves himself. he gets dressed and finishes his food reserves. his dirty clothes in one hand and his cup of urine in the other, he steps outside of his tent
Ralph leaves his cup on the ground to his left and his clothes to his right. The urine is collected and harvested for phosphorous, and the dirty clothes are collected and converted to raw materials.

Ralph reaches into his pockets, finding a clean pair of gloves and a fresh mask
"Phosphorous is perhaps more valuable than gold: it is present in our teeth and bones and is known to gardeners and farmers as one of the three major nutrients needed by plants along with nitrogen and potassium."…
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $PYPL

Case 226 #PayPal Holdings Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#PYPL 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Since recording the all time high 124.45 price reacted violently to the downside into the cluster #support sitting above the #Fib.0.50 and #SMA 200 but the reaction had been rather tepid as price has stalled at .....

PYPL 2/4
..... trendline #resistance and the daily SMA 20 at 98.35. The short and medium term trends are #bearish and we expect price to drift lower once again below the base of the cluster towards #trendline support 63.20.

PYPL 3/4
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#Assange Extradition to US Hearing Begins. Media Asks: “How did we get here?”. I tell you how. A disease far worse than Coronavirus- “Chronic Apathy.” Here, I’ll phrase & hashtag it #Chronapathy !!! - - -… #
With 19 years of experience in whistleblowers cases, as the founder & director of the only Gov Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), I can tell your this much: This is the worst period in the history of whistleblowing. From the consequences to the public apathy. #Assange #ChronApathy
What happened to all the “freedom” organizations (NGOs), civil liberties and Human Rights groups? Where are they? Where have they been? And look what “Liberal” Western countries pro “wars to export democracy” are doing & practicing in their own backyard! #Assange #ChronApathy
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New Illustration: Land of the Free?
Dedicated to the too-many-to-count patriots who have been censored, silenced, demonetized and deplatformed by the anti-American filth running Google, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Paypal, Shopify, Stripe, ADL, SPLC, #ConservativeInc, etc.

May God save America.
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🚨Thread Alert! 🚨
Yes we are at this again!

Let's talk #HoloFuel ⚡️

In the recent events of #HoloPorts being shipped by the end of 2019, everyone's asking about the HoloFuel. We know you want to know so here we go 💥

#Holochain #Holo
▶️1/2 This week we’re taking an in-depth look at the HoloFuel transactor, which operates “under the hood” of the HoloFuel UI we discussed in the Dev Pulse 52. This will give you some insight into how HoloFuel’s agent-centric design has an advantage over other digital currencies
▶️2/2 Understanding how the transactor works is important, not only for hApp devs, but also for promoting network user adoption as a way to provide asset backing of the currency. Holo & Holochain are promoting HoloFuel as the micro-currency that powers the Holo Hosting network.
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Here's something else that perhaps @IanCLucas could/should explore when talking to Paypal on 4 Nov.

Cc @carolecadwalla @brexit_sham @BylineTimes @Turloughc


Unlike in the US, in the UK PayPal only allows non-profits to collect #donations via its platform—and only after pre-approval. See Activities Requiring Approval:…

A LTD company would likely have its PayPal account frozen if it set up a Donate button!

In the UK, as a general rule, political parties are not allowed to be charities and charities must remain independent from political parties.

We already know of course that the @brexit_party (BXP) has been registered as a Private Company Limited by Shares on 23/11/2018.

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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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Now that @realDonaldTrump has kicked off a storm stating he will initiate investigation looking to “treasonous activities” by Google & with Google having played a role in 26/11 Mumbai attacks of 2008, will Google to be investigated by Indian Govt as well?…
American President @realDonaldTrump has kicked off a storm stating that he will initiate an investigation looking into “treasonous activities” by American multinational technology company Google after allegations from @peterthiel.
Google came under fire last year for its plans to build a censored search engine for China. Employees protested and after internal upheaval and political pressure, the project, called #Dragonfly, was put on hold.…
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1. ISIS has blunt words for 'lone wolves' planning terror attacks - 'You're really on your own here'. In an article appearing in its weekly Al Naba newspaper Thursday & swiftly translated from Arabic into English, Islamic State warns followers of "The traps on the path of Jihad"
2. Have you contributed towards jihad through financial means? Have you sent money for weapons via crowdfunding or even a #Paypal campaign to help trapped refugees in Al Hol camp, Syria? Maybe request a refund - ISIS may never have received it. Oh, and find a good lawyer, FAST!!
3. ISIS warns that among the calls to jihad lurk intelligence agents looking to entrap and thwart jihadist plotters as well as scammers and opportunists looking to profit by pretending to raise money for terror operations or support families of mujahidin/fighters
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~ Domain NAMES ONLY ~
I Can Transfer The Domains For Free To Your GoDaddy_com Account, will Transfer Immediately after Your Payment Clears!
Pay with * #Cryptocurrency (*PREFERRED* $BTC $LTC $ETH) Will Accept #PayPal , F.B. Pay or Bank Transfer..
2/ Open To Offers On Individual domains or Buy All Domains for a Discounted Price.

Don't be Shy and Send Me Offers ! I'm Fair and Worst I can say is no or give you a counter offer!

3/ Also Willing to Collaborate on Any of the domains as a partner / develop into a working site ( if it makes sense to me, both project or deal wise). If Partnering then I Will Ask an Upfront Investment on Your part to show Your Commitment...
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0/ Whilst we were all catching up with family and friends, unwrapping presents, and stuffing our faces over #Christmas, many developments took place in the #crypto/#blockchain space.

Below is a 15-part thread covering what you may have missed over the past 24-48 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🆕 @TeamHYCON [ $HYC ] unveiled the world's first implementation of the SPECTRE* protocol! Click to watch the team reflect on their development process.

*short for Serialization of Proof-of-work Events: Confirming Transactions via
Recursive Elections.
2/ 🛒 @OntologyNetwork [ $ONT ] revealed that its ONT_Dev_Platform #dApp has been added to Microsoft's @Azure and Amazon's @AWSmarketplace.

The #Ontology team expects to be listed on Google's online software store next month, too!…
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@mashable 1/
With all the negative propaganda being thrown at Gab, I thought we’d take a look at one of the most intellectually dishonest pieces out there: “Gab, a racist-friendly alt-Twitter, has been banned by @PayPal and others,” authored by Adam Rosenberg at @Mashable.

$PYPL @getongab
@mashable @PayPal @getongab 2/
There’s a lot to unpack here, It’s mostly factually correct but Rosenberg chooses “racist-friendly” when “first amendment friendly” or “free speech friendly” or “censorship-free” would do. Instead he picks his words so his politics and misleading intentions are on display
@mashable @PayPal @getongab 3/
Next, the article correctly states “that's provided a home for people like the suspect in Pittsburgh's synagogue shooting (as well as a lineup of noteworthy racists),” but in a glaring lie of omission neglects to mention that the shooter was also active on Facebook.

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Also note that Twitter hasn't suspended Farrakhan, nor made him delete his anti-Semitic tweets.

Also take note that #PayPal continues to allow him to take donations on his website. Paypal just kicked Gab off of their platform for the actions of a psycho, yet they allow him.
Here's a screenshot of the website in Farrakhan's profile:
Clicking on that link brings you here:
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More than 100 Facebook employees have joined an internal message grp criticising the co. for having a "political monoculture", as the social network comes under fire from conservative politicians & President Donald Trump who claim it has a left-wing bias.…
As I have stated time & time again. My fundraisers are being censored & NOT just @Facebook. I suspect my #GoFundMe #Whistleblower Defense Fund also as I've received 0 donations & my #PayPal as you can see👇I am a Conservative Christian that has exposed #DeepState @FreedomWatchUSA
@facebook @FreedomWatchUSA These fundraisers are critical as the retaliation has made it impossible for me to get prescribed inhalers I've been forced to pay cash for & haven't been able to @realDonaldTrump @FCC @AjitPaiFCC @IngrahamAngle
@WETHEPEOPLETAR @parrish4mn @infowars @RealAlexJones #Censoreship
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