1/ Where is @GavinWilliamson?

Whatever your opinion of #DominicCummings his testimony FITS with what’s happened on the ground in our #COVID19UK experience.

Little mention of schools but school children, families & staff are STILL NOT BEING PROTECTED ADEQUATELY...NOW...TODAY!
2/ School-age children, many parents & young staff are
UNVACCINATED against an #Airborne 🦠.

HOW MUCH LONGER must we wait for @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk @NickGibbUK & @halfon4harlowMP UNDERSTAND BASIC SCIENCE?

3/ IF they CAN’T, or WON’T, understand & accept that #COVIDisAirborne & that #VentilationMatters & #MasksSaveLives
then quite simply they’re unfit to be in positions of such power.

Department for Education had no Covid plan, say MPs bbc.co.uk/news/education…
4/ MANY LIVES ARE STILL AT RISK, within (& outside) the UK.

Particularly in the #B16172 #HotSpots around the UK, children, families & staff will get infected today & tomorrow ..... then travel around the UK during half term, spreading it far & wide.

5/Those at #DfE MAY not have a plan.

@GavinWilliamson & @BorisJohnson MAY have given in to relentless pressure from ANTI-SCIENCE gps like #UsForThem, the #CRG & #HartGroup.

But headmasters & LAs CAN & SHOULD put the HEALTH & SAFETY of the school community above anything else.
6/ We know that several CRUCIAL decisions re school policy WERE NOT MADE for the right reasons.
7/ We know that BIG MONEY, DISINFORMATION lobbyists & BREXIT business bosses have supported & funded the groups that have forced the government’s hand a number of times & put MANY LIVES at INCREASED RISK of #COVID19 & #LongCovid.

If you’re not bothered....YOU SHOULD BE!
8/ My message to headmasters across the UK....rise above the #CummingsGate noise.

DON’T WAIT 24hrs to ACT!

#ReinstateMasksInClass in YOUR SCHOOL TODAY!

IMO children as young as 6 CAN & SHOULD #WearAMask, esp in #B16172 hotspots, to protect THEMSELVES, FAMILIES & STAFF.
9/ Listen to @IndependentSage who’ve repeatedly advised that w/out adequate effective mitigations in schools, individuals, families & communities are being put at UNNECESSARY AVOIDABLE RISK.
Scientific/public health experts, SAGE & medics have advised re transmission in schools.
10/To ignore the overwhelming evidence that #COVIDisAirborne because #DfE have done so is not an excuse.

& OBSESSIVE hand washing & sitting in lines facing forward IS NOT ENOUGH!

#VentilationMatters & #MasksSaveLives


• • •

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27 May
1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that “PEOPLE” just don’t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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27 May
1/ Like HCWs across the UK, #Teachers, school staff & those working in #earlyyears settings, have repeatedly been expected to work with inadequate #PPE, in conditions where the risk of catching #COVID19 is HIGH.
Like too many HCWs across the UK, they have been denied BASIC PROTECTIONS against an #Airborne 🦠.

2/Like so many HCWs across the UK, some have lost their lives or been left with #LongCovid UNNECESSARILY!

& like the families of 1000s of HCWs in the UK, too many are grieving the loss of loved ones that were PREDICTABLE AND AVOIDABLE.
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26 May
1/6 The figures are indeed devastating Mr Hunt & #ventilation in healthcare settings MUST be improved.

BUT you fail to comment on the INADEQUATE LEVEL of #PPE STILL worn by so many HCWs which undoubtedly resulted in many patients becoming infected as well as HCW illness & death.
2/HCWs are justified in being angry & patients have a right to be angry too.
The failings of UK Gvmt & @PHE_uk on #PPE are significant.

#OperationCygnus results ignored.

Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs.

#VIP lane for contracts but known #PPE suppliers ignored.
3/Would you feel SAFE caring for patients w/ known or suspected #COVID19 in a FRSM😷& plastic apron?

We know that those working in A+E, acute medical units & primary care are particularly vulnerable, seeing patients when they are likely to be highly infectious.
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25 May
1/Those of the “but there’s no significant transmission in schools” persuasion must surely now accept that whether it’s kids➡️parents or parents➡️kids, a HUGE⬆️in CASES in SCHOOL AGE KIDS & PARENTS of SCHOOL-AGE KIDS is NOT GOOD, as they’re mostly UNVACCINATED!
2/ Please TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY @GavinWilliamson @NickGibbUK @halfon4harlowMP & @educationgovuk.

Failure to adequately protect so many children & young adults from AVOIDABLE INFECTION after 15Ms is a completely unacceptable abuse of your power.
You cannot claim ignorance again!
3/ I promise you #PrimeMinister , I & many like me who’ve repeatedly BEGGED you to #MakeSchoolsSafe by effectively mitigating for an #Airborne 🦠,WILL NOT FORGET or FORGIVE YOU for what you’ve done!
Natural #HerdImmunity was always the plan,at least have the decency to admit it.
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24 May
1/ Tragically I can @carolecadwalla.

From the v start of the pandemic, #PHE have made a number of decisions that have definitely NOT been in the public’s or healthcare workers’ interest & will have resulted in many more lives lost or irrevocably damaged than was necessary.
2/ Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs was one such example.

Few HCWs doubt that the decision was based on supplies of #PPE available.
Anyone in doubt should try to watch this @BBCPanorama by Richard Bilton which is bizarrely no longer available?!
3/ @DrRCoull & I were 2 of many GPs who raised concerns last yr over the LEVEL of #PPE HCWs expected to wear when dealing directly w/ confirmed or suspected #COVID19 pts.
@drmeenalviz @ThePalpitations @DAUK_GP & @EveryDoctorUK @DrSimonHodes +others REPEATEDLY RAISED THE ISSUE
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21 May
1/3 You raise a V GOOD POINT!

Why are 600+ MPs STILL allowed such different conditions to millions of schoolchildren & thousands of staff? If it’s not safe for them to be packed in to the @HouseofCommons w/out 😷s, how & why is it safe for those in schools @BorisJohnson?
2/The claim that it’s safe to go to shops/bars/restaurants/gyms/cinemas/theatres/beauty salons/fly abroad/go to a rave/work in or attend school but THEY are allowed 😷s & to socially distance is as disingenuous as any they’ve thrust upon us.

Either BOTH are safe or NEITHER are!
3/ So a genuine question to the #PrimeMinister & @10DowningStreet .....

Why are MPs in the @HouseofCommons & those in the @UKHouseofLords, the majority of whom will be vaccinated, still being given such health & safety privileges which protect both them & their families?
Read 4 tweets

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