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@FoxNews #VIP2020

J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr, president and general counsel of the conservative election watchdog group @PILFoundation, joins Gerry Baker on @WSJatLarge.
No abuse of mail-in voting system? Is that right?

"Its dead wrong. First of all, we know that #VBM disenfranchises voters." @PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr.

Thank you supporters! Our work is made possible by you.
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#vip sum of last 4 years of cash flow from operations 200 cr, means avg 50 cr. Even if consider latest year normalized value 60-70 cr , one is paying 70-80x cash profit DESPITE so much correction. Hyped story on name of brand, consumer durable , travel theme ? How u justify ?
The same no for 2008-11 was 150 cr. So, from 2008-11 to 2016-19, 8 year increment is from 150 cr to 200 cr (m taking 4 years to normalise working capital effect spreads), 8 years, 33% total absolute growth. That's not even 4% cagr growth in cash profit . Missing something ?
So , ultimately , we r paying min 70x cash profit for a less than 4% cagr cash profit growth story. Why ??
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Business Lines of Credit do NOT report the the Personal or Business Credit Reporting Agencies.

This is why it’s ideal to build up your business credit profile, by way of unsecured business credit cards, other revolving and vendor accounts before applying for BLOC.
With a Business Line of Credit, you are not leveraging your Personal Credit for these approvals, unlike what you’d do with a Business Credit Card.

Instead, your business data is primarily used to determine how much of a line of credit your business qualifies for!
Different ways we use Business Lines of Credit:

♻️ Working Capital
πŸ’° Purchase Inventory
πŸ“  Invest in Equipment
πŸ“§ Launch Marketing Campaigns
πŸ‘‰πŸΎ Hire Additional Staff
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I want to drop a major πŸ’Ž right now. I know there are a few people up right now lol πŸ‘€
I’ll pop it up then take it down.

Coming in about 5.

Topic: Circulating Utilization to show 0% πŸ‘€
I do want to advise that this information is discussed in DETAIL with my #VIP mentees. It pays to have direct access ☝🏾

If you have a card with credit card debt, you can use another card to circulate 0% utilization to show on your credit report.
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Since it's the last day of @BronyConβ€” everβ€” it's time for me to spill some #SecretsOfBronyConβ€” now declassified! Don't worry, Lunar Solis, I won't disclose anything that will harm the Organisation, any VIPs, other cons, or the fandom in general. This is just fun stuff!
@BronyCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #1: Did you know that I had originally planned on establishing a '@BronyCon West'... in San Francisco? Luckily, a few years later, @BABSCon established an amazing con with its own California flair in that very city.
@BronyCon @BABSCon (Side note: I'm pretty sure I would still have named the main mascot Golden Gates, or possibly Golden Gate, though knowing my lack of creativity she would have simply been International Orange with misty fog-like hair. BABS's take on the concept is much cooler!)
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Exclusive: Liberal MP involved in second bare trust deal with client named in β€˜transnational money laundering’ probe… #cndpoli #vancouvermodel #vip #vanre #bcpoli
2 The industrialist from China, who we have not been able to reach, is one of about 40 'whale' VIP gamblers that were identified by BCLC investigators (using surveillance) as taking suspected drug cash loans from a Mainland China based fentanyl trafficking cartel in Vancouver BC.
3 RCMP identified these VIPs as Macau style whales, that were recruited in China to gamble at 100k per hand baccarat, mostly at the BCLC's Richmond casino. I will get to the importance of Richmond lawyers a little further down in the thread. How it works is this.
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One of the most humbling things in life is sales - I feel everyone should spend a year in sales early in their careers - including the #VIP's of them all, #SoftwareEngineers! If you don't, you will never develop empathy for the customers.
Some of my biggest learnings was during my stint in sales - especially in a foreign country - early in my career. Some tips...
1) You have to take rejection well
2) People don't see your product the way you do
3) Most people don't care about your product
5) Price doesn't matter
1) You have to take rejection well
9 out of 10 times you're lucky if people don't slam the phone on you when you call them to introduce the product you are very passionate about. How come they don't care - well - that's life! Over time, you'll learn to deal with it!
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#QAlert 8/2/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for Thursday, August 2, 2018. FISA, FISA, FISA, β€œNever Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.” and more!

Let's Go!
@POTUS #QisPEACEFUL #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
#QAlert 8/2/18 Q1794
Public disclosure.
Impossible to defend.
β€œNever Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”
@POTUS #QisPEACEFUL #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
Listen VERY carefully.

>vid of Nunes with Maria about FISA abuse
@POTUS legal in review (Huber).
>POTUS is reviewing if THE TIMING IS RIGHT to declass the 20 pages & EFFECT HUBER'S INVESTIGATIONS
Something BIG is about to drop.
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