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Delta variant fears coming true—@WHO_Europe director says #DeltaVariant of #COVID19 is "poised to take hold"—#B16172 evades 1-dose vaccine & “shows increased transmissibility & some immune escape” & more severe. It is exponentially ⬆️ in 🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸 too.🧵…
2) Hans Henri Kluge expressed concern about the Delta variant, known by the scientific name B.1.617.2, pointing to recent research appearing to show it can spread quickly and infect those who have received one of two vaccine doses at higher rates than the fully vaccinated.
3) "We have been here before."

"Over the course of last summer, cases gradually rose in younger age groups and then moved into older age groups, contributing to a devastating resurgence, lockdowns and loss of life in autumn and winter of 2020. Let's not make that mistake again."
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「2020東京五輪について世界規模の議論が必要」とする2021/6/12付け英医学誌『ランセット』の論説全文PDFをJPEG化しました。下記でHTML版全文の閲覧とPDFのダウンロードが可能です。AcrobatのDocument Cloudにアップロード済みなので後で読みます。… Image

【英日対訳】DeepL翻訳:ランセット論文「日本の新首相への公開書簡」(An open letter to Japan's new Prime Minister」|Lancet (2020.9.28)…

#CoronavirusUpdate 【英日対訳】論文紹介記事「クルーズ船での検疫の結果コロナ感染者が増加」+論文本文の摘要全文と結論全文の抄訳|スウェーデン・ウメオ大学(2020.2.28)…
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#STIKO hat ihre (nicht) Empfehlung von gestern ausführlich begründet (danke @HInerle für den Hinweis) - ein paar Gedanken dazu (wird ein langer Thread, werde nach & nach ergänzen).

Disclaimer: persönliche Einschätzung, KEINE Handlungsempfehlung!!


Vorab und sehr allgemein: #STIKO stuft die Impfung von 12-17 Jährigen grundsätzlich als sowohl sicher und wirksam ein, empfiehlt aber ZUM JETZIGEN Zeitpunkt noch nicht für alle.

Beim "jetzigen Zeitpunkt" wird abgewogen, dass es vorrangig zu Impfende gibt - denke das streitet kaum jemand ab & es gibt Hoffnung, dass die Empfehlung bald anders aussehen wird.

Warum #STIKO für eine neue Einordnung nur Daten aus D verwenden will, ist mir schleierhaft.
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【注目】— #デルタ株 は世界中で最大の懸念事項となっており、かつ、優勢となってきている。なぜか❓




動画 📺 1/2 #新型コロナ
HT @VickiGSP @IndependentSage
2) 重要なのは、 #デルタ株 #B16172 が、 #アルファ株 #B117 が減退するなかで増加していること。多くの者がこのことを見過ごしていたが、🇬🇧英国では #デルタ株 は毎週倍化しているのだ!
3) 🇮🇳インドの医師たちは、 #デルタ株 は子どもに対してより重症化率が高く、またより多くの子どもが感染していると懸念の声を挙げていた。🇸🇬シンガポールの保健相も[今年5月の段階で] 多くの子どもが影響を受けていると警鐘を鳴らしていた。[参考]
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PAY ATTENTION—the #DeltaVariant is the biggest worry & becoming more dominant worldwide. Why?

📍More contagious

📍More severe (⬆️hospitalization risk)

📍Lower vaccine efficacy/neutralization—1 dose just not enough.

Video 📺 part 1 of 2 #COVID19

HT @VickiGSP @IndependentSage
2) It’s critical to recognize that the #DeltaVariant is rising underneath the decrease of the #AlphaVariant #B117. Many have been complacent about this. But Delta is doubling every week now in 🇬🇧! Image
3) India 🇮🇳 doctors have been sharing concerns that #DeltaVariant is more severe / affecting more kids. Singapore 🇸🇬 MOH is also warning it is affecting children a lot. Image
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Thread discussing the proposals of #Lockdown4, thread will include👇

-Intro into rising cases, deaths and hospitalisations
-How we failed with the last 3 lockdowns?
-How we can learn from abroad?
-What #Lockdown 4 should look like?
Introduction to data 👇👇

The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-Cases since May have been rising
-Have overtook #B117 (Kent) as the dominant strain in the U.K.
We know that #B1672 has significant resistance to both #AstraZeneca and #Pfizer especially with one dose as it’s only 30% effective.
Second dose is around 70% effective (20% drop from other VOC’s…
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The situation in the North West is not good and from the looks of things the rest of the U.K. is catching up. The current wave is slowly mirroring to that of the Autumn/ Winter wave. This is quite clear that #COVID19 is not a seasonal virus. This is evidence we need #ZeroCovid
Cases are on an upmost slope to that of the Autumn wave back in 2020. As you can see the surge began to pick up at 2k cases in Autumn. This wave due to #B16172 seems to be picking up a lot faster and catching up to Autumn rates. 👇👇
Hospitalisations are extremely worrying, steady rise in comparison to Autumn. As you can see this wave is rapidly catching up. It’s worrying to take into consideration that many hospitalisations are young and vaccinated individuals too (many fully vaccinated). 👇👇
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#CoronavirusUpdate 2021/6/8🇬🇧「英国でいま最も急成長している懸念すべき変異株は所謂“インド株”と呼ばれる #デルタ株 」🇺🇸米臨床疫学者のディン医師。この #B16172 変異株は、ワクチン接種率の高い英国を「破壊し尽くそうとしている」と警鐘。その理由は『免疫回避力』にある。以下紐解く🧵。
2) #デルタ株 は🇺🇸米国でも増加が見込まれており、🇮🇳インドや🇬🇧英国と同じように他の変異株を凌駕する可能性がある。予想では遅くとも7月末までには米国でも最も支配的な変異株となる。以下はその拡大予測。

🇩🇪独 @GISAID データに基づく🇧🇪 @Twenseleers 教授の資料より。
3) [その🇧🇪 @TWenseleers 教授のツイートの紹介] 「🇬🇧英国で #デルタ株 が最も支配的になった流れ。これが🇺🇸米国でも近々起こる」とディン医師。
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Mark your calendar for September! The #COVID19 vaccines may be available in the fall for U.S. children as young as 6 months. Pfizer and Moderna are testing their vaccines in children <12 years—results expected in hand for children aged 5-11 by September.🤞🏼…
2) But nearly four million children in the United States have tested positive for the virus since the start of the pandemic, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
3) Doctors continue to see rare cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, a condition linked to Covid-19 that can affect multiple organs.

Vaccinating children should further contribute to containment of the virus by decreasing its spread in communities.
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Tread highlighting
-The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-21st delay and why the delay is needed
-How we should be locking down going forward (especially over the winter)
The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-Cases since May have been rising
-Have overtook #B117 (Kent) as the dominant strain in the U.K.
We know that #B1672 has significant resistance to both #AstraZeneca and #Pfizer especially with one dose as it’s only 30% effective.
Second dose is around 70% effective (20% drop from other VOC’s…
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Troubling—the worst variant to date, the #DeltaVariant is now the new fastest growing variant in US. This is the so-called “Indian” variant #B16172 that is ravaging UK 🇬🇧 despite high vaccinations because it has immune evasion properties. Here is why it’s trouble—🧵. #COVID19 Image
2) We are expecting the #DeltaVariant to continue growing in the US, outpacing all other variants just like it has in India 🇮🇳 and UK 🇬🇧, and become dominant in US by end of July, if not earlier.

Here is the prediction track - via @TWenseleers from @GISAID data. Image
3) here was how it overtook everything in the UK 🇬🇧— it will happen soon in the US as well.
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Why did we not realize kids transmitted #SARSCoV2 last year?

Because with the original strain, #COVID19 was milder & more asymptomatic—hence we **didn’t test or measure** kids much.

But #B117 (Alpha) and #B16172 (#DeltaVariant) are different—more severe. 🧵

HT @sketchplanator
2) Yes damnit, kids transmit, get #LongCovidKids, and can get hospitalized.
3) How is the #DeltaVariant different? Please read this thread 🧵 below….
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@la_neige_haruki が抄訳したレッド。日本でも50件近くの症例が確認された #デルタ株 #B16172 の感染力、抗体中和の突破力、いずれも脅威的であることのエビデンスが最新のの知見から改めて示される。必読スレッド…
尚、このディン医師のスレッドは医学誌「ランセット」に掲載された最新の研究結果を元にしている。WHO指定のVOC(懸念される変異株) #B16172 #デルタ株#B1351 #ベータ株 に対して #BNT162b2 ファイザービオンテッック製ワクチンを一回接種した場合と完全接種した場合の中和抗体量の比較だ。
今回のランセット論文により、数日前までWHOが主張していた「感染力が強まっている可能性」や「中和抗体の減少」についても、いずれも事実であることが確認されたことを意味する。しかも今回の調査対象は #東京五輪 参加選手に無償接種されるワクチン。変異株に対する警戒を厳にしなければならない。
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“Immune escape” in #DeltaVariant. That’s the latest finding - that #B16172 is as bad for antibody neutralization as the Beta variant #B1351 from South Africa 🇿🇦. 1st dose alone very small effect— 2 doses needed, but weakest against Delta. Let’s walk through evidence 🧵 #COVID19
2) first, @chrischirp says “Now we have a dominant variant that is as bad as Beta for immune escape but much more transmissible.” — she says that because Beta #B1351 (green) was previously the worst neutralization variant. Now it seems #DeltaVariant is even worse.
3) The latest Lancet study also found waning neutralization over time, similar to other variants— but the difference is that #DeltaVariant #B16172 starts from a much lower baseline level to begin with.
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ICYMI @IndependentSage released an emergency statement yesterday saying that as things stand with #DeltaVariant aka #IndianVariant in UK, we believe it's difficult to justify moving ahead with 21 June full reopening. We wish to avoid another full lockdown…
Since April we have seen an exponential increase in #B16172 #DeltaVariant; it is now the dominant strain circulating in UK. Latest evidence suggests it's more transmissible, has higher risk of hospitalisation & more vaccine escape than Kent variant. We need to take action NOW.
Latest data also showing that #Deltavariant aka #IndianVariant is spreading rapidly through schools with ~97 primary & secondary school outbreaks btwn 26 April and 30 May. Cases in England are the highest among 10-19 year olds. We need to bring cases down so schools can STAY OPEN
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⚠️CDC warns of increased hospitalization rates of teenagers with #COVID19 in March-April, @CDCDirector urged parents to vaccinate teens. “I am deeply concerned by numbers of hospitalized adolescents &… see numbers who required ICU or mechanical ventilation”, citing new MMWR🧵
2) ““Much of this suffering can be prevented,” she said, urging “parents, relatives and close friends to join me and talk with teens” about the importance of prevention strategies and to encourage vaccination.…
3) “The study showed that nearly one-third of those who were hospitalized with covid-19 during a surge of cases early this year required intensive care, and 5 percent required mechanical ventilation.”…
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📍Delta variant #B16172:

50-70% more transmissible

2.7x more likely to be hospitalized than #B117

“Many people could end up in hospital, 🇬🇧 NHS could be thrown into another surge.”

Says @globalhlthtwit of @IndependentSage. #COVID19 #DeltaVariant
2) Latest UK @PHE_uk assessment on #DeltaVariant #B16172:

📌Severity is now RED (previously insufficient info)

📌Vaccines is now RED with high confidence (previously moderate) Image
3) Two separate studies on hospitalization severity—one from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and one from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿— both found Increased severity of #DeltaVariant #B16172

➡️ Risk of hospital admission (Hazard Ratio = 2.61 in England and HR = 2.39 in Scotland) compared to the Kent variant #B117! Image
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How did #India fare? The graphic tells the whole story:
➡️Brutal onslaught by #B16172: having the highest transmissibility & most immune evader of all VOCs with higher virulence?
➡️No support from Vaccination (negligible coverage & high breakthrough, but reinfections rare) 1/
➡️ Social mitigation measures worked! Or the virus ran out of steam? Or still too early to conclude?
➡️ India struggled (significant mortality/health infrastructure collapsed) but survived!! 2/
New study on immune escape potential of #B16172 in comparison to #B1351 w/ #BNT162b2 vaccine: More immune evader than even B1351 VOC! Significant loss of antibody neutralisation vs live B16172 (-5.8x, akin to B.1.351) @TheLancet 3/…
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BREAKING—Victoria🇦🇺 extends lockdown. Worse, Chief health officer Brett Sutton says cases now infected in ways “not seen before”. 📌One person infected at an indoor space “2 hours after infectious case had left” &📌another case in outdoor dining.🧵#COVID19…
2) “(It) was therefore a substantial period of time but they had left two hours before the next exposed individual came in who has become a case.”
“That’s in the kind of measles category of infectiousness.” ⚠️
3) “It may be on surfaces but it could absolutely be through airborne transmission as well because of that indoor setting.”
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#CoronavirusUpdate 2021/6/1🇫🇷仏AFPが新型コロナ変異株のファクトファイルを公開。これまでの変異株をWHO指定の呼称「アルファ」「ベータ」「ガンマ」…で表記。興味深いことに #B16171 「カパ」についてはそこから派生した #B16172 を「デルタ」と表記。これではすぐに24字を使い果たしそうだ。
AFPはWHOが「懸念される変異株」(VOC)としてαアルファ・βベータ・γガンマ・δデルタ型とした4株のうち最初の3つと4つ目の「デルタ」を明確に区別。 α型 #B117 β型 #B1351 γ型 #P1 ら3変異株はいずれも #N501Y レセプターに変異がある型で、β型、γ型は #E484K #K417N レセプターに変異がある型と。 Image
一方、δデルタ型 #B16172 変異株は #E484Q #L452R レセプターに変異がみられる型であり、なぜかκカッパ型が #B16171 を指すようだが、このインフォグラフィックを正しく読めているのならば、 これら2種のレセプターに変異がみられる型が3系統存在する。

変異株の“進化“は止まることを知らない。 Image
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📍3rd WAVE “HAS BEGUN”—UK 🇬🇧 might scrap lifting #COVID19 restrictions for June, as a senior government adviser said the country was in the early stages of a third wave amid “exponential growth” in #B16172 variant accounting for 3/4 of cases.…
2) “Prof Ravi Gupta, a member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), told BBC Radio 4’s Today there had been “exponential growth” in #B16172.

Asked if the third wave had begun, Gupta replied: “Yes.”
3) “He added: “Of course, the numbers of cases are relatively low at the moment – all waves start with low numbers of cases that grumble in the background and then become explosive – so the key here is that what we are seeing here is the signs of an early wave.
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📍The CDC of England (@PHE_uk) has been ‘accused of acting “unlawfully” by withholding data on the spread of #B16172 variant in schools’. In a letter sent to PHE, advocacy group claims PHE “surrendered its independent judgement” to Boris Johnson. #COVID19…
2) This emerging scandal stemmed from last week’s reports that 10 Downing Street pushed @PHE_uk to withhold critical data on the spread of #B16172 in schools in the UK.
3) Astute reporting on this #B16172 school coverup by @carolecadwalla last week. Read details here.…
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#COVID19de #Partys #Nachbarn #HandlungenhabenFolgen

Ein Thread.

Im Labor gehen ausnahmslos alle Befunde durch meine Hände. Wenn mein Name drunter steht, muss ich das wenigstens mal gesehen haben, egal wie groß das Vertrauen ist.

Also weiß ich auch, wer positiv getestet wurde.
Ich habe pro Tag in der Regel 4 Listen für Covid19 als Zusammenfassung: negativ, positiv (2x) und sequenziert.

Diese Liste sortieren wir - aus Gründen - nach Wohnort und bei den positiven zusätzlich eine Kopie nach Familiennamen. So fallen Besonderheiten schneller auf.
Ich sehe also ganz fix, ob zB eine mutmaßliche Familie positiv getestet wurde und ob es zu Cluster an Hand der Anschrift kommt. Ich kann mir unsere Listen am PC auch als Karte - unterlegt mit OSM-Kartenmaterial (eigener Maps-Server!) - ansehen.

Da achtet man natürlich auf die
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Alta govt health officials @shandro @CMOH_Alberta please listen to this UK expert. Pls don't base your reopening plan on our first dose vaccination rate. The variant B.1.617.2 is a potential threat. Especially don't open Alta to intern'l travellers for Calgary Stampede. Thnx ⤵️
Also, Alberta health minister Shandro @shandro & Dr Hinshaw @CMOH_Alberta, this variant #B16172 (see video quote-tweeted in above tweet) hits younger people the most
adding a link to a response from @Syncretiphile - to keep it near the top of this thread
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