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In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles is another example. On one level it's obviously all about the ecstasy of mad shagging. But for "those in the know" the allusion is to this pink drug, I reckon. Harry even sings that "he can't do without" it.
Here's another one that is pretty clearly an allusion to this drug. It's Gudinski's bestie Ed Sheeran. Notice the vampire motif, the pink theme and the panda eyes among other things.
Another one I've just learned about. Clear ref to psychedelic drug. #Masonic imagery, incl black and white floor. Mind control theme. Pink liquid is poured from bottle with heart logo. Also, creepy in sense that it's all in style of kids' cartoon.…
Coles product limit rule leaves mum 'humiliated' at checkout… <--- IMO this comms about same trade described in blog post above. About kids and blood. Another Coles story (note logo, like red cross). Also refers to FB flare-up, easy to dodgy up.
Above story is about mum with 8 kids to feed. But shelves empty. As with 🧻 product lack caused by people stockpiling. Now look at (Coles) shopping trolleys next to car (traffic) in other story. Empty too. Along with products, what do you often see in trolleys? Yep: 🧒🧒 ImageImage
In the story a related tweet is quoted. The tweep has distinctive avatar with made up face and "panda eyes". That's another data point that confirms this is some kinda sinister code, IMO. Image
Looks to me like both stories are coded #comms re problems to do with vast, hidden, horrific biz. Seems it's long flourished in shadows. But now it's crumbling as #Cabal is pummelled by SOC (Self Organizing Collective). Orders not fulfilled, etc.…
If you think I'm 🦇💩 for suggesting this ponder this question: Is there any doubt that globalists behind Coronapocalypse psyop are now hell bent on syringe stabbing all world's children? So, why not in this way too? These evil scumbags in Epstein Island tier remember.
Many are uber-rich MSM owners/controllers. Can use them as way to symbolically allude to criminal activities, which they've long gotten away with coz they also "own" govts thru leverage achieved by compromising pollies using child trafficking networks.
That's what I think is going on here. Easier to spot now coz their #mindcontrol system being taken down. We're at point in #WizardofOz when #Toto pulls away veil revealing daft codger who has all fooled. These guys not affable like him tho. They're depraved rock spiders.
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Man files for divorce after wife’s act at their own wedding… <--- This looks like more comms. Note flowers: red, pink and purple. Glasses pink as well as woman's dress. She sits on gold seat with swirl bringing to mind known rock spider codes.
From article: "The song ... features lyrics: 'I am dominant, you will be ruled under my strict instructions. I will drive you crazy if you look at other girls on the street ... Yes, I’m dominant. You’re my piece of sugar' ...” #Cabal asserting dominance over evil trade?
Rebel Wilson glows in rare family photo on Instagram: ‘Gorgeous!’… <--- Noticed this because of pink being featured so heavily. This is from her private island. Article says she "glows".
Ex-Channel 7 host Andrew O'Keefe arrested for assault… <--- Speaking of pink: I think it's interesting that they would choose shot of AOK wearing pink jacket (and purplish tie) in this story.
Crystal Hefner says she destroyed ‘thousands’ of photos after Holly Madison reveals she feared #HughHefner’s ‘mountain of revenge porn’… <--- Pink featured heavily again. These articles all published within hours of each other.
TikTok's viral beauty sponge makeup hack: 'So impressed'… <--- Pinky-purple featured again. Article talks about sins and guilt of makeup lovers. “We are combining two colours and they look so vibrant…they look incredible on the eye.” #symbolism
Another data point: From Saturday Telegraph, Jan 22. Note full shopping trolley, story about (fake) kid being killed on opposite page. Next to it is another story about "child jab program" not being ready. There are transport/border stories at bottom of both pages. #comms Image
In shopping photo there's orange (close to red) wall. Few products in trolley. Several containers of tomato sauce as well as barbecue sauce (tomato, red chili peppers major ingredients). Why so many the same? 🩸 red theme, ya think? Image
There's also #Vegemite. If you can, watch all the way to the end. All makes sense then.…
In photo woman holds can of diced tomatoes (I think). Also spaghetti, as does the bloke. This is a kind of *pasta*. Image
In the trolley there's a lone can of *baby* formula, which has an image of a *panda* on it. You can tell it's that because of the distinctive black *eyes*. Image
To be sure I wasn't mistaken I image searched for product. Novalac has wide range. One with panda is for kids with allergies. Why choose such a niche product for story about donating to have-nots ... unless it was the panda image itself that was so important for photo? 🤔 ImageImage
Call me crazy #conspiracytheorist if you like. IDGAF. Think about all the elements: kid stories, red theme, panda eyes, etc. FFS, what are the odds? And there's *heaps* of similar stuff in that sinister lie factory. Clearly something evil being alluded to in plain sight.
Why have so many #Omicron (and Delta) "outbreaks" been at nightclubs, pubs, backpackers? The targeted #lockdowns/closures are cover for something else. #SkyNews item features pinky-purple light. IMO it's to tell local elites it's really about what this thread is about. Image
They did this before in item re #Perth. Was when a backpacker attended event at a nightclub late last year, let loose latest scariant. Many other examples in post below. Please check it out and you'll see it's all part of an undeniable pattern.… #WApol Image
In #Sydney a *backpackers* in #Bondi was "hit" by #Omicron. Locked down, cordoned off by plods. And that was 3rd time it was "outbreak" site. What are the odds? Made video joining dots. Watch and you'll see I'm not crazy to discern these patterns.…
#Fakenews is real #comms… <--- Related blog post about why so many of these evil "#superspreaders" had identities related to transporting stuff, often across borders -- eg limo driver, Uber diver, backpacker, removalist, etc.
Never thought I'd see vegan called notorious, but here we are. Corrupt MSM desperate to demonize ones who resist fascist SkidMark and insane arseclown posse of face diaper floggers and syringe stabbers. (Note her hair is pinky-purple. Had to choose that shot, right?) #WApol Image
Such a joke. Just replaying script from Sydney and NSW. Remember how several nightclubs hit, as well as #SydneyHarbour party boat? FFS, what are the odds? If you still believe govt, MSM on this go and get boosted to high heaven coz you're biggest suckers who ever lived! Image
Mother tells pedophile of son's despair… <--- Black and white photo but I think this is related symbolism. Pentagonal shapes on soccer ball resemble molecule this is all about. Crazy, I know. But it's another #whiterabbit hole you should look into.
Woolworths shoppers make bizarre discovery inside tin of tomatoes… <--- Absolutely has to be comms of some sort related to this. Shoppers stunned to find two fruits inside cans with "crushed tomatoes" labels. How could that happen? I don't buy it.
It's also the timing that makes it seem dodgied up. A recent story in the Failing Terrorgraph featured shopping trolley absolutely chockas with tomato based products. Tomato sauce is often likened to blood, remember.
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IMO Elon Musk tweet maybe more pink drug symbolism. Protagonist is Asian, maybe Chinese schoolgirl. (Wuhan biggest producer.) Purse contents has pink theme. Implying MSM controlled by drug and child trafficking blackmail? Many MSM big wigs in Epstein Island tier, remember. Image
Not sure how this image might fit into this pattern. But it looks like it is part of it. That pink cap is pretty striking. So you've gotta wonder why they chose that photo. More general symbolic incantation, perhaps? #JustinLanger Image
Again, what's with the shocking pink! Why choose that photo? Too many examples for it to be due to chance. Signalling of some sort, and I think my theory is as good as any. Other dopey MP wears gold. See that often too. IMO it's related: #WApol Image
Another pink-themed story. This about unwoke product display. Newsworthy? Piss off. #Identitypolitics crap. That psyop is on political level. Divide and conquer. Conflict gives opportunities for comms for cult running it all. (And note 2 4s (44). Invert them ---> 66.) Image
Louise Redknapp ‘heartbroken’ by death of dog Blu… <--- "Heartbroken" evokes blood. Seems to be used when related product sub-par. #Bluedog died, implying probs in #occultelite system. Thoughts on symbol's meaning: #dogcomms
Housemates make disturbing discovery in attic of #Melbourne home… <---Related. Bricks are *masonry*. Shoes a symbol of that #secretsociety, which controls AFL. Yuge power shift happening in globalist cult. Many stories on this site are comms about it.
Teacher who had sex with boy, 14, 'just wanted to help', dad says… <--- Lurid pinky-purple and red theme again. And she has high heel up, sole exposed. Crime occurred at supermarket. So many comms articles are about shopping, purchases gone wrong etc.
What is pegging? Married At First Sight bride baffled by ‘off limits’ sex act… <--- So, pink commodity is off-limits. Article jokes about "body count" of one of the story subjects. Another warning about dangerously bad batches of this drug IMO.
Bob Saget's tragic cause of death revealed one month after he was found dead in hotel… <--- Official reason a crock, obv. Look at pic included. What's behind his head? Pinky-purple. What are the odds? IMO, a hint that his death related to this.
The Duchess of Cambridge makes fruit kebabs with toddlers on visit to parental support group in south London… <--- She makes "kebabs with toddlers". WTAF? Check out kid's headwear. Pink. What are the odds? This is more comms or symbolic incantation.
There's that colour again. And they've chosen shot of her in Masonic black and white. Also, a 'rona-related story. This sinister submerged comms narrative is entwined with the Coronapocalypse psyop. Same people involved, see. Image
Heart symbolism. Possible translation: "You're being watched guys. Be careful out there." Image
I think this might be another *data point* in this pattern. See how they've chosen a photo of her with striking red top, the colour splashed across her chest. And look at last line in tweet. Image
Sydney plumber's discovery leads to $44 million police bust… <--- Drugs discovered and note the value. Flip 44 upside down and what have you got? One of the fave symbolic numbers of #secretsocietywankers.
Aussie designer ‘heartbroken’ after Aldi release VERY similar rugs… <--- Chockas with heart symbolism, incl "stab to the heart". And evokes hanging. Includes cost of $49.99. Again, flip last 3 digits over. What have you got? More symbolic comms IMO.
This is too easy. #SkyNews really need to up their game. Look at upturned soles of cricket players. Pink tinge. Stands out like 🐕⚽️⚽️. Image
Jail for pokies mum who left baby in car… <--- She's described as "pokies mum". 😳 Looks like trafficking comms. Maybe something like: "Beware. Punishment awaits."
Woolworths customer amazed by staffer's 'beautiful' act… <--- Staffer brings *flowers* around to shopper. Check out video. Subject has purple top with *pink flower* on it. What are the odds? Another example of symbolism in this pattern I reckon.
Need to give this a rest. But you can see there are so many articles on diff "news" platforms featuring pink, along with heart and blood imagery, they cannot be due to chance. Something yuge is happening in the shadows. I'm hoping it's start of collapse of evil industry.
Florida couple who forced adopted son to live in box arrested… <--- Another data point. Reminding *those in the know* that people arrested for cruelty to children. Box: 8-by-8-foot. #Occultelite love 88. Related to squares on chessboard or something.
Hey Dad! predator remains behind bars… <---Looks like another reminder that punishment awaits. Intriguingly, the actual story contradicts the headline. The jailed rock spider's future is not yet decided. But the headline is where the warning is. #comms
Murder trial told of baby bump photo… <--- Words murder, baby, trial all in one headline. Another coded warning about possible punishment IMO. Maybe rules changed coz of yuge power shift in their sinister system? Previously untouchable no longer that?
Woolworths slammed over staffer’s risky trolley act: 'Ever wondered?'… <--- Shopping trolleys again (see prev tweets in thread). They use these stories coz kids often in them. And car park evokes traffic. Seems mad but look at pattern. Headlines key.
Woman's heartbreaking find in storm drain: 'Hell of a night'… <--- "Heartbreaking" in headline. Hell mentioned. Story is about small animals -- often equated with kids in MSM -- trapped underground. And look how story appears on Yahoo main page. Image
Dad gets alarming call from daughter’s school after sending her in with the wrong lunch: ‘I’m such an idiot’… <---More "bad product" #comms. Daggy dad put super hot sauce on kids' lunches making daughter violently ill. Purple spread. What are the odds?
Coast Guard mom found guilty of killing her baby as prosecutors share postpartum search history… <---"Guilty." And shot shows bub in pink floral outfit, of course. What are the odds? Same symbols and keywords (eg heart) keep appearing. Clear pattern.
Colorado mom who abused 7-year-old to death faces sentencing… <--- Another story about punishment of child abuser. Note colour of kid's glasses. Fact she wore purple pajamas mentioned in first sentence. Why so specific, so early on? Warning #comms.
Restaurant prints 'devastating' mistake in advert – can you spot it?… <--- More comms in yuge #occultelite campaign to warn creepy mates. "Devastating mistake." Red and white. Heart (blood). Pizza, naked man (in froth). What are the odds? #symbolism
In above article you'll see that the menu says you can stop in "for a sweet treat". Theme of something sweet turning sour was used in the Failing Terrorgraph recently. Relevant section starts bit after 20 mins if you can't watch all the way through:…
KFC customer's disgusting find in chicken order: 'Simply outrageous'… <--- Oil-soaked toilet paper in box in China. Chicken is code like pizza. Why so many stories about orders going wrong? Why is this "news" all of a sudden? Comms re bad product IMO.
Note pinky purple light, red and white. Ukraine is human trafficking hub. Crackdown on it now? Remember, trick is to use real events to hint at submerged developments to those in the know. Light is like one at #Perth nightclub. What are the odds? Image
Student's bumper sticker saves stranger's life… <--- A stretch but I'll include it. Car theme, evoking traffic. Heart mention too. Woman convinced not to off herself. Possible comms: People hung but hang in there guys, by, er, not hanging yourselves.
Pennsylvania father pleads guilty to charges of torture and starvation death of his 12-year-old son… <--- Another child abuser pleading guilty story. Why so many? Reminding those in #occultelite control system there's new and effective sheriff in town.
Rebecca Hogue: Mother jailed for 16 months under controversial ‘fail to protect’ law after boyfriend killed son… <--- Another example. So many of these coming at same time. Definite trend. Surely a message there for "those in the know".
Another punishment story. I know that these reports come out from time to time. But there are just so many of them now, and across different platforms. Cannot be by chance. #Perth Image
Indonesian principal given life term for raping 13 students… <--- Another one. I also couldn't help noticing his red and white clothing too. Really stands out. Hint to those in the know that this is happening to some of their creepy mates?
Mother-of-three admits secretly filming minors in her seaside mansion… <--- They never stop. Every time I return to Yahoo there's new story about punishment of child sexual abuse perp or similar. Number compared to other crime categories is notable.
Police find missing girl Paislee Shultis in secret room 150 miles from where she was ‘kidnapped’… <--- Feet mentioned. Occult elite love that symbolism. Note panda eyes, pink. Message maybe: kids rescued. Obv bad news for those in pink drug trade.
Greek couple charged with manslaughter over suffocation death of boy… <-- Another one. There are plenty more on the Yahoo site than the ones I've posted here. Note also the red and white of the trucks and tape. Evokes blood (like Red Cross logo).
Michelle McCann: Mother admits killing two children by dangerous driving in M1 crash with lorry (old)… <--- Deaths occurred on highway, bringing to mind *traffic*. Look at thing in background. Inflatable? Whatever it is, it's pink! What are the odds?
American star withdraws from Winter Olympics in ugly logo dispute… <--- Suspect this is part of campaign telling people about upheaval in blood biz. Classic one eye #symbolism, red and white of logo. Saying deals being rescinded or something?
Re the tweet above: One eye symbol appears on main page grab. Also in body of article. Image
This seems like part of the pattern also. Definitely to do with child trafficking. And note the red and white. What are the odds? Image
Note how they chose photo that clearly shows panda eyes of the medal. And it looks like they've photoshopped her lips to intensify the red lipstick. Almost looks smudged. Reminiscent of what they did to cricket players' shoe soles. Image
Deadly snake found inside Sydney man's bed: 'Bloody terrifying'… <--- Another bad product warning. "*Bloody* terrifying". Note *pink* of bedspread. Snake is *deadly*. Has to be this. Look through some of the examples in this thread. What are the odds?
'INSANE': Viewers shocked at what's inside boat's 6000kg haul… <--- Haul is entirely comprised of rubbish. Note how "heartbroken" is used. That's a heads up term. Looks like it's warning that the current batches of the drug coming in by sea are crap.
Speaking of "heartbroken": Term features in update from another lie factory with form for #occultelite #symbolism. Invert nines in date: 666. Note red shirt. Photoshopped to make it stand out? "Stems" evokes flowers. Unsure what this means but I think it's related somehow. Image
Former fugitive pleads guilty in 2009 parental kidnapping… <---Another punishment story in which perp pleads guilty to crime involving kid. Note colour of her top. Pink! What are the odds?
Keep isolation and free Covid tests, plead NHS bosses… <--- Couldn't help noticing the pink light behind #BoJo's head. Reminded me of this shot of #BobSaget.
This is from Failing Terrograph on Friday Feb 18. Looks like another bad batches warning. Story is on guy who drank liquid meth disguised as wine. Note headline and on other page: "Transport off the rails." Check out orange ad for festival. Not a coincidence. #occultelite ImageImage
Study reveals real reason why women fake an orgasm… <--- This has to be another bad batches warning. Note pink background and "bite your lip" photo. That means "don't indulge in drug".
Same imagery used verbally in another paper. What are the odds? It's in obv #fakenews story about #sharkattack. (First fatal one in #Sydney in 60 years. Yeah, right!) All part of yuge "heads up" from Cabal to those they've elevated in their system.
Back to story about women faking orgasms above. Look at this photo included in it. Classic #secretsocietywanker #symbolism. The soles (souls) are exposed, and they have frowny faces drawn in (blood) red. Feet also form two "Vs". FFS, could they make it any more obvious? Image
Urgent baby formula recall issued over contamination fears… <--- Another "bad batches" warning. Baby formula. Red and white bottle. In video: red hearts behind family, and their kid (with heart condition) shown wearing outfits with hearts on them.
Van driver admits killing young siblings in horror M4 crash as they returned from birthday party… <--- Not sure if this punishment story but it's related. #Whiterabbit, one eye, pink top. In article girl points up, like shot of Cleo Smith. A pattern!
Italy’s ambassador to Australia dead after falling from balcony… <--- There's that colour again. What are the odds? Surely more people in pink in these stories than would appear by chance. Photos chosen for #comms. Also has keyword "heartbreaking".
Tennessee mother accused of tricking nine teen boys into sex in exchange for vape pens… <--- Another punishment story. Note board behind her head (not seen in grab). Marks with two "E"s. This is "Y-head" symbolism, and a 33 if you flip letters around.
Speaking of "Y-head": #SkyNews, which looks a lot like it's chockas with batshit #deathcult-worshipping squeezers, really likes this red and white shot of Bill Shorten. Often use it. Look just above his head. I think that might not be an accident.… Image

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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
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From Will Smith's IG before lobbing at #Oscars. Flat out says he's choosing chaos. Knew he would hit Chris Rock coz that was part of show. Classic #ordoabchao (order out of chaos). #Occultelite always tell you what they're up to, so karma is on you:…
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Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy.
Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
At 55, Halle Berry Shows Off Super Toned Legs in Bikini While Skateboarding in New IG Post… <--- We can be thankful she's not 52. Risky age for famous, esp in Australia. In any case, there's heart again in form of Lolita glasses. They look pink too.
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Mar 2
Photos: Ukrainian civilians prepare for war… <--- Many shots of people (often kids) in pink. Hard to know why but pattern exists. IMO symbolizes drug from child trafficking. At top of globalist death cultists' minds coz Putin destroying their evil biz.
These all from one issue -- Failing Terrorgraph, 27th of Feb. Look how often the colour pink appears, and stands out. Note how often kids wear it or are near it. What are the odds? Clearly means something to the sinister occultist flogs who own that lie factory. #symbolism ImageImageImageImage
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Jan 26
'Abolish #AustraliaDay': Captain Cook statue covered in 'blood' by vandals… <--- "Blood." This like so many stories now. Seemingly isolated act by "lone wolf" vandals. MSM "reports" on it. IMO it's orchestrated (at arm's length) by #Cabal for comms.
Another blog post about allusion to hidden trade that I think has so much to do with current madness.… Image
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Sep 16, 2021
Girl, 4, dies of #Covid 'passed on by anti-vax mum'… <--- So many of these stories in #fakenews MSM now. It's like the 'rona is a vengeful god and will strike down unbelievers, and even those near and dear to them! Really is a full on #deathcult.
Mum and daughter die just two weeks apart after refusing vaccine… <--- Another vengeful 'rona story. Reluctant to tell of jab-related deaths, adverse reactions even tho thousands officially recorded. Always say conditions these folk suffer are "rare".
DUP councillor who shared anti-vax messages online dies after contracting Covid… <--- See, this is what happens people. If you don't get the jab the 'rona will come after you. And you'll go higher up his hit list if you are dissing it online.
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