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#Trump tells the truth sometimes. It’s called #RevelationOfTheMethod. Most people ridicule Trump, so this was very effective in killing the #Hoax storyline as one of Trump crazy lines. Very smart. #Corona is nothing but a heavy flu season with the same mortality: 0,1%
It’s so easy to fool the masses with elite controlled “science”, coming from one CONTROLLED source #JohnHopkinsuniversity . The #Corona #hoax is brought to by #JohnHopkins
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#Cyclopean [DS] #EL-ite #BlackMagick

1) #Tesla: #Energy [E] #Frequency [F] #Vibration [V]

2) [E] = charge
(re #ElectricUniverse)

3) [F] = #Music = 440Hz, not harmonic 432Hz

4) #Crystals retain [E] & provide resonance [V]…

(cf) #Digital = 0&1s

#Music [F] 440Hz = disharmony

[E] NOT in tune w/ HARMONY, thus [F] HIGHER;
[V] LOWER = surreptitiously pushing #FearFactor on ignorant #Humanity

#Cyclopean [DS] #HouseOfOrange/ #Masonic #OrangeOrder #NL #Endemol variety hosted by TV puppets…

#French #Cyclopean [DS] #EL-ite #Music producer/ director Jean-Paul #Goude pointed out in 1985… & Ian #McShane [DS] #Hollywood/ #Pedowood actor narrated at the start of a Grace #Jones’ song that became an overnight global hit “Slave to the Rhythm”…
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The Police Told Me to "Check My Thinking" for a Tweet
Harry Miller is a former police officer and co-founder of Fair Cop. He set up the campaign group after being investigated by police over a limerick he posted on Twitter.
(#NoahideLaws 😉)
Police ‘transphobia’ investigation breached free speech
A High Court judge has ruled that Humberside Police’s investigation into Harry Miller for ‘transphobic’ tweets unlawfully restricted his freedom of expression.…
The police and the masons have a long-standing relationship. In the UK there are occasional shouts for disclosing who is both mason and policeman and whether its policeman-citizen or brother-brother that takes priority in criminal matters.
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@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld Gilead Sciences, Inc. is an American biotechnology company that researches, develops and commercializes drugs.
Gilead owner mr. Riordan recruited Donald Rumsfeld to join the board of directors in 1988, followed by George P. Shultz (911 🤓)…
#COVID19 😉
@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld Who owns the #coronavirus cure? China’s move to patent Gilead’s experimental drug for the novel virus could lead to legal wrangle - 6 Feb, 2020
Gilead invented remdesivir, filed patent applications for uses against coronaviruses globally
#COVID19 😉…
@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld 911 perps who committed warcrimes by waging wars in the Middle East.
Before that they supplied bioweapons to Saddam Hoessein and they 'worked' for Gilead which invented the #coronavirus treatment (& Tamiflu 😉).
But it is NO CONSPIRACY, 🤣😂
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The secret $100 billion fund amassed by #Mormon church…
Pope Francis welcomed top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Vatican.
“We talked about our mutual concern for the people who suffer throughout the world and want to relieve human suffering".

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57. Watch!😱 #PaperPlanes on Dems impeachment paper walk. Add it up:
📍#redshoes 👠
📍#Masonic blacks & white tile.
📍4 Carts. Last 1 is #Orange 😲!
📍The ticking! Listen. It’s a trigger my thought. F F
👀 on #QAnon #QArmy!
H/T @JackalsLast
58. So I found this disturbing🤨
I found 2 more #paperplanes #symbolism right in front of our faces. 1 is a mobile email account for the “sent” folder.
The 2nd is regarding a child’s mobile device, in the Gizmo Hub “parent” app when sending a message to a child.
I don’t like it😒
59. Another thread connected to this 1 via JayZ & his #paperplanes 444 as he was the producer of the Super Bowl 2020 halftime “entertainment” which included deep #symbolism that I explored in the attached thread👇🏻 So I’m linking here.
No coincidences.
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Will Vladimir Putin save the world?
One of the comments below the video:
"It's crazy how much Russia plays the whole far-right like a fiddle."

Yes, Russia is Connected to Charlottesville
Russia is sowing division here and in Europe to weaken the West.  Make no mistake, Russia’s fingerprints are all over Charlottesville.…
Mind you again🤓
#KKK was an offspring of B'nai B'rith (as is the #ADL).
So David Duke former KKK-wizzard must be (have been) their member, right 🤔

'B'nai B'rith and the ADL denounced and viciously sabotaged all 1930s anti-Hitler protests by Jews.'…
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So this is America’s Sweetheart 🙄 #JuliaRoberts they got to her young 😞
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#MrEntertainerOfTheYear #GarthBrooks #illuminati everywhere with this one and his wifey 🙄
Pointing down with his 🎸
One eye symbolism and Disney 🙄
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@Hwt123 My neighbor and main predator of my family has the same connections to #NCMEC via his Hibbing #Minnesota #Masonic lodge. 👈 #MinnesotaDFL TIED BIGGLY & the entire states le depts trained by a master mason!
@Hwt123 I have a lot on those subjects. My daughter and granddaughter were their victims.… I am that bitch that payback is formerly known as momma and grandma!
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Pt1: Pt 1: The "#Pizzagate" Evidence Of #RitualAbuse Hidden In Plain Sight…
Pt2: The "#Pizzagate" Evidence Of #RitualAbuse Hidden In Plain Sight.…
I wrote this piece because, a year and a half after #pizzagate started off in the wake of the #spiritcooking scandal, I see many people parroting info about #ritualabuse that, while not intended to be misleading, often blinds us from researching what is in front of our eyes.
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I think it goes way deeper than that. Family was from #Minnesota & @jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept does a disservice to the innocent civilian populace(in aid of the MN mob like #cult that I believe's behind this) by avoiding the BOOGEYMAN! How many more? @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Couple of the kids unaccounted 4. Probably sold to the #Luciferian #Freemason #ChildTrafficking #pedophilering, proved #California #Minnesota connection, those who allegedly perished, #OrganHarvesting. Car was probably empty & sent off cliff, thats how the #Masonic PHUKS role❗❗
#Freemason #SecretPolice BOTH STATES, control the crime scene, coroner, investigation, media narrative, etc. etc. Wouldn't be there 1st staged crime scene and based on the complicit in Trumps so called Great America, wont be the last either😠Kids new sumpn about the syndicate...
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