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#Kherson western front update. After my last update friday there has been significant action by 🇺🇦 forces. Where i said #Pravdyne was contested today it's confirmed. liberated by 126th TDF subsequently #Myrne was also liberated. This is the situation IMO.

@WarMonitor3 @DefMon3 Image
🇷🇺 forces where forced to retreat toward #sofiivka & #Tomynabalka to avoid being encircled. A large number of vehicles and personel where destroyed during heavy artillery fire on retreating forces. FIRMS shows alot of fires along this route. 🇷🇺 positions @ #Doslidne got hit hard. ImageImageImage
According to sources on the ground #Stanislav has been liberated since friday after 🇷🇺 forces fell back to defensive positions W of #Shyrokabalka. 28th Mech & 136th Marines are containing 🇷🇺 forces & trying to encircle them by moving toward #Tomynabalka cutting of escape routes. ImageImageImage
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Day 131 of #Russia's unprovoked war on #Ukraine.
In total though it's 8 years, 4 months - more than twice as long as WW1 and 2 years longer than WWII.

All the news, events and analysis as it happens, updated in real time right here in the daily thread, so scroll below!
Yesterday saw many civilian lives lost as Russia unleashed a barrage of missiles on eastern regions.

6 died in #Sloviansk, civilian buildings struck in #Kramatorsk and, as it only just made Sunday's thread, a repost of 🇷🇺 hitting a hospital in #Sumy

Three days ago I broke the news about @NHLFlyers losing a player - Ivan Fedotov arrested as he attempted to go to the States.

I can now confirm the Finnish born ice hockey star is in Severomorsk, #Murmansk to start his military service on Novaya Zemlya

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Welcome to my 130th daily thread on #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

While #Luhansk looks to be lost, a fightback continues from the Ukrainians in the south of the country.

All the news right here in one thread...

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
Two big news events overnight as #Ukraine hits #Russia in both 🇺🇦+🇷🇺

First the strike over the border in #Russia.
Officials in #Belgorod say 3 people died and four are injured.

A local TG channel helpfully put together a "highlights" video of the night's action!
#Ukraine has not yet admitted the attack in #Russia and no confirmation of what was it. But could well be an ammunition store.

A house in #Belgorod' also seems to have been targeted but I cannot verify this video.

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Quelle des Fotos ist mir bekannt. Aus wohl nachvollziehbaren Gründen anonymisiere ich. Ein darauf abgebildeter Ehemann hat es seiner ukrainischen Frau geschickt. Die Frau ist schwanger und mit einem Kind geflohen. In Deutschland gebar sie Kind 2. Es ist wenige Tage alt. 1/x
Der Familie ging in der Ukraine gut. Der Ehemann ist gelernter Handwerker. Sie lebten in einer Großstadt mit eigenem Haus. Sie hat die stehen gebliebenen Trümmer davon schon in den Nachrichten gesehen. Das Foto zeigt eine Gruppe von Zivilisten in jetzt voller Kampfmontur. 2/x
Mehr Ausrüstung werden sie nicht bekommen. Montag beginnt für Sie ein einwöchiges Kampftraining. Dann werden Sie als Territorialverteidiger um #Cherson kämpfen. Die Ukrainerin wird morgen mit den beiden Kindern ins Trainingscamp fahren. Ihr Mann sagt, sie solle das lassen. 3/x
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#Kherson front region update 🧵 10 days since last update. Blackout by 🇺🇦 not much info came out of this area.But i will try to explain.Some info can't be shared,hope you understand Here the situation as of 29th. IMO.


@defmon3 @GeoConfirmed
@WarMonitor3 @JominiW
#Oleksandrivka area, according to my source in the area 🇺🇦 forces mainly 137th MC and SOF conducted operations and liberated #Stanislav. Mopping op. ongoing in area to the east. 🇷🇺 forces (DPR & VDV) fell back to #Shyrokabalka and will setup defenses near #Tomynabalka.
Toward #Pravdyne 🇷🇺 counter attacked and took up defensive position on the W/SW side. 🇺🇦 forces are attacking daily with drone assisted M777's and MLRS.
Active in this area is the 126TH TDF & SOF recon (See 🧵 ⬇️) north #StepovaDolyna is liberated.

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Thursday, the last day of #June and Day 127 of this war.

#Russia continues to pound #Ukraine and its people with no regard for human life.

Terrorist nations must be stopped.

This is the start of the daily thread, read on!

#StandWithUkraine️ #StopRussia
News from #Ukraine's Air Force which claims a major raid on enemy lines.

In this post they say they attacked a #Russia command post with 20 strikes from planes and artillery…
the daily UK Intel report is here.
However yesterday Russia was already claiming to be on control of the refinery in #Lysychansk.

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Welcome to Wednesday, and daily thread #126 on #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

More death and destruction overnight from Russian missiles, but remember barbaric attacks like on #Kremenchuk are NOT mistakes. They are targeted terror attacks on a peaceful nation.

Read on...
Three dead, five injured so far in another cowardly attack by #Russia on a residential building in #Mykolaiv.

The usual terror tactics, soft targets. Civilians very much in the Russian army sights with each missile.
Each one a war crime and so far no justice as killing continues ImageImageImageImage
In case you missed it last night, another of #Russia's pathetic defences over the #Kremenchuk massacre is "but there's no video of the hit"

There is: here's a still of the giant missile about to kill dozens - video in the link.


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از پوشکین تا پوتین: ایدئولوژی امپریالیستی ادبیات روس
نویسنده: ولودیمیر یرمولنکو فیلسوف اوکراینی
مترجم: سودابه قیصری
منبع: فارن‌پالیسی

ادبیات کلاسیک روسیه، اشباع از ایدئولوژی غیربشری امپریالیستی، امروز به طرزی مایوس‌کننده گستاخ به نظر می‌رسد. 👇 Image
یکی از خیابان‌های خوخولیو- شهری در شرق کی‌یف- نام میخائل لرمانتُف شاعر روس قرن نوزدهم را بر خود دارد. لرمانتُف هرگز اوکراین را ندید و فقط در معدودی از اشعارش به موضوعات اوکراینی اشاره کرده است. با وجود این هنوز بسیاری از خیابان‌های سراسر اوکراین نام او و دیگر چهره‌های فرهنگی 👇
روسیه، میراث گذشته امپریالیستی شوروی، را بر خود دارند. خوخولیو که در ماه مارس شاهد جنگی شدید بود، به شکلی مشابه آنتون چخوف، ولادیمیر مایاکوفسکی و الکساندر پوشکین را بزرگ می‌دارد. نامگذاری خیابان‌ها در هر شهر، شهرستان و روستا صرفا ابزاریست برای یک امپراتوری تا سپهر استعماری‌اش👇
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🇺🇦🧵🗣Kenneth Gregg here: (1/6) "Midsummer Eve update. On the Eastern Front, we have gone into new positions and despite retreat orders from #Sieverodonetsk, the fighting continues. It is probably to keep the Russians at bay as it takes time to organize the retreat because-->
2:"...we have civilians to take with us. Probably we will now tonight experience a massive Ukrainian artillery fire and in protection of it the retreat itself takes place. It's a classic tactic.
South of Izuim we have small Ukrainian advances but no noticeable changes. -->
3:"On the #Kharkiv front, the Ukrainian positions are under constant artillery fire, but no significant Ukrainian losses.
So to #Kherson, that I am not allowed to report much about. Five artillery shelling on the Russian positions during the day. -->
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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Report from Kenneth Gregg from yesterday (1/8): "Some info from #Kherson that I am allowed to publish: there has been a whole series of explosions in Kherson today [yesterday]. No information if it is our guerilla squads or our artillery that have been at it.-->
2:" I have 4 fellow soldiers who are active on this front and they have not been active on their phone apps since yesterday afternoon. This means that the info lock is tight.
In #Kharkiv no frontal changes, nor any major changes on the eastern front. -->
4:"The airfield near #Sieverodonetsk is still held by us. The #Bakhmut line is holding and the Russian attacks today have been repulsed. I have informed you that HIMARS have arrived and so have other weapons. -->
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Oggi Ucraina e Moldavia otterranno lo status di Paesi candidati ad entrare nella UE. Un capitolo a parte, ma con eguale esito, è atteso per la Georgia

Stamattina @Europarl_IT ha votato: 529 si 45 no 14 astenuti

E' un momento simbolicamente e politicamente molto importante per il presente ed il futuro dell'Europa ma va inquadrato con attenzione

Prima di tutto è frutto della volontà di quei Paesi che ora dovranno prendere un percorso molto rigido

Al primo punto ci sono i principii europei, poi le riforme e il loro rispetto nel tempo

La @EU_Commission dovrà vigilare sul rispetto di queste riforme ed è già stato detto che non ci saranno percorsi accelerati

Nella risoluzione si legge al p.8

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Today my can opener @theRealWattwurm surprisingly received 2 original #Amalei bracelets as a gift from the donor of the cuddly toys. He wants to keep one. But I can do what I want with the other bracelets. 🙂
I thought of giving you the opportunity to support Ukraine and at the
same time get a unique piece. I would like to start an auction with one of the bracelets (which one, the winner may choose). Whoever bids the most until 8pm CET next Sunday (26/06/2022) will win the bracelet. With the revenues, my can opener buys medicine, first aid kits and
other things that animals in Ukraine desperately need. We have already received a list of different things for cats and dogs and would buy some of them with the money from the auction.
Minimum bid is 20 euros. Please bid diligently and share this tweet.
🐶Your Boomer🐶
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#KennethGregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Uppdatering 220621

Dagens uppdatering kommer att vara väldigt kort angående frontlinjerna för ingenting av betydelse har skett.
Även idag har vår nordiska media gått ut med att ryssarna har avancerat och tagit mera land. /1
Varför i helvete ids man inte tala om VAD för landerövringar. Eftersom de inte gör det skall jag redogöra för det. Det enda ställe de tagit några kilometrar är ÖST om Popasna. Detta är land utan någon som helst strategisk betydelse, medan norrut är det som har betydelse. /2
Det enda detta har medfört är stora förluster för ryssarna och nu är man ute på öppen terräng, jag talar alltså om områdena kring Toshkivka. Istället skulle man behöva koncentrera sig på att ta över vägen Bakhmut-Lysyshansk. Varför då frågar många sig? /3
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📌 Key findings from military experts at the American Institute for Military Research, June 20:

▪️Ukrainian sources report that the next week will be decisive in the battles for Sievierodonetsk, where Russian troops have concentrated troops and equipment./1
▪️Ukrainian sources confirmed that the Russian invaders control the entire Sievierodonetsk, except for the Azot industrial zone, where hostilities are taking place.
▪️Russian sources create news stories to justify the slow and unsuccessful advance toward Sloviansk from the /2
southeast of Izyum.
▪️The Russians are trying to step up actions to block Ukrainian communications on the T1302 Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway.
▪️Russian invaders continued to resist the further advance of Ukrainian troops north of Kharkiv towards the border./3
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New update on the situation on the western side of the #Kherson front. 🇺🇦 forces have made some progress in certain parts of the front, 🇷🇺 forces launched counter attacks around #Pravdyne & #kyselivka. 🇺🇦 took ground direction of #Ivanivka More info read 🧵

#Osint #SlavaUkraïni
Direction of #Oleksandrivka 🇺🇦 have consolditated their positions and have moved on the open ground between #Pravdyne & the #Stanislav pocket towards #Tomynabalka. According to sources clashes occured 5 km. west of town where 🇷🇺 troops are dug in. FIRM data seems to confirm this.
Further more 🇺🇦 forces are conducting attacks on an area north of #Stanislav where remaining VDV units are trying to hold the advance and keep coastal road T1501 open for re-supply. A push from #Oleksandrivka toward #Stanislav however is expected to happen within a few days.
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Paramedic Yulia Paevska, known as "Taira", for the first time since her release from Russian captivity spoke about the conditions in which she was with the Rashists.

"My weight is now about 50 kg. I am too exhausted and look terrible. But the best doctors are taking /1
care of me and I will be back in line soon. Again and again I want to thank you for the exchange, which was undoubtedly a miracle of the Lord, and everyone involved in this miracle. Now I am in a safe place under the supervision of the best doctors. I will be back in line soon/2
and I need to recuperate," she wrote.

According to her, most of all she now hurts for those who are still in captivity of the Russian invaders. She stressed that everything possible must be done so that the prisoners are protected by the/3
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#KennethGregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Uppdatering sedan morgonen 220620
Lång rant:

Kvällens uppdatering går i positiva tecken. Denna dag var den värsta avseende på missil- flyg- och artilleriangrepp på Sieverodonetsk och Lysychansk Polischefen i Lysychansk var reserverad för en/1
intervju med CNN men var tvungen att skjuta på intervjun eftersom de satt i bunkern hela dagen. Samma sak i Sievierodonetsk, det regnade bomber, MEN direkt när det blev avbrott i bombardemanget ATTACKERADE de våra Metolkine och Voronove och DREV ryssen tillbaka. /2
Detta med lätt infanteri, utrustade med NLAW och lätta sinkon.
Ryssarna i sin tur avancerade lite söder om Donetsk och drev bort de våra ur byn Solodoke. Nu är detta ställe ingen het spot och varken vi eller de har några större trupper där
På de övriga fronterna är det stiltje/3
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اگر به اوکراین دلاور پشت کنیم، هرگز ایمن نخواهیم بود
نویسنده: بوریس جانسون، نخست‌وزیر بریتانیا
مترجم: سودابه قیصری
منبع: ساندی تایمز

لحظه‌ای تصور کنید رویای عظمت و جبروت پوتین به حقیقت می‌پیوست. فرض کنید آزاد بود همه‌ی مناطق اوکراین را که اکنون تحت کنترل ارتش روسیه است، 👇
حفظ کند. اگر هنگامی که این قلمروی اشغال‌شده و مردم وحشتزده‌اش را به روسیه‌ی بزرگ‌تر الحاق می‌کند، هیچ‌کس کوچک‌ترین واکنشی نشان ندهد، چه خواهد شد؟ 
آیا چنین کاری صلح به همراه می‌آورد؟ جهان ایمن‌تر خواهد بود؟ شما ایمن‌تر خواهید بود؟ 
پاسخ را قلباً می‌دانیم. چنین مضحکه‌ای بزرگ‌ترین پیروزی برای تجاوزگری در اروپا از زمان جنگ جهانی دوم خواهد بود. می‌دانیم که پوتین به تجزیه‌ی اوکراین بسنده نخواهد کرد. درست هفته گذشته، او خود را با پتر کبیر مقایسه کرد و حقی ابدی برای روسیه قائل شد تا هر قلمرویی را که "اسلاوها" 👇
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Another update 🧵 for the situation which is developing on the western side of the #Kherson front. 🇺🇦 Forces have been making progress in almost all area's of this front and they are about 10 km from #Kherson city. More info read 🧵

#OSINT #SlavaUkraini

@DefMon3 @WarMonitor3
Previously 🇷🇺 occupied towns #Oleksandrivka, #Soldatske, #Myrne seem to be liberated and mop up operations are ongoing in these area's. Also 🇺🇦 forces have reached #Tomnyabalka and are squizing 🇷🇺 troops in the #Stanislav pocket cutting supply routes south of #Tomnyabalka.
Troops caught in the #Stanislav pocket consist of LPR/DNR conscript troops,VDV units & photo's on social media show units of the 22 Guards Spetznas transferred to the area after fighting @ #Mariupol. Source confirms VDV snipers 5 km north of #Shyrokabalka engaged by 🇺🇦artillery.
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I agree with this UK intelligence assessment via RT @KyivIndependent

Let's take some 'big picture' math:

Russia invaded with army of 190,000
of that 32,950 have died (17%)

Injured, lets estimate 2x KIA = 65,900

total Russian casualties: 32,950 + 65,900 = 98,850 (52%)...
As Russia has lost HALF of the total army that invaded four months ago (52% casualties, on VERY conservative estimate, reality will be more than that), Russia WILL experience huge shortfall in many units, in particular rear units and on flanks

Of course Russia tries to reinforce
We have heard of mercenaries from Syria, Libya and other Russian-friendly regions. That could be 10,000 soldiers

Russia has sent reinforcements from its own standing army, and that could be another 10,000 men. And of the casualties, some will be patched up and sent back to war
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Vitalyi Vitlin answer me quote:..

KYIV. June 14th. UNN. To date, Ukraine has received from partners only 10% of the declared required amount of weapons. This was announced on the air of the All-Ukrainian telethon by Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar, writes UNN./1

“No matter how much effort Ukraine makes today, no matter how professional our army is, without the help of Western partners we will not be able to win this war... From the fact that Ukraine has stated what we need, we today have about 10%,” Maller said.

She also talked about what is happening on the battlefield.

“Ukraine spends about 5-6 thousand artillery shells during the day. Russia spends 10 times more,” says the Deputy Minister of Defense.


As UNN wrote, Zelensky said that for protection, the state really/3
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Kenneth Gregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Som vi ser på kartan är det infanteriets tur idag från rysk sida efter gårdagens bombardemang. Vi har en ny trend; de ryska infanterianfallen är inte lika intensiva som tidigare. Detta är en iakttagelse mina vapenbröder har gjort på de olika/1
frontavsnitten i öst. Låt oss hoppas på att trenden fortsätter!!!
Pga detta har vi lyckats hålla ställningarna på östfronten totalt, förutom i Sievierodonetsk. Jag antar att vi nu gör en organiserad retrett, allt annat skulle vara vansinne. Vi har uppnått det vi skulle där/2
, dvs förorsakat stora förluster för ryssarna. Bäst vore att retirera över älven och placera artilleriet så att vi kan ge dem en bredsida nu som då, samt arrangera sissiraider. Detta skulle skapa stor osäkerhet bland de ryska styrkorna, och vi har terräng att gömma oss i.
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Kenneth Gregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Nu har Lena Hardin tagit på sig att arrangera allt som har med donation till vår utrustning att göra. Man kan använda Swish +46706259939
om man vill donera på annat sätt kontakta Lena via mail eller telefon
Utrustningen som behövs är mörkerseende och klass 4+ skyddsvästar. Skyddsvästarna kostar 210 euro styck.
Tack alla ni som hjälper oss med detta, det räddar verkligen liv. God skyddsutrustning mångdubblar chanserna att förbli vid liv även under direkt artilleribeskjutning. /2
Mörkerseende hjälper oss att ta oss fram vid frontlinjen utan belysning, speciellt viktigt för våra combat medics.
Samtidigt vill jag tacka alla er som delar mina uppdateringar, tack vare detta blev jag kontaktad av ukrainavänner i USA som sänder oss 3 droner med mörkerseende, /1
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نقشه روسیه برای خلق گرسنگی در جهان
نویسنده: تیموتی اسنایدر
مترجم: سودابه قیصری

روسیه برای ایجاد گرسنگی در جهان نقشه کشیده است. ولادیمیر پوتین آماده می‌شود در مرحله بعدی جنگش در اروپا، جهان در حال توسعه را دچار قحطی و گرسنگی کند.
در شرایط عادی، اوکراین پیشگام صادرات موادغذایی 👇
است. در حال حاضر، محاصره‌ی دریایی روسیه صادرات غله‌ی اوکراین را سد کرده‌ است. اگر این محاصره ادامه پیدا کند، ده‌ها هزار تُن غذا در سیلوها فاسد خواهد شد و ده‌ها میلیون انسان در افریقا و آسیا گرسنه خواهند ماند.
دهشت برنامه ایجاد گرسنگی پوتین آن‌قدر عظیم است که از درک آن عاجزیم👇
و همچنین میل داریم فراموش کنیم که غذا برای سیاست تا چه حد حیاتیست. چند مثال تاریخی می‌تواند در درک عظمت آن به ما کمک کند.
ایده‌ی این که کنترلِ غلات اوکراین می‌تواند دنیا را تغییر دهد جدید نیست. هم استالین و هم هیتلر آرزوی چنین کاری را داشتند. 👇
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