There are positive effects of the #ketone body beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) on vascular function. Why? Very likely, the following things that we already know BHB does. And quite frankly, there are likely additional mechanisms that haven't even been discovered yet. 🧵(1/10)
BHB lowers high blood sugar, and that reduces the production of reactive oxygen species #ROS and #inflammation mediators. In other words, BHB reduces Oxidative Stress (2/10)
BHB increases endogenous #antioxidant production by upregulating gene expression in those pathways. So yes, #BHB reduces Oxidative Stress from that mechanism as well. (3/10)
BHB may also lower sympathetic activation of endothelial cells and reduce #vascular resistance. (4/10)
Why is all that super good for #brain health? Reducing oxidative stress reduces inflammation in your veins and capillaries. This keeps inflammation down and protects those tiny blood vessels in the brain. (5/10)
Reduced vascular inflammation means you don't burn through your #micronutrients so darn fast, and you maybe get to use more of them to #levelup instead of always dealing with chronic inflammation. I mean, it's nice to have those for other things. Right? (6/10)
Reducing vascular resistance means your brain gets better blood flow. It's important to understand that recurrent and chronic #brainfog and early symptoms of #dementia can often have a vascular component. (7/10)
Once again, I don't make this stuff up. Here is a journal article talking about the vascular benefits of the BHB ketone body. The administration for this study was a BHB Ester. (8/10)…
Now, somebody, please do a study where you put people on ketogenic diets for 5 years and do measures of vascular, heart, and brain health! 🧠 (9/10)
I can only imagine what a nice, steady flow of BHB produced through a longer-term #ketogenic diet would do for the health of these vital tissues! (10/10)

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