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Hi friends, I’ve had a few tweets recently asking for advice about how to manage #SkinPicking during these unprecedented times so I’m putting this thread together with some useful resources & organisations.
#mentalhealth #coronavirus
#Skinpicking & #hairpulling disorders are in a family of conditions known as Body Focused Repetitive behaviours or #BFRBs. They affect 1 in 25. Key organisations worldwide include @tlcBFRB @CanadianBFRB @PickingMeFdn @HabitAware

Here’s @tlcBFRB booklet…
This gives a quick and useful overview of #BFRBs - there are 5 key triggers to identify - so it might be worth looking at those first and seeing if you can find something to intervene in those times, places and sensations when #skinpicking energy spikes.…
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.@neuralink big reveal thread
3/ #neuralink
threads inserted into brain are very tiny, and robot's needle very tiny too
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A good friend of mine has OCD. She wanted a forum to talk about it anonymously in the hope that it might help another person. So here is a long thread where I have copied her account in verbatim #Mentalhealth #OCD 1/32
There is an old song by Frank Sinatra Called me and my shadow, I think this sums up OCD perfectly. It has the potential to be there and all it needs is that little bit of sunshine and there it is.
OCD is a phrase that is thrown around so much that the actual meaning can be lost, oh you're so OCD because you checked the car was locked isn't quite the same as you have been testing all the doors on your car for the last 10 mins and feel an overwhelming need to stay until 3
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I am a #SocialScientist but I can 100% relate. The #OCD episode that led 2 my diagnosis was centred on ethics protocols 4 working w human subjects. Strict adherence is a necessary part of research but my OCD took "making sure everything is done right" next level in a bad way. 1/4
I became consumed with details and risk scenarios to an extent that was counter productive. Completing an ethics application was so triggering it was near impossible. That's when I took medical leave from my #PhD program. #OCD #MentalHealth #PhDLife #SickNotWeak #PhDChat 2/4
#OCD is esp good at playing on strengths & turning them against us. It capitalizes on assets like responsibility, meticulousness, diligence- traits rewarded in #academia. I believe this is why I didn't recognise my struggle 4 so long. OCD masqueraded as being a good academic. 3/4
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I have spent the last few years trying to rethink #mhealth. As we work to lessen #stigma and fear I ask everyone to keep an open mind, give feedback, and join me as I delve into some unique hypotheses. 1/
This started with my sphere of mental health. (Pinned) . I don’t believe true “normal” exists and feel everyone has issues that fit within the sphere. A dx comes because of observations that are inherently flawed & variable due to relative perceptions. 2/
I use the word “flawed” because none of us can read minds, therefore, there is no objective way to truly know exactly what someone is going through or how extreme their suffering is. This is one reasons #mhealth pros have such a difficult job. 3/
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Borderline Personality Disorder aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is one of the most misunderstood, stigmatised & complex mental health diagnoses (Thread) #BPD #EUPD
One could write pages relating to the condition BPD and a layman’s understanding would still be incomplete. For this reason I am going to try and keep it short, simple and concise as I can and explain to you what BPD is to me.
BPD is intense feelings of loneliness & an inability to sit with myself without resorting to poor coping behaviours #BPD #EUPD #MentalHealthAwareness
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Here @trollabhakt debunks the theory of "troll hire" by @OfficeOfRG..
Is this excellent skill of Fake Troll Hunter made him banned? #thread
Hope @ANI will either publish this version or respond to this rebuttal & uphold their journalistic duty
Then it's quite baffling the fixation of BJP, it's Ministers, Bhakts, SM cell & court jester media with a so called "failed politician" #OCD
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