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Thread Alert! 🧵Starting the conversation with your doctor about using a #ketogenic diet to treat mental illness can be daunting, but it's important to be proactive about your health. #bipolar #depression #schizophrenia #ocd #anxiety (1/9)
Mention the information you've heard from other doctors and the specific mental health condition you are hoping to treat with the #keto diet. (2/9)
Express your eagerness to try the diet, but also emphasize your concern for safety and your willingness to work closely with your doctor. (3/9)
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🧵One of the most powerful developments of my life during my journey with #OCD has been "acceptance" but this process will benefit you in any circumstance. I'm sharing an acrostic I wrote about it. I hope it helps you, whatever your situation. @CIBScenter #LongCovid @WesElyMD
A – Acknowledge that your situation may never meaningfully change even though you might desperately want it to
C – Cut ties with a highly idealized view of the past that makes your current situation seem dire and unacceptable by comparison.
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Thread alert! Advice from @bschermd at @Metabolic_Mind about the #ketogenic diet as a treatment for #mentalillness 🧵⬇️ #depression #ADHD #Bipolar #Schizophrenia #OCD #Anxiety #PTSD (1/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind "Remember our caution. Therapeutic
nutritional #ketosis or simply starting
a ketogenic diet is a powerful #health
and medical intervention that can change
your body's #metabolism and could
dramatically alter (2/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind #brain function, medications, #sleep patterns, #energy levels, and other physiologic functions. You should not start a keto diet on your own. (3/8)
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Today is a great day!

The full programme for the It Takes All Kinds Of Minds conference is published and the abstract book is coming out next week...

If you're on the fence about @ITAKOM_CONF this 🧵 of speakers will help you decide whether to register A slide showing on the right hand side, a head shot of a smi
We kick off with @bolte_sven on how we capture quality of life in a neurodiversity affirmative way (I can't imagine a better start)

Monday morning includes me & @DrRJChapman on the basics and theory of neurodiversity. In the Routines for Happiness session we have @l_mizen on...
... sleep & intellectual disability with the wonderful @autcareandshare on a day in the life of a carer. At the same time @BoHejlskov discusses why care services sometimes fail supported people, and @DuncanAstle + @neuro_biologia lead a workshop on inclusive education policy...
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"When we (@Metabolic_Mind) mention mental illness we're referring to severe
#depression #bipolar disorder or
#schizophrenia. But everything we say also may have applied to #ADD #OCD #anxiety moderate depression, #PTSD and more." (1/12)
@Metabolic_Mind I have seen it SIGNIFICANTLY improve or lead to remission in literally all of these disorders in my private practice and via my online Brain Fog Recovery Program. (2/12) #therapists #counselors #mentalhealthcounselor
@Metabolic_Mind It's ok to have hope that you can feel better. When you are suffering from any of these disorders, hope is a little scary. You don't want to be disappointed. Sometimes it's easier to practice acceptance of how you are feeling. (3/12) #hope #spoons #chronicillness
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I'm Backsliding into Russia, Today...

Expanding the Universe while Shrinking the Distance between Nodes on the #IoT

Anyone specifically interested in the MAIL.RU Network (and more) Image

Slip Sliding Awayyyy... Image
I have no idea what this translates to, just yet...

...but I know it's '.edu' and 'Saint Petersburg' Image
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Alex de Waal, like another Briton from 80 yrs ago, is consumed by hate against everything #Eritrean. Hate towards #Eritrea & infatuation with Meles & #TPLFTerroistGroup had turned de Waal into a chief TPLF disinformation officer outdoing all other Wazngu mercenaries. #SayNoMore
2. de Waal’s words:
“The TPLF’s reported action was reckless. Its military leaders may have believed too much in the myth of their own invincibility in the face of an all-out attack.” Stop War Crimes in Ethiopia Today, African Arguments, Nov. 23, 2020
3. “There is good reason to suppose that z leadership of TPLF may have committed war crimes too. In fact z casus belli for z offensive by z Ethiopian army is an alleged mass killing of Ethiopian army officers on 3-4 Nov. as TPLF units overran army bases.” Nov. 23, 2020 #SayNoMore
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Therapist 🧵: #Narcissistic Fixated Stalking. #Stalking is illegal in almost every country in the world, but that doesn't mean those who are stalked get the help they need. Stalking is on the Increase due to social media, lack of knowledge by law enforcement as to what #illegal
To do with them, their high levels of manipulation & the law not keeping up with current times. Clusters B's are well known for stalking & taking revenge when they don't get what they want from you. Narcissists & psychopaths are even known to kill your pets.
They may contact your employee With outright lies, stalk you both online & offline & accuse you of stalking them. Stalking is something narcissists (and other cluster B's) love to engage in. It gives them power, control & yes, entertainment #dysfunctional
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I'm treated as non-disabled until I can't cope any more and then I'm considered to be making a problem, over reacting, being dramatic, then there's misogynistic 'hormonal' 'must be on their period' etc (which hurts in a different way when you're non-binary). 1/
My struggles are usually considered my 'fault' too - I should be taking more rest, doing less around the house, doing fewer things I enjoy (that's a good one!?) but noone is ever there to actually *take* the pressure off. 2/
Even when people are well meaning it always boil down to how much time and effort I'm going to *cost* someone.

That's an awful way to go about in life. Awful and bloody exhausting.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #OCD #Tired #Disabled #DisabilityTwitter
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One of the most devastatingly exhausting things about OCD is how it relentlessly reinvents itself. You work through overcoming one compulsion and another obsessive thought emerges willing you to act. Tonight it was rereading the full page of my 8yo’s story if I messed up a word.
I’m proud of my growth and especially my recovery, but the reality is that it’s a daily struggle. These thoughts that constantly fire at you from all cylinders telling you “something bad will happen” if you don’t start the page from the beginning or move a certain item etc etc…
I have good friends, good coping tools, medication helps, running has been a game changer; but it’s really hard. I share this not to get kudos, but to show love and solidarity to others reading this who are also on this wild OCD ride.
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(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Be back after a break to dig in! 🥰


(@manijadegarcia) #Compassion to me is like creating welcoming, gentle internal space for the things I am #accepting—so I can be curious instead of judgemental about them. I'm reminded of indigenous views of trauma as "wisdom" & a "teacher," that can lead us to healing.

(@manijadegarcia) #compassion & #acceptance are closely related in my experience, like a bi-directional positive correlation, (increasing either can increase the other—try not to get hung up on stats "rules.") & #SelfCompassion is super powerful for general #MentalWellness.

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👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Posting the confidential anonymous safeguarding concerns from health professionals around the world RE: safeguarding children, medicalisation, ethics, therapy, ethical & moral dilemmas, workplace harassment, board/licensing harassment & any other related matters #donoharm
I speak with #HealthCareWorkers #professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Europe, the UK, Sweden, Finland, amongst others. Their stories, POV & voices deserve to be heard and this is their space. I will tweet comment, field of work and country only.
“I am a board member of ***** , a clinical psychologist and supervisor. I have raised my concern several times with the board and each time falls on deaf ears. Nearing retirement and may speak publicly at that time”, Clinical Consultant Psychologist, Supervisor, USA
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Several children in our group have had a diagnosis #PANS triggered by Covid infection.

💙PANS = Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome💙

A sudden onset of:
👉 OCD symptoms and/or severe eating restrictions
👉 Cognitive, behavioural, neurological symptoms (at least 2)
😢"It’s like my child woke up as a
completely different person!"😢

#PANS kids display a dramatic personality
change, some #OCD, tics or issues with
food, together with a number of other symptoms
usually following some kind of infection.
In very young children, #OCD can display as intense anxiety or fears.

Symptoms can be extremely alarming:
👉Anxiety/depressive moods
👉Aggression and/or irritability
👉Severely oppositional behaviour/regression
👉Sensory & motor abnormalities
👉Hallucinations and/or psychosis
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Good afternoon to our speakers this afternoon Professor Julia Sinclair - @drjmas and Sam Chamberlain - @SrCham who will talk about Neurobiology and treatment of addictions: from substances to behaviours #RCPsychIC #Neurobiology #Addictions Image
Welcome to our first speaker Anne Lingford Hughes speaking to us about alcohol use disorder: clinical features, neurobiology and evidence-based treatment

#RCPsychIC #Neurobiology #Addictions Image
Who is in control the user or the drug?

#RCPsychIC #Alcohol #Addictions Image
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This lunchtime at Virtual Congress we have three incredible speakers talking on the latest #neurobiology in #OCD #RCPsychIC
We have Dr Sam Chamberlain, Dr Himanshu Tyagi @himanshutyagi, Susanne Ahmari @ahmari_lab, Dr Matilde Vaghi @matildevaghi talking today. And we begin with a history of OCD #RCPsychIC Image
Dr Himanshu @himanshutyagi discusses how OCD was treated in the 1970s and the teachings that had been advocated by Freud #RCPsychIC
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Years prior to this picture (IAIP Conf '18) I had come across Abu Zayd al-Balkhi's original manuscript and written to Dr. Malik Badri about my findings comparing Balkhi's 9th C work to DSM-5

He wrote back encouraging me to publish in mainstream medical peer reviewed journals 1/
With Dr.Malik Badri in the front row, I presented how Balkhi (9th C) may have been the first in history to correctly classify, diagnose and propose functional treatments for #OCD and #phobia an entire MILLENNIUM before the European psychologists credited with both discoveries 2/
Dr. Malik Badri was so proud that day 💔

He gave me a standing ovation when I shared how the historians of medicine who peer reviewed my papers said they re-write the history of psychology and Muslim contributions to the field
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I deeply relate to this. After almost dying of ❤️ failure from #Lyme & being told by 11 “top” docs that in spite of my tick bite, bullseye, & classic symptoms, I could not poss still have it after a short course of doxy. Well, I did. 1/
And after the 12th doc saved my life (thx @StevePhillipsMD), I wrote my story in @HuffPost. I didn’t think anyone would care. But they did. The editor called & asked me to keep writing about this scandal as so many ppl were reading my story. 2/…
So I kept writing and began hearing from people all over the world, including a nurse from Ghana, who used my story to guide them back to health. I even interviewed celebrities who had gone through it like Daryl Hall. 3/…
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Part 4 is NOW LIVE!

Follow this thread for live updates and gems!
Today we welcome back Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi (our founder + Exec. director) and Dr. Fahad Khan (Deputy and Clinical director). Last week Dr. Hooman introduced the TIIP model. Today’s session will go deeper into exploring the model, + we will be looking at OCD from an Islamic lens
The presence of obsessive thoughts are very common among people. But, what is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Obsessions are unwanted, repetitive thoughts. Emphasis on UNWANTED. Someone with OCD dislikes having these thoughts however it's very difficult to control.
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Mon premier thread sera sur l'oversharing.

On va mettre les choses au clair direct: J'exècre le terme « #oversharing ».
Quand je partage de mes maladies physiques et mentales, je #visibilise l'existence de mes semblables. Je rappelle que nous existons.
Du coup, ce thread est une dédicace à tout·e·s mes buddies #spoonies et #neuroatypiques.
Et un peu de pédagogie pour vous, nos ami·e·s et proches neurotypiques et valides. Parce qu'on vous aime.
Déjà, je propose de remplacer « oversharing » par « conscience sharing ». Ou de simplement utiliser le mot « partage ». Parce que c'est plutôt de ça dont il s'agit.
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Hi friends, I’ve had a few tweets recently asking for advice about how to manage #SkinPicking during these unprecedented times so I’m putting this thread together with some useful resources & organisations.
#mentalhealth #coronavirus
#Skinpicking & #hairpulling disorders are in a family of conditions known as Body Focused Repetitive behaviours or #BFRBs. They affect 1 in 25. Key organisations worldwide include @tlcBFRB @CanadianBFRB @PickingMeFdn @HabitAware

Here’s @tlcBFRB booklet…
This gives a quick and useful overview of #BFRBs - there are 5 key triggers to identify - so it might be worth looking at those first and seeing if you can find something to intervene in those times, places and sensations when #skinpicking energy spikes.…
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.@neuralink big reveal thread
3/ #neuralink
threads inserted into brain are very tiny, and robot's needle very tiny too
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A good friend of mine has OCD. She wanted a forum to talk about it anonymously in the hope that it might help another person. So here is a long thread where I have copied her account in verbatim #Mentalhealth #OCD 1/32
There is an old song by Frank Sinatra Called me and my shadow, I think this sums up OCD perfectly. It has the potential to be there and all it needs is that little bit of sunshine and there it is.
OCD is a phrase that is thrown around so much that the actual meaning can be lost, oh you're so OCD because you checked the car was locked isn't quite the same as you have been testing all the doors on your car for the last 10 mins and feel an overwhelming need to stay until 3
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