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Okay, I’m gonna throw out a real honey of a potential Mueller strategy which may well explain why Trump is on tilt right now... 1/

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As we now know, Jared Kushner met with Mueller’s people last week - and the focus of the discussion was apparently on Mike Flynn.

We also know that not long afterwards, Mike Flynn’s lawyers stiff armed Trump’s lawyers in what was universally taken to be a sign Flynn had flipped and was cutting a deal.

Let’s put those two together...

Mueller calls in America’s oldest prepubescent presidential advisor, Jared Kushner knowing he’s gonna be sweating... 4/
...and then he appears to take all the pressure off by shifting the topic to Mike Flynn.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Jared saw that as an opportunity to throw Flynn under the bus with both hands.

Whereas Jared probably walked out of the room thinking he had just helped himself tremendously by inculpating Mikey, what if that was exactly what Mueller wanted...

What if Mueller led Jared right into a perfect little trap that armed him with info he could take back to Flynn himself along with the message “Man, these guys are selling you out, Mike.”

Nothing would make a capo turn on a boss faster than being confronted with evidence that their loyalty was a one-way street.

It appears Jared talked to Mueller and then immediately after, Flynn flipped hard and for good.

Trump likely doesn’t even understand the chess moves Mueller may have just played...

...but he certainly knows that after Jared’s little chat, thinks didn’t get better for him. They suddenly got a WHOLE lot worse.

Flynn went rogue. Trump lost him.

If I were a betting man - which, coincidentally, I am - I’d wager that Trump is just now realizing that he has lost the loyalty of a capo - and that spells doom for a mob boss.

I’d wager that Trump realizes that his frail confederacy of thieves just got split wide open by a guy playing a version of chess Trump can’t even comprehend let alone rival.

I think Trump May have just had his “Oh, sh**!” moment where it dawns on him that he is truly overmatched here.

I suspect Trump is quaking in his boots about how quickly this is getting away from him. 13/
Nothing sends a narcissist into a steeper nosedive than seeing their public demise coming with no way of avoiding it.

I suspect Trump is terrified...

I’m just fine with that.

Now is where it gets good, kids.

These things tend to accelerate.

You can almost feel it in the air.

I think we’re in for a frantic news week.

I’ll add to this as we go but for now, settle in and watch the fireworks. They’re comin’...

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