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[thread on online pedagogy 🤍🧵]

1/ i am hell-bent on proving that Discord is not only a useful agent of online instruction, it's better & more accessible than the pandemic canon options. last year i did a talk on this, this year i'll SHOW you how this works in real time.
[img] discord screencap 1: a server featuring text channels and vo
2/ the first screencap shows the "classroom", a series of TEXT and A/V channels that by default DOESN'T REQUIRE VIDEO (no wall of blank screens!). it prioritizes text interaction and voice without video. THIS IS IMPORTANT. the left-hand side also features a NUMBER of sorted text
3/ channels that DO NOT DELETE after calls end, and they do not separate between calls. this keeps the text threads fluent and not dependent on synchronous lectures/video feeds. the right panel is the class, colour-sorted into "teams" (for peer editing) as well as avatars etc.
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Hey all, here is my report (THREAD) about my first #Ungrading semester, part 2 (pt. 1 can be found here:…) #ContractGrading #Pedagogy #DigPed #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter 1/
The biggest takeaway from this semester how easy it felt. Not ease of work--there was work, but how it helped conversations about student writing, which is literally my job, easier. #Ungrading #AcademicTwitter 2/
Here’s how it worked! Materials: my 1101 syllabus, project rubric, semester “snapshot” template, portfolio assign. sheet, class grade agreement, & list of grade items is here: . #Ungrading #AcademicChatter #WritingTeaching 3/
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I’m going to line up my favourite comments here.

You know how much I like using a direct letter format on Twitter. And a parody that channels the parodied’s sentence structure back at them.

If Yascha Mounk thinks talking about “2+2” has a negative impact on the reputation of public health research during a pandemic, has he asked himself what negative impact his talk of “cancel culture” has?

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A live tweet #teamrhetoric analysis of @JoeBiden #DemConvention speech: 1/x #DemConvention2020
The biographical video was well done 2/x
Biden voice at start seems empty, in an open space. He jumps into the bright line of the election - dark and light. He has some teleprompter reading issues. And his pauses and hands work well 3/x
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I wrote this as postmodernist parody of #JamesLindsay.

There's a deeper point: History of research disciplines tells us that as you build new knowledge, even through sometimes aggressive critique of others' work, you need to build it with others' concepts and ideas. 1/
Even as you build your knowledge *against* some other knowledge that you think is dead wrong, you need to build it *with* knowledge that's already around, and you need to choose that knowledge with care and scrutiny as to its quality. 2/
Part of the process is that you tell your readers & listeners what that knowledge is. Who are the sources? What are the concepts? How do you relate them together? How do see them apply to your evidence? What questions do you pick up from where, which do you leave aside? 3/
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NMU grads need help #TeamRhetoric #NoNMU

With permission, we share what's been shared privately with us:

The grad students at Northern Michigan University are being forced to teach face-to-face Composition classes in a pandemic without health insurance and a stipend that does not cover even the basic cost of living. 2/5
They have also had their jobs threatened multiple times by administration for wanting to hold their classes online and have been intimidated for posting about their concerns on social media. 3/5
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ICYM: Review | A deep dive into President Trump’s doublespeak and other rhetorical tricks…
"Genius" is another way of saying "demagogic effectiveness." His demagoguery is effective, unfortunately. He's really good at using dangerous demagoguery to control the public sphere, attack his opposition, and consolidate his base.
Trump uses three strategies to ingratiate himself with his followers: ad populum, paralipsis & American exceptionalism.
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The comp theory/practice course for new TAs I teach as part of my WPA duties will be fully online this year, so I'm re-thinking everything, especially assignments. Curious, fellow WPAs: what types of writing do you assign in your course? #WPAlife #TeamRhetoric
More details: the class is two weeks long. In the past, writing a Philosophy of Composing and the syllabus, schedule, and assignments have been the major assignments, in addition to discussion boards, responses, etc.
Due to the pandemic, we are using a standard syllabus, schedule and assignments this year. Some elements of the syllabus can be tailored to new TAs' preferences (such as the grading system), but most of the syllabus they will be using as-is.
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Y’all! The secret of his success: Donald Trump's six weird tricks for authoritarian rule…
So grateful to @PaulHRosenberg for such a careful read of my book and the chance to do this interview! #teamrhetoric
I love this: "Her book provides a coherent, objective, pro-democracy framework for seeing through his barrage of attacks on the democratic accountability he seeks to avoid."
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WPA friends: I think we need to be real about Fall. I just got out of a college meeting, and it strikes me that it may be useful for WPAs to start doing a few things in case Fall ends up being some kind of weird social distancing/hybrid format, which is being considered at my uni
1) ask your provost or dean to have a plan for transitioning high risk faculty who don’t want to teach F2F or hybrid to online classes—sooner rather than later, and in a way that facilitates safe disclosing of this request,
2) come up w/ a list of high contact writing activities and brainstorm safer replacement options (think: handing in in-class writing, small group discussions, exchanging hard copies for peer review, etc.)
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Managing #academic transitions in a time of #COVID19, a long ass, compiled thread focused on preparation, not panic, particularly for #TeamRhetoric and #CommunicationSoWhite folks:
1. Repeat after me: ASYNCHRONOUS DIGITAL MINIMALISM, WITH VIDEO LECTURES OPTIONAL. @AimiHamraie, who is an expert in cultivating care, is right to push us to think more correspondence courses less classrooms. Social justice and digital infrastructures demand the former.
1a. There's no need to reinvent the wheel or rush going online any more than absolutely required. Here are great resources on online teaching and access from experts in the area to get you started:… and…
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I started teaching composition online in 2008. Here are some things I've learned over the years (a thread). #onlinelearning #digped #teamrhetoric #WPAlife
There are REASONS why online courses have higher DWF (drop/withdraw/fail) rates. One huge reason is that these courses can feel impersonal. Another is a lack of feeling accountable. Anything we as instructors can do to the improve the affective element of the course is critical.
I make many choices in my online courses to humanize the student experience. One key element of my #pedagogy is to respond to students' work via screencasting. Screencasting allows students to hear my voice and see my screen as I am grading their papers/digital projects.
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Not all #TeamRhetoric and #RhetComp folks are engaged in prison education/activism, but the banned books at Danville prison should be of serious concern to our field, and not just because our friends John Sloop, Ralph Cintron, @rmhoward and @riouxpipes have books on that list. 1/
The books removed from the @ejpillinois shelves reveals that prison censorship is rooted in anxiety over rhetorical savvy, in/sincerity, and access in a deliberative democracy. This censorship is one (of many!) mechanisms protecting white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy. 2/
Sound familiar? It should. This hand-wringing over the potential for rhetoric to be used for nefarious purposes has accompanied its teaching since the sophists showed up in Athens, slinging arête to folks outside the aristocracy (as long as they could pay). 3/
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