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Alright, so what in the FUCK do you call a year of alternating Tillerson/McMasters/Sessions/Rosenstein/Kelly is about to be fired articles?

What in the fuck do you call Cnn/WaComPo/NYT articles getting debunked within 24 hours?
Apparently sloppy, propagandistic journalism is A-OK and totally real if its against Trump!

Motherfuckers, the Conservative Twitter Intelligentsia has a better track record than the Washington Post at this point!
called, and I mean predicted to the letter months in advance, the healthcare EO.
We've all been talking about the names of high end DoJ/FBI officials for close to a YEAR in advance that are now resigning/getting fired.
has been talking about the OIG Horowitz report coming soon longer than anyone.
and @Debradelai has thoroughly debunked and dismantled the mythical Obama administration's complete fuckups in domestic and foreign policy in ways the MSM could only DREAM OF.
was at ground zero of the Trump campaign and both he and @Peoples_Pundit are hogtying the 'blue wave' narrative and making it squeal like a piggy.
Meanwhile, EVERYONE in our tangled fucking web of angry assholes has been datamining EVERY BIG RELEASE of information, be they memos, transcripts, hearings, bundles of text messages from the LEAST sexual affair of possibly all time.
There's two fucking clashing narratives here. Two memetic realities that are crashing headlong into each other.
In the one, top-down vectors like the MSM and @SethAbramson (my vengeance against your twitter feed will be swift and merciless) preach from on high their memetic ideas which are cooked up in back rooms with little to no pushback or competition
They spread tales of woe, doom, and gloom for the Trumo administration and America, celebrating after the fact the market downturn that the honest analysts of the CTI predicted for WEEKS as a natural market correction.
Their articles and ideas, devoid of refinement and true free competition, die fucking painful awful deaths within DAYS of being released, their talking points utterly buttfucked by reality, the Feels ANNIHILATED by the Reals.
Meanwhile, the CTI's memetic ideas, the combination of top-down and bottom-up vectors, are in a constant shitstorm of competition, facing forced refinement and tests of integrity as new information comes to light.
And they want to call US Fake News.
We are faster, we are more accurate, we are more honest, we are more intelligent.
They have journalists with journalism degrees and empty identical sock puppet talking heads on TV spouting off bullshit and ignoring everything that doesn't fit their sloppily conceived reality.
I mean, for fucks sake, they are literally glorifying the sister of the world's most brutal dictator and the 200 doomed sex slaves that she brought along!
And they want to call US Fake News. The people who said Drumpf won't last a year. The ones who pushed a dossier which day after day appears like its sourced more and more directly from the DNC and Hillary (you heard the Rick Wilson theory here first folks)
They want to have a propagandistic love affair with a dictatorship who tortured an American college kid to death.
What's coming down the pipeline? They're going to probably GLORIFY Assad for shooting down an Israeli jet. The MSM is going to throw their support behind Hezbollah FFS. HEZBOLLAH.
So the fucks it going to be @rcallimachi whose retweet got me started on this whole fucking rant who's going to be the Fake News when YOUR NEWSPAPER starts glorifying a brutal terrorist group like goddamn Hezbollah who BTW got the Obama 'not a payoff' payoff from the Iran Deal?!?
The entire MSM is outright IGNORING the Iran Protests while we here at the Conservative Twitter Intelligentsia like @ThomasWictor and myself have been spreading the good news and helped by people like @TessHottenroth in showing everyone the progress protestors are making?
The entire MSM is glorifying and edifying brutal regimes and terrorist groups while trying to spread a worldview of "everyone's fucked nothing matters chop your body parts off, let your spouse cheat on you and accept pedophilia"
Meanwhile, we're here at the CTI telling you all will be well, that justice is coming, that America isn't totally FUBAR, that we can still come back. People like @solentgreenis @davealvord164 and @flatanimals try and make people honestly LAUGH.
And apparently we're the Fake News. We're Russian Bots. Well go fuck yourselves @SethAbramson @CNN @washingtonpost and so many fucking others.
I'm just too goddamn busy SPREADING DELICIOUSNESS TO THE MASSES OF THE PROLETARIAT to give a damn. /end
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