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@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 1) I lived for a short time to all intents & purposes (outwardly) as a very feminine heterosexual man. Daily I paid what within months became an unsustainable price in social ridecule, rejection & menace as well as a growing sense of isolation. You just can’t put this on kids
2) & young people. The very act of being more true to your own personality even if conflated with sex often risks losing everything, family, friends, sometimes the chance of a job or a partner. It requires enormous courage just to face all or part of that depending on your.
3) circumstances. Another issue for GNC kids in our culture is the constant message, implicit & explicit that masculinity is only attractive & legitimate in boys and femininity only attractive & legitimate in girls. We also have a lack of role models.
4) Where are the magnificent variety of butch women in public life? They don’t get a look in, they are made invisible by a misogynist media. Where is the variety of feminine, especially heterosexual male role models? This all combines in kids heads
5) to make it almost inconceivable to even have the option of being a femme hetero guy or a very masculine woman in any way that was socially legitimate, sexually desirable and not a life sentence of social disgust, menace, ridecule & social isolation.
6) By the time people become trans adults there is often an entire childhood of deepening emotional investment in opposite sex identification. We need to fight to give these kids support & love but part of that is expanding what is conceivable & legitimate for
7) boys in their own bodies & girls in their own bodies. To make that possible it’s mature adults aware of the impact of gender roles and connected via social movements or trade unions who need to confront the notion of imposing gender on our kids.
8) I’ve heard it said this all has nothing to do with women, it’s all a problem for men to deal with. It’s true that a male dominated system & the men who benefit from it are overwhelmingly responsible for sustaining & policing gender norms & creating toxic masculinity
9) but actually many women play an unhelpful role, even an intrinsically oppressive one. Ruling class women play an active part in maintaining gender norms, sustaining & defending sexist policies & industries like advertising, the media, even the porn industry. May wants SelfID
10) many women help impose sexist gender on children as mothers and other adult family members & can be homophobic or punish GNC behaviour, especially in boys. The truth is women, men & transsexuals are fighting together against SelfID and whilst women rightly lead
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 11) the contributions of transsexuals & of male allies have been important. A handful of transsexuals have done more to openly oppose the imposition of gender self identity in this proposed amendment of the GRA than the entire women’s PLP and the Women’s Equality Party combined.
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 12) So women do have some responsibility in these matters albeit it is overwhelmingly a male problem. They also surely have an interest in opposing gender roles & expanding what is possible for all kids. Claiming masculinity, femininity & all shades in between as valid
13) personalities for all kids is in women’s interests. Mature adult women certainly have more responsibility and more power to effect change than children & young vulnerable and often geographically isolated people do, whether girls or boys. Only by fighting for a society
14) in which our kids can be free to develop their personalities regardless of gender & where society as a whole values them no less can we hope to see an end to children feeling they must become/or are somehow members of the opposite sex. For me, I’m a gender role refugee
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 14) living a life inside a female social reality that has enabled me to be much freer in personal expression & develop infinitely richer, deeper relationships. I’m not an actual woman and I’ve learned to be grateful & respectful to them for the solidarity & warmth I’ve had.
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 15) However, I’ve established a happy life on the basis of a kind of partial social/physical ‘womanhood’, daily being treated as female, sometimes out of courtesy or because people aren’t sure, sometimes because I’m taken to be a woman as my partner took me to be when we met.
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 16) All of my relationships have been made on that basis and it changes how people relate to you as only people who’ve regularly been taken to be either sex can fully appreciate. Those relationships are precious to me. My lived reality is quite different
18) from that of a feminine man even though I can never be fundamentally female. However, sometimes life is a little more complex than simple categories that we like to organise our lives around can accommodate. Yes I have Male biology & Male socialisation and
19) in a very real sense I’m Male, yet having been forced into this journey by a toxicly masculine society, one that entirely rejected me as a man, I politely decline to be told to go back to my abuser and sort it out. I almost literally cut off any possibility or wish to return
20) to that 20 yrs ago. My body & life are now intrinsically woven into a female social fabric. That doesn’t stop me from being able to fight against gender roles, sexism & misogyny and absolutely defend the right of women to have full autonomy on the question of women’s spaces
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 21) but in a society with a deeply rigid gender binary I reserve the right to fight to be safe from violence and discrimination, to enjoy & make my relationships productive & life affirming even if that means observing some social conventions in order to do so. .
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 22) I reserve the right in such a society to defend myself & others like me with legal protection for our rights & equal validity as citizens and not to have social labels that are incongruous with my daily social reality imposed on me even if they are biologically accurate.
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 23) We don’t interact in society on the level of chromosomes, but socially & physically. When biology becomes relevant - sexual relationships, medical matters, crime, women’s safety/autonomy, statistics we still need a life affirming label yet one that respects women
@bullsh1tblue @PykusPiraticus @HedyLamar8 @SusanH_ENC @ConorMadrid @Raspberry_Saucy @OTnotjustajob @kayewrites @bloominanna @Brooke_Willow_ @EyeEdinburgh @cursesinvogue @AnneBevan1 @maria_siulee @half_half_lady @evilniamh @melanarkatis @teresamaryclark @TerrorizerMir @CJHoward428 @usethespacebar @PaddyOdoors79 @o_guest @vogelbeere @RozKaveney @Giuliana_London @mimmymum @CarlitaRogers @joss_prior @natachakennedy @charliekiss 24) We do need to take the fight to a male dominated political & economic system & the gender roles & sexism that serve it, toxic masculinity especially. We need to involve as many men as possible inc GNC men as well as trans ppl but women’s leadership & potential power is key.
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