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Policy Exchange
▪︎UNLAWFUL prorogation "constitutional vandalism"
▪︎INTL LAWBREAKING Internal Market Bill "constitutionally dangerous" "last resort of a scoundrel"
▪︎Judicial Power Project= "EXECUTIVE Power Project"
▪︎Crackdown on protest
▪︎REUL "arson"
▪︎EDI 1/ Policy Exchange's Ekins defended Johnson's UNLAWFUL PROROGATION as ruled by UNANIMOUS @UKSupremeCourt.
In @CommonsPACAC
review of the ruling he still defended it only admitting it was "certainly a politically extremely controversial" prorogation & "might be imprudent & WRONG"?
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"Lord Sedwill is effectively dismissed as the Cabinet Sec does that not make the replacement much more of a COURTIER?
Jonathan Slater is dismissed as the SoS for DfE & replaced by the head of the Court Service does that not make her more of a COURTIER for the govt? Tom Scholar is dismissed by a govt & replaced by James Bowler does that not make him more of a COURTIER?
Are you not worried about that?
GS: "these things happen in industry" & gives eg but says at 'that level' proper HR processes function
@LordCFalconer HR process absolutely NOT
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'The been passed by Parliament in the UK, is deeply troubling legislation that is incompatible with the UK’s international human rights obligations regarding people’s rights to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, PEACEFUL ASSEMBY and ASSOCIATION..… It is especially worrying that the law expands the powers of the police to stop & search individuals, including WITHOUT SUSPICION; defines some of the new criminal offences in a vague & overly broad manner; & imposes UNNECESSARY & DISPROPORTIONATE criminal sanctions on people...
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'The Electoral Commission is now under government control. We should fear for UK democracy'🚩

MUST READ @prospect_uk article!
Will add key concerns in thread! 🔥 'When I asked the chair of the Commission, John Pullinger, if the Elections Act is incompatible with the body’s independence, he was direct: “Yes.”'🔥🧐 @ElectoralCommUK @hrw @PublicStandards @ConUnit_UCL @HLConstitution @AdamWagner1 @BinghamCentre @clm_cambridge @EndCorruptionUK
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@mrjamesob @LBC
#ToryCorruption is endemic? @EndCorruptionUK @GreenJennyJones @PublicStandards @JolyonMaugham James @LBC, even Johnson's sister believed Johnson backed by Hedge fund donors eg wanting to short the £! Eg Odey donated about £900K to Brexit campaigns but profited >£200 MILLION on night of EU ref & how much from Kwarteng mini Budget?…
Nov 14, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
@MarkFenhalls I'm sorry if you think I am going on about it. All I'm doing is saying that there was a democratic process, which we were party to for several decades: we were members of the EU, & we followed the lawful processes. We now have this body of law, which Parliament owns and we are all looking for an opportunity for Parliament to say, “Let’s now take advantage of our departure from the European Union, put aside the conflict of the past and work out a better way.” We are all delighted by that. None of us is hostile to change...
Nov 14, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
@MarkFenhalls ..these laws are part of our laws, which our businesses operate by & which provide protection to our citizens...I think @UKParliament has a responsibility not to import uncertainty & change without showing there is something better—& certainly not by just having... the power to let the laws lapse.

Eleonor Duhs: Perhaps I could add something on the timeframes. In order to get the statute book ready for #Brexit, which was in some ways a much more simple task than this, it took over two years & over 600 pieces of legislation...
Nov 9, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
@ShanthaDavid: As we know, the Bill in the abstract looks at removing EU-derived laws. What we do not understand is how, if the provisions are sunsetted, that will strip away some very basic employment rights. I thought I would set some of those out.
For example,.. through EU-derived provision, the UK allows for 20 days of statutory annual leave. That will no longer survive if the provision is sunsetted. There is also protection for 8 additional bank holidays, which is derived from the UK but is contained in the working time regulations.
Oct 12, 2022 5 tweets 5 min read
Oct 11, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read
WOW! Health & Social Care Statement in @UKHouseofLords
Eg Doctors
•Primary Care at breaking point
•Main problem is lack of doctors
•GP's workload increased 30% (BMA survey) clinical admin alone (not Covid) & doctors HAVE to do it.
@TheDA_UK @TheBMA @NHSuk •More patients than ever never reflected by ministers
•Govt funding for doctor training not sustained:
"This yr, far too many, hundreds (just under a thousand) of newly qualified doctors, fresh out of University, could NOT get training places because there was no money funded..
Jul 19, 2022 15 tweets 7 min read
WOW @margarethodge🔥
#ConfidenceMotion 18/7/22
"It is not just about #partygate, dreadful though that was, nor the failed attempt to defend the indefensible behaviour of Owen #Paterson, nor the abhorrent culture of tolerating bullying & sexual harassment from political allies;
1/ ..these contribute to a loss of confidence, but they do not stand alone. There is also the endless list of incompetence & waste—taxpayers’ money being tossed around like confetti, with £16 billion fraudulently squandered on #COVID business support.
Jun 6, 2022 10 tweets 17 min read
@13sarahmurphy @Jesse_Norman is husband of Kate Bingham has no confidence in #Johnson's leadership or policies!
1. "You have presided over a culture of casual law-breaking in 10 Downing St in relation to #Covid."
"To describe yourself as vindicated is GROTESQUE." @13sarahmurphy @Jesse_Norman 2. "in the Queen's Speech & elsewhere, your current policies are DEEPLY QUESTIONABLE.
Breach of the #NIProtocol wd be ECONOMICALLY VERY DAMAGING,
& almost certainly ILLEGAL."
Mar 1, 2022 10 tweets 4 min read
OMG @IoWBobSeely = IMPORTANT speech atm on:
#SLAPP & eg major legal firms don't do "know your client checks" as know "inherently corrupt"😱
"I note some oligarchs are distancing themselves from President Putin: (names 3!!)..I'm sorry I do not buy it!"
@carolecadwalla @peterjukes Go back to Ukraine
"Firtash, now wanted by the Americans was set up by #Gazprom & by Putin, he was given sweetheart deals, so to import vast amounts of cheap energy into Ukraine. The vast profits he was able to garner from those sweetheart deals gave him a good life, but..
Mar 1, 2022 11 tweets 6 min read
GREAT SPEECH Lord Newby 25/2/22 #russianinvasion #ukraine

"Ony 6 mths ago we were describing the chaotic retreat from #Afghanistan as the biggest failure of western foreign policy for decades.."
1."We are not a global military power, despite the Govt's hubristic rhetoric"! "The pivot to the east was a MAJOR STRATEGIC MISTAKE & should be reversed..."
2. "our most important security and economic relationships are with Europe. Windy talk of GLOBAL BRITAIN CUTS NO ICE when the Russians can seize a friendly European democracy." 😢
Feb 28, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
WOW @allandoransMP
"Will the Home Sec listen to the 50 organisations inc Save The Children & @amnesty who wrote a joint letter in @thetimes last wk calling for..a rethink on #NationalityAndBordersBill which discriminates against refugees depending on how they reach our shores?"👏 "Hear, hear!" response in @HouseofCommons!
BUT Patel "We will NOT be reconsidering the #NationalityAndBordersBill"😩
Patel refers @allandoransMP to "Amendments we will be tabling to deal with countries such as Russia & the actions of President Putin"🤔 #UkrainianRefugees
Feb 10, 2022 5 tweets 5 min read
"Democracy doesn't disappear over night. RW populism doesn't goose-step into power fully formed, it CREEPS!"
1. Create a populist nationalist MOVEMENT #Brexit
Target the 'left behind'
Erdogan called it 'the will of the REAL people'😲 2. Ignore rational EXPERTS: infantalize language eg simple slogans & post-truth politics! #LiarJohnson
3. Immorality #ToriesDevoidOfShame eg #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied
4. Dismantle political/judicial mechanisms eg #RuleOfLaw
Install your own people & toy with institutions!🔥
Jan 23, 2022 9 tweets 6 min read
OMG! Disgusting bullying & intimidation!
@carolecadwalla is BRAVE journalist awarded @TheOrwellPrize & @PulitzerPrizes finalist! Exposed SERIOUS undermining of democracy now at last being admitted by Govt! She deserves @NobelPrize & peerage! @UKHouseofLords
@Channel4News @maitlis
Jan 23, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
@sophieraworth on @bbcsml talks to @mvankerkhove of @WHO: @WHO advises keep measures eg masks, WFH for the time being!
RE "PM's plans to end self-isolation rules for people with #Covid in the coming weeks"
@sophieraworth "It sounds as if it ALARMS you?"
@mvankerkhove "It does!" @bbcsml
☡"WE NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS" [@mvankerkhove of @WHO]
"We're NOT out of the woods yet!
We need to exit this gracefully, carefully & slowly.
This virus is moving to an endemic state, but can't reach an endemic state in one country, while the pandemic is thriving elsewhere"🔥
Jan 22, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
'..those with exceptionally deep pockets & exceptionally questionable ethics. These people use our justice system to threaten, intimidate & put the fear of God into British journalists, citizens, officials & media organisations.. What results is injustice, intimidation, suppression of free speech, the crushing of a free press, bullying& bankruptcy. It results in protection from investigation & gives encouragement to fraudsters, crooks & money launderers...

(@DavidDavisMP speech on #Lawfare & #SLAPP cont)
Dec 3, 2021 10 tweets 11 min read
@carryonkeith @GarethDaviesNAO on @IanKingSky on #BounceBack loan #Fraud!!
='£17bn uncollectable, 5bn fraud'...BUT DAMNING APPRAISAL GETS WORSE!! LONG THREAD!!
Eg. Govt removed credit checks so no idea of credit worthiness!
@carryonkeith @GarethDaviesNAO @IanKingSky MORE EXAMPLES:
1.'DUPLICATE PAYMENT CONTROL': Spotting ppl who were making #BounceBack loan applications to multiple banks, that wasn't brought in for a month which might not sound v much but in this scheme £28 BILLION was lent in the 1st month & by far the busiest month!...