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Another superb episode of ⁦#Newscast with @adamfleming@chrismason and special guest ⁦@PippaCrerar⁩ who’s just taken up the job of political editor at the ⁦@guardian⁩. One of the best ever.…
The ambient traffic noise which you can hear as it’s recorded in college green, a park adjacent to Westminster is a nice touch making it feel both intimate and very real, a great strength of this broadcasting marvel.
Bit sorry not to have some @bbclaurak and @BBCkatyaadler in there, but three voices may well be the magic number for these things.
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I realise as he was out that @Tom_Randall didn't get to read the words other people gave me when I asked "what they were sick of" in June 2020, so I'll list them here + couple of additional from me just for 2022... / ImageImage
"Inconsistencies. Being taken for fools. Greed. Bandwagons & soapboxes. Being blamed. Incompetence. Media & Ministers gaslighting us. No PPE for NHS & carers. Not being able to trust elected leaders (even if I didn't elect them myself). Narrowmindedness. Politicians. Sickness /
Money matters more than nature or people. Negativity. People dying unnecessarily. Feeling confused all the time. Double standards. No hugs or cuddles. Broken promises. Riots. Feeling ANGRY. Government hypocrisy. Social distancing. Loss. Deflection. Violence. Tory Brexit C*nts /
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce his resignation Today

After more than 50 members of his government resigned in 48 hours.

He will push to stay on as prime minister until autumn. #MorningJoe Image
Boris Johnson broke the law. The police punished him, now Parliament must do the same.

I support referring him to the Privileges Committee. Tory MPs must do the right thing and back Labour's motion.-@DawnButlerBrent

The cause of THIS crisis the fallout from the resignation last Thursday of Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher

He had groped two guests at a private dinner the night before

Johnson denied having any knowledge of Pincher’s history of sexual misconduct.

THAT WAS A LIE! #MorningJoe Image
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#BorisJohnson colpito e affondato da un'ondata di dimissioni?
O di "tradimenti", per dirla come il suo inner circle, sempre più stretto, per indicare gli oltre 50 esponenti #Tories che hanno lasciato il proprio posto nel governo e nel partito per spingerlo a lasciare il N°10. Image
#BoJo è letteralmente accerchiato. Sopravvissuto in maniera rocambolesca ad un voto di sfiducia del suo partito lo scorso mese, negli ultimi giorni è finito nuovamente nel mirino: colpa dello scandalo sessuale che ha riguardato il deputato conservatore Chris Pincher. Image
#BorisJohnson nominò Pincher vice whip del partito Conservatore alla Camera dei Comuni - un incarico che in italiano potremmo definire come vicecapogruppo - pur essendo informato del fatto che fosse stato accusato di molestie sessuali. Image
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Just spoke to @BBCPM about how the polling sits as the PM flies back into the country. What is really interesting is that there are still backbenchers and seasoned journalists who have yet to grasp how dire some of the Prime Minister's numbers still are with the public
Here are some of the numbers I mentioned. Ipsos 'fit to govern' ratings that will be a worry to both parties, but honestly look at the state of that Conservative line
Then the @YouGov 'Handling the economy' ratings which have actually deteriorated even further than I thought and as @Samfr has pointed out are dire with Conservative voters too
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If anyone is daft enough to think the @Conservatives should do anything but resign (yes all of them)then be happy in your crazy pretend world, we have so many food banks in the uk they just fit in as the norm now ,we have tories cutting ribbons celebrating yes celebrating
Another foodbank opening ,we have a prime minister ,(just absorb that) our prime minister having a bj off his current girlfriend in an office that anyone can walk into, while his wife is at home battling cancer, seriously how vile and disgusting does he have to be before you
Understand he has no respect for the office he holds,as billionaire's get richer and richer off the back of poor people ,money lost to fraud their not pursuing,why seriously why ?,maybe they already know where it is ,tax avoidance by our own Mps and their families,crippling
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Inquiry opened by the Committee of Privileges into whether Boris Johnson misled the House of Commons over #Partygate… Image
Open call from the Privileges Committee for evidence (including from anonymous sources) by Friday 29 July 2022

#Partygate #LiarJohnson… ImageImageImageImage
I know it's tempting, but 🙏 don't spam up the Inquiry into how Boris Johnson misled the House about #Partygate

Stick to the facts, which are clear.

He bloody did lie.
Trouble is he's so used to getting away with it.
Hopefully the greased piglet will finally get stuck fast
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Boris Johnson has had a good war. The Russian attack against #Ukraine has probably saved his premiership. But that does not mean that UK support for Ukraine is all about him. It is British, not just Johnsonian. For Ukraine, and for Europe as a whole, this is good news.
Thread. 1/
The contrast between the state of domestic politics in the UK and the way in which Britain is being perceived in Eastern Europe could not be more striking at the moment. In Ukraine, the PM is being celebrated. At home, Johnson has been in significant trouble for months./ 2
After #Partygate & barely winning a no confidence vote of his own party, it is now a combination of his own shamelessness and the war in Ukraine that is keeping Johnson in office. Is he had respect for parliamentary conventions, or more pride, he would have resigned long ago. /3
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Tory MPs: 1)#traindrivers are not on strike; 2)the voters created their own #TacticalVoting scheme + executed it because they wanted to spell out just how much they want anything but #ToryLiars; 3) we like our #HumanRights...leave them alone; 4) loyalty to a liar will end careers
5) smashing things up/ defunding, then claim to be fixing stuff is not a sustainable strategy and we see what you're doing.#SaveOurNHS
6) your Twitter bubble may love hideous policies like #RwandaDeportation..the country as a whole does not;7)#foodbanks are not a photo opp but a
source of shame; 8) we aren't stupid...unlike your front bench; 9) we know where levelling up money goes and why...10) not mentioning #Brexit doesn't make it less of a sh*tshow.
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@BorisJohnson, #partygate maybe your wondering why we can't move on because we are #NotMovingOn,our relatives died while you and your staff were partying ,can you grasp that saying goodbye as they were dying over an I pad, were not stupid we know there's more than being ambused
With a Cake, can you imagine if Carrie had died or even worse your child ,how would you feel if the public were partying as they died alone and scared,with you siting watching them die through an I pad ,imagine if you can how you would feel ,I mean really think about it!!!.
My brother died,I think about him everyday with such sadness knowing he was alone and scared,my sadness is tainted because everytime I think of him and my wonderful memories of him and our lives together ,your there your partying is there in amongst all the good things that I
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Underway with this #ICEM22 #COVID19 session shortly, to be threaded below
Underway with introductions from @heng_foong. @RCEMpresident up first #ICEM22
'We haven't had a great pandemic" @RCEMpresident starts off. Says pictures of early pandemic from Italy were galvanising for planning in UK #COVID19 #ICEM22
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rule breaking

rampant corruption in PPE contracts

entire Church of England condemning Nazi style deportations

Queens Council writing to PM demanding dialling down of rhetoric

tory cronies appointed to public bodies

upper house crammed with #Brexshit sycophants

=Germany 1938

Elections Bill

Policing Act

Right to Protest removed

Tory ex pat donations allowed from abroad

NHS reform Bill

Secrecy Act - journalists threatened with 14 yrs in prison for reporting negatively about tories

this govt is not conservative - I keep saying this!

it is a hard-right, nationalist, authoritarian dictatorship

now ministers are openly talking about expelling CofE bishops from the House of Lords for speaking out against Rwanda deportations Image
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The @Conservatives & Boris Johnson are in BIG trouble: Johnson performed worse than Major & May in their leadership challenges in 1995 & 2019, & he faced as much opposition as Margaret Thatcher did in the first round of her leadership contest in 1990.…
The history of such confidence votes in leaders of the @Conservatives tells us that they almost always end up damaging both the leader AND the party, even when they support the incumbent.

We have seen this happening on three successive occasions over the past 32 years.
A #voteofnoconfidence itself inevitably weakens rather than strengthens the position of the leader & this erodes support for the party among the voters.

Polling consistently shows that the Wakefield & the Honiton & Tiverton by-elections are likely to result in two losses.
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GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister Boris Johnson misled the public about the severity of his Covid-19 condition.

Now that we have all had a chance to process #Partygate it is time to reveal what I'm calling #Deathgate.

A multimedia THREAD from Stop Lying In Politics Ltd:
We request that you do not write replies to this thread until you have first carefully engaged with ALL the information & polls below which cover a complex investigation over two years.

IMPORTANT: St Thomas’s Hospital and their excellent NHS staff are NOT to blame.
What were we told about the severity of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Covid-19 condition?

We were previously told that his condition was so severe that his doctors had prepared to announce his death.

Watch this:
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The reaction to @Tobias_Ellwood's remarks on the single market - from both the Tories and Labour - is quite something. 1/11
On the Tory side, the remarks are reported to have raised the PM's spirits, and to have boosted the chances of surviving a VONC.

I don't see that at all. 2/11
Support for the single market within the Tory Party (members and MPs) is VERY LOW. Ellwood's position is vanishingly unlikely to gain support.

I would predict that EVERY contender for the leadership will lend their strong support to this Brexit. 3/11
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Mumsnet: Why should we believe anything you say, when it is proven that you're a habitual liar?

Boris Johnson: Well..I..err..first of

#JohnsonOut #PlatinumJubilee
Mumsnet: As a teacher I would lose my job if I broke the law, why doesn't the same apply to the prime minister?

Boris Johnson: It felt like a work event

#Partygate #PlatinumJubilee
Johnson: It would not be responsible to resign

Mumsnet: You've lost the trust of the people

Johnson: Let's see about that

#JohnsonTheCorruptPM #PlatinumJubilee
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I’m having quite a bad day.

It feels as if the country is in a very very dangerous place.

We are experiencing losses and damage across a number of metrics and there is insufficient will and courage for those who have to power to step up to ACTUALLY step up.

Trust is nil.
It’s not just the cravenness of #PartyGate.

Not just the loss of GDP

Not just the high risk to so many small businesses watching their businesses being strangled

Not just the asylum seekers threatened with Iraq

Or Syrians to Rwanda
Or people terrified they can’t pay their bills.

Or the accusations loss of hope

Or the terrifying ambulance waits and delays in A&E and waiting lists

Or GPS struggling to manage ever increasing lists.

Or the fact that they plan to cull public services.
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Johnson thread…

In February I discussed what I thought Johnson would do after #Partygate came to light. I said we were reaching a very turbulent time in politics,

I predicted that the man would never resign. I was right. Even when he received the FPN i said…1/
He still wouldn’t resign. I wish I was wrong but I wasn’t.

The other thing I said was he would change the laws that would mean he didn’t have to go. Again I was right.

My other prediction has me more scared than ever. I said a desperate man…. 2/
Would do desperate things to cling to power. So letters are going in to the 1922 committee. He’s going to get more desperate, he will promise his back benchers the world to keep favour example #ImperialMeasurements and lots of other small but damaging things for the Uk….. 3/
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It has been 6 days since the Sue Gray report landed. Way back then, the humble PM said he took full responsibility.

Having been asked not to pass judgement or comment while we awaited the 'full facts', we were, immediately asked to move on.

How's that been going? 🧵1/8
First, #partygate is going nowhere. Why? Because the PM is, again, failing to take responsibility.

We've had more party allegations (Sue Gray's mandate only ever involved investigating parties on a list of dates); met with more obfuscation. 2/8
We've had allegations about editing the Sue Gray report, and a host of questions about the role of the Met Police.

The PM and No 10 are again, failing to provide any clarity; only increasing suspicions. 3/8
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Letter to my MP Matthew Offord #PartyGate #MinisterialCode #JohnsonOut

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your letter dated 27th April, wherein you stated that 'there is currently no evidence' [that the PM misled the House of Commons], and that a vote of no confidence...
...'would [not] be helpful in advance of the Met Police completing their investigations and the release of Sue Gray's full report'. Now that the Met have completed their investigation & the report has been released, I am keen to hear how you intend to proceed.

We have irrefutable evidence that Boris Johnson lied to the House (in January & on 29th March). Johnson stated that he had been 'repeatedly assured...that there was no party...and that no rules were broken.' His statement was demonstrably untrue...

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🚨Labour has called for an investigation into leaked texts that indicate there was a SECOND rule-breaking birthday party, on 19 June.

This is one that didn't make it into the Sue Gray report.…
The report itself focused on 8 events, during which 83 people received 126 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs), and included details of raucous consumption, altercations, and abuse of cleaning staff:
Our @receiptkeepers had previously mapped at between 17-19 alleged events (including ones that took place outside of No.10 and the Cabinet Office)

Only 12 were considered within the scope of investigation by the Met Police, 8 of them resulting in fines.
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In a really shocking week, this is the most shocking story. Boris Johnson promised Parliament that the full report would be published. But the @thesundaytimes reveals that it was doctored by Downing Street officials. He lied to Parliament @RhonddaBryant #Partygate
.@Mark_J_Harper If the report was doctored, then Boris Johnson lied to Parliament when told you that it would all be published @SamCoatesSky @bbclaurak @Peston @BBCWorldatOne @thesundaytimes @Gabriel_Pogrund @RhonddaBryant @HugoGye @hzeffman
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You might have heard today that Boris Johnson has made a few changes to the Ministerial Code

It's being said he's "Watering it down" in the wake of #PartyGate after being accused of breaching it multiple times

But what is the #MinisterialCode & why is it important?
The Ministerial Code is a code of conduct that applies to MPs in England (there's separate code for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)
Written rules appeared in the 1980s because obviously MPs could be trusted completely before that date.

There was some form of code of conduct in place since the 1940s though (I assume because of the war)
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