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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy Sunday ☺️
The Nasty Party are showing their true colours when they talk about @SueGrayCO, gone is the gratitude and praise for her report on #PartyGate it's now replaced with "which hunt" "plot", Labour dragged in as usual, who could blame
@SueGrayCO Wanting to work for a party who has integrity, honesty and honour, a party that tells the truth.
Its outrageous the language being used by the"Nasty Party but not unexpected.
Most if not all the MPS in the nasty party knew about the parties in fact lots of them were
There, #EnoughIsEnough of their lies, @BorisJohnson is entirely to blame, the nasty party should point the finger where it belongs.
@SueGrayCO did an adept job, my only criticism would be why wasn't the Abba party investigated?.
The nasty party accepted her report as
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy Saturday ☺️
It's hard writing this today but #partygate is on everyone's mind again! , learning his utter disregard for the health and welfare of the people in the UK is so hard,
The Daily fail headlines today "no evidence"I hate to point out
To them but there's photos!.
It doesn't hurt any less today hearing "let the bodies pile high in there thousands", only "80s dying that's above life expectancy so get covid and live longer", and" let it wash through the country". There was also apparently talk of chicken pox
parties where people were encouraged to get together and get infected, so he was encouraging heard immunity.
There was apparently a comment made "eat out to get the virus about". Was It was supposed to be funny, it's not!.
He said in parliament that there were "no parties,all
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I'm fucking outraged that it's even been suggested that Johnson may be planning a comeback, Tories think that's going to upset the woke left, they may be surprised to learn it's going to upset so many more people in this country,
Johnson who was fined for breaking his
own governments rules with party after party, I'm sure EVERYONE remembers #PartyGate, some say it was only a cake, knowing full well it was so much more, they we're the lucky ones, they didn't see their loved ones over zoom while they were dying
The only thing Johnson
was concerned about lockdown getting a peerage for Levedev why?.
It's an outrage that his name is even in people's mouths.
So many in this country lost loved ones while he ate fucking cake getting pissed out of his tiny brain, a man who couldn't even be bothered attend cobra
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A K-W writes:
As a grateful beneficiary of the excellent Public Health Service in France - accessible, affable and quick to act I watch the systematic, and Tory ideology driven, death by a thousand cuts to justify privatization, of the NHS with dismay!
To make matters worse there appears to be the “general” indifference of a general public that seems to accept that “clapping” for the NHS is equivalent to “fighting” for the NHS!

Don’t be “gaslighted”!
Healthcare is a right not a privilege!
Anything but Tory!
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Thread: 1/3 Don't be distracted by the usual Tory "scandal of the day". The privileges committee has issued an “all persons broadcast” calling for anyone who has any info on Johnson to come forward. All respondents will be treated in the strictest confidence.
2/3: This is the chance, for anyone in No 10, or elsewhere, to come forward without fearing threats from Johnson or the cabinet secretary for speaking out. This is your chance to report all the times Boris has lied to MPs, the police, and the country. A chance to do your duty.
3/3 Send this link to your MP, send it to local journalists, share this far and wide, and don't let them get away with another cover-up. Deadline for submissions is 29 July 2022. #JohnsonOut158 #JohnsonTheCorruptPM #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied…
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Mr Justice Swift's judgement in which he gives his personal/official approval to sending vulnerable people fleeing for their lives to a nation as far as can be from their families, friends, connections, cultures, possibilities of medical, psychological, social support
all of which they desperately need, means, that the British government has, provided it is in total control of it, legitimised people-trafficking,
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I hope everyone is ready for the #PartygateCoverup that's about to hit us I think we will all be shocked that @Conservatives behaved in such a disgusting vile way when people couldn't be with their loved ones as they died alone never forget @BorisJohnson was at the top
He's the one who should have been leading showing an example to each and everyone of those involved but instead he not only encouraged this law breaking but actively showed a total disregard for every mother father brother sister uncle auntie grandmother grandfather daughter
And son who died scared and alone he didn't even have any respect for the Queen when her husband died he's lied dodged and shown no respect for any of us he smirks eveytime he's asked about it he doesn't care ..why is he still our prime minister because @Conservatives made sure
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We're in a Climate & Ecological Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction, a threat to us all. Fossil fuels, though they account for over 80% of carbon emissions produced by humans, continue to be widely used. That's massively destabilising our biosphere, yet our Parliament says/does nothing Image
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"Democracy doesn't disappear over night. RW populism doesn't goose-step into power fully formed, it CREEPS!"
1. Create a populist nationalist MOVEMENT #Brexit
Target the 'left behind'
Erdogan called it 'the will of the REAL people'😲
2. Ignore rational EXPERTS: infantalize language eg simple slogans & post-truth politics! #LiarJohnson
3. Immorality #ToriesDevoidOfShame eg #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied
4. Dismantle political/judicial mechanisms eg #RuleOfLaw
Install your own people & toy with institutions!🔥
5. Design your own Citizen!
#JohnsonRegime eg Heaton-Harris dictating how academics lecture on #Brexit & Education Sec says students can't criticise PM!
(Erdogan now arrests critics!)

6. Laugh at the Horror! Inhumane cruelty RE refugees, Afghanistan, kids in poverty! #PartyGate!
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People of the UK, Brexit has ushered in an era of rapid privatisation, total division, demonising of your neighbours all during a pandemic, which for the Tories was a goldrush, they love Covid, they love the deaths, they treat you and your families like something they stepped in.
Johnson championing the UK's vaccine roll out as 'the best in the world, better than the EU' is total BS. Of 30 million jabs in UK, 13 million Pfizer were imported from EU, 5 million from India and non-trivial amounts from NL. UK has only provided 20% for a 68 million population.
Don't think for 1 second that the Tories will stick around to help with the economic and emotional fallout after they've got their titles and illicit gains from your taxes shared with their mates. Laws for accountability have gone, post Brexit will be someone else's mess, yours.
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OH MY GOD. This is a total car crash for the government. Finally.

Could almost cry with relief.

This nonsense is coming to an end. It really is. Soon.
#WhoWasAtTheParty #whoattendedtheparty #torylies #ToryCovidCatastrophe #toryliars #TorySewageParty #ToryBritain
Excoriating discussion between @tombradby and @PaulBrandITV on @itvnews just now. This is mainstream prime time news, not the allegedly leftie Channel 4. And Stratton was their colleague at ITV once.

Disaster for the Tories. Absolute disaster. #whoattendedtheparty
And @Peston also now demanding a list of #whoattendedtheparty

Tick tock……
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